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Xiaolin Showdown

Season 2 Episode 2

Citadel of Doom

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 18, 2004 on The WB
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Episode Summary

With Omi still trapped in the past finding a way to beat Wuya, the Dragons and Jack Spicer are captured by Wuya's evil forces and sent to the dungeons forever. The final chapter is at hand, and Raimundo must come to grips on where he belongs ...The Heylin side or the Xiaolin side.moreless

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  • Gosh, i wish i didnt call this show retarded last time T_T

    Again, im too late. But nontheless, i just have to say something about this 'Raimundo owns' episode.

    First off, evil Rai rocks out loud! i mean he is like the best good gone bad villian ever (not counting chase of course...)!!! I seriously wish that when ,hopefully, theres 4th season, leader Raimundo he would come to the dark side again. cos raimundo owns both good and bad!!! but while watching the episode i felt weird because being a formal HUGE spongebob fan, i was like omg-ing all the way when Mr Happy Sponge was this evil 'i want to rule the world!!!' person.

    Anyway, its super sweet that rai wanted his friends more than fortune. good lesson :) and i am so 'woahhh' when rai was the one who wanted to open the box most or something like that.

    I wasted 4 years of my life not watching xiaolin showdown... NOOOOOOOmoreless
  • This episode got me hooked on this show!

    The is the first episode I ever saw of Xiaolin Showdown, and I only saw the last ten minutes of it but that was still enough to get me hooked on this show! Ever since I saw this exciting, action filled episode, I wanted to watch the show ever day it was on!

    Citadel of Doom is a turning point in the show. Raimundo is currently working for Wuya on the Heylin side after he betrayed his friends. But when Wuya is about to kill his friends he realizes that they are what truly matter to him, not the endless material possessions Wuya promised him. So he traps her in the puzzle box she came from, thus saving his friends and the world.

    Not only is this episode full of action, it also teachs the viewer about the meaning of friendship.moreless
  • Rai chooses sides.

    This episode and the two before it are my favorites out of all the Xiaolin Showdown series. Rai kicks total butt, Wuya is a compleate witch, Jack is a comleate dork and Omi messes something up again. The perfect show. And it all ends happy. What more can you ask for? Now I'm just rambling because the stupid thing still wants 48 more words out of me so I'm going to keep typing random things until it lets me submit. Rai is the best. Why the heck are they forcing us to write a certain amount of words? Yay!!!! I'm done.moreless
  • Raimundo returns to the Xiaolin Side and traps Wuya in a puzzle box built by Dashi. Back at the Xiaolin temple, he declines Master Fung's offer to promote him to Xiaolin Apprentice, saying that he wasn't ready yet. At the end, Katnappe comes across Wuya.moreless

    Wow, this episode was...just amazing. That's all I can say. This was the episode of Xiaolin Showdown that actually addicted me to the show, so I ccan easily say that I love it! I knew Raimundo would turn good again, it's kind of obvious since it needed a happy ending. But even with that, there's still an ominous moment because now Katnappe has the box containing Wuya.
  • Wow, Rai's good again! Yey! and.. RAIKIM MOMENT OMG YES.

    Raimundo finnaly relises that having everything isen't all that great if you have no one to share it with, so he sends Wuya down into the puzzle box! Apperently, he was the one who was ment to do it, because Jack and Omi both couldn't. Also, Dashi tells Raimundo, "Good job, Dragon of the Wind!"

    They ride off of Dojo as everything goes back to normal, the Reversing Mirror is fixed. Omi and Rai highfive, Kimiko kisses Raimundo on the check, (Que girlish sigh! :D), and Clay and Raimundo bump fists. Jack gives a thumbs up from the back of Dojo, waving along there..

    Master Fung offers Rai the chance at aprentice, but Rai tells him hes not ready, and so, Jack is the enemy again, and Rai isn't. but.. RAIKIM!

    Raimundo blushes when she kisses him, and, Im sorry, but i gotta do this.

    In your faces, OmiKim!!!!!.

    Kimiko does hug Omi, but friends do hug friends, do friends kiss eachother, and then blush about it, and smile? Don't think so.


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Look Hard: After Wuya's palace collapses and the magic brings the world green again, it also fixes the Reversing Mirror in the spot where Wuya busted it in Days Past.

    • LOOK CLOSELY: When Kimiko shatters her prison bars (iced by Omi). She can be seen giving a "V for Victory" handsign. This action is common in anime, which makes sense, given Kimiko's Japanese heritage and the fact that the show has been advertised as anime-inspired.

    • In this episode, Dashi and Dojo were arguing about if they hid the sands of time in Europe or Egypt, but in sands of time, they find the Shen Gong Wu in a small pyramid in master Fung's garden.

    • Goof: Watch Omi closely as he uses the Orb of Tornami, along with his element, to freeze objects and enemies. You can hear actress Tara Strong say "Ice", but the animation has Omi saying "Water".

    • Dashi and Dojo argue with each other that they hid their time travelling Shen Gon Wu n Egypt or Europe. However in the episode The Sands of Time we find out that the Sands of Time was hidden at the Xiaolin Temple which is in Asia.

    • When the Xiaolin Warriors and Jack were trapped in the dungeons, it can be clearly seen that if they wanted to, they could just sqeeze through the bars quite easily and escape.

    • Grandmaster Dashi states to Omi that he has no time travelling shen gong wu, yet at the beginning of their showdown in the previous episode Dashi had sent Dojo to get the Sands of Time to time their showdown. This meant that the Sands of Time were close at hand and Dashi is either an idiot, or he was lying.
      (Reply: Maybe Dashi didn't want to make it easy for Omi and wanted to test his initiative to see if Omi could figure it out.)

    • In Omi's flashback his sash was black, did going through time affect his status as a Xiaolin Dragon?

    • When the world is changing back to normal, the Reversing mirror is seen. However, in the previous episode, Wuya destroyed it. (Reply: The Reversing Mirror's destruction was a side effect of Wuya's resurrection, same as with the valley's desolation. When Wuya was trapped in the puzzle box, everything she did as a human was undone, including the valley's and the Reversing Mirror's restoration.)

    • As Dojo and the others fly away, the Reversing Mirror (now restored) can be seen leaning against a rock. This probably means that they left the other Shen-Gong-Wu as well, which means if Wuya is ever released (and we know she will be) she could use the Serpent's Tail in combination with the Mirror once again. (Reply: We find out in the next episode that the Warriors took all the Shen-Gong-Wu as they left the collapsing palace.)

  • QUOTES (13)

    • (After Wuya offers Raimundo anything he wants)
      Raimundo: I want my friends. (Then opens the Puzzle Box)
      Wuya: Huh! What are you doing? (gets blinded by the light from the box, then a ghostly form of Dashi comes out)
      Wuya: Dashi!
      Dashi: Whoa! Wuya, the years have not been kind. (Then phases through Wuya's body)
      Wuya: Nooooooooooooooooooooo!! (Then she changes back into her original ghost form, and Raimundo watches)
      Wuya: (Changed back into a ghost and started getting sucked into the Puzzle Box) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Then gets locked inside the Puzzle Box)
      Dashi: (to Raimundo) Well done, Dragon of the Wind!

    • (After Jack takes off)
      Raimundo: So, I guess it's back to the same ol' same ol', huh?
      Kimiko: Yep, training...
      Clay: Finding Shen-Gong-Wu...
      Omi: And stopping evil wherever it may rise.
      Raimundo: Wouldn't have it any other way.

    • Dashi: Sorry, kid. I don't have a time-travelling Shen-Gong-Wu.
      Dojo: Well, not anymore.
      Dashi: We had one...
      Dojo: But we buried it in Egypt.
      Dashi: Europe.
      Dojo: Egypt!
      Dashi: No, Europe!
      Dojo: Don't you patronize me! I can remember with exact precision where we hid each and every Shen-Gong-Wu!
      Dashi: The point is, we don't have it anymore. (clamps Dojo's mouth shut) Europe.

    • Wuya: Raimundo has proven his loyalty time and again, and that's because I can give him anything he wants.
      Raimundo: Anything?
      Wuya: Toys, money, Canada. Name it and it's yours.

    • Wuya: Crush them.
      Raimundo: Wuya, wait! You can't just squish them like that!
      Wuya: Oh, Raimundo, you're quite right. No need to make a mess in my throne room. Go to the dungeon ... and then crush them.

    • Wuya: (about Dashi) He always was a fool. A smart dresser, but a fool.

    • (After the Jack-bots blow up one of Wuya's rock monsters)
      Jack: Yeah, that's my boys! Shiftin' gears, and kickin' rears!

    • Omi: Does anyone have a blanket?
      Kimiko: No, but how about a big warm hug, you clever monk you!
      (Kimiko hugs Omi)
      Omi: (blushing) That will do!

    • Kimiko: Omi! How did you get here?
      Omi: Well, Kimiko, it is a story of both suprises and heartwarming cheer ...
      (Begins to go into flashback until cut off by Jack)
      Jack: (to Omi) Yeah, hate to interrupt your already riveting tale, but do you think you could get us out of here before Wuya comes and makes us all crispy?

    • Wuya: Dashi!
      Dashi: Whoa, Wuya! The years have not been kind.

    • Omi: The only way I could get to the future was by waiting, so that's what I did.
      Clay: You waited?
      Dojo: For 1,500 years?
      Kimiko: But you don't have wrinkles or liver spots.
      Jack: Or that old person smell.

    • Jack: Come on! There's gotta be a way we can get out of here.
      Kimiko: We?! You're not one of us. You tried to go back to Wuya, remember?
      Jack: Hey, what can I say? I like to keep my options open.

    • Jack: Next time we meet, we're enemies again. But maybe sometime, if we're not fighting over Shen-Gong-Wu, we could all go for ice cream. My treat.
      Omi: That would be nice. We could get a monday.
      Clay: Sundae?
      Omi: Even better.

  • NOTES (22)