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Xiaolin Showdown

Season 3 Episode 8

The Dream Stalker

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 26, 2005 on The WB
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Episode Summary

The Dream Stalker
With the Shadow of Fear and Sapphire Dragon, Hannibal Bean enters Raimundo's mind to bring out his worst fear and use it against him and the monks. While they are busy fighting his fear, Bean puts his plan into motion to try and slowly break down Raimundo....but soon finds out things may not turn out the way he expected.moreless

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  • definitely one of the better ones...

    Personally this is my one of my favorite episodes, and definitely the best Raimundo episode, since the Mala Mala Jong/Wuya story at the end of season one and beginning of two.

    They managed to show some really good character development while still managing to maintain the show's classic Xiaolin humor. (Omi:"Raimundo, rise and shine. There is great evil." Raimundo:"Are you sure it's great evil? Cause if it's just regular evil, I'm sure you guys can handle it.")

    Had some great action scenes between the monks v. dragon scenes and Rai up against Hannibal Bean.

    I loved that they didn't cop out on the whold Shadow of Fear thing here to. There were some funny moments in Dreamscape, but it wasn't a great episode, using base fears. Going deeper and using Rai's fear that he wasn't good enough to be a monk was a great moment, and it was well executed.

    All in all a great episode.moreless
  • This is arguably the best episode in the series.

    Personally, this is my favorite episode of the series. 'The Dream Stalker' is an episode, focused mostly around Raimundo and how a saphire monster attacks the monks only when he is asleep. This monster happens to be the same monster that was Raimundo's greatest fear in 'Dreamscape'. The monks each take turns keeping Raimundo occupied to prevent him from falling asleep, but when a new Sheng Gong Wu reveals itself, Hannibal Bean(the villian behind this) tricks them all into going after it and Raimundo falls asleep.

    While asleep, Raimundo is able to roam around his mind witnessing some events that happened in the past and some of his fears brought to the surface by Hannibal Bean. Hannibal keeps trying to convince Raimundo that he is not strong enough to be a Xiaolin Monk but in the end, after battling Hannibal, Raimundo learns that he is strong enough and does deserve to be a dragon-in-training with his friends.

    This episode shows us Raimundo's growth in character, and hints that he will be leader of the team in the future.moreless
  • My all time favorate episode.

    I guess it's because I like studying dream symbols. I was looking up the word jellyfish in my dream dictionary and it says having no backbone, passive, or feeling exposed. In other words, Raimundo's fear represents that he has doubts about himself. Of course there is another meaning; aggression or painful memories emerging, just like what happaned in Raimundo's dream. Some of the pieces from his dream were from the time he joined the Heylinside and the times when he started to have fears of failing that would result to the destruction of the world and his friends, which would make him feel like it's his own fault. But luckily, he overcame his doubts and fears and defeated Hannibal Beancurd before he could do more damage to Raimundo's subconscious and his spirit. My favorate part was when Raimundo was shirtless when he was ready to take down Hannibal, I also looked up the words upper body and chest. According to what I have read; the upper body represents consciousness and awareness to thinking and/or feeling/emotion. And chest represents male confidence, conquest, triumph, etc. Raimundo 1, Hannibal Bean 0.moreless
  • good eppy

    I guess it's because I like studying dream symbols. I was looking up the word jellyfish in my dream dictionary and it says having no backbone, passive, or feeling exposed. In other words, Raimundo's fear represents that he has doubts about himself. Of course there is another meaning; aggression or painful memories emerging, just like what happaned in Raimundo's dream. Some of the pieces from his dream were from the time he joined the Heylinside and the times when he started to have fears of failing that would result to the destruction of the world and his friends, which would make him feel like it's his own fault. But luckily, he overcame his doubts and fears and defeated Hannibal Beancurd before he could do more damage to Raimundo's subconscious and his spirit. Raimundo 2 (referring to the first time he foiled Hannibal's Bean's plan in The Return of Master Monk Guan), Hannibal Bean 0.moreless
  • Best episode yet!

    This episode reminded me how much I loved Xiaolin Showdown. It showed us what really goes on inside Raimundo's little mind. It reinforces everyones fantasy of a possible Raikim relationship. In the episode Raimundo dreams about his game room, that he got in the episode "In The Flesh", and Kimiko was standing at the top of the thrown in her kimono outfit that she wore in the episode "Tangeled Web". He also dreamed that him and Kimiko went to the movies and he put his arm around her. But of course he had some nightmares too. He dreamed that he was Jack Spicer and he caused his friends to loose against evil. This episode was sweet, funny, and completely incredible.moreless
Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Master Monk Guan

Recurring Role

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Hannibal Bean / Raimundo's Innerself

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • Right after Hannibal turned into the monster from the GooZombies Game, as soon as he grabbed Raimundo, he said, "And now your friends will pay the price for your weakness." But look closely at his mouth, and it will look like he was saying something else like, "And now your friends will pay the price for your failure."

    • When Dojo is telling Clay and Raimundo the Shadow Slicer revealed itself, you can see Hannibal Bean leaving Raimundo's ear.

    • The Dance Armageddon game has the same music as Raimundo's game place in Wuyas palace. In the episodes Days Past and Citadel of Doom.

    • During Raimundo's dream sequence, we see him wear his original street clothes for the first time since Citadel Of Doom.

    • When the sea creature turns back into the Sapphire Dragon the Moby Morpher wasn't on it as it needed it to turn back into itself.

    • Hannibal Bean lost all of his Shen-Gong-Wu when he went "all in" in the Xiaolin Showdown in The Return of Master Monk Guan, but he has the Moby Morpher back in this episode before he raids the Temple's vault.
      (Reply: That's because not only was the Moby Morpher not among the Shen-Gong-Wu in the bag, but he actually keeps it's halves on his arms. You just can't always see them due to their shape-shifting properties. Reply: He lost all the Shen-Gong-Wu he 'stole'. The Yin-Yang bird stole the Reversing Mirror, and the Moby Morpher.)

    • When Raimundo puts the Sapphire Dragon away at the end of the episode, the Sapphire Dragon isn't covered in soot, like it should be. As such, shouldn't be running loose and terrorizing everyone? (Reply: the Sapphire Dragon wasn't defeated in this episode by being covered in soot. So maybe he just returned to normal blue color when Raimundo stopped him)

    • Of the six times the Longi Kite is used in the series, the use of the Shen Gong Wu in this episode marks the only time its name is called out upon activation.

    • When Raimundo was in his own mind at the beach, it didn't show his abs, but later when fighting Hannibal Roy Bean, it clearly shows them. (That's because that Raimundo was another image he thought of himself.)

    • Why do villians keep entering Raimundo's mind? (Reply: Because Raimundo is incredibly insecure and really hadn't found himself. Thus he was easy to sway and control.)

    • This is the third time someone has entered Raimundo's head. The first person was Wuya in Mala Mala Jong, then Jack in Dreamscape.

    • In one of Rai's "Mind Scenes", Rai had Jack's suit on and Rai's inner self had Good Jack's suit on.(Reply: Actually, if you look close enough, Inner Raimundo's outfit never changes.)

    • When Rai used his Wudai power, he changed into the black Wudai outline. How did he do this without the Wudai Orion Formation? (Reply: The whole thing is a dream manifested in reality, anything can happen.)

    • This is the second time the Shadow of Fear is used. The first time was in the episode Dreamscape.

    • This is the second time the Sapphire Dragon is used. The first time being in the episode The Night of the Sapphire Dragon.

    • During the Xiaolin Showdown Hannibal Bean morphed into what looked like the monster that Kimiko fought in The Return of Pandabubba's Xiaolin Showdown.

    • How can Raimundo's Innerself do Wudai Star Wind? He isn't a Wudai Warrior too, is he? (Reply: Seeming that he is Raimundo regardless of being in his mind, he should be able to do whatever the physical Raimundo can.)

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Hannibal: Looking at oneself can be most frightening when you don't like what you see.

    • Omi: (To Raimundo) During my shift, I shall be keeping you awake with a mysterious ancient training technique known as... dodge the bucket of ice water! (Omi throws the ice water over Raimundo; Raimundo shivers and covers his head with his arms) You must practice! Although you will never be as good as me.

    • Raimundo: (To the Warriors) Hey, I don't need a bunch of wannabe head-shrinkers poking around in my brain.
      Dojo: Raimundo's right, kiddies. Leave this to the professional arm-chair psychiatrist/advice guru. Dr. Dojo hears your fear. (takes Raimund's hand) Hmm. You have soft hands for a boy.

    • Jack: I surrender! Take whatever you want! Just don't do me ugly! Don't do me ugly!

    • Raimundo: You woke me up for false alarm evil?!

    • Omi: (yawns) I desperately need to wink at someone forty times.
      Clay: He means he needs forty winks, but I'm too tired to tell him.

    • Omi: Raimundo! Arise your shine! There is great evil!
      Raimundo: (yawns) Are you sure it's great evil? 'Cause if it's just regular evil, I'm sure you can handle it without me.
      Omi: Orb of Tornami!
      (The waves then push out Raimundo out of the room)
      Raimundo: Whoa! I'm up! I'm up!

    • Master Monk Guan: I suppose it would be wise for all of us to get some rest ... to better prepare for the unrest.
      Dojo: You call that a proverb? Fung man could do better than that in his sleep!

    • (After the monster disappears)
      Raimundo: What can I say? He probably just knew better than to mess with me.
      Kimiko: (bright eyed; about Raimund's teddy bear) Or your woobie woobie bearsy wearsy!
      Raimundo: I told you. His name is Ninja Fred, and he's only a good luck charm!

    • Master Monk Guan: (to Raimundo) Remember: the monster disappeared only when you woke up. He knows if he can increase your fears, they will one day grow strong enough to destroy all of us.
      Omi: Yes! The solution is most simple. Raimundo must never sleep again.

    • (Monster goes away)
      Raimundo: Blade of the Nebullllaaaaaaa...
      Clay: Sorry, you missed the square dance partner!

    • Jack: (to the Warriors) Chumps, meet chimps! Have a great family reunion!

    • Monkey Jack: How can you expect to win if you're afraid to play a little dirty?

    • Raimundo's Innerself: He made me tell. I was - scared.

    • Raimundo: If you're my fear, you don't look so scary.
      Raimundo's Innerself: Then, why are you afraid?
      Raimundo: What makes you think I'm afraid?
      Raimundo's Innerself: Because I know you. I am you. I'm the part of you who's ... afraid.

    • Raimundo's Innerself: Wudai Star - WIND!

    • Raimundo: Would it kill you to get some reclining seats, Dojo?
      Dojo: Please return all complaints to their full shut up position as we approach our final destination ... Jack Spicer's lair.

    • (After Master Monk Guan explains that Raimundo causes the monster to appear)
      Omi: No! Raimundo cannot be responsible for the Sapphire Dragon's attack. (pauses, then shakes Raimundo by his shirt) Why, Raimundo, why?!
      Raimundo: You guys are one taco short of a combo plate on this one.

    • Omi: We won?
      Kimiko: But how?
      Clay: I'm guessin' dumb luck?

    • Dojo: The Shadow Slicer is a lesser known Wu. It creates a hologram of the holder that eludes the enemy.
      Omi: I would very much like to create a hologram of me to elude my enemy or just to admire.

    • Raimundo: I am a Wudai Warrior! And I am the BEST!

    • Kimiko: Ok, did that thing just call a cosmic clash showdown?
      Dojo: Boy. For a dragon that's just part of Raimundo's imagination, that lizard knows its showdown rules.

    • (Blue flames come out of nowhere which turns a monkey to sapphire)
      Monkey Jack: What in blue blazes is that?!

    • (Omi starts to declare the showdown.)
      Omi: I wager the Orb of Tornami against your...self.

  • NOTES (25)

    • This is the fifth time a Xiaolin Showdown takes place in outer space. The first time was in My Homey Omi. The second time was in Dreamscape. The third time was in The Life and Times of Hannibal Roy Bean. The fourth time was in Treasure of the Blind Swordsman.

    • Raimundo being shirtless was based on Bruce Lee.

    • Dreamscape: Jack Spicer's camera-bot recorded the monster's attack in his basement.

    • Several references were made to previous episodes in this particular episode. These are:

      Tangled Web: Kimiko's Kimono.

      Shen Yi Bu: Watching Raimundo defeat Tubbimura, and the arena in which Tubbimura and Raimundo fight in.

      Night of the Sapphire Dragon: The return of the Sapphire Dragon.

      My Homey Omi: The train scene in Raimundo's dream.

      In the Flesh: Raimundo's teddy bear, Hannibal mentioning his fall to the dark side and the room Wuya tempted Raimundo with.

      Citadel of Doom: Watching Kimiko kiss Raimundo.

      Pandatown: Watching Raimundo beat up Pandabubba's goons.

      Dreamscape: The Return of the Shadow of Fear and a cameo appearance of Raimundo's fear.

      Return of Pandabubba: The monster Kimiko had to fight was similar to Hannibal's demonic form and Kimiko's gothic outfit.

      Demon Seed: The music while Raimundo and Hannibal prepare to fight is similar to Raimundo fighting Gigi.

      Bird of Paradise: The music while Raimundo and Hannibal are fighting is similar to the Warriors fighting the zombie serpent.

    • Second appearances of the Sapphire Dragon and Raimundo's biggest fear.

    • The pajamas that Kimiko and Clay were wearing in The Last Temptation of Raimundo are seen again, and Omi has a new set of pjs; blue footy pajamas with white clouds on them.

    • The fantasy world Wuya created for Raimundo in In The Flesh can be seen inside Raimundo's head.

    • First aired in Canada on YTV on April 15th, 2006.

    • Third Raimundo episode in a row.

    • If you look really close at the tired Raimundo (after the other warriors failed attempts to keep him awake) when Clay's explaining his tactics to Dojo to get the Shadow Slicer, you can see Hannibal jumping out of Raimundo through the Shadow Of Fear.

    • Location of Shen-Gong-Wu:
      Shadow Slicer: Monkey Cage at the San Diego Zoo.

    • When the Wudai Warriors are at Jack Spicer's lair and the jellyfish monster appears on the tv screen - while Omi points out the monster, (on Clay's shoulder) you can see Dojo looking like he's in his large form but is still small sized.

    • For the second episode in a row, Wuya is physically absent. (Though she appears in a dream sequence). Chase Young also does not appear.

    • First and possibly only time a Shen-Gong-Wu competes in a Xiaolin Showdown. (Reply: Technically Shen-Gong-Wu already HAVE participated in xiaolin showdowns. One example? That one time the Shen-Gong-Wu had a mind of their own and overwhelmed Raimundo, then Wuya possesses him and she/he has a showdown with the other three Wudai Warriors (then Xiaolin Dragons).

    • The teddy bear Raimundo mentioned in In The Flesh is seen.

    • Master Fung does not appear in this episode.

    • Along with Water and Ice, Omi can also use the Orb of Tornami with the element Steam.

    • Jack was always somewhere in each of Raimundo's mind scenes. In the movie theatre, he sat in a back seat eating popcorn, and in the beach scene he was under Tubbimura.

    • Tubbimura makes a brief cameo in Rai's dreams.

    • The Moby Morpher can also morph Shen-Gong-Wu.

    • Featured Shen-Gong-Wu: The Shadow Slicer- This Shen-Gong-Wu makes a holographic image of ones self.

    • Xiaolin Showdown: Omi, Kimiko, and Clay vs. The Sapphire Dragon, Sapphire Monkey and Sapphire Rhino. Omi's Orb of Tornami vs. The Sapphire Dragon itself. The game: Jungle Judo. First one tossed down loses.

    • Raimundo's teddy bear is named Ninja Fred.

    • Outside of Raimundo's dreams, Hannibal Bean used the Moby Morpher to change into a mosquito, a larger version of himself, Kimiko, and changed the Sapphire Dragon into a large sea monster.

    • This marks the third appearance of Master Monk Guan, the first time being in the episode Master Monk Guan and the second time being in The Return of Master Monk Guan.


    • As Omi says, "Why Raimundo? Why?", it seems a reference to the phrase, "Why, God? Why?"

    • Hannibal in Raimundo's dream: The way Hannibal appeared to Raimundo in so many of his fantasies were like how Freddy Kruegar appeared in teenagers dreams in Nightmare on Elmstreet.

    • Name: Dance Armageddon
      The game that Raimundo and Kimiko play is a parody of Dance Dance Revolation., Konami's dancing game. Ironically, Konami is developing the Xiaolin Showdown video game to be released next year.

    • Title: The Dream Stalker
      The title The Dream Stalker might refer to the 1998 movie Dream Stalker.

    • Title: The Dream Stalker.
      This could be a possible spoof off of the TV series The Night Stalker.