Xiaolin Showdown

Season 1 Episode 12

Mala Mala Jong

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM May 08, 2004 on The WB
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Wuya uses the Heart of Jong to bring Mala Mala Jong, the Shen-Gong-Wu compiled warrior from several thousand years ago, back to life. This causes a major problem for the Xiaolin Warriors & Master Fung, as none of their Shen-Gong-Wu or forces can stop this incredible warrior ...moreless

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  • Sigh, Raimundo dissapoints me in this, but at least he tries.

    Okay so in this episode, Omi faces Jack in a showdown for the Heart of Jong, but loses and Wuya uses the Shen Gong Wu to revive the dreaded Mala Mala Jong. After learning of this, Master Fung orders Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko and Clay to leave the temple with all the SGW and to not return. Having left, Raimundo can no longer take sitting on the sidelines and goes to help his master and the temple monks face this threat, disobyeing Master Fung. Raimundo fails to defeat the warrior and Wuya learns where the others are hiding. Kimiko and Clay end up fighting Mala Mla Jong for their lives as Omi races to retrieve the Tiger Claws. When he does, he opens a portal through Jong and takes the heart, defeating him. Master Fung promotes Omi, Kimiko and Clay to apprentice level, but because of Raimundo's rash bravery, he stays at the same level.moreless
  • it cool

    poor raimundo!!!he dosen't get his to go to the second level even thiugh all he wanted to do was protect his friends and the temple.this is why he becomes evil in the next following episodes.he is soo angey wif his friens and master fung that he becomes bad.althogh his friend try to talk him round he won't listern and goed to help wuya.well i don't blame him.i would do that too.i mean all he wanted to do was help right.how was he supposed to know wuya could shrink doen to the size of a grain of rice and read people minds.damn you masetr fungmoreless
  • This episod eis about the reformation of Mala Mala Jong.

    Wuya uses the Heart of Jong to bring Mala Mala Jong, the Shen-Gong-Wu compiled warrior from several thousand years ago, back to life. This causes a major problem for the Xiaolin Warriors ( Omi, Kimiko, Raimundo and Clay) & Master Fung, as none of their Shen-Gong-Wu or forces can stop this incredible warrior. The xiaolin dragons fight and fight the Mala Mala Jong but it is very, very difficult for them so Omi travels to the earths core to get the Golden Tiger Claws so that Omi can get the heart of Jong and mala Mala jong can live no more. My favorite part of this episode is when Omi travels to the earths core and when Kimiko, Raimundo and Clay try to fight Mala Mala Jong.moreless
  • Wuya creates Mala Mala Jong. Raimundo tries to stop them.

    This was one of my favorite episodes. I did because it felt like I was watching a season finale. I also liked the battle against Mala Mala Jong. The best part of the fight was when Omi took the Heart of Jong out of the Two-Ton Tunic. It was cool how he warped into Mala Mala Jong's chest. Another good part was when Mala Mala Jong gained more powers with each Shen Gong Wu, for example the Sword of the Storm. The Golden Tiger Claws(my favorite Shen Gong Wu) also appear again. It was strang how the episode was mostly dark. (it kinda makes sence though) Also Master Fung and the other monks fight Mala Mala Jong witch was a nice touch.moreless
  • Raimundo disobeys Master Fung and nearly ends up in the whole team losing to Mala Mala Jong.

    Personally, I think Master Fung was right. It was no excuse to disobey his orders just because you want to rescue him. The better way to end this turmoil is to think like Omi and concoct a plan. Omi really rocked this time. Raimundo took it really badly meaning he actually craves for acceptance in the team. Maybe Master Fung knew he would betray everyone, but he did not stop him because he knew that the consequences of betrayal would be a great lesson for Raimundo in the future. I still hope Raimundo would turn back anyway, and change his mind about betrayal. Time will tell.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (23)

    • Kimiko's outfit: A baby blue zippered jumpsuit with short legging, orange and yellow knee lenght socks, and baby blue and blue shoes.
      Kimiko's hairstyle: Light brownish orange pulled into a ponytail with a blue hair tie and some hair flowing to her back.

    • This is the first time that someone other than Omi has used the Orb Of Tornami.

    • In Dreamscape we learn that Omi's biggest fear is/ are squirrels. But, during the showdown, he didn't seem to show any reaction. Reply: Omi's fear of squirrels was caused because of this showdown with squirrels

    • Each Jong of the Fearsome Four somehow got differences: One of them wears the Orb of Tornami around its neck; the other has the Eye of Dashi; the other has the Ruby of Ramses and the last one has the Star Hanabi; also, three of the Fearsome Four wears the Wushu Helmet, and the other wears the Helmet of Jong.

    • If Wuya is a ghost and doesn't need to breathe, how can she have halitosis?

    • This episode shadows Omi's fear of squirrels.

    • Wouldn't the Golden Tiger claws have melted in the Earth's core. Or is it invincible? (Reply: I think we learned that Shen Gong Wu are invincible when Omi threw the Tiger Claws to the center of the earth in "Shen Yi Bu").

    • Master Fung normally knows or shows the scrolls, but how did he not know what Shen-Gu-Wu Omi lost to Jack Spicer.

    • The monks said to use the Serpent's Tail to get inside Mala Mala Jong and get the Heart of Jong, but they say the Eye of Dashi will blast them to pieces. How can this be if they are total transperant ghost-like beings at the time? (Reply: the Serpent's Tail protects you from physical stuff, but the Eye of Dashi, lightning would still hurt you).

    • The first time we see the Sword of the Strom in this episode, it has the Eye of Dashi on it. However, Mala Mala Jong has it. (Reply: The Sword of the Storm didn't have the Eye of Dashi on it. That was the slot where the Eye of Dashi goes.)

    • When did the Warriors get the Orb of Tornami? (Reply: They recovered it from Jack's lair in the last episode.)

    • Kimiko's white leggings under her Xiaolin robes turned an odd maroon/goldish yellow when the sash was next to it.

    • During Mala Mala Jong's explosion, if you look carefully, the Mantis Flip Coin can be seen. The Coin wasn't part of Jong.

    • Omi should've been fried when he paused to get the Golden Tiger Claws in the Earth's Core, since it's several thousand degrees there. Also, it shows that there are several rock platforms. One, the centre of the earth is molten iron and other metals, making it impossible to have a cavern, and two, the rocks would have melted in two seconds.(Response: it is a cartoon so the laws of Physics dosent really apply there)

    • When Jack grabbed some acorns, the long black line on his face is on the wrong side.

    • In one scene, Wuya's eyelids were blue, then they were red.

    • On Jack's spreadsheet of who has which Shen-Gong-Wu, he asks Wuya whether Jong is spelled with a J or G. If he already had the Helmet of Jong already in the list spelt correctly, why does he need to ask whether Heart of Jong is spelled with a J or G? (Reply: When Mala Mala Jong is leaving Jack's lair, the Shroud is on Jong's back. Also, on the spreadsheet that Master Fung has, the Shroud is listed there on the back.)

    • 1) Wuya had no nose at one point! It was a hole and you could see through it! 2) Under Wuya's nose was white, but then it was red. 3) Raimundo has a piece of hair over his left eyebrow. When the hair moved, there was a hair shaped hole in his eyebrow. 4) Raimundo's uniform color changes. The collar was black, then went back to red. 5) Master Fung's eyes turn green, then go blue again. 6) When Raimundo's standing up to Master Fung, his skin is red in a part.

    • When did Jack get the Shroud of Shadows? Last I heard, Omi won it in the Shen Yi Bu dare with Jermaine. (Reply: Kimiko even said, "The Shroud of the Shadows! How'd they get that?" Raimundo probably took it with him when he went back to defend the temple, then Jong stole it from him.) (Further Reply: When Mala Mala Jong is walking up the stairs out of Jack's place, the Shroud of Shadows can be seen on his back.)

    • The Serpent's Tail was about as long as Raimundo is tall when they found it in "My Homey Omi." Though, in "Royal Rumble," it is barely bigger than a pen and by this episode, it is as tall as Omi. There was nothing about changing size said in any of the episodes. (Reply: The Serpent's Tail was able to become a hand-held object when Omi won it in the showdown. It is also like that in "Big as Texas" and "Royal Rumble.")

    • When the chosen ones are first seen in the cave on Mt. Hong, the chest with the Shen-Gong-Wu is open and both the Changing Chopsticks and the Golden Tiger Claws can be seen. Although, Jack had the Changing Chopsticks and the Golden Tiger Claws were still at the Earth's core.

    • When Raimundo looks at the Sword of the Storm in the chest (before he sneaks away with it to 'fight' Mala Mala Jong), it has the Eye of Dashi attached to it; but how is that possible when Mala Mala Jong is made from the Eye of Dashi (and is 'wearing' it) along with the rest? The only explanation would be two Eyes of Dashi (which kind of makes sense (people generally have 2 eyes) but doesn't at the same time! (Reply: That is not the Eye of Dashi. It is the slot to where it goes.)

    • When Omi is searching for the Golden Tiger Claws and ends up in the football pitch, he throws the Serpent's Tail down onto the floor when he catches the football. Yet when he is about to get trampled, he grabs the Serpent's Tail from out of his robes! (Editors note: He put it in the back of his robes right before. It's hard to catch, at first.)

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Wuya: Ah, one of the chosen ones! Tell me, where are the others?
      Raimundo: First: step back, your breath is rank. Second: I'm not telling diddly!
      Wuya: Oh, really? Well I'll just have to look for myself. (Shrinks herself down and enters Rai's head, then comes back out) (To Jong) They're on Mount Hong!
      Raimundo: I didn't know you could do that.
      Wuya: No, you didn't! (Laughs evilly)

    • Omi: Golden Tiger Claws!
      Clay: They transport you wherever you're fixin' to go.
      Kimiko: Even into a rampaging monster's chest!
      Dojo: Sorry to break your heart, Wuya.
      Wuya: Nnnnnnnnnnoooooooooo! (Omi, Kimiko, and Clay laughing)
      Dojo: See what I did there? Break your heart, heart of jong?

    • (Wuya and Mala Mala Jong reach the temple)
      Wuya: Ah, the Xiaolin temple. Let me savor the moment. (pause) Ah. Now let's crush them.

    • Omi: Did I win (after the showdown for the Heart of Jong)
      Dojo: No, but you made one squirrel very happy (Then, in a corner the squirrel is in a pile of nuts throwing them up in joy)

    • Farmer: Darn gophers.
      (Omi comes out of the ground)
      Omi: Argh, missed! Pardon my intrusion. Serpent's Tail!
      (Goes back through ground)
      Farmer: Darn talkin' gophers.

    • Omi: My performance in the Showdown was truly wacky.
      Kimiko: Whack.
      Omi: Whack what?!

    • (Squirrel bites Omi)
      Omi: Ahh! Get this disease carrying vermin off of me!
      Kimiko: Behold, the mighty Xiaolin Dragon of the Water.
      Clay: Not exactly his proudest moment, is it?

    • Wuya: (laughs evilly) Come, Jong. We have a world to conquer.
      (Wuya and Jong start to leave)
      Jack: Wait! Don't go! We were just starting to click together as a team!

    • Master Fung: While we should endeavor to win all the Shen-Gong-Wu, it is not the end of life as we know it if we occasionally lose one. So, Omi, which Shen-Gong-Wu did you lose?
      Omi: The Heart of Jong.
      (Master Fung turns pale and gasps)
      Master Fung: But that means the end of life as we know it!

    • Dojo: Can't plot the fall of evil on an empty stomach, so I made fresh, hot s'mores!

    • Raimundo: I'm not afraid of this Mala Mala Ding-Jong thing!

    • Master Fung: I expect Wuya will attack before the end of the day.
      Dojo: So, today's potluck is off, then?

    • (Putting Jong together)
      Jack: Hey, this is like building a snowman.
      Wuya: Focus, Jack. It is time for the final piece of the puzzle.
      Jack: Way ahead of you. Look! Carrot nose!

    • Jack: Smell you later, losers!
      (Clay catches Jack with his rope)
      Clay: You'll smell us now, you dirty snake!
      Kimiko: "Smell us now"?
      Raimundo: Clay's villain taunting needs serious work.

    • Omi: The Heart of Jong! Ooh, I have jacked the hitpot!
      Jack: That's "hit the jackpot". As in Jackpot Spicer. That's my nickname, you know.
      Wuya: It is so not.
      Jack: They don't need to know that.

    • Wuya: I have an invincible demonic warrior at my disposal! Why would I need a simpering little boy?
      Jack: Simpering?! I don't simper! Never, ever, ever! (Pause) What's simperering?

  • NOTES (19)


    • When Omi turned up in that man's farm and the man thought he was a gopher was actually a parody from the 1980 movie Caddyshack starring Bill Murray.

    • Mala Mala Jong:

      In the Spanish language, mala means bad. In chinese, Jong means someone who ranks high in an army.

    • When Omi uses the Golden Tiger Claws to remove the heart of Jong, it is reminiscent. of the 1979 movie Alien when the Alien makes its fist appearence.