Xiaolin Showdown

Season 2 Episode 26

Saving Omi (2)

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM May 21, 2005 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Saving Omi (2)
With Omi gone to the dark side and Master Fung in an unshakeable meditative state, things look bad. They get worse when Chase Young uses the Serpent's Tail/ Reversing Mirror combo to restore Wuya to her human form, albeit without her powers. Meanwhile, the Warriors minus Omi discover that it was Chase who sent Master Fung into the Ying-Yang world, and that unless you have the Yang Yo-Yo, your good chi will be trapped there. Master Fung apparently put himself in a meditative state to keep his evil side under control, but Omi wasn't so lucky. The Warriors and Dojo, with Jack Spicer tagging along, decide to retrieve Omi and Master Fung's chi from the Ying-Yang world . . .moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • How can Chase not give Wuya back to her full power?

    • The "Heylin Ice Katana" that Omi uses when he is evil, are actually ice ilaws, instead of one blade.

    • Although Master Fung has put himself in a meditative state, it is clearly seen that at some point of the episode, he had his eyes open.

    • In the episode, In the Flesh, when Wuya was turned human, she still had the mask. In this episode, she doesn't have the mask when turned human.

    • While it makes sense that the Reversing Mirror would reverse the effects the Yo-Yos, Why would the reverse effect of a the two Yo-Yos combined be the same as the reverse effect of just the Ying Yo-Yo?

    • What's the point of "Heylin Memory Recall"? There wouldn't be much uses for such a power, apart from the one here. He could have used Wushan Geyser/Reversing Mirror combo to recall memories as well, instead of a one-shot power we see once only. (REPLY: I don't think that he was holding the Wushan Geyser and the Reversing Mirror in his hand at that point. It might have been easier for him to waste his Heylin magic rather than go and search for the Wu).

    • At the end of this episode, omi cat hisses at his friends, like if he didn't recognize them, but in the next episode, he's still clearly the same Omi, except in cat form. (Reply: Remember, Chase took Omi's dots, which must have caused Omi, to remember his friends at least).

    • About Ray: Even though it wasn't offical yet, the monks must had some training in Wudai before they were chosen.

    • Raimundo: Wudai Wind!

      How can Raimundo use Wudai Wind? He didn't get his Wudai powers until the next episode. Reply: In the closed-captioning it says Raimundo shouts "One-Eyed Wind" not "Wudai Wind". Further Reply: Closed captioning is not always right plus in panda town he used his element with the eye of dashi a skill only apprentices were supposed to be able to do, a sash doesn't define you can and cannot do, your ability does.

    • When Wuya gained physical form again, why didn't the Reversing Mirror shatter? (Reply: Chase didn't restore her full powers.)

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Chase Young: (to Omi) You see, the Shen-Gong-Wu are mearly crutches for true power.

    • Evil Omi: I've had enough of your chitter-chat! Bring it OFF!
      Raimundo: Bring it on.
      Evil Omi: Off! On! What does it matter?! Just BRING IT!

    • (After finding the missing piece of the scroll between Master Fung's toes)
      Dojo: I guess I used it to plug that hole in Master Fung's sandals.
      Kimiko: You just found it?
      Dojo: Some places, I try to avoid.

    • Reptilian Chase: As you can see, Omi belongs to me. Now ... and forever.

    • Chase Young: To what depths of humiliation are you willing to sink in order to stay?
      Jack: Just name it and I'm there! I'll even ... eat a bug!
      Wuya: What is this, the wayward home for evil wannabes?

    • (Reading one of the ancient scrolls)
      Dojo: Very interesting. It says here that Alexander the Great had 7 toes on one foot and 3 on the other.
      Raimundo: What about Omi?
      Dojo: Oh, I'm pretty sure he has 5 on each, but I've never taken a close look.

    • Kimiko: How is this possible? Omi, of all people, turning to the dark side?
      Dojo: Yeah, the smart money would've been on Raimundo again. No offense.
      Raimundo: None taken. Even I would've taken that bet.

    • Dojo: (After tripping over an invisible being) Did you see that?
      Jack: No.
      Dojo: Me neither.

  • NOTES (22)

    • This is the third time a Xiaolin Showdown did not happen.

    • According to Jeff Allen (one of the creators of the show), there are a couple deleted scenes or changes during the Xiaolin Monks' confrontation with Heylin Omi:

      -After they got out of the Ying-Yang World and confronts Omi, Kimiko asks how to get Omi back his chi, and Dojo replies with ice cream, while helding out strawberry ice cream.

      -Kimiko uses the Manchurian Musca, and after that, Heylin Omi jumped up to both Raimundo and Clay, and we didn't see Kimiko go inside of Omi's ear. While Jack Spicer uses the Changing Chopsticks, we didn't seem him going into Omi's ear as well. But after Raimundo and Clay attacked Omi, we see both Kimiko and Jack going into Omi's left and right ear.

      -After Heylin Omi attacks Clay and Raimundo was standing up, Omi turns around, and saw Raimundo walking limply, and after doing a hand sign to make Omi attack him.

      -No sound effects or music playing in the background.

      -When Heylin Omi was using his ultimate attack, we can only his original voice and not his harsh one.

    • We see Wuya's ghost form in Time After Time (2) for a split second when Grand Master Dashi opens the Puzzle Box and the giant hand inside snatches her.

    • Throughout the whole episode, instead of wearing a red robe with black cuffs and sash, Omi wears a black robe with red cuffs and sash.

    • Shen-Gong-Wu Locations:
      Yang Yo-Yo: In Dojo's ear in the Ying-Yang World.

    • This may possibly be the last appearence of Wuya in her ghost form.

    • To keep your good chi from being trapped in the Ying-Yang World, your must use both the ying yo-yo and the yang yo-yo to leave the parallel universe in one piece.

    • While all of the other warriors Chase possesses from history are huge hunting cats, Omi is a smaller cat since he was turned into a lion cub. This could be because all the other warriors were adults, and Omi is just a kid.

    • This marks the third time Chase Young becomes Reptilian Chase.

    • Even after having his good chi returned, Omi remains on the side of evil due to the promise he gave Chase Young.

    • The Sweet Baby Among Us (found in The Sands of Time) is finally used with its power revealed. It turns into a gigantic gold baby that traps its opponents in diapers.

    • The Wushan Geyser's power is finally revealed. It erases your enemy's memory.

    • This marks the third time a Xiaolin Showdown didn't take place.

    • Even though appearing, Master Fung does not speak in this episode.

    • Tubbimura, Cyclops, and Vlad all return. Curiously, Katnappé does not. Chase Young also returns.

    • With Chase's help, Wuya uses the Reversing Mirror and Serpent's Tail for the second time, which returns her to physical form. However, Chase does not restore her full powers.

    • Kimiko's hairstyle: Dressed like an Indian, Kimiko's hair is black and tied into pigtails with blue ties and flowers at the end of each strand.

    • Featured Shen-Gong-Wu: Yang Yo-Yo.

    • Raimundo cries twice. First when Omi was about to destroy him, and second when Omi decides to remain on Chase's side.

    • An invisible figure is seen escaping the Ying-Yang world when the Warriors come out of it.

    • Omi is turned into one of Chase's cats due to Omi swearing his loyalty to Chase.

    • Because Jack brought the Reversing Mirror with him to the Ying-Yang world, his evil chi was left behind instead of his good chi.