Xiaolin Showdown

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 09, 2004 on The WB
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Jack stupidly sells all his Shen-Gong-Wu, except for the Monkey Staff, in order to buy robot parts so he can build a robot servant named Yes-bot. He sells them to Pandabubba, the criminal and economic mastermind that works in Hong Kong's underworld. Pandabubba sends his henchmen all over Hong Kong, equipped with the Shen-Gong-Wu, to loot. The Xiaolin Warriors must figure out a way to stop them, but their faith lacks in Raimundo, as he still isn't a Xiaolin Apprentice. But once Omi, Kimiko and Clay are captured, Master Fung must trust Raimundo to save the day. And once he does, he becomes a Xiaolin Apprentice.moreless

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  • The Xiaolin Warriars go to Hong Kong.

    I'm glad Raimundo finally caught up with Clay, Kimiko, and Omi. He's smarter than he looks. But what I don't understand is why didn't Omi treat Raimundo as a dragon warrior equal, just because he was last to become apprentice doesn't mean he should treat him like a newbee. That is discrimination. What is Omi's damage? Is he like threatened that Raimundo has better street and book smarts/skills than him or what? There is a wise saying he should know; the flower that blossoms last, blossoms the best. In other words; late bloomers excel better. Or something like that. Anyway, congradulations Rai!moreless
  • This episode is about defeating Pandabbuba and his henchmen.

    Jack sells the wu except for the Monkey Staff so that he can build new robots. He sells them to Pandabubba. Pandabubba sends his henchmen all over Hong Kong, equipped with the Shen-Gong-Wu, to loot. The Xiaolin Warriors must figure out a way to stop them, but their faith lacks in Raimundo, as he still isn't a Xiaolin Apprentice. But once Omi, Kimiko and Clay are captured, Master Fung must trust Raimundo to save the day. And once he does, he becomes a Xiaolin Apprentice. My favorite part of this episode is when Raimundo fools Pandabubba's henchmen. I hope you liked this episode very much.moreless
  • this episode made me mad but still a great episode perfect Raimundo episode

    what made me mad me mad about this episode when the others thought Raimundo was weak but he is sooooooooooooooooooooo not he is better than them I just felt like punching them but this is the episode that got me to hate Omi I really dislike Omi sorda pianful to watch but still a great Raimundo episode raimundo saves the day agian HE ROCKS!!!!!!.
  • Jack Spicer sold most of his Shen Gong Wu to Pandabubba for robot parts. Also, Raimundo finally gets to be a Xiaolin Apprentice after the gang doesn't trust him and Master Fung thinks that Rai is the only one who understands the situation.moreless

    Kudos to Raimundo! He gets promoted to a Xiaolin Apprentice! It's another turning point in Xiaolin Showdown history. No one trusts Raimundo in this episode and once again, Omi brings up the events of the past to anger Raimundo (a.k.a.- Raimundo not being promoted to Xiaolin Apprentice when the others did). When the others get tricked by Jack Spicer, Raimundo understood the full situation of what is going on and Rai's plan is put in action. He lets himself get caught to rescue the other Apprentices. The episode ends with Raimundo getting promoted to a Xiaolin Apprentice, the Dragon X-Kumei Formation is born, and Raimundo is talking about the changes that should be done.moreless
  • Yippee! Raimundo is a xiaolin apprentice at last!

    First, Omi is the most hideous person on earth. I can almost believe the crystal glasses depicting his treachery now. Second, Master Fung is really nice to trust Rai. Third, Raimundo is really cool to defeat Pandabubba like that. He deserves to be apprentice far more than the others. This episode really made me wonder just what plan Raimundo was cooking up and the three-way xiaolin showdown was so awesome and entertaining! Pandabubba was a jolly sinister crook and I didn't understand why the rest of the warriors believed Jack. Still, Raimundo was right not to be apprentice then, 'cause he surely deserves it now.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • How did Panda Bubba use the tangel web comb so easily against Kimiko and Clay while Kimiko struggled to learn to use it?

    • Omi, Kimiko and Clay aren't very appreciative of what Raimundo did in Citadel of Doom, it was Raimundo who saved them from being crushed, it was him who stopped Wuya, and he could have easily accepted the Apprentice rank. And so far, they've done nothing to make it up to him.

    • If Omi was going to fall in the lava, why didn't he just use the shroud of shadows to float on the rock like they did with the volcano on The Night of the Saphire Dragon since he claims to be such a excellent apprentice.

    • When Jack uses the Monkey Staff to sneak into Panda Bubba's home, he immediately turns into a monkey when you're supposed to gradually transform into one. Reply: Jack is CONSTANTLY using the Monkey Staff. I think it's become so accustomed to him as it's "permanent" user, and so it doesn't take time for him to transform anymore.

    • When Dojo comes out of Rai's backpack the bottom of him is temporarily erased. (Reply : Dojo may have been concealed by the Shroud of Shadows and he may have come half way out when he is seen)

    • One of Pandabubba's men uses the Ring of the Nine Dragons to defeat Raimundo in the Temple. How was he able to master it so easily when Jack and Omi struggled to use it effectively?

    • When Jack tells the Jack -Bots to attack,they never do,they just stand there. Why didn't they attack? There was nothing to stop them.

    • When Pandabubba found out that Raimundo had double-crossed him by replacing the real Shen-Gong-Wu with ordinary objects, Jack said "Looks like your double-cross got double-crossed." If Raimundo double-crossed Pandabubba and Pandabubba double-crossed Jack, then doesn't that mean Jack got Quadruple-Crossed?

    • How did Raimundo have the Falcon's Eye when he lost it in a Xiaolin Showdown against the Chameleon-bot? (2nd Reply: They may have taken it when Jack wasn't looking during the Human Wuya dilemma.)

    • Raimundo has obviously already mastered his element: he could basically make himself fly in both 'In the Flesh' and in this episode (after Clay ejects him from the crevasse). Surely Master Fung was watching when Omi distracted Raimundo, causing him to lose control over his mini-tornado?

    • How did Raimundo have the Falcon's Eye when he lost it in a Xiaolin Showdown against the Chameleon-bot? (Reply: It must've been among the Wu they took with them after defeating Jack & co. at his mansion.)

    • It makes little sense for the other Warriors not to trust Raimundo on the basis that he's not yet an apprentice. After all, Master Fung offered him the position of apprentice, but he declined it.

    • Why would the Xiaolin Warriors be more eager to trust Jack than Raimundo? Even if Raimundo has not mastered his element yet, it's kind of farfetched.

    • The showdown was that the last boat afloat wins. Raimundo's was the first to sink, so he should've lost right then and there. (Reply: It could've been an either/or thing. Like, if no one had finished the race, it would've been whoever was still afloat. If someone finished the race, however, they'd win.) (Further Reply: People have some doubts about Raimundo winning the showdown because his boat sank first, and he "surfed" on a piece of wood to win. The piece of wood he's surfing on is part of his boat. It's where the people were standing on the boat.)

    • How did Raimundo have the Falcon's Eye when he lost it in a showdown against the Chameleon Bot?

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Raimundo: You want this Shen Gong Wu, you're gonna have to go through me!
      PandaBubba's HenchMan: We're good with that.

    • Pandabuba: What Sheng-Gong-Wu do we have to add to my collection.
      Black Bodyguard: We got some good ones boss.
      White Bodyguard: The Stick of Throwing.
      Black Bodyguard: The Large Rock of Hitting.
      White Bodyguard: And the Shoes of Running Real Fast.
      Pandabuba: You Fools!! Where are the REAL Sheng-Gong-Wu?!
      Jack: Looks like you've been double-crossed by a double-crosser!!
      (Shut Jack's mouth by putting an apple in his mouth)

    • Wuya: You traded the most powerful objects in the world for robot parts?!
      Jack: ... I kept the Monkey Staff.

    • Kimiko: Come on, Rai! You can still win!
      Omi: Just think, "What would Omi do?"

    • Omi: Did you see that? Raimundo's wind has finally broken ... through!

    • (After one of the henchman goes through Raimundo using the Serpent's Tail)
      Dojo: What? What happened?
      Raimundo: I had him, but he slipped right through my fingers, and I think my pancreas.

    • (Only having the Serpent's Tail, Helmet Of Jong, and Jet Bootsu)
      Jack: This is it? This is all I have left!? I got robbed! Twice!
      Wuya: Forget it, Jack. What happens in Pandatown, stays in Pandatown.

    • Jack: Once Pandabubba gets their Shen-Gong-Wu, we just double-cross him, and it's all ours.
      Wuya: And how exactly do we do that?
      Jack: It's a plan in progress. I'm a big-picture guy, not a detail guy.

    • Pandabubba: Soon I will rule the Hong Kong criminal underworld.
      Jack: All you want is Hong Kong? Can I at least get double-crossed by somebody with some vision?

    • Omi: (to Raimundo) We were captured most shamefully while you tried your best to defend the Xiaolin Temple ... and failed. But at least you tried your best ... and failed?

  • NOTES (23)


    • Reference: Yes-bot.
      This could be a referrence to the Yes-bots in Toontown the online virtual game from Disney.

    • Reference: Chinatown
      Since the episode title has nothing to do with the story, it must parody 1974's Chinatown. The animators probably couldn't get rights to it (rights to Chinatown are owned by Paramount.) This would also explain why Wuya's quote is not a parody of the famous last line, "Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown."

    • Reference: The Matrix
      When Pandabubba's henchmen are fighting Raimundo in the spiral stair that houses the Shen-Gong-Wu, there are several instances where the animators used "bullet time." The music that plays during this sequence may or may not be the theme from The Matrix trilogy. If it is not, it is a very similar knock-off. However, there's a chance it just might be since Warner Brothers owns both this show and the Matrix franchise.

    • Omi: Just think, "What would Omi do?"
      "What Would Jesus Do?" or "WWJD" is a common phrase that basically states that one should do the right thing.

    • Pandabubba
      Ponda Baba was the name of the Aqualish who picked a fight with Luke in the Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars: Episode IV. (His partner in crime, Dr. Evazan, did his speaking for him in the scene.) Presumably, this was the inspiration for the name "Pandabubba."

    • More on Kimiko's clothes
      Could be a reference to Bruce Lee's uniform in Game of Death (kind of like what the main character is dressed in for Kill Bill.)

    • Wuya: What happens in Pandatown, stays in Pandatown.
      This is a reference to the popular quote, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

    • Kimiko's clothes
      Kimiko's outfit and hairstyle for this episode make her look like Erica, the host of Miguzi, a block of cartoons on Cartoon Network.