Xiaolin Showdown

Season 1 Episode 10

Big as Texas

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 14, 2004 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Clay's dad shows up at the Xiaolin Temple with the intention of bringing Clay back to the ranch for good. Clay tries, however, fails to convince his dad that he needs to stay with his fellow Xiaolin Warriors. Daddy Bailey takes his son back to Texas, but Dojo later realizes that Clay's dad is unawarely wearing an inactive Shen-Gong-Wu around his neck, thinking its a lone star. It activates and now the gang must travel to Texas to stop Jack from stealing Clay's Dad's Shen-Gong-Wu.moreless

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  • When Clay's dad comes to the temple with the intention of bringing him home, Clay must prove his worth.

    This episode was hilarious! My favorite part was when Omi found out milk comes from cows. He was so eager to learn how to milk one XD Poor Omi didn't learn how unil the end of the episode. He tried throughout the episode, but he kept getting kicked out of the barn by the cow, Old Bessy. I also liked the part at the end when Wuya tells Jack that she's not his mommy. Then she tells him to pick up his toys and get home XD That sounds like a mommy to me XD Overall, this was a great episode.moreless
  • A very good episode

    The best part - Omi getting kicked by a cow seven times. Clay finally stands up to his dad - good for him! I like Jack's comment toward the end: "Why don't we have a relationship like that?" To which Wu-Ya replies, "Because I'm not your mommy. Now pick up your toys, Jackie, we're going home."
  • clays dad comes to the temple to bring clay home for good

    this episode is exactly why i watch xiaolin showdown.this is one of my favorite episodes for one its a clay episode and we dont see a lot of those. i'm also glad we get to see a parent cause it made me wonder if thier parents even cared they werre out doing dangerous stuff. i also think its cool that one of the shn gon wu has been in one of the warriors families for awhile. the beggining of this episode cracks me up every time. watching rai play a trick on clay is funny. its nice to see that the xiaolin showdown really do care for each other!moreless
  • This episode is when the gaang lives like Clay lives at home and we get to see a showdown.

    Clay's dad goes to the Xiaolin Temple with the intention of bringing Clay back to the ranch for good. Clay tries but fails to convince his dad that he needs to stay with his fellow Xiaolin Warriors. Daddy Bailey takes his son back to Texas, but Dojo later realizes that Clay's dad is unwarily wearing an inactive Shen-Gong-Wu around his neck, thinking its a lone star. It activates and now the gang must travel to Texas to stop Jack from stealing Clay's Dad's Shen-Gong-Wu. My favorite part of this episode is that showdown because there is like a big flood and Omi can puts the cow on a roof.moreless
  • It starts out with the milk prank and later turns into Daddy Bailey coming. Later, he takes his son back and Omi, Kimiko, and Rai aren\'t taking it very well. Then, the Star Hanabi is revealed, the showdown, and Clay being able to keep the star.moreless

    It was a pretty good episode. This could possibly be the first turning point of the series. It was so unfair that Clay\'s dad took him back to the ranch. That was kind of sad; especially to the other three warriors. Then any viewer\'s slight depression lightened up greatly when Omi kept trying to milk Old Bessie. We then find out that the Star Hanabi just went active. Soon enough, Daady Bailey encounters Jack and Wuya. What are they going to do? Well it\'s Clay Bailey to the rescue! Then there\'s the showdown with Jack in which Jack loses pitifully as usual. Then, Clay gets the Star Hanabi (which was originally known to him as the Lone Star of Texas).moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • The fact that Daddy Bailey stated the Lone Star was in the family since the first settler dug it up in 1849 appears to suggest that this show takes place in 2049 because Dojo asked "yeah but who do you think buried it back in 549?".
      This does not make much sense considering the fact that in Time After Time (1) Omi set the timer for the year 2085 (8o years after the present time), which would say the show is set in 2005 instead.

    • When Omi tries to create a metaphor; after, he says that he misses Clay and his metaphors but, what he said wasn't a metaphor. It was a similie because the word 'like' was used.
      ((Correction: Omi does not know the difference between a simile and a metaphor. We've seen how much he can mangle English (i.e. 'Peace off,' 'Cold, dud!')

    • In the opening Raimundo and Omi are putting 10 gallons of milk in Clay's hat to test to see if it is indeed holds 10 gallons like it's name states... but that isn't a 10 Gallon hat, kiddos, that's a Stetson hat. Ten gallon hats are tall and have rounded tops, like what they tried to put on Omi.

    • When Jack floods the ranch, Raimundo takes Kimiko's hands to stop her floating away. When the angle shifts, Kimiko is on her own, still struggling to stay afloat.

    • Although a large portion of this episode is on the Bailey Family ranch, Daddy Bailey makes no reference to his daughter, Jesse, or his wife.

    • When the Orb of Tornami bounces along the ground, it has a squidgy bounce. In the later episode Days Past, it falls on Omis head 100% solid.

    • As the pitchforks attack Jack near the end of the showdown, the black lines rimming his eyes vanish.

    • When Clay's floating in the water, (around the time he challenges Jack) he has no glove on his hand. (Reply: (Clay's glove could've slipped off when he was flooded by the Orb of Tornami.)

    • When Jack escaped with the Orb of Tornami, why didn't the Warriors use the Jet Bootsu or Mantis Flip Coin to catch him? (Editor's note: Clay fell on the rest of them, and they couldn't get back up in time.)

    • When Jack pulls out the Sword of the Storm, it has the Eye of Dashi on it. Was it supposed to have the Eye of Dashi?(Reply: We never did see Raimundo take the two apart.) (Another Reply: It must be an error because the Chemeleon Bot used the Eye of Dashi after the episode Shen Yi Bu.)

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Daddy Bailey: (eyeing the scroll) How do you make that little cartoon feller to move like that?
      Clay: This is perfect! Daddy can come along for a Shen Gong Wu round up, then you'll see why I got to stay here.
      Omi: And you can tell me the ancient secret of making milk from cows.

    • Clay: (chasing Raimundo) You are Texas toast, Rai!!!

    • Dojo: (eyeing Daddy's Bailey's necklace) Say, nice thingamobob.

    • Raimundo: (to Clay) HEY!!! What's one hat compared to your best friend Raimundo's life?

    • Clay: That's how we take care of business, kung-fu cowboy style. Yee-HAW!

    • Daddy Bailey: You're doing it all wrong!
      Dojo: Hmph. And I thought soccer dads were bad!

    • Jack: Is it just me, or do they make this easier every time?

    • Kimiko: Okay, cow. Here's how it's going down. I throw the rope; you get roped. Nobody gets hurt, and nobody gets sued.

    • (After seeing Clay and his dad hug each other)
      Jack: How come we don't have a relationship like that?
      Wuya: I'm not your mommy. Now pick up your toys, Jackie, and let's go home.

    • Clay: The star goes into a haystack, and whoever finds it wins.
      Jack: What is this? Xiaolin hoedown? Could you be any more of a hick?

    • Daddy Bailey: (to Jack) If I ain't giving the lone star to my own son, I sure ain't giving it to a mama's boy like you.

    • (Moving the cattle drive)
      Clay: Get alone, little dogies!
      Raimundo: Yah! Move those sirloins and T-bones.

    • Raimundo: What did I just land in?
      Clay: That would be a cow pie.
      Raimundo: No. I know pies. Pies have cherry or apple or rhubarb. This is no pie!

    • Daddy Bailey: The lone star has been in the family since the first settler dug it up right here back in 1849.
      Dojo: Yeah, but who do you think buried it back in 549?

    • Dojo: (Realizes that Daddy Bailey's star is a Shen-Gong-Wu) It must be inactive. That's why I didn't notice before.
      Omi: But if it activates, Jack and Wuya will be all over it like kiju flies on a sun berry blossom!
      (They all stare at him, confused)
      Omi: I miss Clay and his colorful metaphors.

    • Jack: I'd love to stay and gloat, but I'm told I do too much of that.
      Wuya: Oh, so true.
      Jack: So, I'll just say my patented exit line. So long, losers!

    • Omi: Did you know they make milk from cows?
      Daddy Bailey: Uh, yeah ... I reckon I did.

    • (Pouring milk into Clay's hat)
      Raimundo: If it doesn't hold ten gallons, he gets a free hat, remember?
      Omi: Ok, but why milk?
      Raimundo: Cowboys, cow milk.
      Omi: Milk comes from cows too? We get ours from mountain goats -- (Clay comes in, furious) Only nine and a half gallons! You get a free hat!

    • Omi: Jack Spicer already has the Shen-Gong-Wu. But we can still surprise him. I have a very good plan.
      Daddy Bailey: What are you, some kind of ladies' knitting club? Just get in there and hogtie that runt!

    • Clay: Daddy, I love you, but if you don't mind, zip your yap and let me get the job done my way!

  • NOTES (15)


    • Visual: Kimiko's hairstyle
      Based on her hairstyle, Kimiko resembles Trey Racer from Shaman King. Both have light blue, spiked-up hair.

    • Visual: Quidditch
      When Jack was trying to catch the star during the tornado storm in the showdown, the way he tried to catch it resembled the way you try to catch a snitch in the game of Quidditch in Harry Potter.

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