Xiaolin Showdown

Season 2 Episode 6

Sizing Up Omi

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 30, 2004 on The WB
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Sizing Up Omi
Jack and Wuya have a new minion - Cyclops, a one-eyed monster that's short on brains but long on strength and size, who is seemingly unstoppable. In order to combat this new threat, Omi simultaneously uses the Changing Chopsticks and Reversing Mirror to super-size himself. But size isn't everything, as Omi soon learns.moreless

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  • this episode is about a new evil living thing, Cyclops.

    Jack and Wuya have a new minion - Cyclops, a one-eyed monster that's short on brains but long on strength and size, who is seemingly unstoppable. In order to combat this new threat, Omi simultaneously uses the Changing Chopsticks and Reversing Mirror to super-size himself. But size isn't everything, as Omi soon learns. This isn't really my favorite episode. It's a little bit boring if you ask me even though nobody asked me. The Xiaolin showdown was ok. The showdown was more exiting i think than the whole episode it self. I really, Really hope you liked this episode better than I did.moreless
  • Okay, so Omi becomes huge Omi and still saves the day.

    Not a bad epi, but not a good one either. So Omi learns that size doesn't conquer all. I thought he should have known that long ago, being so short yet such an overachiever. Cyclops the new baddie was really daft for such a big head and Omi defeats him through wits and agility. Nothing much to write, really, because there wasn't much exemplary stuff that happened, just a good relaxing show to comfort those who are short. The Reversing Mirror is a really fun Shen Gong Wu. I always wondered what happened if you use it with the Falcon's Eye, do you become blind?moreless
  • Melon head strikes again..........

    Omi thinks he's too puny, so he tries many different methods to make him bigger. 1. He does a ton of pull-ups. He loses 1 lb, making him weigh 19 lbs. 2. He tries a protein shake. He loses 2 lbs, making him weigh 17 lbs. 3. Then he uses the Changing Chopsticks to shrink all the food on the table, so he could eat it all. 4. Then he has a better idea. He uses the chopsticks with the Reversing Mirror, and becomes gigantic. He's to big to even ride on Dojo to go get the Wings of Tinnabi, so he walks. Then Clay gets into a showdown with Cyclopes and loses the Reversing Mirror. Omi keeps using the CC until he's small enough to fit into the bird house. In the end, Omi gets into a showdown with Cyclopes, and gets back the Reversing Mirror, and returns to normal size.moreless
  • Omi episode. This time, I think it was well done. New bad guy and small good guy.

    The Warriors arrive at a place where the Wings Of Tinabi was only to find that Jack has a new partner, a big-sized monster, Cyclops. The Warriors used all of their Shen Gong Wu and even their new Dragon X-Kumei formation but ended up defeated by Cyclops. When they return to the Temple, Omi is so depressed that he lost. He gets a crazy idea that if he is as Cyclops, he would be invincible. He then proceeds to use the Changing Chopsticks and Reversing Mirror to supersize himself. He eventually gets what he wants. But, when another Shen Gong Wu revealed itself, Omi arrives late and once again blames himself for the lost. He uses the Changing Chopsticks to revert to become normal. But, he uses it too many times and he becomes like the size of an ant. Thw Warriors try their best to get back the Reversing Mirror which Clay lost, but fails. Soon, some helmet thingy revealead itself(Sorry, forgot the name). Omi quickly challenges Cyclops to a Shen Yi Bu Dare. Omi wins and uses the Changing Chopsticks and the Reversing Mirror to become normal again. Well done, Omi!!!moreless
  • nice omi episode

    This episode teached us a lesson it does not matter what size you are as long as you can beat a giant cyclopse's butt. The episode started with the monks going to get a new shen-gong-wu The Wings of Tanabi. When they get there they find a cyclops with Wuya and Jack and get thier butts kicked by it. Later Omi trys to grow in different varitey of ways(that are dumb and strange) and finally finds a way by using the Reversing mirror and the Changing ChopSticks and gets tall. Then another shen-gong-wu actives The Glove of Jusaku Omi is to big to ride Dojo so he needs to walk,but when he gets there he is to late and Jack has the Glove of Jusaku. He trys to get himself back to his normal size again but after a few trys with the Changing Chopsticks gets to small(he is at least as big as a flea I think).Raimundo says if he used the reversing mirror and the changing chopsticks to turn big he must need both to turn back to his normal size,but unfortuanetly Clay lost the reversing mirror to Cyclops cause of the showdown they had for the Glove of Jusaku. Back at the temple he goes outside and thinks over what happen but is attacked several times by bugs luckly Clay comes in time and saves him. The other monks build Omi a little house he can stay in till he gets big and Omi says unless he can get back to normal in 24hrs he will stay as he is forever. Raimundo,Clay,and Kimiko go to Jack Spicer's place to get the reversing mirror but fail and Jack tells them if they want it they must give all of there shen-gong-wu to him. They return to the temple and tell Omi what happen and says they cannot give the shen-gong-wu to Jack because of his mistake then a new shen-gong-wu actives. They go after it and Omi challenges Cyclops to a showdown the showdown is a race in the valley of death and Omi wins and gets back to normal.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (8)

    • When Omi froze the ground during the showdown with the Orb of Tornami/Ice, the finish line is still visible. Shouldn't it be under the ice when Omi froze it?

    • When Jack is about to clip cyclop's toenails he says "Maybe I should wear protective glasses." Why doesn't he just put on his goggles?

    • Jack says to get the Reversing Mirror, the Xiaolin monks must give him all their Shen-Gong-Wu. If they did this, they'd still be unable to turn Omi back to normal size as the Changing Chopsticks is one of their Shen-Gong-Wu they'd have to give Jack. There would be no point to the trade.

    • Why did Jack use the Wings of Tinabi to reach the Thorn of Thunderbolt when he could've just used his heli-bot?

    • After Omi arrives late at the showdown between Clay and Cyclops, he says "Because of me, we have lost two Shen-Gong-Wu." Although, didn't they lose three Shen-Gong-Wu? The Wings of Tinabi, the Reversing Mirror and the Shen-Gong-Wu that they were fighting for. (Reply: Cyclops already had the Wings of Tinabi so they only really lost two.)

    • Why did Omi use the Changing Chopsticks after he was big?

    • In My Homey Omi, Omi stated he's a vegetarian, but some of the food he gobbled down in this episode was meat. (Reply: Maybe they were special vegetarian meat substitutes.)

    • How did Jack know Omi shrunk in size? He didn't see it happen, nor did anybody tell him.

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