Xiaolin Showdown

Season 3 Episode 4

Omi Town

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 08, 2005 on The WB

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  • Omi searches for his parents.

    It's so sad that Omi wasn't able to find his parents. Not knowing what his last name is, wondering why his parents left Omi at the Xiaolin Temple, there are so many questions about it. I just wish they made one more episode about it, only this time Omi would find his real parents and not the robotic fake ones. I don't think that was cool of Wuya, Hannibal, and Jack to create a town of people that look like Omi and fool him thinking those robots were his parents. Not cool at all! They have really sunken to a new low low low low low low low low low level.
  • ok

    It is Chinese New Year and everyone except Omi receives gifts from their families. In an effort to cheer him up, Master Fung suggests Omi go on a quest to find where he belongs. The Warriors travel to a town where everyone looks exactly like the young monk. There, Omi finally finds his 'parents', though they are not exactly what he expected. Much to his fellow Warriors' dismay, Omi decides to stay with them on their farm. Now with one less warrior at the Xiaolin Temple, Wuya, Hannibal Bean and Jack plot to break into the Temple to steal Shen-Gong-Wu ... however. My favorite part of this episode is when Omi finds out that the parents that he sees isn't his real parents because they are robots. Omi never finds out who his parents are.
  • Wuya,Hannible Bean,and Jack trick Omi into thinking that he found his parents.Without Omi the Xiaolin warriors get beat up when Wuya,Hannible,and Jack raide the temple,bu Omi comes back and saves the monks.He then finds out that his parents were robots.

    Omi is feeling blue because everyone but him is recieving gifts from their families except him,so Master Fung sugests he go on a qust to find were he truely belongs.Meanwhile Jack,hannible Roy Bean,and Wuya team up to raide the temple, but little do they know that they are being carefully watched.They trick omi into thinking thathe has found his parents but they are really robots.this is exactly why I watch this show.Omi Town is a great episode and it really surprised me when Chase Young told Omi that Wuya,Hannible Roy Bean,and Jack Spice were just tricking him so that they could raide the temple.This is one of the best episodes.
  • Does Omi find his parents?

    I have one word, and one word only, to describe th basis of this show-hilarious! In my opinion this was one of the funnier episodes of Xiaolin Showdown for this season. It starts off as the Chinese New Year and everybody gets gifts but Omi. So, being depressed, he goes out to try and find his biological family an his last name. With Omi leaving on this quest the rest of the gang follow, doing whatever they can to help out. Eventually they find them and Omi stays behind while the others go back to the temple. However, what he doesn't know is that it was a trap set up by Hannibal Bean, Jack Spicer, and Wuya! So he goes back to the temple after getting a hint from Chase Young and meets Jack Spicer, and the others attemptimg to steal the Wu. He ends up getting in a Showdown with his mother only to find out that his so called parents were robots made by Jack. After this Wuya and Hannibal steal some Wu and go back to Jack's home. Like I said earlier, this episode was funny!
  • An Omi episode.

    An episode where Omi wants to find his parents while Wuya, Hannibal and Jack where plotting together and Omi eventually ends up back at the temple. I kind of think that at the end the whole thing was a waste of time exept for the part that you realize Hannibal is trying to play with Wuya's mind and try to turn her away from Chase. I was extremely confused when you later see Wuya with Chase again and I was also very mad because I don't think Wuya should be with Chase in the first place, I mean, he has no use for her, exept for maybe trying to intimidate the monks because they said that with Wuya Chase was even stronger which i think is hardly true. I love the fact that you see Chase telling Omi that his friends are in trouble and then when Omi looks away he's gone. The episode itself was okay but it definately wasn't my all-time favorite. The only good thing about it was probably the fact that Chase was actually in this one.
  • Between the action and plot twists I couldn't turn away. Another excellent episode.

    This is such a sweet episode. It has element of both classic and new story line writing. Omi has to do some soul searching and ends up trying to find his family. Who hasn't wondered where Omi came from? The most hilairous part of the show had to be when Omi found his home town and then his parents revealed to him that his last name was 'Crud'. Absolutley hilarious.

    Meanwhile, Hannibal Bean, Wuya, and Jack Spicer end up working together. Let's face it we were all beginning to wonder if Jack and Wuya were ever going to team up again. It was pretty intresting to say the least. The biggest twist came from Chase Young who knew everything since he was spying on them, not a bad idea in my opinion.

    Needless to say, his parents weren't what Omi expected and even though it meant giving up his life as a Xiaolin Dragon he stayed on the farm with his parents. It wasn't until Chase Young showed up and told Omi what Wuya and the others had been planning. As bad as he is Chase shows a certain closeness to Omi, kind of like a evil older brother. We all knew it, this episode just reaffirmed it. Though I seriously doubt Chase will turn good in the next few episodes it's still kind of touching.

    Once aware of the plan Omi left to stop the attack on the temple and his friends. Eventually, Omi had to meet his make. That's right, his mom. Omi v. his mom was very funny and touching at the end of the fight when she lost. Omi's parents though turned out to be robots, made to look like the young monk by Hannibal Bean who used the Moby Morpher.

    All in all, the episode was really good. Finally, ending up with our favorite monk back at the Xiaolin Temple with his friends. So happy.
  • Chinese New Years! Omi is unhappy that he doesn't have a family and Master Fung suggests Omi should go on a quest to find them. Meanwhile, Wuya and Bean are watching, unaware that Chase is watching them too. Omi finds his parents and they aren\'t what he

    No new shen-gon-wu unfortunately. Wuya is once again working with Jack, but this time with Hannibal Bean too. Hannibal revealed another power of the Moby Morpher, it can transform other objects and people. This power would go well with the Ju-Ju Flytrap and similar shen-gong-wu. The last names of the other 3 monks are revealed. Omi\'s \"parents\" were really Jack-Bots in disguise using the Moby Morpher. The moment the parents said that his last name was crud pretty much gave them away. Using the orb of tornami against Omi was a big mistake since water was his element. The show got dramatic when Mrs. Crud was falling and Omi tries to grab her. Too bad Wuya and Bean stole a lot of wu. At least Omi has a family at the temple.
  • Omi has some soul searching. Hannibal and Wuya partner up.

    Omi has some soul searching. Hannibal and Wuya partner up...
    This story was completely silly and completely unneeded. It shows some of the strife between Chase and Wuya, but also shows how pathetic Hannibal Bean is! If the guy was so strong, why does he always need others to back him up? And it seems he can\'t do anything without the moby morpher!

    The Chase/Omi relationship is growing, as Chase acts like an older brother by warning Omi. That was a good twist!

    Yes, Chase is still king in my book!
  • Family Matters Omi Town was both a hilarious and poignant episode. The finale was reassuring with Omi now appreciating his true family. I've seen this topic done on other shows but Omi Town was a well written story that's a notch above the

    Family Matters

    Omi Town was both a hilarious and poignant episode. Omi's "parents" were interesting to say the least. I especially enjoyed the crud hitting the fan after Chase alerted Omi to what was going on. I found the Xiaolin showdown between Omi and his "mom" to be hilarious with the conclusion heartrending. The finale was reassuring with Omi now appreciating his true family. I've seen topics of this nature done on other shows but Omi Town was a well written story that's a notch above the rest.

    After the third season premiere, I was a little worried that the show might be heading towards the onramp to Jumpda Sharkville. This episode put those thoughts to rest.
    "Omi Town" is one of the finer episodes of Xiaolin Showdown for a number of reasons. One, it progresses the overall arc of the season. Two, at first glance the story seems simplistic but is really multilayered. Three, character development takes place.

    As the season progresses, I appreciate how Hannibal Bean adds a different aspect to the villainy on the show. I was fearful that he would be either mindless, which he definitely isn't. Or that he would be a Chase or Wuyu clone, which he is not. He's his own person ... er ... legume. I like that Hannibal doesn't despise Jack as much as Chase and that Hannibal apparently has no problems working with Jack.

    Another thing I got from this episode was that I felt assured that Chase Young wouldn't become worthless this season. So far, I'm really pleased the direction his characterization is taking. I feel that as he gets better fleshed out; he's being de-Gary Stu-fied.

    I enjoyed how the theme of family could be seen throughout the episode. There's the obvious family on the show that of the Xiaolin monks but there are other family dynamics on the show as well.

    Overall, Wuyu has mostly been a maternal figure to Jack. In the latter part of the second season, all Jack seemed to do is lament over Wuyu absence. Finally in this episode, the witch is back with Jack. I really missed the dynamic duo of Wuyu and Jack. It was wonderful to see them working together again. Hopefully with Wuyu back, Jack won't seem as lost as he has been since the latter part of last season. I can also hope that with Hannibal added to the mix, the treacherous three of Hannibal, Wuyu and Jack can wreak even more havoc in the upcoming episodes.

    Another quasi-family dynamic that is starting to become apparent this season is that of Chase Young to Omi. Chase is often trying to lead Omi down the same path of corruption that he [Chase] took. But in a way it's like Chase has an air of respect/affection for Omi that Chase doesn't exhibit for any of the other main characters. Even though Chase is his usual self-serving manipulative self in this episode, he is seemly on the lookout for Omi. It appears that Chase is becoming a nefarious older brother to Omi. It'll be interesting to see how their relationship develops over this season.
  • Omi's loneliness overwhelms him, so he goes on a quest to find his parents. But when he finally meets them, will he accept them for who they are, no matter "cruddy" they may be?

    Omi fans will be tantalized today, we finally get to meet his parents! However, when he goes on a quest to find the place he really belongs, he learns that their last name is "Crud", they're very old and poor, and they want him to stay with him. In a sad moment, Omi decides to leave the temple.

    After this episode, I'm willing to forgive the show for the "Finding Omi" disaster. Although good Jack is history, good Chase is starting to glow brightly. If anything, Chase ought to Omi's guts, and yet he helps Omi out in this episode. It would be unreasonable to believe that Chase becomes evil-free in the coming episodes, but to do what he did here is a much-needed improvement over his season-long plan to capture Omi.

    One of the things I love about Xiaolin Showdown is that they portray sorrow perfectly. What I mean is that we all miss Omi a lot and will be sad that he may be gone permanently, but this show's happy-go-lucky attitude reminds us that everything will turn out all right in the end.

    As a matter of a fact, the producers manage to deliver the "Everything being all right" ending. Omi's parents turn out to be Jack-bots that were Moby-Morphed, making the Omi fans snap their fingers like a foiled crook. Omi realizes that the temple is where he belongs and decides to stay, to the joy of everyone. It just goes to show that nothing fortifies a bond like resolved conflict. We now know that Omi's here to stay! Happy Days!

    I personally like Omi episodes, but I took some points away because I can understand how some of you wouldn't. However, Dojo came through in the end, welcoming back Omi with a present of chocolates that he took the liberty of eating. Omi screamed "You ate all my chocolates!?" at the very end, and because of that, I had to give back .2, bringing this episode's score to an outstanding 8.9.
  • Awesome Episode.

    Fantastic Episode. On par with Life and Times of Hannibal Roy Bean. There was alot of comedic moments, and Wuya, Bean and Jack's invasion of the Xiaolin Temple was full of action. We even got a little drama with Omi's need to belong.

    Yes, a truly fantastic episode. Funny moments to look out for include:

    *Omi's mum chastising him over motherly things.
    *Wuya waving at Chase Young's raven spy.
    *Wuya's "That wasn't even close." line.

    Among others.

    Truly a testament to the series, Hannibal Bean and Wuya seem to make a better team than Chase and Wuya. Chase always seemed to be on Wuya's case. (And he still was in this episode)

    Even Jack seemed to be a good part of the trio, he managed to knock down Clay with just two Jack bots.

    Another thing: Did anyone happen to notice that... the villains WON in this episode? They got the Shen Gon Wu, which was their original intent. (This was also a rather funny moment)

    Overall, we get to see some Wuya action, more of Hannibal Roy's characterization. Animation was mostly spot on, as well. (Though not as good as last episode, there were some weird Wuya-Egg-Head shots.)
  • It is Chinese new year and Omi wants to know who is parents are and what his last name is. Master Fung tells Omi to follow his Wudai instincts and go on a journey to find out who he is.

    This episode was shocking. Omi is depressed because he doesn't get presents on Chinese New Year. He is now on a quest to find his parents and where he came from. While all hope is lost he sees a "sign". They land and they find a whole town full of people that look like Omi. Now all of them are asking the people if they know Omi's parents. We find Omi's parents. We thought "these parents must be fake, Omi said that he was an orphan." And we were right. Those parents were fake. Wuya, Jack, and HRB were working together to get Shen Gong Wu so Wuya and get her powers back. Thinking they were sneaky and Chase Young did not know about it, they made every move sneaky. With no clue that Chase knew about everything.
    In the end, Omi is told by Chase Young that Wuya and the others are planning to raid the temple. Hearing this, Omi leaves his "parents" and goes back to the temple.
    Later on, after the showdown. Omi finds out that his "parents" were robots built by Jack. Thinking that now the truth is revealed, they sigh a little then Master Fung comes and takes the Shen Gong Wu to the vault. Later we find out that it was HRB using the Moby Morpher. The warriors have lost many Shen Gong Wu and Omi still doesn't know about his past. Feeling down, Master Fung and the others cheer Omi up by giving him their presents and the knowlegde that Omi will always have a family at the temple...
    This was a nice and sweet episode..... :D
  • Omi on a guest to find his parents

    I felt sorry for poor Omi for not having parents. It's even tear-jerking when he is an orphan.

    The Wuya/Jack/Hannibal plot was so great! It looks like they could betray Chase Young and with Wuya getting all of her powers back!

    Omi's "parents" were really funny, especially his mother. "That's for not calling!!" It was even funny where they tell him his last name was Crud. Omi Crud! LOL!

    It was nice seeing Wuya kicking the Wudai Warrior's, without Omi of course, butts, along with Jack and Hannibal. It looked like they were going to win this battle, but I felt so relived that Omi came to their rescue.
  • Very Clever!

    In this episode it's the Chinese New Year. Poor Omi doesn't get any parents. (poor Omi)

    Master Fung sends them on a quest to look for Omis parents finding out that his last name is Crud! That's hilarious!

    They do focus on Omi waaaay to much. He's still my favorite character. Only thing: He's to focused on.

    It was clever how Jack, Hannibal Roy Bean and Wuya worked together. Creating an Omi village out of Jack Bots and the Moby Morpher.

    I have to ask a question: Why listen to a two inche bean?! Two people have listened to him now! Chase now Wuya! That's just plain wrong!

    I liked how Omi looked in his little farm outfit and how Wuya, Hannibal Roy Bean and Jack tricked Omi and the other monks.

    The showdown was great! I liked how they made the suspenseful Omis mom vs. Omi thing! SWEET! The bamboo hoping was cool though.

    The episode had comedy, action, suspense and betrayl. The only bad part why to focused on Omi!
  • Omi and the gang are on the quest to find his parents, and as they do... they do not look like what he expected to be.

    I personally thought this was a great episode.

    I felt sorry for poor Omi for not having parents. It's even tear-jerking when he is an orphan.

    The Wuya/Jack/Hannibal plot was so great! It looks like they could betray Chase Young and with Wuya getting all of her powers back!

    Omi's "parents" were really funny, especially his mother. "That's for not calling!!" It was even funny where they tell him his last name was Crud. Omi Crud! LOL!

    It was nice seeing Wuya kicking the Wudai Warrior's, without Omi of course, butts, along with Jack and Hannibal. It looked like they were going to win this battle, but I felt so relived that Omi came to their rescue.

    Speaking of that, guess who told Omi to rescue his friends? Chase Young! That was a very nice twist, and it looks like he's going to teach Wuya a piece of his own mind.

    I really loved the showdown, especially Omi's mother who was competing with her own son. She was really funny, up until where Omi uses his Wudai skills to defeat her. Then, he then realizes she was starting to fall and as he tried to catch her, it was too late. It looked like she was going to die falling, but she shatters on the ground... with robot parts!

    That was an unbelieveable twist where Omi's mother, and I guess this means his father, were robots! It was also well-written when Jack explained how he tricked Omi.

    In the end, I felt sorry for poor Omi once again as his heart was completly shattered that he's still parentless and he's still an orphan, but I loved it when Master Fung, Kimiko, Raimundo, Clay, and Dojo gave him gifts and telling him he's family with them. I really loved that part.

    Kimiko, Raimundo, and Clay will always be there for Omi, and that's what true friends are really for. And that makes me smile.

    Overall, this episode was brilliant, and could possibly be the best episode of Season 3. I'm not saying it's the best Xiaolin Showdown episode ever though, but still, a 10/10 is worthy enough for this episode!
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