Xiaolin Showdown

Season 2 Episode 1

Days Past

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 11, 2004 on The WB
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Episode Summary

After learning none of the Shen-Gong-Wu can stop Wuya, the Xiaolin Apprentices team up with Jack. They figure out the only way they can put an end to Wuya's reign is to travel back in time 1500 years, where Grandmaster Dashi first defeated her. Omi goes through Jack's time machine alone with only one Shen-Gong-Wu, leaving the rest with the other three to protect themselves. Omi's plan is to find Dashi and receive another puzzle box to trap Wuya in.moreless

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  • The first episode of season two!

    Omi has one thing in mind -- he must stop Wuya from taking over the world. In order to do this, he must bring back Grand Master Dashi from the past.

    Jack Spicer forms an alliance with the Xiaolin Monks, and creates a time machine that allows Omi to go back in time (time machine's power is generated by the Eye of Dashi).

    Omi meets up with Grand Master Dashi and he agrees to create a puzzle box, only if Omi can grab a pebble out of his hands (before the sand runs out in a giant hourglass). The two go into a Xiaolin Showdown, and Omi is unable to catch him.

    Strangely, Grand Master Dashi hands the pebble to Omi with just a grain left in the hourglass. Dashi makes Omi a puzzle box, but in the end, Omi does not know how to return to the present time.

    This episode was very good. I enjoyed it a lot. The series is gaining a very interesting plot, all of a sudden. I'm looking forward to watching upcoming episodes.moreless
  • This episode is about going back in time to get a puzzle box to trap Wuya.

    My favorite part of this episode is when at the end Wuya was trapped in the puzzle box and when Raimundo did the right thing by trapping Wuya inside the box. My other favorite part of this episode is when Omi goes back in time to get the puzzle box and returns to the present by..................... This episode had a lot of flying which is dojo's part and there was the part where Raimundo learns what is the right thing to do. I hope that you liked this episode very much because I think that this was a very, very good episode.moreless
  • Time Travel? Fun Room? Sexy kick ass witchs? Jack Spicer helping the Xiaolin warriors? The world must be ending!

    Wuya is so smoking! Beautiful, smart and deadly! She is the prefect female evil! Look like Jack has a very weak stomch. Still there are a few things to touch on. One we finally meet Dashi and is it any surprise this guy may look like Omi but acts like Rai? Is this supposed to be inorny at the end of the series? But Wuya is wonderful but she doesn't get it that martizlitc don't replace the need for people. She should conjored up a girl for him! Then he probble still be evil and the show would be so cool!moreless
  • Omi travelling back in time to meet Grand Master Dashi, then getting trapped there... perfect storyline!

    The writers really did spend much time on the RaiWuya episodes. Now Omi has decided to go back to the past and consult Dashi for a second puzzle box. They fight and Omi wins using manners, telling us that sometimes violence can't solve all problems. Dashi is hilarious, so is Dojo, and Jack proves himself to be quite brainy after all to have invented a time machine. This episode shows a side to the characters that we've never seen before, and how the term "xiaolin Showdown" started. Good for those not so familiar with xiaolin showdown and excellent for lifelong watchers like me.moreless
  • Omi: Time traveling warrior.

    Rai's still evil, and Wuya still rules the world. Rai's about ready to kill Kim, Omi, Dojo, and Clay, when Jack swoops down in his jet and saves them. They're really confused. Jack claims that he can't rule the world if Wuya already does, and he needs their help. Rai' starting to miss his friends just a little. Kim misses Rai a lot. Omi has an idea. If only he could go back in time, and get Dashi to tell him how to kill Wuya. Jack has a time machine, but it can only send you back 2 seconds. Clay's idea is to use the Eye of Dashi to generate more power. It works. Omi takes the Orb of Tornami, and goes back 1500 years. He comes across a lazy guy slepping, who turns out to be Dashi. Omi is surprised that Dashi is very similar to Rai. Even their elements are the same. Dashi gives him the puzzlebox to kill Wuya. Then there's a problem. Omi can't figure out how to get back to the future. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • How is Omi the only one in his Xiaolin suit? (Reply: Omi was raised at the Xiaolin Temple since he was a baby. Therefore, he has no regular clothes, only his uniform.)

    • Look Hard: When Wuya's castle is built in this episode, when the two pillars go up, you can see a block of ice with Omi in it. This is a hint of how Omi gets back to the future in Citadel of Doom.

    • It is possible that Grandmaster Dashi is based on Rigen Daishi, a Buddhist monk from 874, famous for building the site of Daigoji Temple. Daishi (also Shobo), was also known as the Great Master of Holy Treasures, which, in Xiaolin Showdown, could be taken to mean the Shen-Gong-Wu.

    • In the episode The Journey of a Thousand Miles, the scroll showed Wuya with purple hair. Why does she now have red hair? (Reply: The color in the scroll in the first episode were desaturated, meaning that color was toned down, therefore not showing Wuya's true color.)

    • In Mala Mala Jong, Omi, Clay and Kimiko become Xiaolin Apprentices, receiving red and yellow sashes to signify this. However, in this episode and in future episodes, the sash is blue.
      (Reply: They got the blue sash when they were graduated to Wudai Warriors).

    • At the end of In the Flesh, the Warriors (besides Raimundo, of course) had become Xiaolin Apprentices, but they still had their black sashes. Yet in this episode, they have their blue Xiaolin Apprentice sashes from the start.

    • Both times that Omi had used his Orb/Water power he learned as a Xiaolin Apprentice, he declared "Ice" rather than his element, Water. (Reply: Ice is a property of water (solid). If Omi had all the properies of water, he should be able to do liquid and gas, as well as solid.)

    • The Golden Tiger Claws on Raimundo's hand switch from left to right throughout the episode.

    • When did Omi, Clay, and Kimiko change back into their uniforms? And where did they get the Eye Of Dashi? Wasn't that Shen-Gong-Wu back at the Temple?

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Dojo: Hah! Joke's on you Wuya, you broke the Reversing Mirror, 7 years bad luck. IN...YOUR...FACE!
      Wuya: Actually, since it's the Reversing Mirror, it's 7 years good luck.
      Dojo: Ooo, never thought of that.
      (then runs away screaming.)

    • Omi: (struggling with puzzle box) I cannot open this puzzle box.
      Dashi: It will open when the one who needs it to do so, does so.
      Dojo: Yeah, this kind of stuff drives me nuts, too.
      Dashi: It'll work when the time comes. Trust me.

    • Jack: Okay, evil time machine set for 1500 years ago. Use the Eye of Dashi baby!
      Kimiko: Okay, EYE OF DASHI!!!... and don't call me baby.

    • Jack: (Riding Dojo) Please stop the undulating!
      Clay: Are you kiddin'? The undulatin's the best part. Ain't you ever ridden a dragon before?
      (Jack throws up in Clay's hat)
      Aw, come on, now!

    • Dojo: Let's spell it together, shall we? N-U-T J-O-B.

    • Dojo: I know this is a bit of a stretch, but what if we poured a bucket of glue over her?
      Kimiko: Glue? That's supposed to stop Wuya's evil reign of terror?
      Dojo: I'm talking about a really BIG bucket of glue!

    • Man: Sorry kid; I don't keep up with current events.
      Omi: Then you must be a layabout of the highest order!
      Dojo: Hey Dashi! Good news and bad news! Good news: I hid the Wings of Tinabi in that well, just like you asked.
      Omi: (quizzical) Dojo?
      Dojo: Bad news: ...I accidentally washed your white shirt with your red socks. (holds up pink shirt)
      Omi: (pause) Dashi?

    • Omi: I (pause) lost.
      Dashi: Hang on, kid. There's still one tactic you haven't tried.
      Omi: (pause) May I have the pebble, please?
      Dashi: Sure. (gives Omi the pebble).

    • Omi: The only person who ever defeated
      Wuya was Grandmaster Dashi.
      Dojo: Well, you missed him by about 1500 years, kid. Good luck trying to ask him.

    • Omi: And now, with my mission complete, I must return to the future! (pause) Which I have no idea how to do.
      (Cut to new scene)
      Kimiko: (angrily) What do you mean you don't know how to get him back?!
      Jack: Oops.

    • Jack: Behold! Jack Spicer's evil time machine!
      Kimiko: You are so overusing the word "evil".
      Jack: Hey, I'm trying to build a brand here.

    • Dojo: Oh, and, uh .. tell Dashi I'm sorry about the shirt.
      Omi: The shirt?
      Dojo: He'll know.

    • Clay: What you did to my hat, Jack .. well, it just ain't right.
      Jack:Stop whining. You're lucky I had a light breakfast.

    • Jack: All this time I thought you were these amazing Xiaolin geniuses. But you're just as lame as I am. Ha ha ha! Wait, that didn't come out right.

    • Clay: Why would Jack, evil boy genius, want Wuya, evil witch hag, defeated?
      Omi: Because Jack has finally rejected the ways of evil.
      Jack: Unh! I'm still evil right down to my greedy black heart.
      Omi: Ok. Then count me among the confused!

    • Dojo: Ha! Joke's on you, Wuya! You broke the Reversing Mirror! Seven years bad luck! IN-YOUR-FACE!
      Wuya: Actually, since it's the Reversing Mirror, it's seven years good luck.
      Dojo: (deflating) Ooh. Hadn't thought of that. Crud.

    • Wuya: (to rock golem) Tell the Prime Minister it's either unconditional surrender, or I'll knock his jolly old island to the bottom of the Atlantic.

    • Kimiko: Please be careful, Omi.
      (Hugs him)
      Omi: I will have the legendary Grandmaster to protect me. But may I have another hug?
      Kimiko: I think he's ready.

  • NOTES (18)


    • When Omi Freezes Wuya, the way in which they slowly showed her in the ice with her opening her eyes is reminiscent to how the summonable being Shiva appears in many of the Final Fantasy games. As is the way she shatters out of the ice sending shards that try to hit the Monks, similar to how Shiva attacks in a few of the Final Fantasy games.

    • When Wuya broke out of the ice, she looked like Washu when she first appeared in Tenchi Muyo.

    • Wuya: Tell the Prime Minister it's uncoditional surrender or his jolly old island goes to the bottom of the Atlantic.
      This is a reference to Singapore, where the Prime Minister makes the decisions. Here it would be Wuya bargaining for total domination.

      (Reply: Sounds more like the island of England, part of Great Britain. "Jolly" is used in a couple of older English phrases.)

    • Dojo: You might end up as your own grandpa!
      This quote is a reference to a novelty song composed by Moe Jaffe and Dwight Latham titled "I'm My Own Grandpa." The lyrics are about a man who explains why he is his own Grandpa. Basically, he married a widow and his dad married the widow's daughter. It has been performed by the likes of Chet Atkins, Lonzo and Oscar, and even Tom Arnold in the film, The Stupids. There is also a female version of the song titled "I'm My Own Grandma." It is also a reference to an episode of Futurama, in which Fry finds out he is his own grandfather.

    • Visual: Penelope Pitstop
      When Wuya drove off in the car she conjured for Raimundo, she changed her clothes so she was dressed as Penelope Pitstop, a classic cartoon character who was in Wacky Races and her own show Perils of Penelope Pitstop.