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  • Out of all the TV shows that really made my childhood, this one is one of the greatest shows I have ever watched!

    I love this show to death! It would've been real nice though, if Jack was part of the Xiaolin warriors since he is the on-and-off villain of the series.
  • Elements

    The how was cool and I like the water element and it was cool to see a main character with The Water Element beside fire, or lightning
  • Great Comedy Great Action

    This was one of the best comedy action cartoons that ever aired for kids along with Teen Titans and Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! It had a great cast of heroes each with their own strengths but gave them real human flaws. During season 1, the series focused more on humor but still had the action. Season 2 gave us Chase Young who would be a the main villain for the rest of the series. Chase Young was much less humorous than Jack Spicer and even more evil, but Chase also more honorable than other villains on the show. In Season 3, we got the most evil villain yet with Hannibal Roy Bean, who even Chase was afraid of.

    The series ended in a cliffhanger with all the enemies the monks have fought gathered together for one final battle after Raimundo becomes Shoku Warrior, but unlike most cliffhangers, this was one I was actually okay with.
  • this is seriously one of the best shows on kids WB

    kids WB did a pretty good job on this show with the episodes. jack spicer, clay bailey, raimundo pedrosa, omi, katnappe, and kimiko tohomiko are my favorite characters. kimko changes her style throughout episodes. my kimiko's favorite outfit style is tangled web (during a xiaolin showdown with jack spicer which turns into a monkey to get the wu), the sands of time (possibly her bare feet look great), and a many others. omi's misuse of slang is a funny thing we all are aware of, such as jacked the hitpot. you normally don't say "jack the hitpot", you should say "hit the jackpot". and remember people, "gong yi tampai".
  • why rimoundo over omi episode 52

    love the show watched all the episodes but at the very last one omi should have been the leader why did rimoundo get picked?
  • this show was epic

    i used to love this show so much until it got canceled

  • Only have 3 words to say!

    I only have 3 words to say: GONG YI TANPA!
  • Kids' WB would cancel this great show and replace it with crap like Shaggy and Scooby Doo get a clue?

    This is one of the best shows on Kids' WB. great story line, great voice acting, everyone was awesome about this show. I was pissed when they canceled this perfect show and replaced it with crap. i'm sorry, but Shaggy and Scooby Doo get a clue was horrible. Kids' WB declined around 2006 when they canceled this show and when they canceled Teen Titans, the best shows on the block. I just stopped watching Kids' WB around late 2006 or early 2007 because they had nothing but crap like Skunk Fu, which was so bad. I only cared for Kids' WB in 2008 when they aired The Spectacular Spider-Man, that was the last good show on Kids' WB before they changed their name to the CW 4Kids. If you see this show, watch it. it's worth it.
  • Brilliant

    A Delight....
  • About this show

    This series has great sound editing in 2004.
  • It`s a really good show just not great

    It`s repeats it`s self often there are nice suprises everynow and then. The Shen-Gong-Wu are cool. The best villian is Chase Young the rest aren`t as much a threat. I sadly only saw the first season but I don`t have enough time to watch the othher 2. The Xiaolin Showdowns are the best part of the show. Sometimes the script is bad it could use alittle work. The fights are good though. It is really close to being great and it`s not becuase they never really build on the characters after season 1 they didn`t feel like they grew up. It doesn`t stop it from being a really great show though.
  • My First Review Of The Year 2012

    Well, since I felt about the "1st TV.com user to comment on my blog will get to request what my final review of the year 2011 should be", I decided that second TV.com user that comments on my blog gets to request what my first review of the year 2012 should be. Egg_Bomb was the 2nd TV.com user to comment on my blog so that user requested me to review this show as my first review of the new year 2012. I remember watching this show and I re-watched a couple of episodes on YouTube to bring back some memories. I really like this show because the action scenes were good and it was very funny. The thing that does lower my score is how cheesy this show can be sometimes whether it's action or comedy. Some of the characters can even be annoying at times. But yeah, it's not that bad of a show at all... it could have been better but then again, it could have been worse. The animation is pretty decent but the storylines are pretty good to see. I would recommend this show to people to like action and comedy put together even though it's cheesy comedy sometimes. Overall, "Xioalin Showdown" is a great show that I really enjoyed and would recommend it to others.... my first review of the year 2012. 8/10
  • Shallow, often braindead characters, bad writing, repetative plots recycled over and over, and contrary to what the title would suggest, very little actual fighting at all...

    How many times can you do an episode about friends distrusting or betraying friends? Judging from the writing for this show, more than a few. Virtually every character in this show is shallow and petty. They bicker and squabble over things like who gets to use a certain weapon. At one point, Raimundo, who is clearly one of the worst characters on the show, chooses to betray his "friends" when he doesn't get a medal for his training. That's as if to assume that Xiaolin training is supposed to be a cakewalk in the first place. Of course, he doesn't betray them for long, but really now... Wouldn't something as drastic and recurring as that start to sway your trust in that person? Apparently not, but all the characters in this show are routinely dense, if not completely braindead.

    Speaking of his "friends", there's no real sense of friendship between the characters at all, mostly because they're too busy backstabbing or childishly taunting each other. They're more at odds with each other than anything, and each one only has faith in his or her own abilities, almost completely barring any concept of teamwork. In one episode, the others get trapped by a mime, and Clay has to fight alone. Rather than rallying behind him, they practically admit defeat, acting as though their "friend" is completely worthless, even in spite of what their own master had to say about him. For a kids show that's supposed to emphasize good morals, this one stresses very little of them.

    And since I brought up "fighting"...there isn't much of it at all. The show is more about the characters running around and trying to nab all the Shen-Gong-Wu's. Most of the action sequences amount to a chase, or something equally non-violent. In the few instances where there is fighting, it's with robots, because hitting other people is bad, right? Right?

    The animation doesn't fair much better. It's a western animation style that tries to incorperate some eastern animation influences, often with disasterous results. Characters do wild takes that are just absurd, but for all the wrong reasons. In general, the art style itself is a mish-mosh of different styles colliding together haphazardly, borderlining on a train wreck. Compare Kimiko's pointed chin to Raimundo or Omi's spherical, Charlie-Brown-esque head, and it doesn't even seem like they belong in the same show together. I don't have a problem with the character design itself, but in terms of art style, 'Drawn Together' has more continuity than this.

    In short, Xiaolin Showdown needs a lot of work in order to become a well-rounded show. For starters, they need to decide what direction they want to go with it and GO there. I don't expect a kids show to have incredibly fresh writing, but many of the themes of this one were stale the *first* time they did them, and repetition didn't make them any better.
  • 'Twas okay until seasons 2 and 3 came around...

    I'll be honest - when Xiaolin Showdown aired on Cartoon Network back in '06, after having figured it would just be another Kung Fu cliche' of a cartoon, I found myself enjoying it... for the time being at least. Maybe it was due to the show having a certain quirkiness, or maybe it was simply because there was something 'new' and actiony to watch. Either way, I eventually lost interest about mid-Season 2. I know why. To start off, I thought the first season did have SOME potential, regardless of the stereotypical characters, setting, plot, etc. And even though the show could be downright boring at times, some of the episodes were actually willing to stray into deeper, darker territory (somewhat). Overall, what Season 1 had going for it was its SANITY. Yes, that sanity had started losing its way late into the second season, and then in the third it almost completely disappeared. You can just tell that midway in the series the writers were losing their 'creative steam', so they compensated by making the show more zany and hyperactive (like what quickly became of Chowder). The result? Unfunny, unmeaningful beeswax. By the oh-so-lame last season, what believability the main characters had was gone, replaced by even MORE stereotyped, one-sided personalities. At this point: Omi's ego is overemphasized, Kimiko is somehow girlier, and Clay cares only about food and down-home Texas sayings. What about Raimundo? He USED to by my favorite character, and for the sole reason that I could empathize with him, so to speak. Now he ironically undermines everyone else's competence to show off his own (because he is to become the leader of course!). Any character development? Not quite - Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko, and Clay are LESS mature/thoughtful than they once were; and Raimundo's character hardly counts as depthful when he merely has to overcome his fear of 'not being good enough', on the basis that he should be a better fighter instead of a better person. (He had his own pride and stubbornness to deal with; couldn't he have been shown 'a lesson in humility' alongside Omi? Pffft, no, he's learned his lesson and corrected his flaws in a way that was not explained.) Don't get me started on every other passive Master Fung, obnoxious Dojo, flat villain, and the whole same-old-same-old good versus evil thing. Ahem. All I'm really saying is that Xiaolin Showdown is an average cartoon. Nothing too bad, but nothing too great. (Thanks to nostalgia, however, I'm looking to change that on my own terms!)
  • The characters; Omi, Kimiko, Raimundo, Clay, Dojo, Master Fung, Chase Young (*sighs*), Wuya, Jack Spicer and Hannibal Roy Bean are so good. I wish there are a new season and new episodes. I can't wait!

    My review is that Xiaolin Showdown is the coolest show ever (with Naruto of course)! The characters are really awesome. They're good at fighting and sometimes, they make jokes and quirks that makes me laugh. I've always been watching it. I collect pictures of them. I make slide shows of one of the characters but next time, I'll submit a slideshow. I want a season 4 in Xiaolin Showdown. Ms. Christy Hui, please make more new episodes and seasons in Xiaolin Showdown, please?!!!! I want more Shen-Gong-Wu finding and more Kung-Fu action with all of the characters. X-I-A-O-L-I-N S-H-O-W-D-O-W-N! XS4ever!!!!!
  • Impressive...

    I can't remember the last time I watch this show but it often gets me glued to the seats. I felt like giving an applause, except that there is no one else to do it with me.

    Humour: Could feel most if it from Jack Spicer, but not from the others.

    Music: Perfectly fits with the show

    Action: Fascinated by the intense action especially at the last season. It's also interesting when it comes to using Shen Gong Wu.

    If I'm asked to rate the characters, I would put Raimundo first, then Omi, Jack Spicer, Kimiko, Clay.

    I do believe the show is still not at its last page, but I'm kinda disappointed that they had to. I really wish they bring this back.
  • The pinnacle of action comedy

    This show is the pinnacle of action and comedy combined. It has killer action, suspense, and intrigue. But it also has first rate comedy. I have to say that this show is one of my all time favorites (for animation anyways) because I'm a big fan of kung fu style shows. This show takes kung fu style fighting to the next level. I love how each consecutive season of this show builds on the next and gives the characters new signature powers. From first calling on the power of elements to getting signature moves to getting enhanced moves and signature combination shen gong wu, this show always steps up the story line in ways that dwarf the already awesome previous season.
  • i forgot how awsome this show actialy is

    man i wish cartoon network would go back to there original routs and produce good cartoons like they used to. the xialin showdown is about these awsome kids who have differant shang gon whoo or whatever it called and they get to fight eaachother with them. the premise is really good and the best thing about it is the action seens over all this show needs no explanation of how good it was the reason why it got a nine is cuz of that repentive super villen jack spicer and other repenitive super villens as well but it was really good show i wish cartoon network would put it in boomerang.
  • Xiaolin Showdown is by far my favourite show of all time. It is underrated to say the least.

    I enjoyed everything about Xiaolin Showdown, the humour is something that you would not find funny at first but when you re watch the series and see an episode a second time round you will always get a laugh out of it. The best was probably Omi if you know what I mean.
    The action was very good too, the best I have seen in any saturday morning show. It was a lot better than what I have seen in any other cartoon because most of their action was just not the same as Xiaolin Showdown.
    The characters were also very genuine and they would seem like the stereotype that I would like to have as friends in real life something that I do not consider when I think about characters in other shows. In Xiaolin Showdown the protagonists actually had character development and you can appreciate them for how they achieved it especially Raimundo.
    Kimiko was a great female protagonist and much more enjoyable than anyone who I have seen in other shows. I can actually see her the same way that I see girls I actually know because she has so much in common with them. I think also that Kimiko would have made a great couple with any character in the show especially Raimundo. You can see how she reacts to when Omi and Raimundo save the day (Omi most of the time but Raimundo did have his moments of fortune if you watch it clearly).
    The bad guys were the best in any show that I have seen especially Chase Young who makes his debut in the second season.
    I think that this show should always be remembered for what it was and the fans should never give up hope that one day it will have a second chance. I look forward to that day when Cartoon Network shows reruns of Xiaolin Showdown and even if we don't get a 4th season at least we can always enjoy the first 3. So I would like to say to all the long term fans.... never give up hope on Xiaolin Showdown because it was an exceptionally good show that should always be held close to our hearts.
    I hope my review has also helped anyone wishing to watch the series.
  • This show was my second favorite show of all time and did not deserve to end so soon, and on a cliffhanger too!

    I used to love this show. It deserved at least one more season. It really is better than a lot of the shows they play now. The characters almost acted like real people, at least compared to what most tv show characters are like now. And I mean, the humour was actually,...funny. I never thought this show was particularly funny but I was watching re-runs a while ago and started snickering a few times. Some of it really makes you laugh! I loved all the characters and there was so much more they could have done with them. everyone was probably at the edge of their seat when Raimundo became leader and then it practically just...ended. They could have had so much more in it. (For example I wanted to see more raikim!!!) Sorry for that. Anyway it's sad that it ended and even more sad that a lot of people have given up hope that it is ever coming back. I haven't given up hope yet! :) Aw man, I hope the petitions and things work...
  • underrated

    I absolutely love this show! The premise is extremely unique (Shen Gong Wu) and the characters funny and engaging. I just wish this show wasn't cancelled and kept on for at least 2 or 3 more seasons, especially since we didn't get to see any new shen gong wu or what it was like with Raimundo as leader. I also would have like to see Raimundo and Kimiko together! Also, I would have liked to have seen new characters (Omi's parents or Rai's family for example) and more Omi-isms. Overall a great show that was cancelled that could haven been much better had it not been cancelled.
  • Xiaolin showdown is basically another recreation of the age old good vesus evil battle that has fascinated us all. The young monks battle various evil bent on the usual world domination attempt as the grow and mature physically,emotionally and mentally.

    Xiaolin is a great new twist on the tried and true conflict as the fate of mankind is placed on the shoulders of young warriors in training who must defend against various types of enemies. In the begining the warriors have to conden with their own natural competetive natures as they each batte to claim the battle of number one monk,however with time their
    trust grew as the learned to depend on each other and to harness the power that they each possessed.Overall this is a rather fun show to watch as the enemies can at times be quite humous and silly most notably jack spicer.
  • Action Packed!

    Now this is a cool show. It has an original characters, and cool items. This show has mystical artifacts called Shen-Gong-Wu. The orphan Omi is living as a Xioalin Monk and protect the world from evil with his friends: Clay, Kimiko, and Raimundo. On the way, they meet villains who are after world domination. One of their villains is Jack Spicer, the evil mommas boy maniac, and Wuya a ghost who can sense shen-gong-wu and wants to rule the world. On the other hand, there is Chase Young an immortal man who can turn into reptillian beast. This show has awesome contests, which are called Xiaolin Showdowns, which can change the enviroment and you wager over shen-gong-wu. Great show!
  • Xiaolin Showdown is an under appreciated cartoon with a somewhat repetitive plot, but characters to stimulate the imagination, and fascinate the television viewer, no matter what the age.

    After having seen episodes here or there throughout my high school years, I finally made an effort to find and watch each episode of this sequentially, and now that I have officially seen Xiaolin Showdown from beginning to end, I must say, I am impressed.

    Xiaolin Showdown revolves, essentially, around the quest of four teenagers (or however old Omi is...) trying to chase down weapons before the bad guys. And this is the basic pattern the first season and a half took.

    The first season and first bit of the second were a bit slow, and followed a basic pattern:
    1) First Shen-Gong-Wu Revealed
    2) First Shen-Gong-Wu Taken by Spicer (often without a showdown), main character has a flaw that causes the loss
    3) Main character learns about loss from friends/training/Master Fung/Etc.
    4) Second Shen-Gong-Wu Revealed
    5) Main character demonstrates lesson learned and wins second Xiaolin Showdown

    And although this pattern was a bit tedious, I believe it was necessary: it helped to identify the characters and their prime flaws, each of the four dragons, and even Jack, got their episode to reveal who they were, and what they had to offer.

    The show really took off with the addition of first, Chase Young, and second, Hannibal Bean. Once these new enemies were added, particularly due to the fact that Chase had no interest in Shen-Gong-Wu, the show's formula was spiced up allowing new, more-interesting plots to emerge.

    The fact that the storyline is not the most original ever is redeemed, however, by the amazing characters and character interactions. Each character was dynamic, and fully explained and examined by the show's close. Most every character could also fill one of many spots in an episode. For example in one episode, the main monk featured could be Omi, causing Rai's constant screw-ups and shrewd comments to be comic relief. Chase would then be the main villain, where Jack simply complicates the antagonist's side by constantly getting in the way. In the next episode, however, Rai could be the protagonist monk, Omi's consistent badgering, the comic relief, Jack, the focus antagonist, and Chase, the mysterious underlying suspense to the episode. Once all the characters were explored, a world of possibilities for new plots and episodes was opened.

    This show had many great elements to make up a great cartoon, but also lacked a few I would have liked to have seen. The show was chuck-full of action-adventure and comedy, a perfect blend of the two. It also found time to be serious - to put its characters through moral dilemmas and tests of character. I, personally, would have liked to see a tad more of the romance side, I think it would have been well within Raimundo's character, for instance, to passively flirt with young Kimiko. Some references were made to Jack finding her pretty in the first season, but this was never followed up. I think it would have been an interesting plot device. My other issue was an over-abundance of crude humor at times (I'm glad not all the time.) Several episodes had far too many jokes revolving around bodily fluids to suit me, and it didn't seem to fit with the seriousness of other episodes, but I suppose this, too, is a personally preference more than a true flaw.

    Overall, Xiaolin Showdown is a show with an interesting plot, but far more interesting characters. My list of favorite, unforgettable cartoon characters now has Raimundo locked within it, and I love the complexity of Chase and Omi. The show may have ended prematurely, but there is so much character left in this show that I'm sure fan works will be in development for years to come.
  • What a stupid idea for a show.

    This show is stupid.The main character looks like an asian version of Charlie Brown.The idea is not even so good for this lame show.The animation stinks and it's very bad.I can say this is not better than Skunk Fu because it's very much a very bad show.I say Cartoon Network shouldn't air this show on it's channel because the animation is not good enough and the main character's eyes are very disturbing.I grade this a F because it's really a bad show at getting chinease stuff in it and it's not even like that kind of good show Skunk Fu.
  • Xiaolin Showdown... Few But Loyal Fans

    Xiaolin Showdown, it is one of the most classic Warner Brother Kids show. I myself is a fan of this show because of the fact that not many know of it yet has gotten fan that are loyal and woun't quit until they get what they want, which is another season. I want another season as well, yet everything can not be done just because we want it. To tell you the truth, no channel will show it due to the fact that not many people have positive feedback on this show. Even if it is one of my favorites, I can't say that I am a fan of every detail. It can actually be confusing for those who would not be patient. Thant is why there are many people who prefer watching something else.
  • The most original Kids WB show of all time

    This show is about four monks Raimundo,Omi,Kimiko,and Clay who search for the mystical objects the shen-gong-wu. The two things I like about this show the most are 1.It's originality (I have never seen a plot even close to this.)2.It's always unpredictable the shen-gong-wu are incredible and there is a new villain about every 3-5 episodes. Characters- Each one has an original personality it's not just like the goth or the rebel. But two of the main characters (Omi and Clay) are both not that likable.

    Animation- The animation is incredible it must have taken some of the best animators in the world!

    Humor- Probably the only thing I don't like about this show they sometimes try to be funny but half of the time they aren't

    Action- I don't even like action shows but in this show I enjoy every bit of the action.

    Another two thing I didn't like was 1.Some of the third season it wasn't as good as the first and second season. 2.The way the series ended they left the door open for a fourth season and they probably won't have one.

    Overall- 8.5 This show is incredible! The only things that kept it from being higher are the humor,season 3, and how the series ended.
  • 1500 years ago, a Xiaolin Grand Master named Dashi waged a battle against the Heylin Witch Wuya, using his mystic Shen Gong Wu, and managed to trap her inside a magic puzzle box...

    I wish to become an animation creator/director/producer one day. My taste for the practical arts like animation has led me to become an fanatic for Warner Brothers Animation Studios. Like most, I grew up on their work ranging from Looney Toons to their collabs with Disney. So, almost as a hobby and contribution to my future pursuits in careers, I follow their animation works that they present, critiquing and compliment according to my view, as an owe to being original as they have taught me to do.

    Then I came across Christy Hui's Xiaolin Showdown...

    It was a Saturday morning, I walked into the living room from drawing cartoons for hours, and my twin was watching Cartoon Network...but here's the thing, it wasn't any cartoon I recognized. I sat out of pure interest, asking general question to my twin like "What show is this?" or "What's it about?", only to still be slightly confused, but then I saw this sequence...

    A small yellow boy does a kung-fu pose against a moving tsunami background, yelling "WATER" as the Chinese character flies towards the screen as the waves wash him back into action.

    An eyebrow raised, I continued to watch, and follow the story accordingly. I found that the story, thou very much having the feel of a cartoon, had more to it then initial conception. It was chock full of refernces, historical notations (fictional and non-fictional), and they have the greatest (by personal opinion) cast and crew on voices and animation. I haven't seen such a clever and brillant mastering of animational art since the animated Teen Titans, which,by itself, broke my perceptions and took things to a higher level. A show that had me researching Chinese history like crazy, attach myself to youtube looking for fanatic videos, and even look into my own animated story concept. Unforgettable characters, engaging storyline, old-days humor, and child-like splendor. My obssesion took me into heights of addiction and the inspiration was enough to drown me into bliss.

    I was physically and mentally unaware of its rather abrupt ending.

    While, in my opinion, it ended beautifully once I figured out it actually ended, I was enslaved to the hope of a new season and a new episode would air with all the wonderfully entertaining quality and inspiring originally that I have come to know the show for...and to love as much about...but alas, much like my love Teen Titans, the magic was dropped by WB for other pursuits...most which are not so good. I felt like I went thru a good time only to have it end to much. This very reason is why I'm a Naruto Fan as well, it shows to sign of ending soon, and I REALLY do not need good things ending in a time where bad things are most likely to happen. And so, as my love for the show lingears with its memory that makes me warm in the times I watch *shudders* Lunatics...=(...I wish to only make something at least 1/4 as good, so upon its leaving...the fans, much like myself, will be not only satisfied, but not cold or cut short. Thank you Christ Hui. We needed that.
  • I like it.

    This is quite a decent show. It is a moderately old show compared to others. I like the fact that there are nearly no new characters appearing in the show. I kept watching it and soon got bored with it but now I like it. My favourite Xiaolin monk is Omi... yes, I know the creators waste too many episodes on him but i like him because he is the wisest. Kimiko is next followed by Raimundo and then Clay. I don't have a least favourite Xiaolin monk but if I had to choose it would be Clay. He is just a no-nothing and cares nothing about saving the world.
  • dudeeeeeee, i like this show!

    *gasp* i never thought i'd find myself liking xiaolin showdown. cos when i was younger and watched the ads, i was like "This is so retarded!" But it was a bored Saturday, nothing to do online. so, for some reason, i typed "Xiaolin showdown episodes" and i watched the first one and its like totally awesome!

    1) Very unique show, i really enjoy the main plot of the story

    2) Great moral to bring home every day

    3) Sastisfying jokes which doesnt go overboard. very little of their jokes are lame

    4) the voice acting was done pretty well

    5) The action is like the coolest!

    So, i love this show :D
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