Xiaolin Showdown

Season 3 Episode 11

Hannibal's Revenge

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 25, 2006 on The WB

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  • completely awesome episode

    This episode was completely totaly did I mention totaly awesome if I do say so myself and super funny. It has been like forever since we have seen everyone together like that. This was a totaly awesome x3 kimiko episode which was awesome by the way it was awesome. What an cool and awesome way to combine common cool technology with the Shen gong wu.The classic do anything you can to prevent the other team from leading and leadin and even more leading. Overall this episode was totaly and completely cool and awesome x5.TV-kid out off and bye
  • Another amusing jaunt from the Xiaolin Showdown crew.

    I really enjoyed the humor in this episode especially, but just about any episode with Chase Young in it is enjoyable for me. This isn't really part of the mytharch, but clever all the same. You can truely see a difference in the evolutions of the characters since season one. They are working well as a group and almost do not need words to communitcate plans to each other. It's also great that it's been on long enough for them to have inside jokes. Unfortunately, the villians HAVE become a bit of a joke themselves. Chase Young was the only villian who seemed to not be ridiculous, but more insidious, now even he is beginning to show signs of silly.
  • Kimiko uses her PDA,the mind reader conch,the changing chopsticks,and the eye of dashi to read peoples minds,but when Hannibal hacks into her system he learns Chase's only weakness and plots his revenge.

    This is exactly why I watch ths show.Kimiko uses her pda and a couple shen gon gwu to read Chase Young,Wuya,Jack Spicer,and Hannibal Roy Bean's minds but when Hannibal hacks into her invention he learns Chase young,s weakness. This episode always kept me guessing on what would happen next.After Hannibal teams up with Wuya they attack Chase and steal his shen gong wu.Later at the next shen gong wu kimiko uses the treasure of the blind swords man to turn into jack spicer.She then wins the showdown and the shen gong wu.Kimiko has developed a lot because she no longer get furious when omi or one of the other monks call her weak because of her gender.
  • Great episode...really

    This is the really like the episode that ackowledges the fact that Chase Young is indeed, stoppable. Up until this point in the series, Chase Young had no weaknesses, nothing to hinder his abilities, and then all of a sudden, we find out about this Heyin Eclipse and Chase Young , the baddest of the baddest, is virtually helpless...thats a pivotal episode if i ever saw one. And like every other showdown episode, it was fantastic just because. The whole show has got something to it that captivates audiences of all ages, and this episode, i found, wasa particularly enjoyable.
  • My Questions and Notes

    When Kimiko used the Mind Reacher Conch in its PDA, can be considered trick.
    My verification was that, Fung Master made a signal of great happiness in that note that Raimundo made.
    Why Chase is weak per those days will?It will be collateral effect of the potion of the evil?
    Why Hannibal that took Chase for the side of the evil was weakker than it?(I noticed this now)
    Why Kimiko did not have this idea before?
    Why Chase can enter in a Xiaolin Duel without SGW?
    In the second season the right Wuya nor wise person who the Chase was, but in third, sample that in the past they already if conheciam(Me I touched now)

  • ok this show really put jack in it thern out of it and chase young really found out that in the showdown that was not jack so this will be the best xiaolin showdown every so put your and it's a xiaolin trio with kimiko-jack and hannubal and chase

    The gang uses the Ruby of Ramses and the Golden Finger to give Jack the upper hand until he loses it when Hannibal Roy Bean knocks him out. Kimiko uses the Treasure of the Blind Swordsman to turn into Jack. Kimiko-Jack gets over to the Cannon in time to start a Xiaolin Trio with Hannibal Roy Bean and Chase Young. The game is last to drop wins. Kimiko-Jack wagers the Mind Reader Conch, Hannibal Roy Bean wagers the Moby Morpher, and Chase Young wagers the Serpant's Tail, but doesnt use it. Kimiko-Jack uses the Mind Reader Conch to both them
  • I was expecting something that would lead a little more up to the finale, but this was still good enough. Bean spies On Kimiko when she uses the Mind Reader Conch to find out Chase's weakness, which leads to a Showdown Trio between Bean, Chase and...Spice

    Like I said, I was expecting something that would make a real foundation for the finale, but , although getting back to the true villains and not adding any new gimmicky characters, this episode was rather 'out-on-its-ownish'. That said, the rest was terrific! The finale should be grande, to say the least.
    Jack was hilarious, still stupid and overconfident, but still hilarious throughout the whole twenty-two minutes. Raimundo's 'breaking the fourth wall' and then the title protagonists giving the audience a brief thumbs up, was just rib-cracking, especially Master Fung. Speaking of the middle-aged master, I liked how he was setting up for who would be promoted to leader; Omi getting off to a bad start with his overheard, mental arrogance and overconfidence.
    And for maybe the first time, (although he was pretty frightening when he posed as Kimiko in 'Dream Stalker') Bean was actually a threat. Even without the Moby Morpher, he tore through Jack's 'impenetrable-bubble-bots' like paper, and the increased size and multiple arms worked well when he fought Chase. It was cool to see those two duke it out so passionately, since they hate each other so strongly, and Kimiko/Jack's idea of letting a villain hear the other villain's thoughts was very inteeligent and psychological.
    And I was surprised and almost gleeful when I saw Chase getting it handed to him when Wuya and Bean tried to take him down. I like Mr. Young, don't get me wrong, but sometimes it's kinda fun to see the really strong characters in TV shows (Shego in KP, Plasmius in DP or Luthor in STAS/JLU) get a slice of humble pie due to the few weaknesses they have.
    Dojo was nothing special in this episode, but he had his spotlight, two eppies ago in 'Chucky Choo', after all.
    Kimiko, the focused character in this ep, was smart, resourceful, ingenious and just as spirited as she always is, and it was kinda interesting to see her 'be' Jack, much to her chagrin.
    And lastly, Wuya almost flirting with 'Jack' after 'he' beat Chase and Bean was both gross and amusing, as she believed she was seeing another side of him as 'he' told her off instead of accepting her back, like the real Jack probably would've done.
    And like always, Chase stays cool; not even falling for the fake Jack in the end due to his 'perfume.'
  • At least this time was one of Kimiko\'s time to shine.

    It\'s good to see that the writers have diverted focus out of the main two dragons Raimundo and Omi, even though Kimiko hasn\'t had much character development, this episode helps us remember that she\'s still there forming part of the team. It was also revealing when we find out that Chase Young actually has a weakness, but what\'s even more surprising is that someone other than Omi showdowns in this episode. I think future episodes, if they were to be produced, should focus less on one team memmber and give chance to both Clay and Kimiko so they can have a little development, else thay\'ll remain as flat character which will only fill the roles of token characters.
  • Not really Hannibal's Revenge as such but still a good episode.

    While not the best episode in season 3 this episode is purely redeemed by what may possibly be my favourite Showdown to date.

    Even though it is Kimiko posing as Jack thoughout, it's more fun to imagine the 3 bad boys (O.K. 2 guys and a bean)duking it out with Jack pulling his usual deceptive stunt and winning the showdown though mind power and not sheer brute force that the other two were displaying.

    A minor niggly point is that I wish they'ld stop using Jack for comedic bait by making him so wimpy and dare I say completely useless. Bring back the Jack of season 1 I say!

    What else can I say about this episode??

    Good creative usage of Shen Gong Wu by Kimiko, fun beginning to the episode and a bit more of Omi's self obsessiveness.

    Overall: Good fun to watch
  • pretty good

    i liked it, although it seems that jack cant ever make a set of robots that cant be destroyed by the monks. Also,. this is most likely the first time that they have broken the fourth wall. also, when did the monks leave master monk guan, that seemed to be a bit inconsistant
  • The whole family is shown together again FINALLY.CHASE!!!,Jack,Wuya,Hannibal Bean,Omi,Kimiko,Clay,Raimundo,Dojo,Fung. This was great.

    This episode was actually pretty good and funny. It has been a while since we have seen everyone together like that. This was actually a kimiko episode which was nice. What an inventive way to combine common day technology with the Shen gong wu.The classic do anything you can to prevent the other team from leading. Overall this episode was great.
  • Chase is BACK!

    It's been a long time since Chase has been an episode. Which was very unfortunate for someone like me, who's a very loyal Chase fan. I loved this! But I didn't like the light in which they put Chase. HOW DARE THEY? They gave him a weakness, which I do admit is slightly cool, but it would have been EVEN cooler if this had all been a plot done by Chase to steal something even more power. Like he had known all along that Kimiko was reading their minds! But thankfully, he savd his honor at the end, when he told them that he knew it wasn't Jack who beat him, but Kimiko.

    All in all, it was much better then Chuck Choo and on the same level, with Wu Got The Power.

    I SO love Chase!
  • Chase Young is back. And actually kindof interesting.

    This is an episode I've been waiting a looonngg time for. Chase Young is back as a villain (which he hasn't been featured as since "Bird of Paradise") and is actually pretty cool in this episode, without his powers he's not so gaunt and untouchable as he normally is.

    Wuya and Bean team up once again, and this is a team that's always made sense to me. I mean, Wuya and Bean are more competant than Jack and less 'I don't like anybody and refuse to team up with anyone' than Chase.

    One of the coolest fight scenes of the series takes place here, as Bean, Wuya, and Chase battle it out in Chase's throne room. I just loved that Wuya is finally getting her revenge on that hauty Chase Young.

    The beginning was kindof sucky, with all of them rushing to get the new Shen Gon Wu (Wuya's line was especially moronic "if I was a ghost this wouldn't have happened!" yeah, you wouldn't have been able to pick it up, either.) But as soon as Kimiko reads the four villain's minds (in a rather humorous sequence.) the plot really gets going.

    Wuya, while not as cool as she is in episodes like Omi Town and Oil in the Family was really, really cool here. Again, she finally gets revenge on Chase Young for being such a stick in the mud.

    The only thing I really hated in this episode was Kimiko. This should have been an episode about Hannibal Bean, Chase and Wuya. Definetly could have done without the monks or Jack. (Plus I want to know how Bean keeps knowing when Shen Gon Wu are activated, and how Chase knew when Wuya had left with Bean.)

    Wuya now has the Eagle Scope (and Wushan Guyser), considering how easily the monk's shen gon wu are often stolen, they might find that she's 'relieved' them of the Fountain of Wui (and possibly the Serpent's Tail) very soon.

    This episodes only failure is the monks and Jack's involvement. Definetly would have liked to have seen a limit on those characters.