Xiaolin Showdown

Season 3 Episode 7

The Return of Master Monk Guan

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 19, 2005 on The WB

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  • Evil Raimundo strikes (again)!

    So, Rai went to the dark side again. but the gd thing about this is that he didnt turn evil because of Omi. And yes, they answered my 1 day wish that Omi and Rai has a xiaolin showdown (i watched the that 4 part episode where rai worked for whats her name and the next day i found out another episode where Rai turns evil) but in the end, we found out that Rai wasnt evil! he was like a double agent which is kinda of a good thing this time. so cheers
    for rai! whopee!

    2 words: Raimundo pwns!!!
  • In order to defeat Hannibal Roy Bean, the young monks have been sent to another temple to b trained by Master Monk Guan.

    I'm no Sigmund Freud or anything but I think Master Monk Guan has image issues. What made me think that you ask? Well I guess it's because of all of those statues of him in the main meditation room and that jade figure of him at the dining temple. Oh and let's not forget those statues of him in the Xiaolin Temple hallway when he was accidently on the Heylin side due to Omi polluting the space time continum. Beside that, this episode was pretty good, I would give it five out of five stars and two thumbs up. It deserves an enmmy.
  • sweet

    Shows perfectly how much Raimundo has to take throughout the series, and helps to develop him even further. I must say I was surprised to see Master Monk Guan acting this way, and a little sad to see it going mostly against Raimundo, but was also what made this episode exciting and great.

    Master Monk Guan sure found out a nice way to take the Treasure of the Blind Swordsman from Hannibal Roy Bean, using the only monk to turn evil willingly, Raimundo, also being one who has to take alot of things throughout the series, usually from Omi when he rants about how great and mighty he is.
  • Cheers for an exciting episode!

    Shows perfectly how much Raimundo has to take throughout the series, and helps to develop him even further. I must say I was surprised to see Master Monk Guan acting this way, and a little sad to see it going mostly against Raimundo, but was also what made this episode exciting and great.

    Master Monk Guan sure found out a nice way to take the Treasure of the Blind Swordsman from Hannibal Roy Bean, using the only monk to turn evil willingly, Raimundo, also being one who has to take alot of things throughout the series, usually from Omi when he rants about how great and mighty he is.
  • thats shows you riamudo is beter than omi yes omi sinks riamudo rocks

    i hate omi alot he is a major jerk and he always thinks hes better than any one ha he is so not when I first watch this I thot lucky for the xialon monks but then later wen gaun did that wiake up call i fellt sorry for the xialon monks and ria i hated gaun for that but when i relies its was a trick to omi kimko and clay i was happy and omi got beat up for nothing yay thats my review bye.
  • GO Rai go Rai! You are the next Shoku warrior! Alright! YOu can do! Shut that obnoixo Omi up for good!

    Yet another Great Rai episode! Oh he so fine! Omi has got to stop thinking he the greatest thing since slice bread! Anyone else think Rai would make a hell of a Heylin Guy? He got the edge he a great fighter and he knows how to work it on all leaves! He is so cool! I wish her were on the dark side. He so sexy! Why is it that animated boys like him make me go all cazy?! Life is so not fair!
  • Raimundo and Omi shine. A very rare, unique, and special episode.

    This episode was great, staring with how humorous it was. Raimundo was nicknamed "Bobo" by Master Monk Guan, which is funny enough, but the military style training Guan offered was very funny as well.

    The real greatness of this episode truly shined in the Xiaolin Showdown between Omi and Raimundo. Raimundo forfiets to Omi in the showdown, but not before the Xiaolin and Hannibal Roy Bean increase the stakes to all of their Shen Gon Wu, tricking Hannibal into giving away all of his Shen Gon Wu. The fight between Omi and Raimundo was fantastic. I'm glad someone finally stuck a fight between the two of them. It has never been fully stated which monk is better. Raimundo has won this showdown against Omi, but it's more than likely he won because he had the Fancy Feet. When Omi went Heylin, he defeated Raimundo, but this is because he used his Heylin Powers. Raimundo's character starts to grow on me as I watch the 3rd season, and Omi is starting to grow self-concieted and egotistical. Even though Raimundo is a close second to my favorite character, I still believe that Omi is the most skilled, because he was doing well in the Showdown before Raimundo used the Fancy Feet, and because Chase Young is so intent on turning him to the darkside.

    To put it simply... See this episode. I promise you you'll be talking about it the next day at the water cooler.
  • To improve their chances of defeating Hannibal Bean, Master Fung sends the monks to train at Monk Guan's, but little do they know that Bean is cloer than they think.

    This episode was basically a filler, as many are in animated shows, but there were the odd bits that saved it from mediocrity and brought it up out of the barrel. First off, we get a better look at Raimundo's skills; apparently so good that no one's aware that he's using them! And I had to admit I was surprised; I knew Rai would be playing Bean and help the monks, but I wouldn't have guessed that he'd planned the whole thing with Guan. It was actually an ingenious plan!

    Also, I found myself cracking up at the different sentimental moments between Fung and Dojo. The 'cheesy sayings' folder coupled with Fung's wide-eyed response to having his wise sources 'exposed' was hilarious as it showed another aspect to Fung's character. And the Fung doll Dojo carried along with the pair's pictures (my favourite was the roller coaster one) really created a humorous and loveable past for the odd friends.

    And Hannibal, I have to admit that I'm not crazy about an evil bean for a villain, but it's worth it to here the voice Tom Kenny uses for him. Nothing against TK, but I've been used to his higher pitched voices (Penguin, Spongebob, Mumbo Jumbo) so hearing a deeper, southern, actually dark voice worked very well. And in my bloated opinion, the voice of Hannibal Roy Bean is the finest vocal performance I've heard from him. And the huge suit he used (I'm sure my brother realized that it looked like Sauron from LOTR) was awesome and the echo it carried even evolved the voice.

    And for another humor moment, 'Bobo' really had me. Mostly for hearing such a disciplined voice like Guan deciding and constantly calling someone that.

    And now the negatives: First, like I aforementioned, this was pretty much a filler, besides the earlier notes, nothing happened save another predictible and It-happens-every-episode Showdown and the retrieval of an earlier lost Wu. Next was probably the overall lack of evil in this episode. No Jack (this is apparently the first episode where that happened), no Wuya and no Chase. Don't get me wrong; you have to break from the regulars every now and then or you get sick of them. But since Bean can't really fight and it was all too foreseen that Raimundo was faking evil, there was really no threat in this episode, save maybe for the Treasure of the Blind Swordsman, and that was it!

    Overall, good for a filler, but still lacking where they need most.
  • One of the best episodes I've seen this series =D

    Well what can I say? This is exactly why I love xiaolin showdown.
    A) The episode wasn't all about Omi though at first it would seem to be
    B) It was a Raimundo episode showing he can be just as good ;3
    C) Well it was a great episode

    The fight with Omi was awsome. Raimundo kicked Omi's butt badly. Rai may have had better wu but wudai star wind really dominated Water there. The rather obvious ending and how Raimundo pwned Omi right left and center made this a personal fave. So long as kimiko stays away after Dream Stalker and i'll be rooting for Raimundo all the way. Woo hoo =D
  • Master Monk Guan Return

    In preparation for going up against Hannibal Bean, Master Fung sends the Warriors and Dojo to a new temple, which turns out to be run by Master Monk Guan. Due to the arduous training and hostility with Guan, Raimundo quits and seemingly joins Hannibal Bean. That get back the treasure of the blind swordman
  • The Plot was so-so. The showdown rocked!

    This episode was okay.

    The problem was that there was No Funny Jack, No Cool Chase and No Annoying Wuya. Those characters were what basically made an episode an episode.

    The plot was so-so. The monks go to Master Monk Guans temple to train. Master Monk Guan was more strict then I remember.

    The funny part was when Raimundo was asking questions over and over and Master Monk Guan gave him the name: BoBo.

    I seriously thought that Raimundo had turned evil again. Joining Hannibal Bean, Stealing Shen-Gong-Wu, Beating up his friends. But it happened to be all just a big plot by Master Monk Guan and Raimundo. Very clever!

    The Showdown was excellent. Raimundo vs. Omi. The animation in the showdown was excellent as well. Just the way that the two look battling in there Showdown Armor was cool. Hannibal Beans Armor was also very cool!

    The Fancy Feet Shen-Gong-Wu is yet another one of my favorite Shen-Gong-Wu. This Shen-Gong-Wu can make you run faster then anyone in the world. Pretty awesome! I also like the way the Fancy Feet look like. Really cool.
  • A good plot but presented badly

    Sure its all good when there is an episode that is not focused on Omi, but the episiode could and should have been significantly better.

    -Rai is very believeable (at first)in his con because he cries
    -Episode not Omi dominated
    -The showdown was decent

    -The way Rai just says okay to evil just did not seem believeable. He did not say something like well... when Bean asked him made it seem really fake
    -The sheng gong wu that Rai used was sugnificantly better then that of Omi's wu. Sure you see Rai beat up Omi, but thats only because Rai had a much better wu. Early on before Rai used it Omi was basically kicking Rai left and right.
    -Finally what is with the mutiple spear of Guans?
    whats the point of getting the first one back from Chase if MMG had so many

  • A hilarious episode, even w/o Jack.

    Wow! What can I say? THe past few episodes havent been all that great. But this episode..wow! It was amazing. The scenes were all hilarious and that last Xiaolin Showdown/Time out/ Shen Yi Bu all in was great and the whole Raimundo and Master Monk Guan scheme was very clever and unexpeected. I loved this episode. It can only get better.
  • Temptation of the Dark Side seeminly strikes again...

    This particular episode brought into light something many who watch the show might have been wondering, exactly how committed is Raimundo too the Xaiolin cause? Seeing him leave once before to join forces with Wuya, although it had not happened since, one had to wonder if the dark side still existed in Raimundo. The writers of this particular episode were clever, however, using that knowledge to tempt us into believing that Raimundo had indeed left the warriors for what he thought was the easier route once again. Nevertheless, the entire scenario was a plot created by Master Monk Guan to have the Dragon of Wind help him return the Shen-Gong-Wu that Hannibal Bean had in his possession.

    In this episode we get too see once again the competition that is held between Omi and Raimundo. I believe that every fan of the series at one point or another wishes they could see the two of them having a one on one battle to the finish. The two characters seem to be complete polar opposites, while at the same time disturbingly similar. Both have been on the 'serious' dark side at least once, both have an ego, and both are highly skilled warriors. The tension between the two is something I personally will never grow old of seeing, and I look forward to a serious battle between the two in the future.

    Personally, I'm glad that Raimundo did not switch over to the dark side again, for then it would just be the same plot playing over again way too soon in the series before it could be 'allowed' to happen again. This episode is showing again the maturity that is manifesting inside of our young Brazilian, and the show just seems to get better from here.
  • Raimundo Vs. Omi! Monks are taking it up a notch!

    This episode was hilarious! It also marks a new chapter in the monks' lives. They have moved on from "grade school" to "high school", with new teachers and new experiences.

    Though I missed Chase in this episode, I wasn't quite missing Jack and Wuya. Though they make the episodes funny, they would have just messed up the atmosphere in the one.

    Master Monk Guan stole the show! He was cracking me up left and right! His military style as well as the monks trying to adjust had me spliting my sides! The push-ups, the 3 am rises, the 5-mile runs, the training until you drop, all funny! :P

    Then on top of all that, the fight between Omi and Raimundo was great! I've been waiting for SOMEONE to kick Omi's butt! It was even better that it was Rai! And on top of that, he beat the rest of his teammates!

    (And did anyone see how Master Monk Guan's move on Raimundo was almost exactly like the one Chase did to Jack in The New Order?)

    I wasn't to suprised at the ending. I knew Rai wouldn't leave so easily a second time. But it was nice to see they had a plan from the very beginning instead of taking things as they go.

    Of all the characters, the only one who didn't quite belong was Hannibal Bean. That little bird-snack is irritating and is no way as powerful as the villians before him. Even Jack could beat him if he wasn't so scared. Hello! Just step on him! Duh!

    In my opinion, Chase has been the best villian so far. He would help the monks a WHOLE lot if they could bring him to the side of good. I think there is some relationship between him and the monks, particularlly Omi. It would suprise me, if he's one of the links to Omi's past. ;)
  • The monks are now with Master Monk Guan. They are being trained to take on Hannibal Bean. So Raimundo and Master Monk devise a plan in secret to get the Treasure of the Blind swordsman. New rules to a showdown is reavealed. Fancy feet are also revealed. G

    I bet no one expected what happened to happen at the end. It was all a trick just to get back the treasure of the blind swordsman. What a nice episodes.I did miss Wuya and Jack. Fancy Feet what a catchy name. I wonder what happenes next. I am sure something big will go down it now 4 villians vs. 4 monks.
  • i LOVE Master Monk Gwan, but.....

    this episode made him(master monk qwan) seem to mean, like some dude from the army. that was cool. But....for a second thier i felt bad for Rai. i almost cried,...uh,...you didn\\\'t just read that....any ways, omi was to \\\"ha ha, in you face\\\" to rai. kim and clay barly said anything and my sister (butterflyie) got all ticked off cuz thier was no JACK SPICER in this episode...yeah, she took it out on me.

    but in the end everyone was happy, omi got beat up (sad for me, good for some) rai got A spear of gwan. kim....uh...looked cute. :P and clay....uh..used the BIG_BANG_METEORANG. well everyone but butterflyie, jack wasn\\\'t even mention in this episode. i guess it was okay becuase \\\"oil in the family\\\" was mainly JACK. well thanks for readin, c ya :D
  • I can't hate Because it focuses around Raimundo, but they way the approached the plot of the episode was dissappointing.

    First of all:


    The series started at the Xiaolin Temple, and it should end at the Xiaolin Temple!!

    There is some ray of hope though, Master Fung said he would be there when they got back, so hopefully they will go back and SOON!

    Bean sucks. That's it. He's not as funny as Jack, he's not as bewitching as Wuya, and he isn't as devious as Chase Young.

    He's like the dullest villan evar. Even Drakken could beat him.

    Good side, we saw Raimundo beat up Omi,
    Oh how I've LONGED for that.

    In my opinion Raimundo should have really been evil, but not because of Bean. But then again, he did keep his promise,
    "I'll do whatever I can to make it right again."

    He should become evil, but with a better reason.

    And Igauna totally peaved me off by calling Raimundo Bobo. and even OMI caleld him Bobo. I'm really glad Raimundo kicked Omi's butt. And it turns out that Raimundo and Guan had a plan, but still, when did they talk?

    Bean should so stay in that armor of his. I would eat Bean for breakfeast, and beans are on of my least favorite food.

    Beacuse it's a Raimundo episode, it's against my nature to hate it, but it still dissapointing plot wise.
  • Rehashes of old scenes make me sad, and so do Wuya and Jack not being in episodes.

    Hannibal Roy Bean. The supposed "Ultimate Evil villain". He's not as funny as Jack, not as cunning and wity as Wuya, nor as crafty or powerful as Chase Young. He has no place, really. And is rather dull.

    This was a decent episode, the ending ended up being pretty predictable but you know, whatever. I think I like Master Fung more than Master Monk Guan, but I'm sure Master Monk Guan will bring something interesting to the table.

    The only issues I had with this episode were:

    *How could HRB know when a Shen Gon Wu was activated? Only Wuya and Dojo can sense them, and if Hannibal Bean was still teamed up with Wuya they both would have been there.

    *The scene where Hannibal Bean confronts Raimundo. It was almost exactly the same as the one where Wuya confronted him in Rio.

    *Lack of Wuya altogether. I like the character, I want to see where she's going this season.

    *Lack of Jack. While Wuya has been absent in episodes before (and disappeared half-way through others.) Jack was sorely missed by me and many other viewers I am sure.

    *The scene where Raimundo forfeits the Showdown. "NOOOOO!!" Was exactly the same in Citadel of Doom. I hate rehashing good plots and scenes with half-baked characters, personally.

    *The fact that Bean suddenly wants revenge on Raimundo for costing him his Shen Gon Wu. While Wuya didn't even MENTION Raimundo's betrayal in Shard of Lightning. (And hasn't since)

    Some good things:

    *The fact that Guan outsmarted Bean. Way to put the villain in his place!!

    *Bean was still fairly cool in this episode, despite not being as awesome as Wuya.

    Nothing as funny as last week's, but I'm hoping for some Wuya and Bean team-up next week. (Seeing we've delved into both villains over the last two episodes.)

    Overall, pretty average. Though still much, much better than anything season 2 had to offer after Citadel of Doom.