Xiaolin Showdown

Season 2 Episode 20

The Demon Seed

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Apr 30, 2005 on The WB

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  • the team must race against the Heylin to find the Moonstone Locust when Jack accidentally unleashes the Heylin Seed

    The monks are practicing as usual when they gain a new responsiblilty: guarding the Heylin Seed from the forces of evil. If it is unleashed, it's pretty much the end of the world. However, a shen-gong-wu called the Moonstone Locust can easily defeat it-when activated it unleashes stone locusts that devour all vegetation, usually the Heylin Seed. Rai casually suggests they go to the beach and guard it there. Still in it's box, no water or sunlight can touch it (a plus) so it can't activate. Unfortunately, Jack and newly returned Vlad manage to steal it. However, they don't know the whole story behind it-just that if the monks want it bad enough it could be used to benefit evil. The seed activates, mangages to steal a lot of the monks' shen-gong-wu, and turns everyone but Omi and Raimundo into plant-human hybrid. However, when Omi and Rai go after the Moonstone Locust, Omi is turned to a plant-human thing and it's up to Rai to save the day.
  • not bad

    Master Fung gives the Warriors new responsibility: guarding the Heylin seed from the forces of evil. But when they fail, they must find the Moonstone Locust to defeat the evil plant. Meanwhile, Vlad returns and forms a partnership with Jack. My favorite part of this episode is when The warriors try to beat the heylin plant to the Shen-Gong-Wu that can stop it. I also like the part where the plant betrays Jack Spicer so that he ( the Plant ) can be its own boss and rule the world. The plant can also turn people into plants so you can't touch it because I just explained why.
  • great episode

    I love this episod love all of the episodes when Rai is the mian star and saves the day of crouse I hate Omi alot this is alot better than enter the dragon I did not like that episode but this shows but of crouse in this episode Omi releas sorda Raimundo did better than him he figers that out in the episode time after time part 2.
  • This episode revolves around Raimundo, Gigi and the Moonstone Locust.

    I like Gigi's planty yet Frenchy ways. He is indeed a brilliant crook and once again, Raimundo tries to make up for his mistake by fighting him. I'm beginning to tire of Raimundo's perfection. Still, the fight scenes were impressive and the constant plant jokes were hilarious. I like Master Fung Plant most. He still looks solemn even as a green bonsai. I hope Gigi comes back somehow, he is so comical and evil, and not to mention plant-like. These episodes nowadays are getting better, good to hear, and I'm beginning to be passionate about the character developments that take place in the show.
  • Raimundo's episode. He screws up big time and repays for his lost by winning double the price. Once again, he proves that he a "disciplined" warrior.

    The show starts out where Raimundo and the team were playing a game of chess when Omi use the Ruby Of Ramses and dominates the game. He kept interrupting the others until they were unable to play anything. After the match, Master Fung shows them to have discipline to keep an orchid alive. Just then, he also shows them their biggest responsiblity-The Heylin Seed. Sounds cool but it is just a puny little seed. Clad rejoins Jack after a short cutscene showing that Jack misses Wuya(What do you know?? He actually misses Wuya!!). Vlad scares the hairball out of him and tells him about the Heylin Seed. They decided to steal it with the help of Jack's newest robots-His new and improved Wuya-like Detecto-Bot!!! Back at the temple, Raimundo brings the box with the Heylin Seed inside out of the vault it was supposed to be in, giving Jack the chance to steal it. Jack unleash the vast power of the seed accidentally when he lets the seed in contact with sunlight and water and soil. The seed proceeds to take orders stealing the Shen Gong Wu from the Warriors. Kimiko, Clay, Master Fung and Dojo all get turned into potted plants, leaving Raimundo and Omi the only ones to save the world. Back at Jack's place, The Heylin Seed or Gigi turned Vlad and Jack into potted plants as well. Just then, the Moonstone Locust(the only Shen Gong Wu capable of destroying the Heylin Seed)just revealed itself leaving the remaining two Warriors to grab it first or it is end of the world time(so says Master Fung). Gigi was also interested in the Wu, determined to get it first. Omi and Raimundo reached the place but were quickly blocked by weed. They fought their way through the wrath of the Heylin Seed and Omi gets turned into a potted plant as well. Raimundo reaches out for the Moonstone Locust and finds out that Gigi also grabs it and challenges the overgrown weed to a Xiaolin Showdown. A Shen Yi Bu Dare was commenced by the seed. The first one to find the Wu wins. And, the showdown was underway. All looks bad for Raimundo when he loses the Thorn Of Thunderbolt. But, he got the Reversing Mirror which he uses to deflect the bolt towards Gigi, easily picking the Moonstone Locust ending the Showdown. He uses the Moonstone Locust to defeat Gigi and put him back in the box. He promises Master Fung he will practice more discipline in the future not before throwing the whole box into the air asking for a soccer partner.
  • Raimunudo show's a teeny bit of discipline!

    This episode is one of my favourites, being it's a Rai epispode. It isn't an episode centered on Omi's big giant head for once! In this episode, Rai atleast shows off some of his circus skills in the Showdown. We also learn that he can speak French as well as English and Brazilian Portugeuse.

    My favourite part in this episode is the Showdown, when Rai finally get's some glory from the others and Master Fung!!!

  • everyone is a plant except rai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This was a good episode. I like the fact that all the good stuff either happends in that year like mala jong reformation or they are the next to mess up since Dashi time. Jiji is alot more powerful than your average plant I like that they allow the one that let the seed out of the vault Raimudo stop Jiji because everyone else was a plant. In the end Raimundo got the moonstone Locust and it ate Jiji to the size and shape of a seed once again.
  • Gigi is introduced!

    Gigi was cool, he came from the Heylin Seed which is highly powerful.

    One of the best things about Gigi is that he can turn people into plants and he is very strong! but with strength comes a weeknesh, it's name is the Moonstone Locust.

    When Rai and Gigi fought in the showdown. Gigi was as powerful as he was before and Rai won, winning the Moonstone Locust and destroying Gigi, sadly.
  • This my favorite epsiode! I liked Gigi and the Moonstone Locust!

    Gigi was really funny and Evil. I hope He comes back someday! I really want to see him again. I laughed so hard when Everyone was a Plant

    The showdown was really good. We see the Thorn of Thunderbolt agin. Raimundo looks really funny when he is using the Gills of Hamachi

    I'm glad Vlad came back too.
  • good Rai showdown

    Moonstone Locust it allosw the user to call on Locust which was used by rai the demon seed and the showdown is good rai used the g ills of hachi in the Xiaolin Showdown and they used the cughing cougher while everyone is a flower the only two were not flower is rai and omi