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Xiaolin Showdown

Season 1 Episode 13

In the Flesh

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM May 15, 2004 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Wuya uses Raimundo to steal Shen-Gong-Wu from the other three Chosen Ones. What then happens is she uses the Serpent's Tail & Reversing Mirror (a Shen-Gong-Wu that reverses the effects of another) to become human once again. . .

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  • Is Raimundo serious?

    Okay, so in this episode, Omi, Kimiko and Clay are training in there apprentice level, while a bored Raimundo can only watch. Raimundo is down about the situation, and Omi only makes it worse, all leading to Raimundo leaving. Wuya shows up and tries to talk Raimundo into joining her, but he decides its best for him to leave. He comes back to the temple in time to hear about the new sgw that Wuya told him about. The monks go to get it, but so does Jack, and Raimundo faces him in a Xiaolin Showdown and wins. However, he didn't mean to when it for the team, as he goes with Wuya, joining her. Raimundo returns to the temple to steal the serpent's tail, and the others show up to stop him, but fail and Raimundo uses the reversing mirror and serpent's tail to bring Wuya back in the flesh.moreless
  • Rai and Wuya team up

    Rai is still mad about not being promoted to Xiaolin Apprentice with his friends after the incident with Mala Mala Jong. While training, he goes off (using the Golden Tiger Claws)to his hometown of Rio (Brazil) where Wuya comfronts him. However, he seeming doesn't accept her offer to team up. He returns to the temple just in time to discover a new shen gong wu has been revealing: the Reversing Mirror. The monks go off to find the wu (which is at a lifehouse, in place of a mirror). Jack is there, along with Wuya (who cannot get it). Jack and Rai fight in a showdown (Lotus Twister vs. Golden Tiger Claws). Rai wins but betrays his friends and goes off with Wuya. He returns to the temple to (successfully) steal the Serpent's Tail. Dojo and Master Fung think he stole the tail to restore Wuya to her human form by combining it with the Reversing Mirror. The monks find Rai and Wuya but are unable to stop them. Wuya becomes human, leaving a cliffhanger for the next season. Awesome.moreless
  • RAIMUNDO AHAHAHAHAHAHA, i sound like a maniac

    I know im a little late to write a review but i i am just so excited to do so.

    First, Raimundo rocks! Gosh, he's those kinda good guys gone bad even though you know he's going to become a good guy sooner or later. but who cares! Dang, he rocks at being this lost boy whose trying to find who he is/ or thinks he's all that (but that sounds more like Omi).

    And it was like "OMG!" when raimundo actually said no to evil witch ghost and then in the end gave it to her. AHAHAHA he is like pure genius! Im so not sadist. but you know what i wished? I wished it was a 3 vs 1 xiaolin showdown battle. Raimundo against Clay, Omi and Kimiko. Man, that'll be way awesome

    Dark Raimundo and Good Raimundo rocks! I love him!moreless
  • this is the episode where raimundo turns to thedark side(the heylin side).sooooooo rai goes back to the xiaolin temple to steal the serpents tail to turn wuya back to her human form which, coming from a girl who hates wuya,is a bad idea in the first placemoreless

    this episode was exicting but there are a few thninggs i did not like like,oh, idon't know maybe,RAIMUNDO TURNING EVIL i mean why in the world would he do that ,i mean i can understand if he was upset but who told him to go to the heylin side i mean who in the right mind would.....(gasps) WUYA! wuya was the one to bribe raimundo to the heylin side i mean wuya is an evil ghost so i couldn't blame her for all of it.....actualy i would. i can't belive that rai would say yes that is soooooooooo uncalled for. okmoreless
  • heylin raimundo

    after omi's ego makes him gloat about rai not being an aprentice rai joins the heylin side as wuya's jack replacement and this time heylin does suceed no thanks to jack jack: hey i heard that! but thanks to raimundo and we see wuya in her human form too. anyways the episode is my seond favorite xs episode and i think rai looks and is way cooler in the heylin side and unlike jack jack: "cries like a little girl" why do people think im pathetic. ok i'll stop talkin about you jack raiis smarter ( e.g. whenkim and clay were distracting rai he knowns they were just decoys if it was jack he wouldnt know that) jack: stop making fun of my pathetic attempts sorry jack geezmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Kimiko's outfit: A red top, black jacket that's not zippered up, red wristband, light blue skirt, and rollarblades.
      Kimiko's hairstyle: Straight red hair under a skateboard helmet.

    • When Wuya was in the lighthouse, she couldn't pick up the reversing mirror. However, when Wuya was about to transform into her true self, she holds up the mirror normaly! (reply: She's not holding the mirror, she's FACING it, as it was propped up against a rock at the time.)

    • Goof: Jack activates the Lotus Twister when it is in his left hand, after that it is shown on Jacks right arm.

    • If Rai had the Golden Tiger Claws and the Serpents tail why would he need to fight the monks? Also during the fight he doesn't have the tiger claws then when he meets Wuya he has them again.

    • How come Raimundo's clothes didn't change during the showdown? (Reply: Raimundo is no longer a xiaolin warrior, so, he won't turn into his xiaolin uniform.)

    • When Wuya says to Raimundo. "How would you like to drink out of the world cup?". This is impossible with the current football (soccer) world cup.

    • Why does Wuya's voice in her flesh sound different than in her ghost form?(Reply: Wuya is a ghost when her voice is raspy, now that she is in physical form her voice should be clearer.)

    • If the Wu was hidden 1500 years ago, why would the Reversing Mirror end up in a modern day lighthouse? (Reply: The Shen-Gong-Wu were hidden in the same places where modern day buildings are. This also explains why the Mantis Flip Coin was in San Fransisco).

    • Normally, the Third Arm Sash has two fingers and a thumb (or maybe just three fingers), but when Clay uses it with his element, it has four fingers and a thumb. Also, it manages to maintain a certain amount of flexibility and elasticity even though it is solid stone.

    • What would the Third Arm Sash and Ring of the Nine Dragons do if the Reversing Mirror was used against them? Would you lose an arm and become a ninth of your size but nine times better, respectively? (Reply: In the episode they got the Ring of the Nine Dragons, they said it divides everything about you when you use it. Your maturity, your potential, so controspectively, if it was used against the Reversing Mirror, wouldn't it times everything about you by how many times you use it?)(Further reply: Not necessarily. What is the opposite of activation? Deactivation. Therefore, if the Reversing Mirror were used on the Ring of Nine Dragons while the person was split, it would make more sesne that the Mirror would force the ring to shut down and recombine the missing pieces of the one person).

    • The Reversing Mirror wasn't explained very well. Some of the Shen-Gong-Wu don't make sense reversed. For example, what exactly is the reverse of the Fist of Tebigong, the Falcon's Eye, Lotus Twister, or the Sword of the Storm? There are still more out there. (Reply: Fist of Tebigong would make you weaker, Lotus Twister would make you stiff, Falcon's Eye would almost delete your eyesight, and Sword of the Storm would stop tornadoes. Reply: In a future episode, Jack Spicer uses the Reversing Mirror against Omi when he uses the Fist of Tebigong, resulting in Omi getting punched in the eye instead of Jack.)(Further reply: Most weapons woulud just turn the Shen Gon Wu against them like the Fist of Tebigon would knock out the User of it.)

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Kimiko: Anything yet?
      Dojo: Zip. Nada. Bupkiss.
      Omi: Please hurry, Dojo. If Wuya is returned to her fleshy form, life as we know it may cease to exist!
      (Dojo comes to a grinding halt)
      Dojo: I get it. It's important. The additional pressure: I do not need!

    • Kimiko: Let me guess: There's some imperceptible flaw in your form that only you can see.
      Omi: Oh no, Kimiko. My form is without flaws. Naturally!
      Kimiko: Naturally.
      Omi: But still, I am dumped in the downs.

    • Raimundo: (sarcastically) Wow, nothing gets past you, Omi!
      Omi: Not even you.

    • Omi: Hmm... This plan seems more elaborate than necessary...
      (shows Raimundo fighting Clay and Kimiko)
      Omi: Raimundo...?

    • Dojo: What's wrong, Wuya? Got no one to root for?
      Wuya: Back off, pest.

    • Dojo: (to Master Fung) You got that ominous thing going on.

      Master Fung: On it's own, the Serpent's Tail is no great threat. It can make a solid person ghostly.

      Dojo: But combined with the Reversing Mirror, it would make a ghostly person solid.

      Clay and Kimiko: Wuya!

    • Raimundo: (to Clay and Kimiko) Come on, I'm up for a Xiaolin slapdown!

    • Omi: What are you doing with the Serpent's Tail, my clever friend?
      Raimundo: Uh, stealing it?

    • Raimundo: Wow. Stringing together a couple of words - I can see why that's reserved for apprentice level.

    • Master Fung: Raimundo stole our Shen-Gong-Wu? This is most troubling.
      Dojo: If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, put a padlock on this thing!

    • Omi: Raimundo, my friend, I understand your disappointment, but this clouded darkness has a sliver of lining because I shall train you night and day.
      Raimundo: Until I'm as good as you?
      Omi: Hahaha. No. You'll never be that good, but with my guidance, you may become .. adequate.

    • Omi: Wuya ..?
      Physical Wuya: In the flesh.

    • Jack: What's the matter, Wuya? Need a hand? (Chuckles) It's too bad yours are all ghosty!

    • Omi: If I had hair, it would be standing on end!
      Dojo: If I had boots, I'd be quaking in them!
      Clay: Wanna borrow mine?
      Dojo: No thanks. No feet.

    • Wuya: A funny thing happened when I entered your mind. Not only did I discover the location of the hidden Shen-Gong-Wu, but I learned a few other things.
      Raimundo: Hey, lots of guys sleep with teddy bears, all right?

    • Wuya: Did I mention your own personal soccer team?
      Raimundo: (as if in a trance) Soccer Team?
      Wuya: Yes! Ever wondered what it would be like to drink out of the World Cup?

    • Raimundo: Since I'm not one of the special Xiaolin Apprentices, can I go play Goo Zombies 3?
      Master Fung: No, Raimundo.
      Raimundo: But --
      Master Fung: The zombies will wait in their goo.

    • Raimundo: Wow, Omi, you should be a motivational speaker.
      Omi: Really?!
      Raimundo: Oh, yeah. You've motivated me right outta here!

  • NOTES (27)


    • Title: In the Flesh

      The title could be a reference to the Pink Floyd song "In the Flesh?"

    • The way Wuya tries to convice Raimundo to join her side, is similiar to the way The White witch from The Chronicles of Narnia tries to convince Edmund to bring his family to her. For example, both Raimundo and Edmund like to pick on anyone who's younger or smaller than themselves (Lucy and Omi) Both boys tend to never listen to anything anyone ever tells them, Both sometimes can get mad very easliy, and lastly they both boys are pulled over to the evil side because they've both been convined to betray the others. Another thing is Both chareters realize what they've done wrong and go back to the good side.

    • Jack: Man, if I get tied into a knot over this, I'm gonna sue!
      His threat to sue is reminded of Montana Max from Tiny Toon Adventures. Why? Because the voice actor for Jack and Max are one and the same.

    • n/a: The Lion King
      The scenes where the trees lose leaves and the rivers dry up happens when Scar took over Pride Rock in the Disney film, The Lion King.