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Make Up Shen-Gong-Wu 3!!!!

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    Welcome to Make Up SGW 3!!! Now we have another Make Up SGW thread! In case you don't know... this thread is where you can post your made up Shen Gong Wu. If yours is really good...I'll add it to my list. Begin!!

    The List

    - Truthful Monocle- Allows you see whether a person is telling the truth or not. By Loewenberger.

    - Astral Bracelet- Turn into an element of your choice. By jklee1

    - Chameleon Cloak- By putting it on, you disguise yourself and trick your opponent. By Loewenberger.

    - Dagger Phoenix- This SGW can temporarily entrance your opponent and it serves as a Shen Gong Wu vehicle. By _HeylinMinion_

    - Gem of Immortality- Makes you invincible, indestructible, and unstoppable... but it does feed off of your life force, so if you use it too long it will kill you. By Insane_ali

    - Boots of Qurashi- Metal boots that can kick in anything that stands in their way. By Loewenberger.

    - Ruby Dragondola- A red boat-shaped Shen Gong Wu that becomes just that: a boat. It travels at great speeds and its wing-shaped sails allow it to glide temporarily in case of rapids. By BannikX.

    - Sai Sa Spinner- Turns you into a small tornado which is used for evading or attacking (looks like a small flower). By bluemoon11

    - Lullaby Bracelet- Lulls your opponent into a deep sleep. By Loewenberger.

    - Ring of Fools- Makes its wearer believe everything they are told. By Silversoul2.

    - Gemini Cards- Divides the holder into two people, the new version the opposite of the original. By Silversoul2.

    - Kamikaze Corsage- A corsage that when worn, increases the opponents chances at failing at anything they attempt to do. The opponents name must be called out to work and called out again to cancel the effect. By KingWu.

    - Crown of Taiju- Can grant any wish, but only once in a persons life. By landbasered.

    - Wu-Wu Fusor- Allows you to combine two or more SGW, but usually with bad side effects. By landbasered

    - Wushu Trumpet- When activated and held up to your ear, it allows you to hear for miles (shaped like a French horn). By fishinglover

    - Shadow Headband- Gives you the power to detect movement miles away. By Lightingboy11

    - Sang Tang Box- Allows you to pull out random objects. By Lightingboy11

    - Cheetah Boots- Lets the user run faster than a cheetah. By Serpent95

    - Emperor Crown- Hypnotizes everyone around you into thinking that you are their king/queen, allowing you to order other people around and make any rule. It only works on those around the wearer when the crown is just placed on the head. It also requires absolute focus for the first hour. By Silversoul2

    - Raider's Glove- Allows the user to masterfully wield every weapon. By Silversoul2

    - Spark Ring- Allows the user to redirect any style of an energy attack whether that be by punch, kick, or catching it and firing it back. By Silversoul2

    - Puzzle of Mystery- It looks like a puzzle in a glass box. The box has swirling cloudy vapors inside and when you call out the name of a SGW, the vapors turn into that Wu and you can use that SGW power. By fishinglover

    - Trance Pendulum- Hypnotizes anyone who sees one full swing (Left-Right-Left again). Whoever is Hypnotized obeys the first order or suggestion they hear. By Silversoul2

    - Amnesia Stinger- Whoever is stung by it loses their memory, and begins acting like the next person they see, thinking they are that person. By Silversoul2

    - Mask of Emotions- Allows you to toy with a person’s emotions. By fishinglover

    - Mind of Shifting- Once its name is called, this SGW gets inside your brain and enables you to shape shift into anything you think of. It is shaped like a silver orb. By iamme32691.

    - Paralellax Jar- Sucks people in to an inescapable parallel dimension. By Insane_ali

    - Copy Cat- Allows you to copy any SGW. (It looks like an Egyptian cat, found in a pyramid in Egypt). By MegaXiaolinBell.

    - Penelopes Petal- A flower petal that is able to heal the wounded... in any way. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Tailsman of Animals- Allows you to morph into any existing animal in the world. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Magma Mask- Once worn, you can shoot fire and lava from your eyes. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Eyes of the Hawk- Enables you to see anything, anywhere, anytime. You may even see SGW locations before and after they're revealed. (Looks like a pair of night vision goggles.) By iamme32691.

    - Trident of Lei-Dian- Fires devastating electrical attacks. By pharmmajor

    - Youling Candle- When activated, the candle fires a blast of powerful light energy at any target in sight designated by its bearer. If the target is moving, the beam will pursue it until it strikes. By pharmmajor

    - Age Changer- With this SGW you may change your age and appearance.(Looks like a small pocket watch with which you can set the year, month, and day you want change to. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - The Crystal Cage- This cage will turn anyone trapped in it into a crystal (their soul will be imprisoned in the crystal). By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Port Hole- A portable hole that you can keep your enemies in. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Weather Amulet- Enables you to control the weather. By Insane_ali

    - The Mummy Scroll- Makes the dead come to life. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Saber Stone- When held it allows you to have different objects for hands (axe, saber, sword, shield, gun, etc). By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Stone Brain- Allows you to do the unthinkable, or the things that you aren't good at. (Looks like a stone brain). By Cryptidmaster

    - Demon Tongue- Enables you call upon demons. (Looks like a metal king cobra in attack position). You must speak into the mouth of the cobra to order the demons. By iamme32691

    - Blue Aqua Belt- When you wear it you can walk/run on water. Combined with the Gills of Hamachi you can do almost anything involved with water. By Star_Blaster

    - Mirage Maker- A small gadget that makes mirages and illusions to frighten or confuse your opponent. By Star_Blaster

    - Jong's Voice-box- Makes your voice sound like someone else. By MichaelDJ54

    - Polaris Star- A small blue ring with eight golden spikes extending from it on a long silver chain. This Star will help you locate anything, as long as you have been in possession of it before. By BannikX

    - Spiral Shell- This small tan shell will spin in your palm and release a humming sound that entrances your enemies, allowing you to make them believe that reality is different in some small fashion. By BannikX

    - Chameleon Cane- You can blend in with anything once activated. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Ti-Cha-Zu Staff- Allows you to temporarily control another person as long as you hold the staff. Those affected are fully aware of what they are doing, but still obey the user of the staff against their will. By Silversoul2

    - The Falcons Feather- Let's you fly like a falcon, but if you have this SGW in effect more than an hour, you become a Falcon forever...(looks like a red feather with a hawks eye in the middle). By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Silence Amulet- As soon as its name is called out, everything is silenced or muted. By iamme32691

    - Jisaku Dragon- It has the ability to summon all nearby SGW and fuse them to you turning you into a SGW dragon. By landbasered

    - The Wu Locker- Attach this Wu to another and it will make the other Wu defective for a limited amount of time. By MichaelDJ54

    - Psychic Scepter- This scepter can delete the effect of a SGW when it points at it, and it also gives you psychic powers. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Sage's Stone- Temporarily enhances the elemental power of the person using it. By Ziur

    - Amplifier Belt- Doubles the power of all Shen Gong Wu that you have in use. By Silversoul2

    - Dashi's Magnifying Glass- A magnifying glass that multiplies the power and force of any SGW. By MichaelDJ54

    - Siesmic Quaker- Thrust this Wu into the ground and create any kind of earthquake, stong or weak. It can be powered up by Clay's element. By MichaelDJ54

    - The Crows Cane- Allows your shadow to come to life and attack your enemy. If you cannot see your shadow (if there is no light) it won't work. It also gives you dark powers. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - The Commander's Sword- Allows you to command anyone, anybody, or anything in the world. (Looks like a sword with a silver blade with a commanders head as a handle). By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Amulet of Transference- Transfers the holders power or SGW power to whoever the holder chooses. It's shaped like an amulet with two dragons inter-locking each other. By iamme32691

    - Snakehead Medalion- Gives the user the ability to smell as well as a snake, but blinds them while they're using it. By Ziur

    - Linguist Soul- Yell a language after activating it and the user may now speak, read, and understand the language he/she yelled out. The language you learn will replace the one you knew, though. (Looks like a dictionary). By Ziur

    - Amulet of Saiping- Call out the name of this Wu and you'll have the strength, ability, agility, and senses of the animal you say. By MichaelDJ54

    - The Glass Gong- Once activated, it puts out a eerie screeching sound to distract your opponent. (Looks like a small glass gong). By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Pendant of Holograms- Lets you put out a hologram of anything or anyone to fool your enemies. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Silver Lion Claws- Sister Wu to the Golden Tiger Claws. When used together, you can go anywhere in the universe. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Phantom Fingers- Makes you a phantom to freak out your opponents. It also attracts your opponents SGW to you. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Balance Sphere- A Wu which allows you to balance on any surface, no matter how narrow. By MichaelDJ54

    - Rose of Pandora- When activated it releases a powerful scent that makes the victim fall in love with the person the user states. This power can only be broken if the victims true love falls for someone else. (It looks like a red rose that has a golden stem with a few Chinese markings on it). By TraverseTown

    - Solar Socket- Sister Wu to the Lunar Locket, this SGW will fit to the back of the Lunar Locket. With this combo, you can control both the sun and the moon. Without the Lunar Locket, the Solar Socket can only provide sunlight. By LightningMonk

    - Pearl Porcupine- Once activated, it shoots out quills to trap your enemies in cages with a spiky exterior. It can also attack with quills. (Looks like a pearl porcupine with quills sticking up). By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Pendant of Power- Let's you control the power of a SGW. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Helmet of Thought- Whatever you imagine will come to life and become your slave. As long as you don't have an dangerous or wild imagination, nothing to horrible comes to life. By beastboy123

    - Power Giver- Gives you any type of superhero power you say. By iamme32691

    - Shield of Jong- A mighty shield that can summon a force-field that makes you invulnerable to any attack. (Looks like a golden shield with spirals on it.) By wannabe10

    - Roc's Memory- Summons a Roc (a bird the size of a 747, NOT a rock) to assist in battle or be used for transportation. By Ziur

    - Orb of the Thunderstorm- This golden orb will call down the lightning and strike your opponent. By iamme32691

    - Paint Brush of Life- Brings to life anything you paint with it. (Looks like a gold paintbruse with black bristles). By wannabe10

    - Jojin Net- A small butterfly net that can catch the energy drained by its sister SGW, the Jojin Energy Vortex. Alone it doesn't really have a use. (Looks like a small gold and silver butterfly net). By wannabe10

    - Jojin Energy Vortex- Drains the energy of anyone around you. The sister SGW to the Jojin Net, when they are used together you can drain your opponents energy and transport it into yourself. Alone this Shen-Gong-Wu only drains your opponent's energy. (Looks like a small, black orb). By wannabe10

    - Control Pin- This SGW is two pins. One you place on a person and the another one you wear yourself. Whatever you do, the other person is forced to do. By MichaelDJ54

    - Sink Strainer- Makes you and the SGW become small sand particles, allowing you to go through/in tight spaces. By NoNameLetdown

    - Multiple Blade- Once activated, this one blade turns into other blades with different powers. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Jojin Ribbon- When this SGW's name is called and you throw it on the ground it turns into a vast mighty river for a limited time. (Looks like a plain blue ribbon). By wannabe10

    - Card of Doom- Once thrown, this very sharp card can cut threw anything or anyone. With complete focus you may guide the card to places or things to destroy. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Fist of Dashi- Emits a great blast of energy when you punch someone with it. By talest

    - Ogres Odor- Once activated it emits a nasty smell to gross out, confuse, and distract your opponent. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Wizards Wand- Once activated it gives you the ability of a wizard. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Master Oracle- Once activated you will automatically be a great master in any art of fighting. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Orb of Chaos- Once activated, a thick smokescreen comes out of the ball for a quick get away and for temporarily blinding your opponent. (Looks like a black orb). By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Raias Radio- Once activated, you may communicate with anyone in the world. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Dragon Crystal- Allows the holder to absorb flames and later (at any time) release the flames with twice the power. By SacredFireman

    - Mind Driller- A Wu that drills into someones mind and shows you what they're thinking, what their past was like, and a bunch of other stuff. By MichaelDJ54

    - Umwandelndes Substanz- Lets you turn anything into another substance, but in the same shape. By joeking14

    - Memory Brain- Once activated it makes you remember everything that has happened in your life. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Ruby Ranger- Gives you the power and control of nature. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Energy Hand- Once activated you can blow powerful energy atttacks at your opponent. (You put the hand on like a mitten and it looks like a hand). By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Jaja Jung- Once activated it acts as a grappling hook that can strecth to any length to get where you want to go. (Looks like a bright silver grappling hook). By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Jongs Glasses- When you wear these, call out the name of the Wu, then it records what you are seeing. Call out the name of this SGW again to play back what you just saw. By MichaelDJ54

    - Steel Scepter- This emits stone-sized steel orbs at your opponent. By ImaCritic

    - Sheep's Wool- Allows you to become an item in the surrounding area. Another person touching you however reveals you. By Silversoul2

    - Frostbite Windbreaker- A parka that allows the user to remain warm no matter how cold it is. By TraverseTown

    - Twisted Cyclone- A golden piece of pare that mixes up all powers of SGW in the area. By TraverseTown

    - Wrongful Cube- A cube that allows the user to insert fake memories into anothers head. It only works once the victum is affected by the Wushan Geyser. By TraverseTown

    - Crimson Energy- A pellet that when activated allows the user to control pure to fire energy, missles, and create force fields. By TraverseTown

    - Bubble Bazooka- A weapon that launches a sticky material at your foes making them incapable of moving. By TraverseTown

    - Infinite Cube- A mysterious cube that can hold many things inside with no limit. People who enter the cube may never return. By TraverseTown

    - Groom Socket- A pendent that paralyzes your opponent for a short amount of time. By TraverseTown

    - Ling Hope- A dream catcher that allows the users soul to leave their body so that they can escape pain, near death, or search for another empty vessel. By TraverseTown

    - Revealing Heart- A pink throbbing heart that shows your foe's weakest point and makes it vulerable. By TraverseTown

    - Tidal Sundial- Allows the user to control the waves and tides. By TraverseTown

    - Piercing Bullhorn- A bullhorn that releases a mind numbing high-pitched schreech. The user is impervious to the sound. By TraverseTown

    - Marble Bracelet- When worn, it turns your skin to stone. (Makes you invurnerable). By TraverseTown

    - Death Tongue- Allows you to see and talk to dead people. (Examples: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, dead hereos and other people). By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Gum-um Glue- The first two people to get hit by this magical paste are stuck together. The weaker their friendship, the longer they will be stuck. By ImaCritic

    - Dashis Goblet- A cup which allows you to absorb any attack sent by a SGW, and when the goblet it full, lets you launch all attacks with the combined force. By MichaelDJ54

    - Circuit Breaker- Adds an electric force to any SGW, but if it is already electric, it just gives it a power boost. By MichaelDJ54

    - Gravity Gum- Uses extreme gravity to keep someone stuck to the ground to immobilizes them. By ImaCritic

    - Lu Bu Lancet- Extends slightly when swung so it reaches farthur than it looks it would. By Ziur

    - Lethargic Whistle- Makes the opponent too weak/lazy to fight as long as the whistle is blowing. By NoNameLetdown

    - Halo Bow- The user can shoot out a small orb of energy that encircles the victim(s) and trap them. This SGW can be used with different elements. By XiaolinDragon

    - Trans Wheels- A Wu which can turn into any land based vehicle. By MichaelDJ54

    - Monarchy Ring- Controls the nearby plants, vines, and roots. (Vegetation in general). By NoNameLetdown

    - Hope Amulet- If a friend is up or down, this amulet gives them morale or takes it away. By NoNameLetdown

    - Mole Gloves- These gloves give you amazing digging skills. By MichaelDJ54

    - Phoenix Saber- Once activated a flaming phoenix bird comes out of the saber and attacks your opponent. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Wings of Crystal- A royal blue humming bird with wings made of crystal out stretched pointing toward the sky. When activated, it sends out a sonic wave making all other Shen Gong Wu or magic within a 2 mile radius becomes powerless. By XiaolinDragon

    - Sigma Screw- A screw that can go into any object, even a SGW, and inject a virus that will make the object faulty. This SGW can also remove the virus. By MichaelDJ54

    - Sword of Shadi- A sword with an invisible blade. By 3_apples

    - Amulet of Detransference- Takes your opponents powers and abilities away rendering them defenseless. (It takes away Kung Fu ablities and Chi powers). It also transfers that person's powers to you so that you can do anything that person could do. Looks like a pure black amulet with an onyx jewel in the center. By iamme32691

    - Puppeteer's Paper- Turns into any object the user desires. By Leitheking

    - Pyro Medallion- Sucks the heat from any object. By NoNameLetdown

    I'll update this list regularly...
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    Ok.... This is the continued part of The List because the first post of this thread has reached its maximum of 20,000 characters. So here's The List Continued!...

    The List

    - Dragonheat Egg- Boils water or anything this SGW can be put in. (This SGW can obviously cause mass destruction if placed in the ocean). By Monkmover

    - Saipings Cloak- A cloak which allows the wearer to look like any animal they choose, but without the abilities and strength. The user can only change his/her appearance to trick people. By MichaelDJ54

    - Wudoo Dolldo- This Wu is a doll that controls a person's physical form when the name is written on it. By Monkmover

    - Walrus Fatfang- These pair of walrus fangs allow the user to bounce when falling, jumping, running, etc. By Monkmover

    - Ruby Pheonix- Gives the user the abillty to subdue or control the sapphire dragon. By Leitheking

    - Grubby of Negation- Prevents the opponents control of a SGW, you control the Wu instead. By Monkmover

    - Dashi's Braclet- You control all the SGW without having them. Example: You dont need the serpents tail to be transparent. You just have to imagine you are and you become transparent. However, you first must defeat Mala Mala Jong before using it. By NoNameLetdown

    - Trans Wing- Sister Wu to the Trans Wheel, when combined, you can make any land based vehicle or sky based vehichle. By MichaelDJ54

    - Khan's Belt– This gives you the ability to pick up extremely heavy objects and hurl them at a breakneck speed. By ImaCritic

    - The Jade Soul Serpent– This allows the user to switch the bodies of two people in the area including themself. The effect lasts exactly 24 hours. By ImaCritic

    - Spectrum Crystal- Radomly does a different thing depending on which color the light lands on. (Red: Releases a stream of lava; Orange: Releases a fireball; Yellow: Makes a beam of light; Green: Heals user; Blue: Makes the weather VERY cold; Indigo:It becomes nighttime; Purple: Shoots a beam of darkness). By Leitheking

    - Tiki Totem- Three totems with open mouths for launching elemental beams. When stacked on top of each other, they can launch three elemtenal beams at once, but when used all three together, you must wait to use them again. By MichaelDJ54

    - Key of the Gravekeeper- This can be used to open any lock or container regardless of the circumstances. By ImaCritic

    - Vapor Sceptor- Emits a vapor that removes all poison, confusion, blinding, stunning, burning etc. By kuramahiei1091

    - Gravity Bender- Whatever you use this on will become the center of gravity for inanimate objects if small, or everything and everyone in the area if big. By Silversoul2

    - Staff of Hia Pai- Once activated you may control the universe and unlock its secrets. You may also control the planets and solar system! By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Shifting Shadows- A Wu which allows you to switch places with any person you want. (If you are about to get attacked you can switch places with someone else who would take the attack). By MichaelDJ54

    - Sniper's Eye- Increases your accuracy for all attacks. By kuramahiei1091

    - Orions Belt- Lets you control the stars. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Brain Hacker- Allows you to alter someone's intellegence. Possible sideeffects depending on how much you alter it. By kuramahiei1091

    - Thunder Whip- Whatever you hit with this SGW sends one thousand bolts of electricity through their body. By jujuflytrap

    - A-Trap- Turns whole areas into almost inescapable danger zones, but none of these traps are visible. By KingWu

    - Perplexing Googooplex- A pair of earrings given to two people (one each). When worn, the two people can communicate using telepathy. By TraverseTown

    - Black Panther- When this is activated it becomes a speedy motorcycle-like vehicle shaped like a panther. This SGW can achieve great speeds. By kuramahiei1091

    - Pressure Pulse- Can increase the gravity or pressure of an area or person. By kuramahiei1091

    - Thermosphere- Can alter the temperature of the area. By kuramahiei1091

    - Sandpit Sandals- Creates quicksand around user, but won't sink the user, only the enemies. By Monkmover

    - Gale Shrouder- A small orb that allows the user to be surrounded by an orb of wind. This acts as a guard so that blows taken out by foes are less effective. By TraverseTown

    - Rico Pebbles- A bag of sharp stones (pebble-sized)that ricochete off of anything (even water). To deativate this Wu, the user says its name backwards (selbbep ocir). This SGW only hurts enemies. (Best used indoors). By KingWu

    - Reflection of Desire- The Sister Wu to the Shadow of Fear, it allows the user to enter someones heart and bring to life the thing that they desire the most. By TraverseTown

    - Apocalypse Pendant- An extremely dangerous SGW, when used, can give the power unimaginable power. If used in the wrong hands, they can rule the world if so desired. By MichaelDJ54

    - Multiplying Mace- Allows the user to multiply any SGW temporarily. By butterflyie

    - Foligical Lotus- A flower that releases vines that will ensnare your foe. You can also control plantlife with it. By TraverseTown

    - Monocle of Ri-Ji- Allows the user to see what others are thinking. By TraverseTown

    - Time Capsle- Turns whoever it's pointing at into a baby. (Looks like a capsle). By talest

    - Dagger of the Blizzard- A dagger which, when thrusted, can cause a large snow storm to blast in the direction of the thrusted area. By MichaelDJ54

    - Googles of the Elements- Lets you shoot any element from your eyes. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Mammal Mouth- A Wu which allows you to sound like any animal to frighten your opponent. By MichaelDJ54

    - Meteor Helmet- Once activated you can control meteors and smash them into your opponent. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Glass Ring- Whoever touchs this ring will be turned into glass. By talest

    - The Loch Ness Galleon- A veichle SGW designed for ocean transport that is armed with cannons, a SGW homing device and can brave any type of wave or storm. By Leitheking

    - Demon Trans-Poi- Allows the user to open a portal to the Demon World. By TraverseTown

    - Optical Ratfication- Allows the user to see through other peoples eyes to know what they are feeling, seeing, or doing. By TraverseTown

    - Spectral Image- A prism that allows the user to change the color of their hair, eyes, and skin. By TraverseTown

    - Zodiac Stone- Once activated it turns you into any animal from the 'Chinese Zodiac'. (Looks like a talisman, grey, and it has all the cravings of the chinese zodiac creatures). By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Sagittarius Strike- The bow of Sagittarius sends out arrows that paralyze a foe on contact. It also allows you to summon animals. By Monkmover

    - Entropy Gem- Whatever the user touches will rust away into pieces. If the user touches the gem with both hands while using the Wu, the gem itself rusts away. By NoNameLetdown

    - Light Zapper- Can transform the user into a beam of light for easy transference to one area to another. (Can also be used to travel through electrical sockets). By MichaelDJ54

    - Geiyser Glove- Once activated, you punch into the ground and a geiyser of water comes up from under your opponent for sneek attacks. (Looks like a sapphire glove). By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Echo Scroll- When activated, it makes a sound that goes throughout the building/cavern you're in, and tells you what your surroundings are. By NoNameLetdown

    - Virgo Sight- Give you psychic powers (i.e. mind reading, clairvoyance, teleknesis, etc). By kuramahiei1091

    - Ring of Whirl Pools- Creats a whirl pool where ever you want. By talest

    - God Star- This SGW will allow you to use the power of each and every other SGW at will, be immune to any other SGW used by other people unless you want to be mune, and create more SGW of any power, skill, ect. By XiaolinGod

    - Wildfire Phoenix Bomb- A reusable grenade that explodes into an enormous pillar of flames resembling a bird upon contact, and then re-materializes in the user's hand. By Sam_Sam_The_Man

    - Buddha Belly Button Brace- When attached to the user's belly button, precludes the need for the user to eat, drink, or otherwise use any sort of materialize goods. By Sam_Sam_The_Man

    - Taiseiyou Gem- Allows you to control the Atlantic Ocean, along with the powers of Atlantis. Your power grows and becomes uncontrollable and all you want to do is fight. By cdfe88

    - Signal Jammer- Anything electronic in the area is short-circuited and won't work. By kuramahiei1091

    - Sundial of Yi-Fui- Controls the sun and the seasons. By TraverseTown

    - Tubbimura's Pendant- Allows you to control your body weight. By TraverseTown

    - Vlad Stone- Sucks the knowledge out of your foes head! By TraverseTown

    - Kitsu Knife- Once thrown it turns into an invisible controlable blade that goes wherever you want. By MegaXiaolinBell

    - Soul Shatter- Splits the users soul into thousands of pieces that can only be put together if the user goes to the yin-yang world and make their chi vice versa of their current chi. By Monkmover

    - The Xiaolin Sword- Only the Xiaolin leader can harness it once you activate it you can use either of the four elements to blast your opponent. By jgakid

    - Meto Exo- Makes your bones solid metal to withstand attacks, but slows you down the longer you use it. By MichaelDJ54

    - Gluey Tracker- A compass that splits open into two pieces, one part on you and another on your opponent, then it points you to their lair or where they are. By Monkmover

    - Water Digger- Sends waves of sound that turn into water on contact. By Monkmover

    - Slippers of Jujitsu- Allows you to gracefully walk across any surface (water, fire, ice, etc.) with perfect elegance and grace. By Sam_Sam_The_Man

    - Life-Gracing Tsuna- A rope that, when thrown, allows the user to save from death either someone in a dangerous situation or someone who is about to die. By Sam_Sam_The_Man

    - Frontier of Goo-Moin- Turns the user into any inanimate object they want. By TraverseTown

    - Smoke Sceptor- Allows the user to turn into a cloud of smoke and move very quickly. Downside is you may be blown away with the wind. By charcoal200

    - The Sword of the Prince- It is a powerful hook-ended blade that gives you better stats in agility, attack, defense, maneuvers that once belonged to the Prince of Persia. By XiaolinDragon

    - Pandora's Ring- Whoever wears this ring is forced to open whatever they come in contact with. By MichaelDJ54

    - Cloud Nine- Become as soft as a cloud, very relaxed, and it is also used for astro projection. By TitanCrystal

    - Gemstone of Kin- Allows its user the ability to shoot bolts of kinetic energy from their fingertips. The bolts can penetrate anything and it is one of the most powerful SGW. By Tornami_Dude

    - Lilly Blossom- Releases a group a thorny vines that wrap the enemy and can't get out. By Lightingboy11

    - Defender Of Dashi- This amazing SGW summons an army of undead warriors to protect the user. Everytime a warrior fallas another one spawns to replace it. The downside of this sheng-gong-wu is once it has been deactivated the warriors do not simply dissapear they simply stop respawning. Due to an unfortunate fault in the SGW once deactivated the warriors are out of the users control and will attack and destroy anyone or anything until they are stopped. By Tornami_Dude

    I'll *UPDATE* this list regularly...
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    The List space
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    List space
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    monsoon Scarf- allows your neck to strech as far as you want to see over tall objects
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    Can you check the Wu on the old one so you can post the list of Shen-Gong-Wu and Update?
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    Hello? [Echos in empty thread]
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    Get them from the other thread, please............
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    mind waver it takes one mind and puts it in another
    time capsle it turns who ever it's pointing at in to a baby looks like a capsle
    trans sute turns you in too any thin that you just happen to be thinking of.
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    I don't know if you saw ths so.....

    * Split Power Pendant- This Shen-Gong-Wu not only split your yin body from your yang body, it splits your yin power from your yang power.



    yin-arbor(plants ect.)
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    sai sa whip if you spin it around fast it turns into a sheild
    that defelects any non pysical damage
    its a golden chain with an ancor sort of thing on the end
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    don't know if you saw this
    golden gun shoots gold at yr foe but it explodes on contact.
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    The list of how many peoples SGW have made it to the list

    By Leitheking-------------4

    New Leaderboard
    MXB=1st 35
    Mike=2nd 18
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    dagger of the blizzard- a dager which, when thrusted, can cause a large snow storm to blast in the direction of the thrusted area
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    XiaolinPunk wrote:
    Hey XP can i have ur messenger email?please
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    Googles of the Elements: Lets you shot any element from your eyes!

    Dragons Wings: Let's you fly anywhere in the world and if you use it to long it WILL turn you into a dragon.
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    XiaolinDragon wrote:
    XiaolinPunk wrote:
    Hey XP can i have ur messenger email?please

    dont have one...
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