Xiaolin Showdown

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 22, 2003 on The WB
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Jack recruits Katnappé, confident that she will be the one to finally take down the Xiaolin Warriors. Using the Golden Tiger Claws, Katnappé goes untouched against her foes and constantly outsmarts them. However, she also misuses them by pilfering from numerous places for her own pleasure. Omi and the rest start to get frustrated, and begin to stragetize on how they'll be able to stop this "cat burglar".moreless

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  • Funny, but not that good.

    I can't stand Katnappe. I like cats, but I just couldn't stand her. The arguement she and Jack had were funny, but she became really annoying after she stole the Golden Tiger Claws and used them to rob stores. This episode did have some good parts though. One of them being the scene where the kids tried to steal the elepant from Master Fung. They lost and were forced to scrub the floors in the Grand Hall. Another good scene was at the end of the episode when Master Fung attempted to challenge them to steal the jade monkey. After their experience with the elephant, the kids got up and ran away before he finished his challenge (XD)moreless
  • katnappe appears.

    this show starts to reveal the pattern of jack and wuya. as soon as someone new comes into the scene, wuya is desperate to unload jack, or to use the new person as effectively as possible. it also is the first appearance of katnappe. i think this is a fine episode, but could've been better written. i think however that master fung's saying for this one is the most profound one in the entire series. it also points out that it's not that the monks are really good. it's just that jack is really bad. think about it. mime: traps monks. katnappe: beats omi in 2 seconds flat ect. this one points out jack's incompetence and wuya's desperation with a vengeance.moreless
  • Nice purple hair Kim..... Not really.

    The Golden Tiger Claws have been revealed! Jack has allied himself with the kitty princess, Katnappe. Unfortunatley for the warriors, she wins the Tiger Claws. Then Katnappe steals the claws from Jack and goes on a shop lifting spree. Omi and the gang have to figure out a way to stop her. Eventually, they end up in some cat themed theme park. Omi manages to take the Golden Tiger Claws from Katnappe and sends them to the center of the world where they can never be reached. Which actually isn't true, because Omi retrieves it in Mala Mala Jong with the Serpent's Tail.moreless
  • The episode was OK, but it wasn't one of my favorites.

    I cannot believe this episode. It had a great plot, but the action could have been better. In the first Xiaoln Showdown that the Golden Tiger Claws were used, Omi loses it to Katnappe. She is a bit too devious and I think that Jack should have fired her for taking all the credit. Omi then tinks that the way to defeat Katnappe is to use Clay to their advantage. Clay actually isn't so useless and simple after all (Like a Rock!). They use Clay to keep Katnappe in a bear hug and they take the Golden Tiger Claws from Katnappe and Omi throws it into the center of the Earth. Apparently, "All that glitters is not gold."moreless
  • So... I was watching TV and an Xialoin Episode was on so hey lets write a review!

    Ok so basically in the beggining the gang is using the Golden Tiger Claws but right when it was Omi's turn a new Xeng Gong Wu reveals it self(the Changing Chopsticks). So they find a new enemy, KatNappe. When Omi and her get into a Xiaolin Showdown, Omi gets quickly defeated. Later afterwards Omi feels ashamed so Master Fung teaches them a lesson. They again verse her with new teamwork skills, and "defeat" her. When I say defeat I mean they hold her off until Omi takes her Golden Tiger Claws and throws it into the earths core. Then KatNappe runs off with Jack. Althogether, it was a pretty good episode.moreless

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