Xiaolin Showdown

Season 3 Episode 4

Omi Town

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 08, 2005 on The WB
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Episode Summary

It is Chinese New Year and everyone except Omi receives gifts from their families. In an effort to cheer him up, Master Fung suggests Omi go on a quest to find where he belongs. The Warriors travel to a town where everyone looks exactly like the young monk. There, Omi finally finds his 'parents', though they are not exactly what he expected. Much to his fellow Warriors' dismay, Omi decides to stay with them on their farm. Now with one less warrior at the Xiaolin Temple, Wuya, Hannibal Bean and Jack plot to break into the Temple to steal Shen-Gong-Wu ... However, they do not know that they are being closely watched.moreless

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Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Hannibal Roy Bean

Recurring Role

Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden

Chase Young

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • In this episode, they celebrate Chinese New Year by receiving gifts. However, in actual fact, Chinese New year is a festival whereby chinese visit their relatives and receive a red packet (or as chinese calls it 'hongbao') which contains money in it.

    • While Wuya and Hannibal Bean are spying on the monks via a magical window. She waves her hand and makes it disappear. But if she was stripped of her magic, how is that possible? (Reply: She was not completely stripped of her magic. Chase only prevented her from regaining her full powers. At no point is it stated that Wuya is unable to use any magical abilities.)

    • Throughout Season 3, (almost), Hannibal's teeth remains the same. But in this episode, from time to time, he has a full set of teeth. That will oftenly happen from scene to scene.

    • Omi's real parents remains a mystery, as well as Raimundo's.

    • When you first see Wuya in this episode, (when she is talking with Hannibal) Then the color on her dress is black, but later in the scene it changes to red.

    • When the Sapphire Dragon was shown, it wasn't covered with soot. How is that possible? If there is no soot, the Sapphire Dragon should have activated.

    • How did Omi get his Orb of Tornami back? The Ying Ying Bird in the last episode gave it to Hannibal Roy Bean.

    • How could Omi's "Mom" Have the Orb of Tornami when Hannible Bean Took it in the last episode? (Reply: If you listen hard, you hear her say she took them while Omi was clipping his "Father"'s toenails. The rest is unexplained.)

    • When Omi-Mom is revealed to be a robot, Omi's outfit changes several times. The first being when the monks confront Jack, Omi is in his robes; after the explanation, Omi's back in the farmer outfit, and then back to his robes when they realize Hannibal Bean stole the Shen-Gong-Wu.

    • When Hannibal Bean ran to the pile of Shen-Gong-Wu morphed like Master Fung, he took the Two-Ton Tunic, Mosaic Scale and the Ruby of Ramses. However, in the next scene, Wuya grabbed the Ruby of Ramses and Two-Ton Tunic.

    • Even though it appeared that Bean stole the Orb of Tornami when the Ying-Yang Bird took it to the Ying-Yang world, but in this episode Omi had it with him.

    • Wasn't the Sapphire Dragon supposed to be locked up? When Omi-Mom touched the Shen-Gong-Wu to start the showdown, it was right there.

    • Whatever happened to Omi's so-called Dad?

    • How did Jack get Omi's baby photos and a lock of his hair?

      Reply: He could have simply fabricated them using his own knowledge of Omi's appearance and the same technology used by the police to "age up" photos of people that have been missing for a long time. And about the hair...well, Jack could have simply torn out a strand of his own hair and used the Moby Morpher to turn it black.

    • Omi-Mom makes Omi wager the Lasso Boa Boa, but it is not used nor seen in the whole episode.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Dojo: Mmm, I hope you like chocolates.
      Omi: Whether I find my parents or not,I will always have a family. YOU ATE ALL MY CHOCOLATES!

    • Omi: They were not very good parents, but at least they were my parents ... for a while.
      Kimiko: Your parents are still out there somewhere. You can still find them.
      Master Fung: What is more, you succeeded in your quest to find where you belong.
      Omi: But ... I am back where I started.
      Master Fung: That is right. This is your home.

    • (Showing baby pictures)
      Omi-Mom: Here is Omi when he got his first dot. And here he is breaking his first board. And here's a lock of his baby hair. Actually, that's all he ever grew.
      Raimundo: No doubt about it. Omi's their boy.

    • Hannibal Bean: Hello, my boy.
      Jack: (screams) Touch me, and I'll scream!
      Wuya: You did scream.
      Jack: Then ... I'll scream louder!

    • Raimundo: (about Omi) Besides, it's not all bad being an orphan. Think of what you save on gifts.

    • (During the showdown)
      Kimiko: Don't think of her as your mother!
      Raimundo: Yeah, just think of her as a really evil old person ... with a bad hip!

    • (While opening presents from relatives)
      Dojo: Hey, Omi-ball! Why aren't you grabbing the booty?
      Omi: I do not feel like grabbing my booty.

    • Omi-Mom: And that's for never calling!
      Omi: But I did not even know you existed!
      Omi-Mom: Don't talk back to your mother!

    • Raimundo: (about Omi Town) Is this weird, or is it just me?
      Omi: What is weird about a town of exceptionally good-looking people?

    • Omi: You could not always have been farmers. I bet you have a colorful past. Fought many brave battles.
      Omi-Dad: Huh. The only brave battles I can recall fighting were with your mother! We'd go at it like cats and dogs. Usually over doing chores or ... bowl of rice.

    • Omi: Now, Dojo, you shouldn't kiss a horse on the lips before it gives you its presents.
      (Everybody goes silent)
      Kimiko: Oh ... 'kiss a gift horse on the mouth'.
      Dojo: I thought it was 'look a gift horse in the mouth'.

    • Dojo: Wow! I wonder what my Great-Great-Great-Great Uncle Tiamat sent me. (Opens it) His bones ... how thoughtful.

    • Jack: Just keep that evil jellybean away from me!
      Hannibal Bean: Who are you calling a jellybean?! Moby Morpher! (changes into a large bean)
      Jack: Jellybean? No, I-I-I said Hannibal Bean. But I like jellybeans, especially the green ones!

    • Omi: If we break apart, we can cover ourselves with more dirt!
      Kimiko: I'm guessing "split up and cover more ground."

    • Omi-Dad: Omi Crud.
      Omi: My last name is CRUD?!

    • Omi: Well, what comes in circles goes the other way in circles!
      Wuya: Somebody translate! I'll be up all night!
      Clay: Uh, I'm guessin' "what goes around, comes around."
      Wuya: Oh, please. That wasn't even close.

    • Chase: Do you know where the other monks are?
      Omi: (yawns) Asleep?

    • Jack: Hey! What about my escape needs?!

    • Raimundo: (referring to Omi) He made bad slang an art form.

  • NOTES (23)