Xiaolin Showdown

Season 3 Episode 9

Chucky Choo

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 11, 2006 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • How come Dojo didn't notice Chucky hiding the Shen-Gong-Wu into his nostils?

    • In The New Order the warriors were easily able to defeat Cyclops as Apprentices. Now they are Wudai Warriors, and they couldn't even scratch him this episode!

    • It took approximately 3 seconds for The Blade of the Nebula to fly from Dojo's nose to Raimundo. Why did it take the Big Bang Meteorang approximatlely 7 seconds to fly from Dojo to Clay when it exited Dojo's nose several seconds before the Blade of the Nebula? Both Rai and Clay were the same distance apart and both of the Wudai Weapons were moving at the same speed.

    • How was the Serpent's Tail in Dojo's nose? Chase has had that Shen-Gong-Wu since Saving Omi.

    • When Wuya challenges Dojo to the showdown, how did Chucky get into the vault building? Cyclops was blocking the door and in the next shot he has not moved a muscle.

    • How exactly did Kimiko find Dojo while searching for shoes, referring to the fact that they have nothing in common?

    • How was the fake Kuzusu Atom able to disintegrate anything at all? (Reply: Because Chucky used the Kuzusu Atom the same time Wuya activated the fake Kuzusu Atom).

    • In the near future, Dojo may have a element, because in the Xiaolin Showdown there was a purple symbol on his armor.

    • How could Dojo and Wuya have a showdown over the Orb of Tornami when it was fake? The real Orb of Tornami was up in Dojo's nose.

  • Quotes

    • Kimiko: Jack Spicer, you are like so not getting this Wu.
      Jack: (mocking) Jack Spicer you are like so not getting this Wu. Wrong, meet my new fishbots.
      Kimiko: You're such a freak. Dolphins are mammals, not fish.
      Jack: So what, they all have flippers. Fishbots attack!

    • (Dojo is heading for a cliff)
      Omi: Dojo! Look in!
      Raimundo: LOOK OUT!

    • Dojo: At least I got the family yo-yo back ... HEY! It's a fake!

    • Dojo: I'm sorry. I cost us all the Wu.
      Omi: Do not feel sad, Dojo. At least you came in second.

    • Wuya: (to Chucky) You really thought you could get away with it? Selling us fake Wu?
      Jack: That's low. Even for evil.

    • Dojo: When you shake his (Chucky) hand, you better count your fingers. I'm pretty sure that's how I lost my feet.

    • Omi: You know so many famous people.
      Chucky: Oh, yeah. Attila the Hun, Alexander the Great, Ivan the Terrible. Now, there was a sweetie. Never understood how he got that name.

    • Jack: Why'd you vaporize all our Wu?!
      Wuya: I didn't do it on purpose, you fool!
      Jack: Wow. You're a bigger bonehead than me!

    • (While inside of Cyclops' mouth)
      Dojo: Someone toss me a life preserver ... or a mint!

    • Kimiko: Hey, guys. I was online shopping for shoes, and guess what I found?
      Omi: Shoes?

    • Dojo: Pre-boarding young monks and the pitiful in need of assistance.
      Jack: That's me! We're saved!

    • Omi: Wudai Warriors, double your efforts! Raimundo, triple yours.

    • (Wuya is about to step on Dojo's hands.)
      Dojo: I liked you better when you didn't have legs! I could relate more.

    • Omi: Dojo, keep your ears on the game!
      Raimundo: Omi, you gotta be doing that on purpose.

  • Notes

    • The is the sixth time a Xiaolin Showdown takes place in outer space. The first time was in My Homey Omi. The second time was Dreamscape. The third time was in The Life and Times of Hannibal Roy Bean. The fourth time was in Treasure of the Blind Swordsman. The fifth time was in Dream Stalker.

    • This is the second time a Xiaolin Showdown has happened at Master Monk Guan's temple. The first time was in The Return of Master Monk Guan.

    • The first time Dojo mentioned about his family yo-yo being stolen from him by his so-called best friend was in "Something Jermaine".

    • This is Dojo's 2nd Xiaolin Showdown. The first was against Omi in Enter the Dragon!

    • The place where Chucky sells his fake Shen-Gong-Wu, looks like the same place where Pandabubba's henchmen stole things with the Shen-Gong-Wu.

    • Third time a Xiaolin Showdown takes place without the monks participating in it, the first time being in Chameleon, and the second time being in Treasure of the Blind Guardian.

    • Dojo and the monks are back with Master Fung at the end of the episode.

    • Dojo's Web ad states that he is "In excellent condition, but eats like a pig and is prone to flatulent outbursts".

    • Dojo's friend Chucky who was first mentioned in the episode Something Jermaine appears.

    • The following are all the Shen-Gong-Wu/ Wudai Weapons that were hidden inside Dojo's nose (in order of removal):

      Star Hanabi,
      Big Bang Meteorang,
      Longi Kite,
      Eye of Dashi (with necklace string),
      Mantis Flip Coin,
      Golden Tiger Claws,
      Shimo Staff,
      Lotus Twister,
      Serpent's Tail,
      Blade of the Nebula,
      Sun Chi Lanturn,
      Arrow Sparrow,
      Falcon's Eye,
      Orb of Tornabi.

    • The following Fake Shen-Gong-Wu are the ones Wuya attempted to steal:

      Orb of Tornabi,
      Star Hanabi,
      Longi Kite,
      Sunchi Lanturn,
      Golden Tiger Claws,
      Fist of Tebigong,
      Kuzusu Atom.

    • It seems that Chucky Choo also has a Xiaolin Showdown Rulebook.

    • Dojo competes in his second Xiaolin Showdown.

    • Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, and Crazy Ivan are all mentioned by Chucky.

    • The fake Wudai Weapons said these things on them:
      Arrow Sparrow- Fabrique Au Canada
      Shimo Staff: Made in India
      Blade of the Nebula: Product of Fresno, CA.

    • Here are the Yo-Yo tricks that Dojo knows how to do:
      Loop the Loop,
      3-leaf Clover,
      Loop the Spinner,
      Gravity Grip,
      Around the World,
      Walk the Dog.

    • Wuya returns, she takes part in her fifth showdown (fourth in her human form.) and wins for the first time.

    • Chucky Choo is now Master Monk Guan's temple dragon.

    • The Shen-Gong-Wu used in this episode were the Kuzusu Atom and the Orb of Tornami.

    • The Monks and Dojo are back at the Xiaolin Temple.

    • This is the first time we see Dojo wearing Xiaolin armor during the Xiaolin Showdown.

    • Wudai Neptune- Water can stop water from flowing.

    • The only Wudai signature move used in this episode was Wudai Neptune-Water.

    • Chucky Choo is the dragon that stole Dojo's family Yo-Yo.

    • The dragon that was first mentioned by Dojo in Something Jermaine who lost Dojo's family yo-yo is introduced.

    • This marks the first time we see Kimiko and Clay use the Gills of Hamachi.

    • Chase Young is not featured in this episode.

    • Katnappé, Cyclops, Tubbimura, Vlad, Lè Mime, Miniko the Squirrel, and one of Wuya's rock golems made a short cameo in this episode. Cyclops is the only character that speaks, however.

    • Character Debut(s): Frenchie Foo and Chucky Choo.

    • Featured Xiaolin Showdown: Dojo vs. Wuya - Xiaolin Pinball. The first to reach 1 million points win. No Shen-Gong-Wu.

    • Featured Shen-Gong-Wu: Kuzusu Atom- This Shen-Gong-Wu allows its user to vaporize thier enemies at will.

    • Shen-Gong-Wu Location:
      Kazuzu Atom: At the bottom of a lake near a large waterfall.

    • Master Fung makes his first appearance since The Return of Master Monk Guan.

    • Master Fung has a new female pet dragon Frenchie Foo.

    • Wuya returns for the first time since Oil in the Family.

  • Allusions

    • As he plays Chucky Choo, Maurice LaMarche sounds very much like on of Jon Lovitz' Saturday Night Live characters, a pathological liar.