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Xiaolin Showdown

Season 1 Episode 1

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 01, 2003 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Omi, a young Xiaolin Dragon-in-training of the water, is joined at the Xiaolin Temple by three new students each with their own elements: Kimiko, fire. Raimundo, wind. and Clay, earth. Initially, they don't get along at all, they're very different. But when the ancient evil spirit Wuya is set loose after a thousand years of imprisonment by evil boy genius, Jack Spicer. Then, Omi soon learns to appreciate his new teammates.moreless

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  • A great start to a great show!

    In this episode, we are introduced to every main character. Starting with Omi who lived at the temple his whole life meets his fellow dragons-in-training. Kimiko a techno savy girl from Japan, Raimundo a street smart circus start from Brazil, and Clay a cowboy from Texas. At first, Omi doesn't know that Kimiko, Raimundo and Clay are trainging with him not under him, with him as their teacher. So Omi talks down to them, untill he learns that they are his fellow dragons-in-trainning.

    We are also introduced to Jack Spicer, 'Evil Boy Genius' and Wuya the witch(in ghost form) who Grand Master Dashi locked up in a puzzle box but Jack opened it and freed her.moreless
  • The first episode to a great series.

    This is the story of a young monk named Omi and his three new friends, Kimiko, Raimundo, and Clay. In this episode, the evil spirit witch named Wuya escapes her puzzle box prison and forms an alliance with Jack Spicer, a young boy who dreams of ruling the earth. To rule the earth, he must venture out to find the many relics of the Shen Gong Wu. Omi, Clay, Raimundo, and Kimiko are also on a mission to find these relics. Together, they venture out with Dojo, the guardian, to find the relics before Wuya and Jack. Thanks to a Xiaolin Showdown, Omi and the gang secure the safety of the first three Shen Gong Wu relics.moreless
  • just awesome

    who woulda thunk it a not so corny series about monks and ninjas.they work with what they got and use it to the fullest from omi to raimundo the cast is wonderful and this episode introduces you to all of them.omi's reaction to the three new students is classic and hilarious as is dojo.jack spicer and wuya add to the show in a good way as do all the characters.you really feel that all the characters belong unlike some other shows and they do belong and its a shame that it was lost in the shuffle to other crap cartoons.the series could have gone for 9 seasons at least.its a shame it ended at 3moreless
  • Good beginning.

    It wasn't my favorite episode but it was almost the perfect way to start out the series. It introduced all the main characters like Omi, Clay, Kimiko, Raimundo, Jack, Master Fund, Wuya, and Dojo. It also explained the plot very well without rushing into it. They didn't take time to describe the character's personalities but you could tell buy their cleverly, well written script. I also showed my favorite character at his dorkiest. Jack Spicer! It showed that he was a goof ball but had the potential to be a force to br reconed with. Even though he isn't that bright.moreless
  • The premiere episode of Xiaolin Showdown!

    I remember a few years back, when the show first came out, I wasn't interested at all.

    Now, I'm hooked on the show and sadly, the show has come to its conclusion and it has been canceled. I caught this episode on the season one DVD.

    I must admit it, most pilot episodes aren't great, but this episode was an exception. Within ten minutes of the show, the viewers are introduced with the characters and plot.

    The storyline was extremely easy to follow, which I found quite fascinating. Again, most "long-term cartoons" can be quite hard to follow.

    This episode was great. The most proof I can give you on this is that the show made it into my Top-10 Favorite Shows List after I saw this episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • Kimiko is wearing a blue sleeveless turtle neck top with a red star in the middle, long white fingerless gloves, red and white skirt, white socks up to her knees, blue leggings and red and white shoes. Her hair style is short, layered, blonde with a blue hair wrap in the back that goes past her waist

    • In the very beginning when the scroll is about to tell Dashi's origin, the full moon in the window drastically changes its location in the sky.

    • During this epsiode, it is said that ownership of Shen-Gong-Wu balances the forces of Xiaolin and Heylin Warriors. Wuya specificly said that the more Shen-Gong-Wu she had, the stronger she'd be. This aspect has little relevance later in the series, as there are many instances where either side has grealty outnumbered the number of Shen-Gong-Wu on the other side and has shown little to no evident proof.

    • Dashi's battle against Wuya is much different then it appears on the scroll than it does in Time After Time(2). They two enemies should not be standing on a stormy cliff, as in that epsiode, they are standing in a rather mild field. Master Monk Guan, Chase Young, Omi, Dojo should be included as well. Dashi and Wuya did not use lightning blasts nor Shen-Gong-Wu in the actual battle. Also, in the actual battle, Wuya is turned into her ghostly form before being sucked into the magical Puzzle Box.

    • We find out from Master Fung that Dojo's full name is Dojo Kanojocho.

    • At the begining of the episode, the top tower at the temple has windows, but at the end, it doesn't.

    • Wuya's name in Chinese means "crow".

    • If Dashi and Dojo were supposed to hide all of the Shen-Gong-Wu, why is the Eye of Dashi just hanging on a tree branch in plain sight?(Response: Many fans believe that the Eye of Dashi was buried underground, and was strung to the tree after it's growth. People often consider human or animal interference).

    • While walking outside, Kimiko asks the others if there's an internet connection at the temple so she can text-message her friends. She quickly assumes there's not and says that it's okay, she'll just use wi-fi. But since wi-fi routers only have a range of a few hundred feet, how could she be using wi-fi if the temple doesn't have a connection?

    • How would the Warriors already know their combat moves if Master Fung hasn't tought them anything yet? (Reply: Kimiko, Raimundo and Clay were brought to the temple with previous knowledge of martial arts.)

    • In this episode, the Mantis Flip Coin is the size of a regular coin... and you just activate it. In later episodes it is bigger than your hand. (Reply: Shen-Gong-Wu change size frequently and randomly)

    • Why does Jack claim to have defeated Omi when there are clearly a few more pillars to go before he reaches the Eye of Dashi? Admittedly, Jack is given to excessive gloating, but this borders on the ridiculous.

    • Omi must be really strong. The Two-Ton Tunic probably isn't really two tons, but it's heavy enough to make Omi fall over when he activates it, and yet he managed to jump from pillar to pillar with it active during the showdown. (Reply: the weight of the tunic would pull him towards the next pillars. "it's not the size of your weight, it's how you throw it around" shows this.)

    • When Omi is 'walking' on his two fingers and says to his fellow Warriors that they may want to start with three, his head jerks and then goes back to normal in a split second.

    • Kimiko grew up in Japan, so why doesn't she have an accent? Omi, Clay, and Raimundo have accents.
      (Reply: As her father is a businessman, it's likely that she encountered Americans in her early years.)

    • When Jack summons his robots, his mouth doesn't move.

    • The Eye of Dashi is shown as a pendant hanging on a string. But in later episodes, it is merely a hand-held object. (Reply: The string was simply removed. The hole it went through is still there.)

    • Before the start of the showdown for the Eye of Dashi, Jack says, "I accept your challenge, Omi," but how did Jack know Omi's name? It was not said to him or anywhere around him.

  • QUOTES (31)

    • Omi: I must remember to honor the power of the off switch.

    • Dojo: (eyeing Wuya) Wuya!? Wow! The years have not been kind to you.
      Wuya: Mind your tongue reptile!

    • Jack: (to Wuya) You never mentioned freaks in pajamas would be looking for the Shen-Gong-Wu too.

    • Kimiko: Ha! Spicer better watch his back, because this round is ours!

    • Omi: (holding the Two Ton Tunic) Jack Spicer: today victory is mine!
      Clay: (seeing Jack's robots) Better not count your chickens before they hatch.

    • Omi: Jack Spicer forgets that I have my own Shen-Wong-Wu: Two Ton Tunic! (tunic becomes two tons and Omi falls over) Of course, I forgot the Two Ton Tunic is very heavy.

    • Jack: Jack-bots! Don't care, don't wanna know how, just make him gone!

    • Jack: Now that I've defeated you, perhaps you'll respect the genius of Jack Spicer.
      Omi: Respect this! (Omi pulls Jack's pants down)

    • Kimiko: How do we find the Shen Gong Wu?
      Master Fung: Dojo, you helped Master Dashi hide the Shen Gong Wu.
      Dojo: Yeah, but that was a long time ago. You can't possibly expect me to remem- (He twitches then points) This way.
      Raimundo: Riiight. We're suppose to take directions from a gecko.
      Dojo: Gecko?! (He turns into a large dragon) DON'T... EVER... CALL ME A GECKO!
      Raimundo: (Stuttering) M-M-My mistake.

    • Raimundo (holding Dojo): If I was a lightning shooting Shen Gong Wu, where would I be?
      Dojo: Close. You'd be close.

    • Kimiko: I'm sending a message to a friend in Tokyo.
      Omi: Is it a secret message?
      Kimiko: No... I'm just telling her I met a very strange kid who apperently doesn't know about personally space issues.
      Omi: Really!? Who?
      (Omi points at Raimundo)
      Omi: Is it that guy?

    • Master Fung: Learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere.

    • (After Raimundo has turned off the power on Kimiko's video game)
      Omi: My friend has been taken by the dark forces!

    • Dojo: Calling it quits kid? That Lotus Strike looked like it was pulling to the left.

    • Omi: Yes, but I have been chosen to become one. And that means striving forth and obtaining perfection.
      Master Fung: It also means having the sense to get out of the rain. Come young monk, there are things I must tell you.

    • Master Fung: Omi, time to come in young monk.
      Omi: But Master Fung! My Lotus Strike ends an eighth of an inch to the left, as the Xiaolin Dragon of the Water.

    • Omi: Can I teach them how to walk on their fingers, master?

    • Omi: I deserve some respect!
      Raimundo: Respect this!
      (Raimundo pulls Omi's pants down)
      Kimiko: (on her cellphone) No way! The Brazilian kid just Pantsed the bald kid!

    • Omi: Listen to the fierce cheetah method of fighting. I defy you to catch me! Witness the speed of a cheetah. I am dazzling and confounding you. And now I am … Hey!
      (Clay lassoes Omi by the leg and pulls him towards himself)
      Clay: Hope I haven't mucked up y'er lesson too much, little feller … just can't resist a challenge.

    • Omi: Look, my new friend cooperates when I push the buttons! (Raimundo switches the video game off) No!! My friend Po-chi has been taken by the dark forces of evil!
      Kimiko: (goes over to Raimundo and punches him in the arm, retrieving the game) "Don't mess with the monk."

    • Dojo: Can't believe I went from temple guardian to baby-sitter in less than a day.

    • Omi: And so our grand quest begins. Follow me ... to victory! (Offscreen) I have no idea where I'm going.

    • Raimundo: I have a question.
      Master Fung: Yes, Raimundo?
      Raimundo: I saw my room, and no bed. Just a mat. What the dealy? (They all stare at him) Umm ... we can talk later.

    • Jack: I want to rule the whole world! All of it! Not some of it! Not just Iceland or Fiji! I want to rule the whole world!
      Jack-bot: Pardon me, sir.
      Jack: What?! Can't you see I'm on an evil rant here?!

    • Omi: (balances body on two fingers) The key is balance. If you are beginner, you may want to start with three fingers.

    • Omi: (to new students) Welcome, my new and strangely attired friends!

    • Clay: It's not your weight, it's how you throw it around.

    • Omi: (Clay falls on Omi) Kindly remove your gigantic self off the top of my body!

    • Jack: (referring to the Eye of Dashi) Hey, what's with the glowing?
      Omi: It is a Xiaolin Showdown!

    • Raimundo: You know what I just realized? Master Fung never answered my question about the bed.

    • Master Fung: The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.
      Dojo: Where do you get this stuff?
      Master Fung: I have a desk calendar.

  • NOTES (14)


    • R2D2

      The noises the Jackbots make when Jack orders them to attack Omi resemble R2D2 from star wars

    • Wuya is a little like Shendu from Jackie Chan Adventures, Wuya was once all powerful, just like Shendu, and they are now powerless and need artifacts with magis powers to fully revive them, and the talismans(Shen Gong Wu) were spread hidden across the globe for centuries. Unlike Shendu, Wuya is a ghost and was defeated by a Xiaolin Dragon,not an immortal, and Shendu was a demon, not a witch. So,a few similarities reside with Wuya and Shendu.

    • The episode title is drawn from Lao Tzu's famous quote: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step".

    • Pac-Man

      Kimiko's game Po-Chi has the similarities of the classic Pac-Man game.

    • In the showdown, Jack against Omi. When Jack tells the Jack bots to attack, they make a beeping sound similar to R2D2 in Star Wars.

    • Jack Spicer:
      Jack Spicer (1925-1965) was an American poet and dramatist who was key in the San Fransico Renaissance.

    • Jack Spicer: Similarities
      Jack Spicer not only has red hair like Hotstreak( from "Static Shock") and is rich like Montana Max (from "Tiny Toon Adventures"), but they are all on the same channel and voiced by Danny Cooksey (not surprisingly, a redhead himself).

    • Reference: Dojo.
      Dojo is very similiar to the dragon Mushu in the Walt Disney Motion Picture Mulan & Mulan 2 .

    • Reference: Dragon of the Wind.
      Dragon of the Wind is similar to Kagura, the Wind Sorceress power, in Inuyasha.