Xiaolin Showdown

Season 1 Episode 5

Shen Yi Bu

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 29, 2003 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Jack recruits a new villain to help him steal back the Shen-Gong-Wu. That villain is Tubbimura, who is an overweight ninja. Tubbimura finds out where the next Shen-Gong-Wu, the Sword of the Storm, is hidden, and he immediately races out to find it. Omi and the rest sniff it out, too. Raimundo finds it by accident, and right there beside him is Tubbimura. Raimundo doesn't use the Sword of the Storm properly, and Tubbimura takes it from him, leaving Raimundo in the dust. Angered that he lost, Raimundo decides to study all he possibly can about the Shen-Gong-Wu so he can use what he knows to take it back from Tubbimura.moreless

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  • Raimundo is smarter than I thought...

    When the Sword of the Storm is revealed, Raimundo and the others go to get it. Raimundo meets Tubbimura, an overweight ninga working with Jack Spicer. When they fight, Raimundo gets the sword taken away. When the monks get back to the temple, Raimundo begins to study all the Shen Gong Wu and doesn't want to screw up again. Another Shen Gong Wu is revealed, and the monks go to it. However, Jack Spicer and Tubbimura are there as well. Raimundo and Tubbimura both grab it, and Raimundo challenges him to a Shen Yi Bu Dare, were two wus are wagered on both sides. When using his collected knowledge of the Sword of the Storm and the Eye of Dashi, Raimundo takes a win.moreless
  • Even Raimundo studies.

    A new wu, Sword of the Storm is revealed. Raimundo and the others go to get it. Its not long before Raimundo meets Tubbimura, an overweight ninja working with Jack Spicer. When they fight, Raimundo gets the sword taken away. When the monks get back to the temple, Raimundo begins to study all the Shen Gong Wu and doesn't want to screw up again. Another Shen Gong Wu is revealed, and the monks go to it. However, Jack Spicer and Tubbimura are there as well. Raimundo and Tubbimura both grab it, and Raimundo challenges him to a Shen Yi Bu Dare, were two wus are wagered on both sides. When using his collected knowledge of the Sword of the Storm and the Eye of Dashi, Raimundo takes a win.moreless
  • After foolishly losing a Shen Gong Wu, Raimundo reads up on challenges and other Shen Gong Wu to defeat Tubbimura, Jack's new sidekick.

    This episode was really good! So far, it is my favorite episode. The best parts of this episode were when the gang spoke in metaphors and phrases and Raimundo had no idea what they were talking about (XD) Someone would end up translating for him, and then he'd complain about how nobody can seem to speak in English. The Shen Yi Bu Dare was very interesting. It was a Xiaolin Showdown, but each person competing had two Shen Gong Wu. They were switch at random times during the battle. Another good part was the ending when Omi was hiding next to Raimundo and trying to figure out what he was studying (XD) Omi was eventually discovered because of his loud and obnoxious breathing. When Omi finally left, Raimundo stopped studying and played Kimiko's handheld game (XD)moreless
  • After losing what will oneday be his favorite Shen Gon Wu, Raimundo goes on a search for knowlegde. During this search, he discovers information that will not only help him win back the Shen Gon Wu he lost, but also help the monks with future challenges.moreless

    Jack hires a new partner named TubbiMura, an overweight ninga, to help him win Shen-Gon-Wu. Raimundo encounters TubbiMura while looking for a new Shen-Gon-Wu, The Sword of the Storm. He found the Shen-Gon-Wu first, but while the young monk was instructed on use this Shen-Gon-Wu, he was daydreaming and didn't use the Sword properly, and TubbiMura easily took the Shen-Gon-Wu from him. Angered by his lost, Raimundo decides to learn he can everything about the Shen-Gon-Wu. While looking for The Shroud Of Shadows, Raimundo faces TubbiMura in his first Xiaolin Showdown, where his new-found technics are put to the test.moreless
  • rai's very first showdown

    well rai loses the sword of the storm a new shen gong wu to tubbimura an obese 0%hygiene probalby diabtic ninja feeling major guilt from himself he studies all wu known to man and all techniques u can use in a showdown including a shen yi bu which helps him win the showdown now done with thatnow fro my review the episode was a very good episode not humorous but nevertheless entertaining ok now i've ran out ofideas fortunately i put my summary in the review section now to say total nonsense cukolokaninopookasokucki

    man if this was a thread it will be locked ina secondmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Kimiko's outfit: Purple tanktop that shows off her stomach, a darker purple skirt that criss-crosses, light purple biker shorts, dark purple sandals.
      Kimiko's hairstyle: Green with three pigtails.

    • When Raimundo nearly falls into the water during the showdown and the giant fish takes away his Fist of Temigong, his shirt briefly changes from red to orange and then back to red again.

    • When Raimundo and Tubbimura are fighing over the Sword of the Storm, Raimundo tries to use the sword like a normal sword. The Sword of the Storm is not meant to be used like that, apparently, for the sword phases throught Tubbimura's sword.

    • The girl in the white bathing suit in Raimundo's dream looks similar to Kimiko.

    • The giant catfish gives Raimundo the Fist of Tebigong. Tubbimura blows him into the air and the Fist of Tebigong is no where to be found. On the way back down, Raimundo is wearing it again.

    • Once during the Showdown, when Raimundo held up the Two Ton Tunic for the fish, it was the Two Ton version, not the Tunic version. The same thing happens after the Showdown, when he is holding the Shen-Gong-Wu.

    • In the scene where the Warriors are riding on Dojo's back in mid-air, Clay says something and then Raimundo responds with "What?" The goof is that we hear Raimundo say it, but his mouth doesn't move.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Jack: This Tubbimura guy really isn't so bad.
      Wuya: You're impressed with his evil taunting aren't you?
      Jack: He has a certain flair. Not unlike my own.

    • Clay: I sure hope Raimundo knows what he's doing.
      Kimiko: How can he! Even Omi doesn't know what he's doing! And he's an expert!

    • Tubbimura: Soon I shall possess five Shen Gong Wu.
      Raimundo: Not after I toss your sorry can in the water you won't!

    • Dojo: The sooner we find that Shen Gong Wu, the sooner my sinuses will clear up.
      Kimiko: There's a pretty picture.

    • Clay: It doesn't do any good to close the barn door after the horses get out.
      Raimundo: What?
      Clay: Never mind.

    • Master Fung: A drop of knowledge is more powerful than a sea of force.
      Raimundo: Can't anyone speak normally around here?

    • Master Fung: You must not dwell in the house of failure, young one, or you may never be able to leave it.
      Raimundo: I shouldn't have lost, Master Fung! I'm more skilled than Tubbimura! And in way better shape!

    • Omi: (after Raimundo throws him out the door) I do not think my good and fectious spirits affected Raimundo.

    • Jack: (referring to Tubbimura) Maybe we could get another freebee out of him.
      Wuya: Excellent evil thinking, Jack!
      Jack: Yeah, I'm evil management material.

    • Tubbimura: I shall be more efficient next time.
      Jack: If we decide to hire you.
      Wuya: What do you mean if!? Tubbimura did an excellent job!
      Jack: Oh yeah! But if he knows we think that, he'll ask for more money.
      Wuya: Hmm...good point.

    • Clay: Whoa! Raimundo bubba! What happened to you?
      Raimundo: Well, besides getting sand in my pants, a ninja took the sword.

    • Omi: A net cast wide catches more fish.
      Raimundo: What?
      Kimiko: I think he's saying we should split up.
      Raimundo: Would it kill you guys to just say what you mean?

    • Omi: And just remember: if you have any questions, ask me. I am an expert on this Shen Gong Wu.
      Raimundo: Like you'd ever let us forget.

    • Dojo: It's hard to be exact. What with the allergies and all.
      Clay: Just get us on the range, Dojo, and we'll do the cow roping.
      Raimundo: What?
      Kimiko: I think he means 'get us close, and we'll find it.'
      Raimundo: So why didn't he just say it?

    • Omi: Do you have any questions about the Sword of the Stone?
      Raimundo: Uh, yeah, just one: can you stop flapping your lips and let us go get it already?

    • Dojo: I've got good news and bad news. The good news is another Shen Gong Wu revealed itself. The bad news (sneezes fire) the bad news is this one makes me sneeze.
      Raimundo: (looking down at his charred pants) No, the bad news is I don't have fireproof pants!

    • Tubbimura: As proof of my skills, I shall bring you this Sword of the Storm free of charge.
      Jack: Free of charge? I like the sound of that.

    • Dojo: (Seeing Raimundo is losing his Showdown) I am not going to be the one who tells Master Fung we lost all these Shen Gong Wu!

    • Jack: So, Mr Tubbimura, why should Jack Spicer, Evil Inc., hire you?
      Tubbimura: Well, as you can see, I have extensive experience in wreaking havoc and destruction.
      Jack: Yeah, not really about H and D.
      Tubbimura: I also have a solid grasp of mayhem.
      Wuya: Mayhem is good!
      Jack: There's always a need for mayhem.

    • Master Fung: You weren't defeated by your opponent, Raimundo.
      Raimundo: Oh, really? Would you like to see the impression of his boot on my butt?
      Master Fung: That would be unnecessary.

    • Dojo: Thank goodness! I can breathe again(sneezes fire)... or not....

    • Raimundo: I challenge you to a Shen Yi Bu dare.
      Jack: Shen Yi what?! Ok, now I'm sure their making stuff up.
      Omi: Dojo?
      Dojo: A Shen Yi Bu dare. Well, of course, I know, but, Ramundo, why don't you tell them instead? (Shifts eyes)

    • Omi: Hello, Raimundo, my usually fun-loving friend! I am here to turn your frown upside-and-down!

    • Omi: How did you know I was there?
      Raimundo: It's the Shroud of Shadows, not the Shroud of Silence. You breathe through your mouth, dude.

    • Omi: What is wrong with Raimundo? He looks like a sack of sad.
      Kimiko: I'll bet he's still down about losing that sword.
      Omi: He should be! He was very foolish, and - (Kimiko gives him a look) Uh, that is why I shall endeavor to cheer him up with my infectious good spirits.

    • Raimundo: Let me guess. Jack's new sidekick?
      Tubbimura: Oh!
      Raimundo: Don't deny it. Kimiko saw the position posted on the net.

    • Master Fung: (after talking to Raimundo) Now, if you'll excuse me, I must try my hand at Goo Zombies 2.

  • NOTES (16)