Xiaolin Showdown

Season 2 Episode 11

Master Monk Guan

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Dec 11, 2004 on The WB

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  • Chase young is realeased!

    Guan, one of the greatest warriors of all time, shows up and meets the Xiaolin Warriors for the first time. Guan tricks Dojo to accompany him to a palace where Chase Young, one of the most evil villains of all time, resides. However, Dojo doesn't know this. There, Guan trades Dojo to Chase in order to get his Spear of Guan back. Without the Spear, Guan is practically nothing. Dojo is horrified when he learns what Chase plans to do with him. evil plans evil soupy plans eevil dragon soupy plans evil weird dragon soupy plans evil spicer weird dragon soupy PLANS!
  • The ultimate evil's debut episode!

    Chase Young debuted in this episode. According to my friend, Chase is the ultimate villain in the entire series.

    The whole idea of the episode was pretty vague, in my opinion. Nothing really happened, except the whole concept that Dojo was captured and taken to Chase. However, I believe the writers wanted this episode to be more of a character development one.

    Another character who makes his debut is Master Monk Guan. Guan fought Chase a very long time ago, and he ended up being defeated. However, in this episode, Guan gets his revenge and ends up defeating Guan in a regular showdown (no Shen Gong Wu used).

    In result, Chase releases Dojo. The whole reason Chase captured Dojo was because dragons are an important ingredient in a soup that makes Chase immortal.

    Overall, this episode was average. I have seen better. I was kind of hoping for a Xiaolin Showdown and that the gang would win a new Shen Gong Wu, but they didn't.
  • i though the introduction of CY was really awesome

    i think that this episode was awesome cause they introduced the biggest vilain in the show...Chase Young....
    he is not just stupid bad guy like some certain movies or shows have made that are not really bad people just people who everyone thinks are evil cause they are not goody-goodies like them or people wh oare able to do a bad thing and suddenly they are pure evil...? Sometimes, they make villains that are not really villains but people that are annoying or jerky.
    Anyways, i think that he is a cool villain and should rule the world but if i do fangirls will chase me out of town...again...
  • A new villain, Chase Young. A new goodie, Master Monk Guan. A bit overwhelming, but quite okay.

    First, not much substance. The warriors convince Guan that one should be noble and righteous always and never waver to the bad side. Not what I call a moral. Second, the story of Chase turning to the bad side and taking away the Spear of Guan is kinda pathetic. Third, we finally realise that the warriors do care for Dojo, after all that he's done for them. That's a plus point, although we should've known long ago. Fourth point, I wasn't very impressed by the fight scenes. Fifth, Master Monk Guan is ugly and Chase Young is monstrous. Last hopefully, this episode was mildly entertaining.
  • Jack Spicer: Looser GWAN! LOOSER GWAN!

    It was a pretty cool episode but my favorite part in the hole episode was when Jack Spicer evil boy genius shouts to Master Monk Gwan while he was fighting Chase Young and he shouts "Looser Gwan!" Aahahaha lol! thats a classic scene next time you like see it on "Cartoon Network" look for it its really FUNNY!! looser stinking gwan! I hate Master Fung though hes ugly "U. G. L. Y. you dont got no alibie ugly, yea yeah you ugly!" lol hes to wrinkly and metaphorey for me cause hes to chungy, fungy!! master fung is like chase youngs fung!
  • ok hum this episode the story of Master Monk Guan and Chase Young.Master Monk Guan is a tai chi master that fought evil.Chase was a warrior that fought evil too but turned evil.The 2 fought against each other long ago and Guan lost his spear of Guan.

    This episode not that good an here\\\'s the summary :ok hum this episode the story of Master Monk Guan and Chase Young.Master Monk Guan is a tai chi master that fought evil.Chase was a warrior that fought evil too but turned evil.The 2 fought against each other long ago and Guan lost his spear of Guan.

    When I said that it was a very good episode i also forgot to say that it was very intriguing and unclear,like,the story of Chase Young is so so so so so so unclear

  • Another great episode featuring the whole team. We meet new bad guy and good guy, Chase Young(Heylin) and Master Monk Guan(Xiaolin). Overall, this show is not bad.

    We learn that the Warriors are in the middle of finding Lasoo Boa Boa when none other than Jack SPicer comes. They quickly defeats his new robots. He runs off simpering. The Warriors meet Master Monk Guan later. Omi explains that he is the world's greatest Tai Chi Master. Dojo was persuaded into becoming Chase Young's "ingredient" by Master Monk Guan. The Warriors set out to find Dojo only to encounter Chase Young while trying to get the Monsun Sandles.The Warriors are defeated. However they do learn what use is Dojo to CHase Young. They travel to his lair again to meet defeat as Chase Young is proven too powerful for them to handle. Master Monk Guan shows up, and with a great deal of courage, he defeats Chase Young. Omi receives a Spear Of Guan at last because he restored the courage that was lost within Guan a long time ago. As for Dojo, he left Chase Young with haste. He was about to be turned into a soup. What would you do??!!
  • This is a very special episode it's the frist appearence of Chase Young!

    Well before i started i would like to say this was a awesome episode they introduced my favorite villain Chase Young. Anyway this episode started with the monks searching for a new shen-gong-wu the Lasso Boa-Boa. They find it but Jack Spicer finds them and sends his new robots called Wuyabots to attack them and after they are all destory he flys away. When they go get the shen-gong-wu they meet Master Monk Guan a well-known monk. Later they go back to the temple and Master Monk Guan starts showing some of his skills and the monks are amazed and after traning eat dinner and kinda make fun of Dojo and hurt his feelings. Master Monk Guan then tells Dojo he is a fasaniting creature and tells him they should go visit a friend of his. They go to some evil-looking place and go inside and meet Chase Young. Then gives Master Guan his spear of Guan and Guan leaves. Then Chase Young starts feeding Dojo all sorts of food and is trying to get him fat for some reason. The monks discover that Dojo is gone and wonder how now there are going to know when a new shen-gong-wu will active. Kimiko gets a idea and they go to Jack's lair and put a tracker on his car i think.. and follow him when a new wu actives the Monsoon Sandals. Jack Spicer gets there frist and gets them and when the monks get there Chase Young appears and a fight begins but Chase Young turns out to powerful for the monks to beat and they lose. Dojo comes and the monks say where he has been and that they could have missed in alot of shen-gong-wu without him and also if they hurt his feelings and Dojo responds with a yes and they apoligize and tell him to come back but he can't because he was given to Chase Young from Master Guan. Thee monks search for Guan and ask him why he gave Dojo to Chase Young. He says long ago he had a battle with Chase and lost his spear of Guan and lost his courage that day and tells them where to find his hideout(also chase young was on the side of good but traded his soul for a soup to make him immortal). They go to Chase's hideout and find Dojo but, it was a trap and Chase Young shows his true form which is a lizard/dragon/demon thing and battle but is to powerful for the monks to fight. Out of nowhere Guan appears and challenges Chase to a regular showdown with no shen-gong-wu wagered. Guan wins and the monks and dojo are free.
  • This one sets the standard for all others!

    OMG! I am so suprised that I forgot to review tis episode. This was an excellent episode, with the introduction to my favorite character, Chase Young. This villan has it all: the power, tht calm and cool nonchalance, the looks I mean, he even has honor and grace when he's defeated! He's sooo cool! If this is the first time you've seen him, you need to see all the other episodes with him in it. It makes all other episodes pale in comparison!
  • A really special episode because we meet Chase Young, Master Monk Guan, Wuya-bots, the first ever no-shengongwu wagering showdown and Dojo's craving for food.

    Master Monk Guan was a terrific episode of Xiaolin Showdown because of alot of new things introduced. This is also the first episode not to show Master Fung but he was mentioned. Anyway, somehow the episode to me was more exciting than funny. The only funny part of the episode was the Wuya-bots. They seem smarter than the jack-bots.

    Anyway, Chase Young and Master Monk Guan's character potrayal was excellent. But, Chase Young has a more bright personality. The rescue of Dojo was brilliant.

    The showdown was quite unique as no shengongwu was wagered but other things were wagered. I just felt Chase as a dragon was quite nice but I think he lost too easily to Master Monk Guan.

    Nevertheless, a great episode that you should see as this is the first episode with many new features.

    I like this episode alot mostly because I like Chase Young. It shows how brilliant Chase Young is. I only wish that he didn\'t HAVE to eat Dojo... Chase Young is SO COOL!!!!! I love it. I also like Raimundo...so to all you Rai or Chase lovers...YOU ROCK!! You can kind of tell by my screen name.
  • An unappricated Dojo becomes the guest/prisoner of a new villian, Chase Young

    I think Chase Young is so cool I almost feel guilty about it! He's tons smarter and eviler than Jack. And its nice to see that the young monks aren't invincible (aka actually need help this time). Also, the intregrated lesson of putting confidence in yourself, instead of items or others, is well learned.
  • Chase Young is introduced with Master Monk Guan, EXCELLENT EPISODE!

    Excellent Episode!, the Old fashioned Chinese rivolary is exciting! Master Monk Guan: Xiaolin and Chase Young: Heylin.

    All thought Chase was once on the side of good he turned evil after surrending his soul for immortality! That's what turned him evil.

    In the showdown, only using fightning skills Master Monk Guan and Chase Young fought it out till its hardest. Chase in his dragon form and Master Monk Guan in his strongest fightning state. The showdown ended with a BANG with the attack 'Repel the Beast' coming from Master Monk Guan.

    This episode was awesome and I could tell right off that Chase would be another Main villian in Season 2.
  • Introduces a new face of E-vil

    This shows that even heroes fall. And that you can undo mistakes of the past. The flashback animation was superb, and hillarious. We meet one of Omi's heroes and see some real Kung Fu action. I love to see Jack Spicer measure up to real villians. It shows you what a babbling fool he really is. He truly is just a angry nerd. Which was proven by the monsoon sandle nose bleed incident.
  • This one of my favorite episodes! I like Chase Young a lot! I was not expecting him to turn into a Reptile!

    I really liked the showdown between Chase and Guan! I wished they had used Shen-Gong-Wu, I love the showdown though.

    I liked how Dojo was important in this episode!

    The Lasso Boa Boo is really cool how it turns into a snake when activated. The Monsoon Sandals have cool Markings on them and are similar to the Lotus Twister, but are cool. I wonder what would happen if you put them on your hands?
  • We get to see Chase Young the first time

    great episode!this was the first ep we see chase young.with some very funny lines.kimiko's hairstyle wasnt the greatest in this episode though.the two shen gong wu the lasso boa boa and monsoon sandals were 2 of the shen gong wu in the cave in the chrystal glasses episode. Good showdown not a Xiaolin Showdown
  • this was a very well written and cleverly plotted episode!they did a great job on the flashback anime when guan was fighting chase.this ep was probably the greatest ep in the whole second season!they need to make more eps like this.there were more great e

    great ep!this was the first ep we see chase young.
    with some very funny lines.kimikos hairstyle wasnt the greatest in this ep though.the two shen gong wu the lasso boa boa and monsoon sandals were 2 of the shen gong wu in the cave in the chrystal glasses ep. :)
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