Xiaolin Showdown

Season 2 Episode 11

Master Monk Guan

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Dec 11, 2004 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • How can Master Guan still be living if he fought against Wuya with Dashi?

    • Isn't that weird that after Master Monk Guan used the repel the beast technique against Chase and that he was in his lizard form, he retransformed himself without drinking the Lao Mang Lon.

    • Guan says Chase gave up his soul to live forever but in the episode "The Life and Times of Hannibal Roy Bean" Dojo says that Chase gave up his soul to be the best.

    • In the beginning, the Lasso Boa Boa looks like a large snake, but when Clay shouts out "Lasso Boa Boa!" the Boa looks like his regular lasso, not the Shen Gon Wu.

  • Quotes

    • Dojo (To Chase Young): I was just leaving, I'm with them.

    • Master Monk Guan [Referring to Chase]: I see you now for what you are, and not what you pretend to be. Repel the Beast!

    • Clay: (insultingly) What a Dojo!

    • Master Monk Guan (to Reptilian Chase): Chase Young, I challenge you to a showdown.
      Dojo: A plain old regular showdown? We haven't had one of those in a while.

    • Omi: We are in luck! Chase Young must have forgotten to close the door behind him!
      Raimundo: Is that luck ... or a trap?
      Omi: Same difference!

    • Master Monk Guan: What makes a warrior strong is not the weapon, but the warrior holding the weapon.
      Reptilian Chase: Your theatrics are amusing, as are your skills in combat.

    • Omi: Dojo! Are you alright?!
      Dojo: I'm sitting in a pot of soup! What do you think?!

    • Omi (to Chase): You fight well, too. I mean ... as evil geniuses go.

    • (Dojo is eating a lot of food)
      Omi: Dojo, perhaps if you did not eat so much, you could fly swifter.
      Dojo: Are you saying that I'm fat?

    • (Chase turns into his normal dragon form)
      Jack: Wow! You're even more hideous than Wuya. I love it!

    • Wuya: Jack! You pathetic little groupie! If I had a stomach, I'd hurl.

    • Reptilian Chase: You see before you my true form, without the benefit of my potion.
      Dojo: I can see why you're so faithful to it.

  • Notes

    • This is the second and last episode of the series to air in December.

    • First appearance of Chase Young.

    • This marks the first (and only) time where Clay uses Dojo's own name as a way to insult him. Clay responds with the expression, What a Dojo several times during the course of this episode whenever Dojo does something particularly foolish. Clay puts emphasis on the word Dojo in a tone similar to the word Dodo, as in Dodo Bird.

    • Shen-Gong-Wu Locations:
      Lasso Boa-Boa: Found hanging on a tree branch in a rainforest.
      Monsoon Sandals: Found in the water of a tide pool.

    • Dojo Episode.

    • The potion of everlasting youth Chase Young drinks is called the Lau Mang Lone Soup. The ingredients are one cup of wheat grass, one tablespoon of salt, one pinch of dried frog, and one whole dragon.

    • The Lasso Boa-Boa and Monsoon Sandals were two of the many unidentified Shen-Gong-Wu found in The Crystal Glasses.

    • In Master Guan's flashback scene, we get to see his fight with Chase Young many years ago. The animation in the flashback was different than the regular animation of the series.

    • Guan gave Omi his Spear because he felt like he wouldn't need it anymore, since Omi helped him restored his courage when it was lost.

    • The license plate on Jack's speed buggy says "NIL8" as in 'annihilate'. Around the plate, it says "I'd rather be ruling the world."

    • Introductions: Wuya-bots. Wuyas with tentacles that shoot out ink.

    • The Warriors now have the Lasso Boa-Boa. Jack now has the Monsoon Sandals.

    • Showdown: Master Monk Guan vs. Chase Young - Battle only using martial arts skills.

    • This marks the first time we see a regular showdown, where there are no Shen-Gong-Wu involved.

    • New villain: Chase Young. The powerful villain who defeated Master Monk Guan years ago. He must drink a potion, which includes Dojo as an ingredient, to keep him young forever.

    • Kimiko's hairstyle: Black with a red beanie and a flower barrette.

    • Featured Shen-Gong-Wu: Lasso Boa-Boa, Monsoon Sandals.

  • Allusions

    • Chase's armour looks very similar to the Saiyan combat suits in Dragonball Z. With the shoulder and thigh guards, the lines going through them, and chest designs on the front.

    • Chase Young, in many ways has references to "Masters of the Universe". His lair has the same color scems as Snake Mountain(Skeletor's home), has big cats(like He-man and Skeletor), and he can change between human and reptile form(like King Hsss).

    • The mirror battle in Chase's palace is similar to the one Bruce Lee experiences in Enter the Dragon.

    • Chase selling his soul for dark knowledge
      There is a German tale about a man named Faust who sold his soul and body after 24 years to the Devil if he would serve Faust for his life, tell Faust anything he wished, and never to lie to Faust. Faust gave a blood sacrifice and renounced his Christian faith to seal the pact.

    • The demon Chase Young gives his soul to: the devil or a pagan god? In Christianity, the demon shown is known as Satan. In truth, the goat demon was originally a pagan god of feritility, but was warped by the Christians to make paganism seem evil, and, therefore, stamp it out. If you go by the pagan beliefs, Chase shouldn't have been granted immortality, as that isn't what the god represents. (Reply: The God Chase got his youth potion off is merely what Master Monk Guan thinks what happened. It is revealed in a later episode that Chase was turned evil and given the potion by Hannibal Roy Bean).

    • n/a: Guan and Spear of Guan
      Guan Yu was a military commander of the Han Dynasty in China. He has been somewhat canonised as a god-like being because of his exaggerated deeds and qualities. He was a skilled military man and was very respected by his soldiers. Guan Yu also exceled at the use of his weapon, the Kwandao (aka Guandao). The Kwandao is a spear-like weapon with a crecsent moon blade at the tip instead of the actual spear that kind of resembles a halberd. A modern cartoon drawing of a Kwandao can be seen on the anime show Shaman King, where a main character, Lenny, uses the Kwandao when he fights. Guan Yu's Kwandao was legendary, called the "green dragon crescent moon" and weighing at an estimated 49 kg.

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