Xiaolin Showdown

Season 3 Episode 12

Time After Time (1)

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM May 06, 2006 on The WB
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Time After Time (1)
Master Fung tells the monks that the leader will be revealed after they do their last quest. Omi decides to go back in time and stop Chase from entering the Heylin side. Realizing that he needs the Sands of Time, Omi freezes himself for 80 years in order to talk to his old self.moreless

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  • A scary future.

    The first time I watched this episode; I totally freaked out when I saw the old Clay, Kimiko, and Raimundo. Since then, whenever I watch this episode again and get to the part where Omi finds the old Raimundo, Kimiko, and Clay, I cover my eyes until Omi travels to the past, 1500 years into the past. Although, Raimundo did have leadership potential whether he is old or young. And Omi well...he's not much of a thinker and a team player, I mean hello, he was frozen for eighty years and totally messed up the future because he wasn't there to help his friends. But it's not his fault, afterall, he is a child.moreless

    This was undouebtedly a great episode, what with Omi and Dojo discovering a dark future where Jack Spicer is "Supreme Overlord of the World", or something like that. (Gee. Ego much?)

    Anyway, this episode had lots of action, like an old and decrepit Master Fung easily beating the robot lions, and at the end, where Chase Young ripped the beat several rock creatures, even pulling one's heart out!

    A must-see episode. Omi is stupid he should have went into the um i have no idea im just talking so omi shouldnt have gone so he should have though of something else like the worlds biggest bugmoreless
  • part 1 crule but part 2 is amazing

    this part just has some problems omi is enoying I want to punch him and it is crul and dark old jack spicer kills old riamundo , old kimko and old clay jack stomps old raimundo with a giant robots he shoots clay with a lazer beem and he does somthing to kimiko to kill her crul for a kids show but part 2 was one of the best episodes ever part 2 is a perfect ending to xiaolin showdown part 1 has a little problems but its not bad it's alright but part 2 is awesome.moreless
  • The new leader will be...

    Master Fungi has told the monks that before the new leader will be chosen, they have one more task to complete. They all have to come up with and fulfill their own quest.

    Omi, in his usual over-achieving attitude, decides to travel back in time to make sure that Chase Young never becomes evil. This way he will eliminate a major enemy. He soon realizes that the sands of time, a time traveling shen gong wu, is hidden in the future. So Omi decides to freeze himself and awaken in the future to retrieve it.

    When Omi awakens he finds a demented and changed world. How can the young monk change the past so this horrible future will never come to pass?

    A great episode and sets the tone for the last episode of the series.moreless
  • This is the penultimate episode of the show which I wish not. The leader will be picked but Omi decides to go back in time and stop Chase from entering the Heylin side.moreless

    Master Fung tells the monks that the leader will be revealed after they do their last quest. Omi decides to go back in time and stop Chase from entering the Heylin side. Realizing that he needs the Sands of Time, Omi freezes himself for 80 years in order to talk to his old self. This is one of my favorite episodes because this is the penultimate episode of the 3rd season and because we get to see a lot of action. This episode is a little bit complicated along with the next episode. The thing that I don't get is why when Omi went to the past the 2nd time he didn't see himself from the first time.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • Its hard to believe Master Fung didn't look in the Heylin Seed vault.

    • How could the timer Omi set could go off in 80 years? There is no way a timer can do that.

    • The other warriors didn't do a good job looking for Omi, especially with Kimiko as leader, since Omi's like a little brother to her, she'd be searching the whole nine yards for him, if they cared so much for him.

    • When the monks show master Fung what they took from Jack we can read:
      In Jack's shoe: Left shoe,
      In Jack`s belt: Strap this side,
      In Jack's undies: Front side.

    • In this episode the Old Jack Spicer of the future is much scrawnier and intelligent than the Old Jack Spicer from episode The Sands of Time.

    • The shot of the sun and moon going by increasingly faster to denote time travel or the passage of time is not a new one. It was used in Futurama as noted in the allusions section and a similar shot or set of shots was used in a TV movie version of The Time Machine updated to the modern day (back in the 1980s!).

    • In this episode, Omi was unsure about where Future Omi hid the Sands of Time shen gong wu. But back in the episode The Sands of Time at the end, he seemed to know where Future Omi hid the Sands of Time.

    • In this episode, Omi was unable to talk to Old Omi because Omi didn't leave behind a piece of himself that would grow up into Old Omi. But back in The Sands of Time, Omi and Jack were both able to go into the future and bring their future counterparts into the present. (Reply: That was because they'd both used the Sands of Time, a magical object. Omi froze himself this time around; how can there be an Old Omi if Omi is lying frozen in the Temple basement?)

    • If Master Monk Guan was alive & fighting alongside Grand Master Dashi 1500 years ago, how could he still be alive & young today without having to drink an immortality potion as Chase Young did? Even Dashi eventually died. (response it's possible that the Master Monk Guan 1500 years ago is a past life of the Master Monk Guan in the present and some how he managed to remember his incarnation through training and the same must go for Chase Young when he became good)

    • When Omi and Dojo travel back 1500 years, there is no sign of Young Dojo as seen in Days Past and Citadel of Doom. (Reply: Young Dojo wasn't shown because in a Space Time Continuum Theory, Your Present selves can't be seen by your past selves, just like there was no Omi in the "Bad Future" there was no Omi to grow old, and the basic thing is, if you go to the future or past, you can't see your future or past selves. Though XS has broekn the Theory many times).

    • Omi said he was going to freeze himself for 80 years so he could talk to his future self and said that when he is unfrozen, it'll be the year 2085, it's going to be 2086 when he thaws out because right now it's the year 2006 add 80 years and thats the year 2086. (Reply: This episode was written in 2005.)(Further Reply : This does not make sense either because in the episode "Big as Texas" it was suggested that the show is set in 2049 because Dojo asked Daddy Bailey who does he think buried the Star Hanabi back in 549.)

    • Why didn't Omi just use the Glove of Jisaku to find the Sands of Time in the present time, so he go back in time to stop Chase from being evil. (Reply: Because Old Omi hid it in the future. Not the past.)

    • During this episode, Chase is shown getting "tortured". One way of which is the infamous Chinese Water Torture technique.

    • Omi's plan is flawed. If he freeze's himself in the present then he won't be around to get older. Meaning his trip to the future would be pointless.

    • If Omi and the others were in Jack's vault, why didn't they steal the Shen-Gong-Wu and battle Jack's high-tech robots?

    • In Bird Of Paradise the table Dojo was using to keep track of the Shen-Gong-Wu was just an ordinary table (we know this because the legs were uneven and had to be balanced with the book of dark omens) but in this episode when Omi is devising a quest, the table is electronically adjustable. (goes up and down at will)

    • Omi recovers the Sands of Time.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Old Raimundo: Guys! This is the chance we've been waiting for! I say we break into the palace, and take back the Sands of Time!
      Old Clay: Well, we're not exactly the lean, mean fighting machines we once were.
      Old Raimundo: First, you were never lean, and second, we're still Xiaolin Warriors! We fought together once, and we can do it again!

    • Omi: Dojo, your idea is most brilliant! Even though it was my most brilliant idea first. I say cooties all around!
      (Dojo holds up a sign saying "Kudos").

    • Omi: I need the Sands of Time! It was hidden in the future by old me!
      Dojo: I got it! Travel to the future and get the Sands of Time!
      Omi: You mean, turn myself into an Omi-sicle?
      Dojo: Exactly! Just freeze yourself and wait eighty years! You might wanna bring along a good book.

    • Omi: Chase? Wuya?
      Wuya: I know what you're thinking. We still have issues, but we've patched up our differences for now.
      Chase: You might say we're staying together for the sake of evil.

    • Old Master Fung: I'm much too feeble to understand anything, but I do know this: the future can always be changed. If you can get the Sands of Time from Jack Spicer.
      Old Raimundo: (To Omi) Every now and then, the old dude still spits out a few words of wisdom ... but mostly, he just spits.

    • Clay: I think I feel an idea coming on! (Belches) Oh, false alarm.

    • Omi: Well, time to get the movie onto the street!
      Dojo: Uh, I'm guessing ... show on the road.

    • Omi: I suppose defeating Jack in the most colorful manner is the tiebreaker.
      (Everyone prepares to beat him up)
      Jack: (backing away) No, no, you can't! What kind of people are you?!

    • Omi: Jack Spicer has his own prison? He should be in prison!

    • Dojo: The Mikado Arm Shen-Gong-Wu is a lesser known Wu that gives great upper body strength.
      Omi: I do not need upper body strength, but I know someone who does ...
      Kimiko: And what's that supposed to mean? Think carefully before you answer.
      Omi: I was speaking of Jack Spicer?

  • NOTES (27)