Xiaolin Showdown

Season 3 Episode 9

Chucky Choo

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 11, 2006 on The WB

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Omi opening the ancient scroll to find the kuzusu atom then they start flying and Kimiko's phone starts to ring and dojo answers it and master Fung is wondering why Dojo calles him so much and Dojo spots the other dragon master Fung says that that is flinchy fu and is only passing by and is an old friend then Dojo runs into a flock of birds which startle him and he jerks then Kimiko falls off then Clay used his rope to catch her and when Dojo evens out and he tries to reconnect with master Fung but cant they turn around and go 20 miles the other direction

The scene changes to a city that has a store where they sell shen-gon-wu and the owner is chucky chu a dragon a lime green dragon with yellow hair then a whole lot of the villians come over and buy them and when its Jacks turn he tries out the shroud of shadows to see if they work or not and chucky says that he cant see him so Jack falls for it and buys them and then when the xiaolin monks return to the temple and dojo rushes in for a nap with a picture of himself and master Fung the monks find Chucky Chu sleeping against a tree and so they let him stay

The scene changes to when chucky are telling them a joke while spraying strawberry icecream all over them from laughing and then dojo comes in asking who ate all of the ice cream and then he sees chucky and looks at him then pounces and yell you no good yo-yo thief!!!! and tackles him into the table

The scene changes where it shows a wall where Dojo just chucked icecream at the wall chucky looks up and starts to run away from Dojo and goes behind a jar where Dojo says how he is a con-dragon and he stole the family yo-yo then chucky says that Dojo has it all wrong and runs up omi the others are holding Dojo from causing any more damage then Chucky starts confessing and when he holds out his hand dojo bites it and then Chucky leaves to his room saying that he is getting some mixed signal on how Dojo feels about him the monks look at Dojo and Dojo just turned his head and hmmphed

The scene changes to where Dojo is taking a bath with a rubber duck with master Fungs face taped to it (creepy) Chucky walk in and says he is leaving and gives Dojo the yo-yo he said that he found it years ago but didnt know where to find Dojo, Dojo hugs him and says that he never doubted him and accidintaly pulls him in the tub the monks walked in and looked shocked kimiko quickly closes the door

The scene changes where chucky and Dojo are walking and Dojo playing with his
yo-yo and when Chucky was about to tell dojo something Wuya, Jack, and Cyclops interupt their converstation Dojo and Chucky try to attack with the yo-yo but instead got all tied up and wuya is mad that chucky selled them fake wu and chucky was confessing that that was what he was trying to tell dojo they capture the dragons

The scene changes where the warriors are at master Fung's dojo and Kimiko rushes to the monks holding a laptop where Dojo was held hostage and had to be traded with real shen-gon-wu then Wuya, Jack, and cyclops come and cyclops is flossing with dojo and then they surround them and cyclops starts shooting with his eye and when the monks try to use their wudai weapons they dont work and it so happens that chucky chu betrayed them cyclops starts attacking and while dojo is being kicked around he flys up and lands on the orb of tornabi while wuya was stealing it and then they started a xiaolin showdown the showdown is pinball the first one to reach one-million points wins lets go can ye tem pi!!!!

Dojo starts to win but then wuya catches up and ends up winning when its over then when wuya took the kuzusu atom to shoot dojo she accidintaly fires at the shen-gon-wu and vaporise all of the wu jack then starts laughing and says that she is even a bigger bonehead the him when they leave dojo startes blaming chucky and then chucky said that he hid the wu in dojos nose and that she vaporised the fake wu with his fake kuzusu atom then dojo says that he never doubted him for a moment then takes the orb of tornabi and blasts chucky with it and said i had to make sure and starts laughing

The scene changes to where it shows the temple and the monks have returned to the temple from master monk quans place and dojo was telling master fung to never send them away again and starts kissing his forhead and chucky is the new temple dragon for master monk guan then he said that he is glad to have his yo-yo back and notices that it is a fake and that is the end

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