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This mystical, high-adventure series with choked full of current comedy references is based on the ancient mythical Xiaolin martial arts inspired by Chinese monks thousands of years ago. Omi, a young, gifted monk-in-training from the Xiaolin Temple, must show his fellow trainees - J-pop hipster girl Kimiko, flashy, street smart Brazilian Raimundo and Texas Kung Fu cowboy Clay - around the world to find and protect sacred ancient artifacts. These sacred objects with supernatural powers called the Shen-Gong-Wu are keys to controlling the powers of good and evil. These can only be captured after an extreme, gravity-defying, martial art-inspired "double dare" showdown occurs. Challenging the trainees is evil boy genius Jack Spicer and his custom-built robot army, along with the ancient witch Wuya - all competing for these objects in extreme Xiaolin Showdowns. It is a tight race - for the one who gathers all of the Shen-Gong-Wu will become an unstoppable force for good ... or evil! Let's go Xiaolin Showdown! Note: A Xiaolin Showdown starts after saying, "Gong Yi Tan Pai," which means "go" in Chinese. Character Guide Omi - An excitable, young monk-in-training who is the leader of the Xiaolin team. Omi is an orphan and has lived at the Xiaolin Temple his whole life. He sets his heart to finding the scattered pieces of the Shen-Gong-Wu, and will have a showdown with any enemy that gets in his way of doing so. Besides teaching his new students about the Shen-Gong-Wu pieces and martial arts, Omi will always learn something from them too. Special Technique: Tornado Strike. Kimiko - She is a rich and sometimes snotty girl. Born and raised in Tokyo, she has a very wealthy background, and sometimes likes to show off her valuables. However, she proves herself worthy when it comes to battle. She tells the others not to pick on Omi, and immediately befriends the young monk, sticking to his side at all times. Kimiko possesses the element of fire. Special Technique: Judallet Flip. Raimundo - He doesn't seem all that nice when we first meet him because he picks on Omi and has a little bit of a bully in him. He is more worried about what his new room looks like than finding the sacred Shen-Gong-Wu objects. However, this Brazilian circus star is helpful in battle as he shows what he can do to kick evil's butt. Raimundo possesses the element of wind. Special Technique: Typhoon Boom. Clay - A cowboy from Texas that knows a thing or two about Kung Fu. He is more loyal to Omi than the rest of the team. He uses his cowboy-like skills to fight in battle and teaches Omi, little by little, how to properly beat the bad guys. He has a steady approach when fighting in battle. Never in a hurry unless he's worried about finding the next Shen-Gong-Wu. Clay possesses the element of earth. Special Technique: Seismic Kick. Master Fung - He is Omi's teacher. He believes Omi will turn out to be a great monk, and, therefore, gave Omi a band of new students to teach and help find the ancient Shen-Gong-Wu objects before evil gets a chance to. He is also a mentor to the students, and often guides them in their travels. When Omi and the others are having trouble in their adventures, Master Fung always provides good lessons to help them in the right direction. Dojo Kanojo Cho - He may look four feet long, but Dojo is really a fourty foot long fire-breathing dragon! He is the Xiaolin Temple guardian and has been guarding the ancient Shen-Gong-Wu scroll for thousands of years. Dojo is also used for transportation to take Omi and his friends to the locations of the Shen-Gong-Wu pieces. He feels like he's been demoted from temple guardian to baby-sitter, though. He is Omi's guardian and is somewhat of a trainer to him during showdowns. He's also the only dragon that can sniff out the Shen-Gong-Wu to their exact location even when they're many miles away. Jack Spicer - The wannabe bad guy that dresses in goth clothing and is bent on world domination. He has a bad attitude, and will always chew out the people who don't agree with what he thinks is best. He stumbles upon the spirit of Wuya, the evil witch, who tells him that he needs to find the missing Shen-Gong-Wu objects before Omi and the rest do. If Jack can't take on Omi by himself, then he relies on his evil Jack-bot minions to help stop them. He is set on finding the missing objects so he can carry out his plans on ruling the world! Wuya - Once an evil witch, but was defeated by Grandmaster Dashi in the very first Xiaolin Showdown. As a result, she was cast into a wooden puzzlebox to be locked away in for 1500 years. Now, she's an evil spirit that can't take physical form and must enlist Jack to help find the missing objects. Wuya tells Jack what to do when he comes face-to-face with Omi and his team, but most of the time Jack just sends the robots to do his dirty work. Wuya needs all the Shen-Gong-Wu objects to return to physical form. Kids' WB Broadcast History November 1, 2003 - Current .... Saturdays, 9:30am Repeats August 16 - August 27, 2004 .... Monday - Friday, 3:00pm April 11, 2005 - Current .... Monday - Friday, 4:00pm September 2005 .... Monday - Friday, 3:30pm Special Presentations December 1-5, 2003 .... Monday - Friday, 3:00pm April 10, 2004 .... Saturday, 9:00am Awards & Nominations 2004 Annie Award - Outstanding Character Design in an Animated Television Production 2004 Daytime Emmy - Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing 2004 Golden Reel Award - Best Sound Editing in Television Animation 2005 Golden Reel Award - Best Sound Editing in Television Animation for Dreamscape 2005 Daytime Emmy - Outstanding Sound Editing- Live Action or Animation Vote to have Xiaolin Showdown released on DVD at TVShowsonDVD.com.


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    Fan Reviews (410)

    • Out of all the TV shows that really made my childhood, this one is one of the greatest shows I have ever watched!

      I love this show to death! It would've been real nice though, if Jack was part of the Xiaolin warriors since he is the on-and-off villain of the series.
    • Definately one of the best shows to come on KidsWB.

      Even though WB is no longer running, I remember almost everything that aired on KidsWB. You had 3 different Batman shows, Jackie Chan Adventures, and probably my most favorite from that station, Xiaolin Showdown! This show had everything. Likeable characters, a good since of humor, great action and music, animation that blended western and Easern styles together nicely, and an overall great story. The story is of four kids training to be xiaolin warriors, while travelling the world and gathering mystical weapons known as Shen Gong Wu before their enemies can get them.

      Xiaolin Showdown's characters are really awesome. Omi's ignorance of the outside world is where his comedy comes from, Raimundo can be pretty sarcastic, Clay has some pretty funny lines similar to Larry the Cable Guy's stand up, only his's are child friendly and actually funny, Kimiko is a cutie and funny when she gets frustrated, and Dojo is just the funniest dragon ever put on tv. But I think Jack Spicer is one of the show's best characters. In a way, he's like Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible, only a bad guy. As for Chase Young, that guy is evil, manipulative, yet also witty on more than a few occassions. And all of them have great voice actors.

      The powers of the Shen Gong Wu are very cool. And all of the episodes, except Sizing Up Omi, are awesome. The whole series rocked. Except for one thing, the show ends on a cliffhanger! Why did it end when Omi and the others charged at all of their enemies? I didn't even mind Rai becoming the leader of the four dragons. It was just that ending cliffhanger that got to me. But to be fair, it was more of an ending than Samurai Jack's, even though both shows still rock hard. It just seemed too weird of a place to end the show.

      Apart from that and one episode, Xiaolin Showdown is still one of the best shows to ever come on WB. I don't know about other people, but it's one of my all-time favorite animated shows. It had funny and likeable characters, well-thought out plots, pretty good fight scenes and nicely drawn animation. I highly recommend watching Xiaolin Showdown.moreless
    • Elements

      The how was cool and I like the water element and it was cool to see a main character with The Water Element beside fire, or lightning
    • Great Comedy Great Action

      This was one of the best comedy action cartoons that ever aired for kids along with Teen Titans and Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! It had a great cast of heroes each with their own strengths but gave them real human flaws. During season 1, the series focused more on humor but still had the action. Season 2 gave us Chase Young who would be a the main villain for the rest of the series. Chase Young was much less humorous than Jack Spicer and even more evil, but Chase also more honorable than other villains on the show. In Season 3, we got the most evil villain yet with Hannibal Roy Bean, who even Chase was afraid of.

      The series ended in a cliffhanger with all the enemies the monks have fought gathered together for one final battle after Raimundo becomes Shoku Warrior, but unlike most cliffhangers, this was one I was actually okay with.moreless
    • this is seriously one of the best shows on kids WB

      kids WB did a pretty good job on this show with the episodes. jack spicer, clay bailey, raimundo pedrosa, omi, katnappe, and kimiko tohomiko are my favorite characters. kimko changes her style throughout episodes. my kimiko's favorite outfit style is tangled web (during a xiaolin showdown with jack spicer which turns into a monkey to get the wu), the sands of time (possibly her bare feet look great), and a many others. omi's misuse of slang is a funny thing we all are aware of, such as jacked the hitpot. you normally don't say "jack the hitpot", you should say "hit the jackpot". and remember people, "gong yi tampai".moreless
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