Xiaolin Showdown

Season 2 Episode 4

The Crystal Glasses

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 02, 2004 on The WB

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  • This is what I call a good episode! Omi turning evil, hahaha!

    Usually only 1 episode in each season gets 9 and above for a rating, and this is one of that. Crystal Glasses is cool, funky, awesome, creative and totally the best episode this season, up to now that is. Vlad puts on a good show to pretend that Omi, the best, most virtuous warrior in the temple, is bad, and being exceptionally virtuous, Omi runs away and the whole place is in chaos. I don't really think Kimiko, Raimundo and Clay are so weak that they can't survive without Omi though. In the end, Omi realises he is fooled and comes back to help his friends.
  • Obviously Vlad choose bron over brains.

    The Crystal Glasses go active, and the monks go to Russia to get it. Jack almost gets away with it, until a vendor named Vlad stops him. Vlad agrees to go back to the temple with the monks. Everyone wants to try the Crystal Glasses, but Master Fung says no. Then Omi is looking at them, and Vlad tells him to try them on. He does and sees himself destroying the temple. Then Dojo discovers Jack's Reversing Mirror in Vlad's backpack. Vlad sees him and conks him on the head and throws him in the woodbox. Omi runs away, thinking that he will become evil. Rai finds Dojo in the woodbox, and Dojo explains that Vlad is working for Jack. Then they find out that Omi's missing. They go and find him. Then a treasure trove of Wu goes active. Omi gets into a showdown with Vlad for it, and Vlad tells him that what Omi saw was a trick of the Reversing Mirror. Omi beats him, and the day is saved.
  • Omi's episode. I was kind of surprised when he saw that his future was to become evil. I taught he was going to become the best and wisest monk there ever was. But, the story is quite good.

    The show starts off with the Warriors trying to meditate, but is irritated by the noise f Dojo scratching his back. He explains that the time has come for a lot of Shen Gong Wu will reveal itself all at once. The Crystal Glasses was the fist to reveal itself. The Warriors wishing to bag the Wu, quickly flew there only to know that Dojo has blisters on his rash. They quickly bought a remedy from a man in the place. Dojo was temporarily comforted by the remedy. But, as the Warriors approached the Crystal Glasses, Jack Spicer comes again. Jack almost bags the Wu but just when he was about to walk away, his robot crashed causing him to lose his balance and fell down into Clad's cart. Vlad quickly beat up Jack and returned the Crystal Glasses to the Warriors. All of this was a setup by Jack to steal the Warriors Shen Gong Wu. When Vlad finally joined the Temple, he tricked Omi into believing he was evil by using the Reversing Mirror. Omi leaves the temple and was found once again(thanks to Raimundo with his agile thinking of using the Crystal Glasses)just before the Shen Gong Wu rash that Dojo had begin to blister. All the Shen Gong Wu has revealed themself. The Warriors arrived there only to have Omi daydreaming about the days of him becoming evil. He soon learns that he was tricked and challenges Vlad to a showdown. Omi wins and eventually returns to the Xiaolin side. Good job!!!
  • eh... not bad

    Not a bad episode it started with the monks going to russia to find a new shen-gong-wu The Crystal Glasses. While there they run into Vald and he shows them where the shen-gong-wu might be. After a fight with jack spicer(who Vlad beat)the monks go back to the temple and bring Vald with them but they don't know he is really working with Jack Spicer. After a while Omi goes to the shen-gong-wu vault to get the Crystal glasses to see the future and sees his friends defeated and the temple destoryed and is wondering who did this and sees himself who caused it and conclues that he has a evil side of him. He tells his friends about what he say but they kinda don't belive him and after hearing Vlad saying he should leave and never come back Omi listens and leaves. After the other monks figure out he is gone they use the Crystal Glasses to find Omi. Meanwhile Dojo trys to find some onmient that Vlad has and figures out he works for Jack but gets knocked out. Vlad goes to Jack's lair and says his mission is complete and he got rid of Omi and that they can go to the cave where a bunch of new shen-gong-wu will actived. The other monks find Omi and go to the shen-gong-wu but Omi refuses to fight and stays there and watches. Vlad then reveals that he used the reversing mirror to trick Omi into seeing a fake future and so its a showdown bewteen Omi and Vlad. Who Wins don't ask me man i'm stupid!
  • Vlad, another one of Jack's minions.

    "The Crystal Glasses" was another good Season 2 episode that I liked. It seemed that despite the fact the notes said it was an Omi episode, it felt more like a team episode to me. Anyway, this episode also introduced a new villian, Vlad. He looked bad right from the start so no suprise there.

    Anyway, I liked Raimundo with the glasses, it really made him look cool! When Omi wore the glasses, I actually thought of the season finale "Judging Omi (1)". The temple did indeed look like what he saw but I was kinda confused when Vlad said he put the reversing mirror. Shouldn't a reversing mirror cause the glasses to see time behind?

    Anyway, I hope season 2 will be good as Season 1 but with not so much Omi episodes and Rai being promoted to apprentice anytime soon because I believe he deserves it.
  • Shen Gong Wu reveals itself, a lot!

    Vlad is introduced in this episode with his stupid self. (why are villians always stupid?) and the Crystal Glasses become what they are telling the future.

    When Omi trusted Vlad to make Omi use the Crystal Glasses and Vlad smartly Reversing Mirrored it and Omi thinks that he would be evil and be responsible by the torture of his friends.

    When the cave of Shen Gong Wu revealed itself (names still unknown for some) then Vlad and all of them fight for the Shen Gong Wu. Vlad and Omi started the cool showdown of the filling the cave. Vlad loses but he put up a good fight and Jack goes crying home because he lost his Shen Gong Wu again...
  • In this episode of Xiaolin Showdown, they discovered lots of new Shen-Gong-Wu and met a new villian, Vlad, who is a russian vendor

    The Showdown in this episode was pretty cool because I liked how Omi controled the water with his element. The Two Ton Tunic wasn't really fair because Vlad took it from Kimiko. I wonder if when your seeing the future if it stops you from seeing what happening now?

    The Crystal Glasses are cool! The look nice and flashy and they have a really cool power. I would never use it because I would want the fututre to be a suprise

    The Wushu Helmet is really heavy an probubly induces brain damage when worn. I would hate to be head-butted by this Shen-Gong-Wu!
  • the Cystal Glasses wu is good

    The Cystal Glasses allow you see the fulture it is go to see the lotto nuber lol and the showdown is weird Omi is the only one to finish the showdown and a lot of new wu are in this episode to bad the creator mess up and another great episode
  • Good

    Ahh the crystal glasses that makes 2 consecutive episodes where episodes are named after shen gong wu and 2 consecutive times both shen ong wu are not seen again and 2 consecutive times where Jack recruits someone evil and 2 consecutive times when the shen gong wu are wicked and 2 consecutive times oh no theres no more