Xiaolin Showdown

Season 2 Episode 3

The Shard of Lightning

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 25, 2004 on The WB
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The Shard of Lightning
After Katnappé releases Wuya from the puzzle box, the two form an unhealthy alliance. Jack builds another robot, but this time, it's a clone of himself, who is much quicker, smarter, and gets all the good jokes. Jack and his clone use the newest Shen-Gong-Wu, Shard of Lightning, to freeze time and quickly steal most of the Warriors' Shen-Gong-Wu. The Warriors must think of a plan to stop them, while Wuya starts to regret teaming up with Katnappé.moreless

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  • This episode just doesn't leave an impression.

    Okay, let me clear things up. This is an Omi episode featuring Jack Spicer at his worst when Jack creates a replica of himself. I think that is the main gist of the story. Not my kind of cool action flick. In fact, I think this episode is really daft and I thought it would be something good after Citadel Of Doom. Well, I guess I am wrong and this is an anticlimax. Still, the robot was kinda awesome except that he still lost in the end. No substance, just a Shen Gong Wu as its episode name (that's the worst kind of mane you can give.)moreless
  • i is a good episode i thought it was cool

    it is an awsome episode i thought it was cool. I liked it when the xialon dragons used there powers. this episode was a good episode. like when jack was going super fast and nailed omi's shoes, pulled down his pants it was hilarious. Also the thing is master fung's voice changed. His old voice was better. it was also better when wu-yah was imprisoned in the box. It was a really i mean really good episode i thought it was really enjayable. I'm sure all of you will enjoy it because i di gotta run bye well any way enjoy the episode. also can you tell mehow to watch these episodes that i would apprieciate byemoreless
  • It's a good episode to "begin" the second season, since the previous episode only concluded the last season.

    This is one of my favorite episodes, since it's got sooo much Jack in it. And double the Jack, double the fun. We find out that in this episode, Katnappe frees Wuya from her puzzle box, only to fail in retreaving the new Shen Gong Wu-- The Shard of Lightning. The victor of the prize? None other than a super souped up Jack Spicer: Faster, Better Moves, Better Disses. It turns out that it was only a Robot Jack built of himself, a modified and better version of himself. The two team up and steal most of the Xiaolin Warrior's Shen Gong Wu, and are about to take the other newly activated Wu-- The Silver Manta Ray-- when they are stopped by Omi, who challenges them to a Xiaolin Showdown. They do this seperately, because Robo-Jack "Showdown Crosses" Jack. In the end, Omi wins the Manta Ray, the Shard of Lightning, and the Shrowd of Shadows.moreless
  • Wuya is back and the new wu is the shrd of lightning.

    Katnappé releases Wuya from the puzzle box. Jack builds another robot, but this time, it's a clone of himself, who is much quicker, smarter, and gets all the good jokes. Jack and his clone use the newest Shen-Gong-Wu, Shard of Lightning, to freeze time and quickly steal most of Kimko, Raimundo, Omi and Clay's Shen-Gong-Wu. The Omi,Clay. Kimiko and Raimundo must think of a plan to stop them, while Wuya starts to regret teaming up with Katnappé. My favorite part of this episode is when Jack makes pranks on Raimundo, Omi, Kimiko and Clay. I hope you liked this episode very much.moreless
  • The Shard is defineately my Wu! With it I would be invulnerable! Mwahahahaha! Good episode, I must say. Best of season 2 if you ask me (which you probably won\'t).

    Top episode, baby! I can\'t find words! I love it, but I doubt the fact that in half the showdowns they\'ll be able to breathe, like in the 30 foot tree in this episode. Alas, I\'m a beliver! Anyway, think of the endless possibilities that episode makes with the Shard. For example, the monks could do what the Jacks did to them. AND the Shard should be capable of beating any form of Mala Mala Jong as you can take the Emperor Scorpion off whoever is holding it, but that\'s another story. Also, the Silver Manta Ray is useful, as it is used in other episodes countless times onward and probably continue throughout season 4 if it\'s made.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • If Raimundo isn't a Xiaolin apprentice, how is he able to use his Xiaolin element like all the others?

    • Omi, Clay and Kimikos belts are blue but Raimundo's is black which is a higher level than blue in martial arts. ((This is a fictional world, they aren't doing the martial arts we know. Raimundo hasn't gotten to apprentice yet, so his belt remains the color it had been since the first episode: black.))

    • When Jack is talking about what you can't trust, his thumb is black.

    • When the showdown between Omi and the 2 Jacks is first challenged robot Jack is in front of regular Jack and normal Jack is infront robot Jack in the next scene.

    • How was Jack able to move so quickly when he was dodging Omi's attacks? He didn't have the Shard at the time, and that wasn't the robot counterpart since he was going for the Shard.

    • At the end where the monks say "Shard of Ligtning" at the same time, Kimiko's nose is missing.

    • When Omi and the two Jack Spicers are having a Xiaolin Showdown Trio, Omi uses the Tongue of Saiping and an elephant comes to fight off the Jack-double. How is this possible since the Xiaolin Showdown Trio is held atleast 30 feet up in the air? There is no way an elephant could climb that high up.

    • When Clay is sparring against Kimiko he uses the Mantis Flip Coin. Didn't Jack have the Mantis Flip Coin?

    • Raimundo's new attack, Typhoon Boom, is named after a natural disaster involving water while Omi's (Tornado Strike) is named after one involving wind.

    • How come Raimundo can do the Typhoon Boom move perfectly in this episode, yet the other Warriors doubt he can pull it off in Pandatown?

    • When the camera zooms in on Raimundo's face, his red robes are just barely shown around his shoulders. However, when he jumps down, he's wearing his normal clothes.

    • After the two Jacks freeze time by using the Shard, we see Omi holding three feathers in his hand. In the next shot, Omi is actually holding the Golden Tiger Claws. The animators screw up on the first design?

    • Clay is partnered up against Kimiko for training. But Clay says that he won't fight a girl? Even if it's only training, he is still "fighting" her. (Reply: The whole honor and not fighting a girl thing only qualifies in an actual, intent to hurt someone fight. Training is fully acceptable, as Clay is not intending on hurting Kimiko and is actually helping her to improve form.)

  • QUOTES (15)

    • (Omi notices that Wuya was released from the Chinese Puzzle Box again)
      Omi: Wuya?!
      Wuya: You didn't think I was gonna stay in that box forever, did you?
      Omi: Well, another 1500 years would have been nice.

    • Omi: (to Jack) I would not count my ducks before they emerge from their shells.
      Raimundo: That wasnt even close!

    • Katnappé: (to Wuya about Jack and Robo-Jack) Forget it, I quit! Nothing's worse than listening to the whiney twins in stereo!

    • Omi: (to Robo-Jack) How do you stop an elephant from charging? You do not!

    • Omi: I challenge you, Jack Spicer and you, Jack Spicer Double to a showdown Trio! I wager the Tongue of Saiping!
      Jack: I wager the Shard of Lightning!
      Robo-Jack: I wager the Shroud of Shadows!
      Jack: (whining) I change my mind! I want the Shroud of Shadows!
      Robo-Jack: Too late! It's already mine!

    • Kimiko: Come on, Rai, the quicker we do our chores, the more time we have to hang.
      Omi: Oh, yes! But I might choose a different activity.

    • Katnappé: Well, evil can wait until my nails dry.

    • Master Fung: (to Raimundo) Overconfidence can be more dangerous than a lack of confidence.

    • Jack: (to Omi) Out of my way, oh great bald one.

    • Omi: My pants! My shoes! A squirrel?.... A squirrel!

    • Omi: I am willing to bet my bottom that is where our Shard is.
      Kimiko: Uh, that's your bottom dollar.
      Omi: That makes no sense at all.

    • Omi: Wuya?!
      Wuya: You didn't think I'd stay in that box forever, did you?
      Omi: Well, another 1500 years would've been nice!

    • Katnappé: First, I only work one hour a day, weekends and holidays off.
      Wuya: What?
      Katnappé: Next, I want a condo. Oceanview, and it's gotta allow pets. And I'll need some new clothes and a car. A cat-illac. Are you getting all this down?
      Wuya: Ah. The things I do for evil.

    • Omi: I would not count my ducks before they emerge from their shells!
      Raimundo: That wasn't even close.

    • Dojo: Remember, it is better to have lost the Shen-Gong-Wu than never to have won one at all.
      Kimiko: No, it isn't.
      Dojo: I didn't have much time to prepare.

  • NOTES (17)


    • New Abilities:
      The monks' new abilities are very similar to the bending arts in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    • When Wuya says, "The things I do for evil" it is a reference to Courage the cowardly dog's favorite saying "the things I do for love".

    • When Omi says, "I would not count my ducks before the emerge from their shells" he is referring to the saying, "Don't count your chickens before they hatch."

    • Jacks: You talking to me? Or are you talking to me?
      This quote is a reference to the movie, Taxi Driver with Robert De Niro and Peter Boyle. It was said by De Niro and has been popular in TV shows and movies ever since.