Xiaolin Showdown

Season 3 Episode 8

The Dream Stalker

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 26, 2005 on The WB

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  • definitely one of the better ones...

    Personally this is my one of my favorite episodes, and definitely the best Raimundo episode, since the Mala Mala Jong/Wuya story at the end of season one and beginning of two.

    They managed to show some really good character development while still managing to maintain the show's classic Xiaolin humor. (Omi:"Raimundo, rise and shine. There is great evil." Raimundo:"Are you sure it's great evil? Cause if it's just regular evil, I'm sure you guys can handle it.")

    Had some great action scenes between the monks v. dragon scenes and Rai up against Hannibal Bean.

    I loved that they didn't cop out on the whold Shadow of Fear thing here to. There were some funny moments in Dreamscape, but it wasn't a great episode, using base fears. Going deeper and using Rai's fear that he wasn't good enough to be a monk was a great moment, and it was well executed.

    All in all a great episode.
  • This is arguably the best episode in the series.

    Personally, this is my favorite episode of the series. 'The Dream Stalker' is an episode, focused mostly around Raimundo and how a saphire monster attacks the monks only when he is asleep. This monster happens to be the same monster that was Raimundo's greatest fear in 'Dreamscape'. The monks each take turns keeping Raimundo occupied to prevent him from falling asleep, but when a new Sheng Gong Wu reveals itself, Hannibal Bean(the villian behind this) tricks them all into going after it and Raimundo falls asleep.

    While asleep, Raimundo is able to roam around his mind witnessing some events that happened in the past and some of his fears brought to the surface by Hannibal Bean. Hannibal keeps trying to convince Raimundo that he is not strong enough to be a Xiaolin Monk but in the end, after battling Hannibal, Raimundo learns that he is strong enough and does deserve to be a dragon-in-training with his friends.

    This episode shows us Raimundo's growth in character, and hints that he will be leader of the team in the future.
  • My all time favorate episode.

    I guess it's because I like studying dream symbols. I was looking up the word jellyfish in my dream dictionary and it says having no backbone, passive, or feeling exposed. In other words, Raimundo's fear represents that he has doubts about himself. Of course there is another meaning; aggression or painful memories emerging, just like what happaned in Raimundo's dream. Some of the pieces from his dream were from the time he joined the Heylinside and the times when he started to have fears of failing that would result to the destruction of the world and his friends, which would make him feel like it's his own fault. But luckily, he overcame his doubts and fears and defeated Hannibal Beancurd before he could do more damage to Raimundo's subconscious and his spirit. My favorate part was when Raimundo was shirtless when he was ready to take down Hannibal, I also looked up the words upper body and chest. According to what I have read; the upper body represents consciousness and awareness to thinking and/or feeling/emotion. And chest represents male confidence, conquest, triumph, etc. Raimundo 1, Hannibal Bean 0.
  • good eppy

    I guess it's because I like studying dream symbols. I was looking up the word jellyfish in my dream dictionary and it says having no backbone, passive, or feeling exposed. In other words, Raimundo's fear represents that he has doubts about himself. Of course there is another meaning; aggression or painful memories emerging, just like what happaned in Raimundo's dream. Some of the pieces from his dream were from the time he joined the Heylinside and the times when he started to have fears of failing that would result to the destruction of the world and his friends, which would make him feel like it's his own fault. But luckily, he overcame his doubts and fears and defeated Hannibal Beancurd before he could do more damage to Raimundo's subconscious and his spirit. Raimundo 2 (referring to the first time he foiled Hannibal's Bean's plan in The Return of Master Monk Guan), Hannibal Bean 0.
  • Best episode yet!

    This episode reminded me how much I loved Xiaolin Showdown. It showed us what really goes on inside Raimundo's little mind. It reinforces everyones fantasy of a possible Raikim relationship. In the episode Raimundo dreams about his game room, that he got in the episode "In The Flesh", and Kimiko was standing at the top of the thrown in her kimono outfit that she wore in the episode "Tangeled Web". He also dreamed that him and Kimiko went to the movies and he put his arm around her. But of course he had some nightmares too. He dreamed that he was Jack Spicer and he caused his friends to loose against evil. This episode was sweet, funny, and completely incredible.
  • perfect

    this is a great episode it was i didnt get some of it cause it a was a litle confusing the episode is about when hanble bean senks into raimudos dreamshe unleashs a moster using the shadow of fear and the sapfire dragon i thought was alwsome it defliy in my top episodes of xiaolin showdown and fan i know loves this episode because it has perfect amout of drama and comedy like the series is supoed to be like t ok i cant think of anymore words so idont know this is great episode watch ok peace out ,irockout1
  • great episode! only a little confusing

    this is one of my personal favorites of XS! the only thing I didn't like was how confusing it was (I still don't entirely understand it) but it is still one of the greatest episodes ever. Also it gave high evidence that Raimundo likes Kimiko (not that I didn't know that before)
  • this might be the grieastet episode of xiaolin showdown ever!!!

    riamundo is bestes chariter in the hole show this epsiode is great should win a emmy a good idea better than the other episodes to me its the newist episode to me I just watched it on you tube I did not watch the other new ones yet when I herd omi say even you well never be as good as me to riamundo he is soooo wrong riamundo can defete omi him ever day.
  • With the Shadow of Fear and Sapphire Dragon, Hannibal Bean enters Raimundo's mind to bring out his worst fear and use it against the monks. While they are busy fighting his fear, Bean puts his plan into motion to try and slowly break down Raimundo.

    With the Shadow of Fear and Sapphire Dragon, Hannibal Bean enters Raimundo's mind to bring out his worst fear and use it against the monks. Every time that Raimundo awakes his sleep the Monster is gone. While they are busy fighting his fear, Bean puts his plan into motion to try and slowly break down Raimundo. Hannibal Roy Bean tries to put Raimundo to think that he isn't good enough for the xiaolin team but Raimundo defeats Hannybal. I liked the part of this episode when Hannybal Roy Bean tries to make Raimundo have low self-esteem but then Raimundo defeats Hannibal Roy Bean and by doing that he defeated the sapphire dragon in the real world because at that time Raimundo was sleeping and The xiaolin warriors were on a xiaolin showdown.
  • Omi,Kimiko & Clay are fighting the Sapphire Dragon while Rai is sleeping. Apparantly,the monster is a product of Rai\'s unconscious dwelling in worst fears. Rai cannot stay awake for long so it is up to his monk buddies to put a stop to this or is it?

    Impressive. I don’t want to sound bias given that Rai is my favorite monk of all time, though I must declare that this ep is \"wow\". Yeah. Yeah. We know of the \"turning evil gig\" and his bad attitudes, but hey, this ep gave a deeper meaning regarding his character - from his fears to his resentments to his triumph. At first, he might look like a happy-go-lucky dude, but The Dream Stalker sure redefined him adding to his worthiness as a monk leader later. Plus, I liked how Rai hold on to Kimiko (while she was embracing and congratulating him) towards the last part of the ep. They so look good together. More of \"them\" please. Oh! And I loved the bear.
  • This was a great episode!

    This is my fav episode out of the whole show!!! Because 1 I luv Raimundo and if u try to take him from me prepare for war!! 2 we learn alot bout rai. 3 because OMI barely had anything to do with saving Rai (rai saved himself.) Okay I know u know i love this episode but just like this sentence it is really confusing!! Like raimundo entered his own mind!! wtf is that about!?!?!?!? And then how the heck did omi see rai fighting HB if they were in rai mind!?!? But good news thats the only thing that confused me. Well uh... BYE BYE!!
  • My official favorite episode.

    Even though my favorite element is Earth, my favorite character of all time is Raimundo.
    Personally, I can really relate to Rai. He is strong-headed on the outside, but always has something to hide on the inside.
    The sum of this episode was that Hannibal Bean sneaks into Raimundo's mind to bring out his fear and combine it with the Sapphire Dragon so that whenever he is asleep the monster would come to life.
    While Raimundo fights Hannibal in his dreams, the others must fight the monster, and are soon in a Cosmic Clash Showdown.
    There were many great aspects about this specific episode. The first is that, no matter how drastic the situation, there always manages to have some sort of comic relief, or something that puts a smile on people's faces. Wow, Ninja Fred - Rai's amazing teddy bear. Haha.
    Jack has self-esteem issues. Who would be problematic enough to tape himself attempting to look cool with a cheap wooden staff? There's Jack for you, folks.
    Plus, everyone had a hilarious way of keeping him awake once that they knew he was the monster's creator. Omi with his "mysterious training technique" of pouring water over Rai's head, Kimiko's crazy Dance Armageddon thing, Clay and his square-dancing of pain, and Dojo's degrading psychiatrics.
    The second was that there was a recap of Rai's worst nightmare from Dreamscape. The fact that not all the episodes have seperate storylines is a total boost in how great the overall show is.
    In the early segment of the show, I loved the fact that dramatic irony was used to show that we knew that Raimundo was the subtle creator of the aquatic nightmare, but none of them (except for Hannibal Bean) did.
    The most amazing part of this episode, though, was the symbolism of his dreams. These fears are why he is such an egomaniac and why he acts as he does.
    In the beginning, he flashes back to the gameroom that Wuya gave him when he was on the Heylin side. This represented his fear of turning to evil.
    His younger self was highly symbolic of his true fear in form. This probably concludes that his childhood was not one he wanted to be proud of, but to be dreaded.
    When he said he wasn't afraid, he was dressed as Jack Spicer. Because Spicer is always lying, this represents that Rai isn't telling the truth and confessing of his fears.
    At the beach, he pictures himself and his Omi, Kimiko, and Clay building a sandcastle nearby. As he drew closer, they seemed to be farther. This was symbolic of Rai's fear of falling behind in his training compared to his peers.
    The area in the movie theater just showed his fear of that jelly octopoid thing.
    When Hannibal and Rai are watching TV, they appear to be in a room of some kind...probably the home he grew up in.
    The railroad that cuts into the house is a mystery...probably his fear of stunts when he was a circus preformer.
    Mostly, though, his main fear was that he could not be the leader of the Xiaolin Warriors. But when he finally admits that he has those fears, he is in the scene that was where he fought Tubbimurra in the Shen Yi Bu. He is now totally masculine, and this is a sign of his strength returning.
    When he beats Hannibal out of his mind, the Octupus Sapphire Dragon disappears.
    Finally, there are many signs that hint that Raimundo has a crush on Kimiko. Now, I was just skeptical this, but this episode, how Rai supported Kimiko in Tangled Web episode three, how he is the one who usually talks to her when the episode is about her, and their constant bickering (and/or flirting) makes it fact that they "like" each other. First of all, in the game room, you can see Kimiko in a kimono she wore in Tangled Web episode 3. She was smiling, and Raimundo was eagerly rushing to her. Second, in the movie theater, Rai is offered a soda by Kimiko, who is dressed in her clothing she wore when she and the others went to Tokyo. The movie flashed a scene in which Kimiko kisses Rai on the cheek - thanks for the censor. In the battle between Rai and Hannibal, Hannibal uses the Moby Morpher to transform into the monster in the showdown in Tokyo between Kimiko and Pandabubbu - need I say much more? This is a perfect example of how Rai has big feelings for Kimiko.
    Those are the good things about the episode, and I only found two small flaws. The first is that, even though the symbolism gave a feeling of satisfaction to the intelligent people, the leisure-watchers have no idea what anything is about. I also feel that Hannibal relies on the Moby Morpher too much.
    But those are VERY trivial, and this is a must-see episode of Xiaolin Showdown. If you don't watch any other episode, watch The Dream Stalker.
  • This is officially my favorite episode.

    Mixed with clash of Shen Gon Wu, Rai's fears, and his inner-self, HOLY CRAP this episode was amazing! Little Rai is super adorable, I just have to love this episode. Rai is my favorite character in the show, and seeing him the star like this really makes me happy and more eager to watch this show. I really like it when he grows dark like that. I forget what it's called, but it was really cool. Then he worked together with Little Rai and saved everyone. The ending was funny too, but the whole plot to this, and the Bean Dude almost getting revenge on Rai for the last episode...this ROCKED OUT LOUD!
  • this ep is about when hannible bean steals the sapphie dragon and shadow of fear and sneaks into the world of raimundo's dreams using the shadow of fear.he found his worst fear and used the sapphire dragon and the moby morpher to give it form and bring it

    this was one of my favorite season 3 episodes.it was an example of a well written and very well plotted ep.it gives hints that raimundo will(and has)become xiaolin leader in the future.a new wu called the shadow slicer was revealed in this episode,it allows the user to create a hologram that illudes his enemy.wu that don't get used very often were used in this ep such as the sapphire dragon,shadow of fear,and longi kite.chase and wuya were not in this ep nor was master fung.there were also alot of funny momments in this ep.it is so far probably the funniest season 3 episode and i really enjoyed it.
  • Probably the first Raimundo episode that I really enjoyed. Hannibal Bean uses the Moby Morpher and Shadow of Fear to enter Rai's mind and bring his fears to life along with the Sapphire Dragon.

    Before this episode, I saw Raimundo as a good character, but one essentially too weak for too many themed episodes around him. This ep changed that; mostly because we got the real story behind why Raimundo acts the way he does, and although it was predictible that Rai would beat Bean from inside his mind, it was still delivered well and with some great psycological moments. And the Bean disguised as Kimiko: mega-creepy! There were many points in this episode that Bean's face reminded me of Clayface's from Batman:TAS with the almost emotionless eyes and crooked, monsterous smile.
    Another thing I liked was the bit of continuity, as this was Bean's revenge for Rai's tricking him in the episode prior. And the subtle renditions of Rai's minor crush on Kimiko was well-done without being too cartoony or overwhelming. I mean, hey, who wouldn't notice her? And, all things considered, their personalities are very similar compared to Omi's innocence and ego and Clay's hick attitude and brute force. *No offence, big guy!*
    Another thing that made this better than the prior episode was actual action on the villain's part as Bean didn't really do too much in TRoMMG except confront Rai and use the Blind Swordsman.
    And Dojo's continuing pain on the lack of Master Fung was just as funny as before. "I miss Mr. Puppy Eyes." That was classic!

    Okay, now the negatives, which actually wasn't too much or too bad. I guess the only thing that comes to mind is that hopefully Rai won't have simply reverted to his normal self by the next ep as he's claimed to have gone through a change. Other than that, watch this episode! It really brings Rai's character into the light!
  • You didn't notice that?

    Dude, I have watched these type of shows for years, and if there is a girl on it, and a boy or more, the girl will probably in up with the one who seems the most non or compatible with her. I knew Rai liked Kimiko from since that sode' with the Tangled Web Comb. And she probably likes Rai. Alot of people I knew who watch this knew and know this. Kids WB or not, a love story will always take place in a TV-Y7 or more show, and that's a fact. The episode was good, symbolence, yadda, yadda, yadda.
  • Wonderful episode filled with symbolism; DESERVES HIGHER RATING!

    Goodness me. This the, what, third Raimundo-centric episode we've had in a row? Not that I'm complaining. As much as I love Omi, we've had too much of the smallest monk. Bring on Rai!

    Though the commercials didn't look too promising, this episode almost immediately found its way to the top of my list. The story line is well written and handled, and there is the proper amount of humor sprinkled throughout; Jack Spicer (after his odd absence in the previous episode) also makes a fortunate appearance. Plus, Raimundo's teddy bear, who we learned is called Ninja Fred, is at last mentioned since "In the Flesh"; he also makes an appearance Symbolism, however, finally makes its debiew in full. But more on that later.

    To sum it up, Hannibal Bean has entered Raimundo's mind through use of the Shadow of Fear (last seen back in "Dreamscape".) Discovering what Raimundo feared most, he gave it shape with the Sapphire Dragon, used and mentioned for the first time since the season one episode "Night of the Sapphire Dragon", and sets it loose to wreak havoc on the world whenever Raimundo falls asleep.

    Of course, despite his friends' best efforts, Raimundo falls asleep, where he enters his own head. There he meets his innerself, a small, childlike version of himself, and he's not exactly pleased with the revelation, nor with Hannibal's constant but surprisingly true taunts about Raimundo's fear of not being good enough to be a leader, or even a Xiaolin Monk. In the midst of this dream, we see a heck of a lot of symbolism that makes you wonder about what we've been missing out on Raimundo.

    First off is a very familiar scene: the vision Wuya promised him back in "In the Flesh"; here, his clothes are back to what they were in season one. He admires the place, and then spots something interesting. Standing beside his throne is Kimiko, dressed in the kimono from "Tangled Web", smiling at him. He makes his way forward eagerly, but suddenly, Kimiko is replaced with Wuya in her human form, and when it goes back to Raimundo, his hoody is up, like it was while he was on the Heylin side. Now the whole thing with Raimundo being in season one garb at the hoody being up could mean something I'm not aware of (perhaps Hannibal is examining the memories of that time) but what really stands out is Kimiko's replacement. Possibly, this signifies what he did back in that story line. He replaced what he liked (Kimiko) with what he didn't like (Wuya.) Seems it wasn't the same.

    Then we meet Raimundo's Innerself (RI from now on); Raimundo has been returned to his season two garb. At first he only a shadow with bright eyes lurking in the background, but when a mirror flows into place, he steps out. Looking into it, Raimundo sees himself, tall, strong, and handsome, but the image shrinks into the true form and steps out of the mirror, professing that he's the part of Raimundo that's afraid. Raimundo doesn't like this fact, and suddenly they're in Jack Spicer's lair, Raimundo dressed up like Jack. This probably signifies that Raimundo is bluffing and he knows it, just like Jack Spicer is always bluffing. Then Ninja Fred turns into Hannibal Bean, who says that it's difficult to face the truth when you don't like what you see. Raimundo tosses him away, into an ocean horizon, out of which a large Hannibal leaps out and eats the teddy bear version. I don't precisely know what the ocean means; possibly Rio de Janeiro?

    Suddenly Raimundo is on a beach, Tubbimura lounging in the background, and Jack popping up from beneath the ninja, shouting "Get off me, Tubby!" What Tubbimura is doing there is a mystery. Perhaps it's because he was Raimundo's first showdown and therefore the first villain he faced on his own. Jack, of course, I have a good idea. He constantly makes appearances, and this might mean Raimundo expects him to always show up, and/or the expectance for evil to always show.

    Raimundo glances down the beach, and sees his friends making a sand castle together. Raimundo runs towards them, but the faster he runs, the further away they become. Obviously, this is Raimundo's fear of his friends moving ahead and leaving him behind, the fear of not being good enough to hang out with them. When his friends disappear beyond the horizon, Hannibal Bean pops up, a huge and imposing sand monster.

    Raimundo then find himself in a movie theater, watching his past victories and Kimiko (dressed as she was in "Return of Pandabubba") sitting next to him; she passes him a soda, and his arm is around her. (By this point, it's very obvious that the writers are admitting Raimundo "likes" Kimiko.) But then Kimiko becomes the sea-monster from "Dreamscape", and RI is on his other side. The cup lid then turns into Hannibal's face, who taunts him, and then shows his friends fighting, and losing to, the Sapphire Dragon in a showdown. When we get back to Raimundo, he and Hannibal are sitting on a couch in a room, watching it in a TV. The room could be from something in Raimundo's past, possibly his home, or something from his circus days. Hannibal continues to taunt him, and then turns into a neon-orange and black skeleton (a childhood trauma?) Raimundo runs for it, the room fading into a darkened street; this street is seen again a little later, and could mean him running away from something (possibly from home.) He turns back, and he's on a subway track, suspiciously like the one in "My Homie Omi", but that could be coincidence. A train comes, the lights turning into Hannibal's face. Raimundo insists that he's not scared, but the scene fades into the image in a mirror in Jack Spicer's lair, where Raimundo is once again looking at himself, and sees that half of his face is Hannibal's. He turns, and sees RI standing alone in a dark room from Xiaolin Temple, looking scared. Raimundo goes over to him, and hugs him; this is possibly his acceptance of his innerself. Hannibal Bean appears in the doorway, and when Kimiko is thrown out of the showdown going on, flames leap up.

    Raimundo then admits that he's scared, but decides to do something about it, and backflips onto a stone pillar from his first showdown, the one with Tubbimura. His dress, shirtless with black pants and a red sash, muscles now evident, shows his confidence. He insists that he's good enough. Hannibal then assumes the form of the monster in Kimiko's Goo Zombies showdown.

    Pausing in his showdown, Omi looks up to see the scene for himself, high in the clouds. He's confused, but can't dwell on the matter because he's in the middle of a showdown.

    Raimundo and Hannibal commence with the battle. When Hannibal attacks, Raimundo flies off, wearing pajamas, and lands on the darkened street in his normal clothes. When Hannibal snatches him up and it looks as though victory is going to the bean, Raimundo uses Wudai Star Wind, and assumes his Wudai Orion Formation shape. What this means, I don't know; probably that Raimundo can do what he wants in his dreams, but there might be more. Raimundo gets Hannibal Bean, and when he's joined and then mimicked by RI, together, they beat Hannibal and kick him out of Raimundo's head; Raimundo wakes up, the Sapphire Dragon disappears, and the monks win. They're confused, but find the answer, literally, in the clouds, where a vision of Raimundo and RI explain that they're pretty tired and want some Zs.

    The episode ends with Clay, Kimiko, and Omi, looking completely and utterly exhausted, putting the Shadow Slicer in the vault. Then a cheerful, whisteling Raimundo comes to put away the Shadow of Fear and Sapphire Dragon. He says to them that now he knows he's good enough to hang out with them, he's quite eager for morning training and going out to "kick some evil butt." He leaes, cheerful as ever, and Kimiko comments that she might miss the slacker Raimundo, just before they all collapse.

    As we can see, Raimundo has just made a major step. For a while now (I'm guessing since he didn't become an apprentice with the others, maybe even before) Raimundo has doubted himself, but now he knows he's good enough. He can say that he belongs with his friends without doubt. It also lends some insight into why he joined with Wuya. It was more than perks; it was that Wuya offered him something he couldn't refuse: becoming something his friends had (accidentally) shoved in his face.

    Yes, I know this was long, but there was so much to cover, and I even didn't get it all. I didn't even do it justice. Jack's appearance, though brief, was funny, and everyone was (thankfully) in character. Everything blended nicely, and as such I'm surprised this episode's rating isn't higher.

    Happily, this season looks like it will center on Raimundo much more. So, if they're all as good as this one, then bring on the Raimundo episodes!
  • New wu Shadow Slicer

    With the Shadow of Fear and Sapphire Dragon, Hannibal Bean enters Raimundo's mind to bring out his worst fear and use it against the monks. While they are busy fighting his fear, Bean puts his plan into motion to try and slowly break down Raimundo. The warroris now the Shadow Slicer
  • Why we like Rai the best.

    In this ep, we got a look into Rai's mind, and got to understand him more, he is absolutely the dragon with the deepest character, and obviously will be the leader of the dragons, Omi is too shallow compared to him. He can be seen sneaky and naughty, but deep down he is alot more mature than the others. And he can use his element so well, and I think he has farther powers that he hasn't revealed yet. Go Rai!!! No need to say he is the very best of the dragons.
  • Rai is sneaky, crafty, smart, but sometimes gets angry quickly but also hides his emotions, but it seems we know a lot more about him now.

    This was an informative episode, it showed us what Rai was like, it also made reappearence of the shadow of fear, and the sapphire dragon, which is good, since it\'s best to see a Sheng gon wu at least more than once in the series. Rai is an interesting character, the many episodes about him shows exactly what he is like. He is sneaky, crafty, smart, but sometimes gets angry quickly but also hides his emotions, but it seems we know a lot more about him now.
  • Okay...Confusion?

    This episode was a shame compared to last week, and Hannibal's revenge was weak.

    There was only three things good about this episode:

    1) Omi and Master Fung fighting the monster. (Very much like Omi and Chase:)

    2) Finding out that the Rai/Kimiko thing is true

    3) Some very nice eye-candy with Raimundo

    The whole dream scene was stupid, even though it had a nice idea to it, and Jack wasn't needed at all!

    All in all, a great let down!
  • Homage to my favorite movie!

    Rai once again stars in this episode, surprisingly that makes two in a row... I was under the impression that they would focus on either Clay or Kimiko this season but it seems that the creators are just switching back and forth between Omi and Rai.

    It is revealed that The Shadow of fear can be used to alter the apperance of the Sapphire dragon, I imagine that applies to all free moving shen gong wu (ie Sweet Baby).

    And the most impressive part of the episode was the allusion to Kung Fu Hustle!!!!!

    Rai like Sing (the hero in Kung Fu Hustle) had fallen to the dark side, before fullfilling his true role as hero.

    He had a scene where he gets in touch with his younger self in the end of the movie just like Rai did. Also Rai uses the "Buddha's Palm" attack from that movie!!! And he takes off his shirt when his transformation into a hero happens just like Sing.

    It was important to understand that in Rai's mind Rai has the power to alter reality just as Hannibal bean can, which is how he used all of his powers. Also it was intersting to see how in the end he was in the real world speaking through the clouds... I'm sure that's an allusion to another movie I'm not aware of. Showed his powers had evolved! :)
  • Very good Hannibal Bean/Raimundo Episode!

    It was a clever idea, first off by Hannibal Bean using the Moby Morpher to morph into a mosquito to get the few Shen-Gong-Wu he needed for his plan: Getting into Raimundo's head!

    The idea of using the Moby Morpher to morph the Sapphire Dragon into a monster from Raimundo's dreams was very good!

    The way the monks were trying to keep Raimundo woke up was hilarious. They tryed playing a game called "Dodge the bucket of Ice Water", Square Dancing, Dance Armagedon, and a lot more.

    When Raimundo well asleep the monster would terroize the monks. But when Raimundo wakes up the monster goes away.

    It was kinda confusing in Raimundo's head and when Hannibal Bean was trying to psych Raimundo out by saying bad things like "You can never be the leader".

    I like the many flashbacks we see. We see flashbacks from many episodes. It was just cool!

    Raimundo's Innerself (Little Raimundo) was pretty cute. It showed Raimundo's scared side of him.

    The showdown between the Sapphire Dragon and the Sapphire Animals vs. The Wudai Warriors for the Shadow Slicer was pretty cool!

    The Shadow Slicer is a pretty good Shen-Gong-Wu to use to trick your enemies.

    It was kinda confusing how Riamundo got outside of his head and went into the showdown. It was plain confusing.

    My favorite part of this episode was when Raimundo's Innerself and Riamundo used Wudai Star Wind as teamwork to defeat the Stalker of Raimundo's Dreams: Hannibal Bean.

  • Finally Rai gets some face time.

    only a few words I need to say about this episoide:
    (and a few questions to ask)

    1)The way that Raimundo looks into his own mind. It was nice, but that kind of thing has been done over and over again in other shows and even games

    2) I think they only put Kim in Rai's "mental" mind room because of all the KimxRai fanfics out there
    I really hope they develop that part of the storyline

    3)Questions unanswered
    If Rai had an innor pure self, where was lis darkside personality at? I would like to see that later in the storyline as well.
    Overall a good episode

  • WOW! I've been told before, but I never noticed how Rai liked Kimiko... ....Until now!

    CRAZY DUDE! The Saphire Dragon returns and battles it out with Omi, Raimundo fights Hannible, Lil' Raimundo appears, the ocean monster returns with a coat of saphire armor, and Rai "likes" Kim! The most action packed episode ever! Plus, this marks the 2nd cool showdown in a row! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH !
  • "When Rai used his Wudai power, he changed into the black Wudai outline. How did he do this without the Wudai Orion Formation?" Because Raimundo IS THE BEST!

    Raimundo is definately the character with the most depth in the series. Think about it, he could actually fly/hover when he wasn't an apprentice!

    Omi was was the first to actually use his element, Raimundo was the second.

    I've always beleived that Raimundo was the strongest of the four, spiritually and physically, but now, we actually see that Raimundo was self doubting himself ever since he was the last to become apprentice and match up to everyone. It seemed like Raimundo beleived in himself when he was with Wuya, but lost it when he was being compared to his friends.

    Hee hee Ninja Fred. X3

    Bean's plan was good I admit that, using Rai's fear, to hurt others, and tried to make Raimudno doubt himself even more. But Raimundo has already been through that, and he proved to Bean, that HE was THE BEST!

    When he turned into Wudai form, without the Orion formation, I squealed. It proves that Raimundo is really strong, and the power of wind cannot be underestimated.

    Okay, Raimundo could fly, before apprentice,
    Raimudno could use, Eye of Dashi! WIND! Before apprentice.
    He showed excellent use of his element, because it is everywhere,
    and he could use Wudai WIND! Before Wudai Level!

    Raimundo has grown, far more that Clay, Kimiko, or Omi.

    I can't wait what they're going to do next, I was hoping they would do an episode like this someday.

    EEE! We say little Raimundo! *dies of cuteness*
    He was the SWEETEST thing evar! X3

    Bottom Line, Raimudno Rules!

    Oh yeah, NEW favorite episode!
    My fav ep list:
    1. In the Flesh
    2. The Dream Stalker
    3. The Journey of a Thousand Miles
    4. Shen Yi Bu
    5. Days Past
    6. Citadel of Doom
    7. Pandatown
    8. The Last Tempation of Raimundo
    9. The Demon Seed
    10. The Return of Master Monk Guan

    And if they get to the part, when they announce the leader, and it's Omi, I'm gonna jump of a building.
  • I just spotted an homage!!! Hilarious!!!

    I'm in the middle of watching it now, and I just saw a scene where the warriors go to Jack Spicer's lair and find it in shambles.
    They kick a camera-bot and it replays the last recording (it turns out that it shows the creature attacking Jack).
    However....before it shows the creature, it shows Jack in an homage to....THE STAR WARS KID!!!!
  • Hannibal Bean gets to shine, plot actually develops further.

    This episode was phenomenal. A villain actually does what they say their going to do. I like Hannibal Bean alot more than I like Chase Young. Hannibal was DISTURBING in this episode, and Raimundo was cool as usual.

    Jack wasn't in it very much, but he got his necessary screen-time for a twisted piece like this. This was not a funny episode. A character developed! The development wasn't just "Oh, I'm not afraid anymore", either. It was realistic, though I have my suspicions for why it was so sudden.

    Wuya got her 3 seconds of fame, her place in Raimundo's history. As his temptress. She was awesome in this episode. Though I'm really wondering what's going on between her and Bean.

    I really think Raimundo and Wuya are going to show us what their made of in these next couple of episodes. They've been kinda cast aside for more majour players lately. This is going to be so sweet.

    Too bad the show is on Hiatus for a little while. Can't wait for it to be back.
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