Xiaolin Showdown

Season 3 Episode 13

Time After Time (2)

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM May 13, 2006 on The WB
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Time After Time (2)
Omi successfully switches Chase Young's evil soup with pea soup which stops him from going evil. However, in exchange, the future changed for the worse. Hannibal turns Master Monk Guan evil instead of Chase, Master Fung is trapped in the Ying-Yang world and Jack turns good. After acquiring the soup Omi hid in the past, they are captured by Hannibal and his crew. Chase then sacrifices his good side to free the Warriors. After the Warriors get to the Heylin seed's vault (where Omi is frozen), Hannibal and his crew start a Xiaolin Showdown. Can the new Warriors defeat Hannibal, Wuya, Chase Young and Master Monk Guan in a 4-way tag team Xiaolin Showdown? And finally, who will be made the new leader?moreless

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  • Take a bow Xiaolin Showdown

    The end of Xiaolin Showdown is here. In this last episode, Omi saves Chase from turning into the Heylin side. But as he came back to the present, he realized he made the timeline even worse. Master Monk Guan turned evil (thanx to Hannibal Bean), Master Fung trapped in the Yin-Yang world and Jack turned good once again. (which kinda seems okay to me) Just as Omi was about to undo what he did, Hannibal Bean destroys the Sands of Time. Omi reunited with his friends. Chase sacrificed his good side, in-order to save Omi and his friends. The Xiaolin crew then faced the Heylin side. And after the battle ended, the Xiaolin warriors win, and Chase begins to turn around and smile, meaning there really is good inside him. Which was a touching feeling to all of us. Everything went back to normal and after showing so much strength, Raimundo has been chosen as leader of the Xiaolin warriors. A disappointed Omi then accepted Rai as leader. The series ended with the four heroes fighting all the villains. That kinda reminds of that Angel series finale where the four heroes have to fight the evil forces. Anyways, I love this episode and this episode was one of the best series finales in television history.moreless
  • The last Xiaolin Showdown episode needed better writers, plain and simple.

    Even though 'deserved' is too strong a word for a not-so-incredibly-remarkable show as this, the finale to the series could have been so much more than what it was... to say the least. Like the rest of Season 3, it felt rushed and half-baked, and made the big mistake of giving way too much attention to its kiddified humor, which in turn made the drama pitiful. So, here we have Omi, who is reduced to looking like a complete idiot as he had seriously screwed the future in his quest to prevent Chase Young from turning evil; then we have Raimundo, who is sized up to be some kind of genius, and who now suddenly starts telling the other monks what to do. (I'm sure Kimiko and Clay were not really entirely giddy about this in the end.) Fanservice is clearly evident - Rai is pushed to the top at the expense of Omi's dignity - and it doesn't matter if said dignity was necessary for the little egomaniac or not. It's simply unfair. What's worse? Raimundo turns God Mode during the Showdown and beats up four of the most powerful villains on his own. And how was he able to do this? A different timeline where he and the others are farming and not honing their martial arts skills, AND where Clay had been chosen as the leader in the first place? Not likely. This is merely a product of sloppy writing. Instead of proving himself in an unpredictable yet natural way, Raimundo can just snap and become an ultra-strong, ultra-smart leader. How convenient! Basically, this was the straw that broke my back, even knowing that there were plenty more problems to deal with in this episode, INCLUDING a lack of true passion and meaning. No excuses for being a kid's show.moreless
  • Biggest let down ever

    Ray becomes the new leader? What kind of stuff is that? Come on, let's not kid ourselves who is the best among the four. Omi is clearly the best. Take him out of the equation and the world turns evil. And since when can ray take out monk guan, chase young, and the rest at the same time? After that, he sends in omi just to rescue dojo without him having to fight. They with out a doubt purposely made omi smaller this season to enlarge ray. This season was a joke. I would not mind to see Omi switch to the heylin side and start kicking their butts. They do need to bring back jermaine as well.moreless
  • COOL!!!

    wow OMG this has to be the best season finaly ever

    the showdown, the soup and rai being leader must be the best things in the series.

    i hope that they air the next season because that season finaly was perfect but just not a series finaly, i miself think that if they do air the next season that will be the last one, i realy think that the series almost has nothing left, and if you think it they have but one thing to do RECOVER the eagles scope or the fountain of wi (the one they dont have) and bam there is the end of the series.moreless
  • Possibly the best episode of the series.

    This episode is such a tearjerker because it is (most likely) the end of the best show ever to be shown on TV.

    In this episode Omi, 1500 years in the past, accomplishes his goal by switching the Lao-Mang-Long soup with pea soup. But when he travels back to the present, he finds the temple had been taken over by Hannibal Roy Bean, Wuya, and Master Monk Guan who drank the sounp instead of Chase Young, who is on the side of good.

    The monks, Chase, and Good Jack live a little ways away from the temple farming, instead of fighting evil. Omi and the gang decide to go find his old self, still frozen in the temple and change their present back to how it's supposed to be.

    In the end, Raimundo is named the leader, and Omi is disappointed, but in the end accepts Raimundo as leader. This episode is amazing! If this does turn out to be last episode of Xiaolin Showdown ever made, I can say it is definately a great way to end the series!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (24)

    • Ever since the Moby Morpher was found, Hannibal Roy Bean was the only person to ever use it.

    • Omi never says "Orb of Tornami, Water" after episode "In the Flesh".

    • The first and last showdown of the series was over 'The Eye of Dashi'.

    • Wouldn't the destroyed Sands of Time undo every change someone did by using it or destroy the universe?

    • This episode was made in a way that it could be a season finale or a series finale.

    • Wuya before being trapped into the Puzzle Box, Wuya didn't seem to be full powered as she was in Day Past or Citadel of doom, as she did use only martial arts while fighting Chase, Guan and Dashi.

    • When Dojo first told the story of Hannibal Bean, Chase had the outfit he has in the present. But now he was wearing different clothes.

    • Chase was a lot weaker without the Lou Mang Lone Soup.

    • Good Jack's outfit here was a gardener suit, but in Saving Omi he was in a sweater suit.

    • In Days Past and in Journey of a Thousand Miles it is said Dashi defeated Wuya alone. However in this episode Wuya is beaten by Dashi, Chase and Guan.(Dashi, Chase and Guan defeated Wuya's army together. It's possible that they were referring to how Dashi was the only one who faced Wuya herself).

    • In Journey of a Thousand Miles the ancient scroll shows Dashi attacking Wuya on 1 cliff and Wuya on another. However Guan, Chase and Dashi are clearly fighting at the temple.

    • This is a third different way in which Wuya is sealed in the puzzle box. In every episode where that happens it happens differently.

    • In the previous episode, Dojo told Omi to travel to the future to get the sands of time,and that gave Omi the idea to freeze himself.However,in the next episode during the'previously on Xiaolin Showdown', Dojo says to Omi to "Do what he did when he got stuck in the past.

    • In Days Past, Omi had travelled to the time when Dashi sealed Wuya, but in this episode, Dashi looked at Omi like he recognised him. So in Days Past, Dashi had not yet sealed Wuya.

    • In Journey of A Thousand Miles it is revealed that Dashi used his Shen-Gong- Wu to defeat Wuya however in this episode he doesn't use one.

    • When good Chase and the others were captured by Hannibal and his minions, why didn't Omi just use the Shen Gong Wu, they had the Cannon Blaster to shoot them out And they had the Kasuzu Atom as well, instead of busting free through Chase drinking the Lou Mane Lone soup.

    • This is the first time since Saving Omi that we see Wuya in her ghost form.

    • In the first episode The Journey of a Thousand Miles, the ancient scrolls said Dashi defeated Wuya with Shen-Gong-Wu. But during the fight, Dashi used no Shen-Gong-Wu at all.

    • How can the Good Chase Young still drink the soup if it has been around for 1500 years? Soup that old should be stale or evaporated. (Reply: The Lao Mang Lone Soup contains mystic properties and can probably last for a very long time.)

    • Since drinking the Loa Ming Lone soup turned Chase into a lizard and Guan into an insect, it seems it has different forms for each person who drinks it.

    • Omi's plan should have backfired. If he had really seen himself in the alternate timeline he would have caused a time paradox and destroyed the universe.

    • Omi used the Sands of Time to return to present, but Clay had already been made leader, which meant Omi had overshoot his destination somehow. If it really was the present, a leader wouldn't yet have been picked.

      Edit: In the Alternate Present, Master Fung was never rescued from the Ying-Yang World, so he was not there for his announcement of leader choosing. It is obvious Clay either appointed himself or else was voted on by the other monks.

    • After the Sands of Time was destroyed, Dojo said there was no way back. They seemed to forget that there is another Sands of Time hidden in Egypt.(Note: in the Episode it was a second false wu not the Sands of Time and it would no longer be around then.)

    • How could Chase still be alive in the future? The dragon soup is supposed to make its drinker immortal which is why Master Monk Guan was still alive. So shouldn't Chase have died years ago. Also if Chase was alive, logically, Dashi should be alive. Also how come young Chase looked exactly the same after fifteen hundred years? (Reply: Chase probably did what Master Monk Guan did to stay alive that long when he was good, and if Dashi isn't alive, it's probably because he's about 5 or 6 years older than Chase Young and Master Monk Guan. Also during the earlier part of the episode Chase refered to his soul as being immortal which would explain why he hasn't aged despite 1500 years passing).

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Jack: Hold me!
      Good Jack: No, hold ME!

    • Dashi: Dojo, you look different. Kinda... chunky.
      Dojo: Hey! That's muscle!

    • (Dojo is distracting Good Chase)
      Dojo: Go ahead. Pick any card! ... It's the Queen of Hearts!
      Good Chase: Seven of Spades.
      Dojo: How did that happen?

    • Master Fung: I hope you have learned well from your quest.
      Raimundo: I'm not quite sure what happened, but I know I'll never forget it.
      Omi: Did whatever happened really happen?
      Jack: AAAAAAHHH! I wanna go home! AAAAAAHHH!!

    • Good Chase: You expect me to trade my eternal soul for pea soup?!
      Hannibal Bean: No! This is a trick!
      Good Chase: Here's another one. I call it "the vanishing bean"!
      (Drops Hannibal into a pot and kicks it)

    • (Reptillian Chase, Wuya, Guan, and Hannibal have ganged up on Kimiko)
      Kimiko: Hey, no fair! Only one player at a time!
      Hannibal: So? We're cheaters!

    • Omi: I cannot believe that evil trickery of Hannibal Roy Bean!
      Dojo: Kid, when you've been around as long as me, nothing surprises you. Well ... the platypus. What's that about?!

    • Hannibal Bean: I must thank you for delivering Chase Young to the dark side. You did what I failed to do years ago!
      Raimundo: No! I didn't come this far to lose! We will find a way to win. It's our destiny!

    • (Final lines of the series)
      Master Fung: Now that you have risen to Shoku Warrior, your job has only begun. The survival of the world depends on you.
      Dojo: Not too much pressure there.

    • Good Chase: This may not be the future I would choose, but it is the future that must be ... for the greater good.
      Good Jack: (crying) That is so beautiful! I haven't cried like this in ... hours!

    • (After being promoted to Shoku Warrior)
      Raimundo: I (pause) I don't know what to say. Except I never thought it would be me. (Kimiko and Clay give him a look) Well, maybe a little.

  • NOTES (40)

    • This is the second time there was a Xiaolin Showdown over the Eye of Dashi. The first time was in the first episode, The Journey of a Thousand Miles. Also, Omi was involved in both of these showdowns.

    • This is the fourth time a Xiaolin Showdown happens at the Xiaolin Temple. The first time was in The Deep Freeze. The second time was in The Year Of The Green Monkey. The third time was in Omi Town. Also, this Xiaolin Showdown did not happen at the Bamboo Grove. It happened in the Heylin Seed's Vault.

    • This episode marks the first time that Omi gives Raimundo a sign of respect as a monk with a higher rank than him.

    • In the alternate universe, the group works on a farm, and Chase is a good guy.

    • Omi probably didn't get promoted to leader since he is prone to evil influences (As revealed in Wu Got the Power?) and makes decisions without thinking it through (Revealed in Time After Time Part 1) Not to mention a very high egotist. Kimiko probably didn't get promoted to leader because she mentions she didn't do a very good job of being leader. And Clay probably didn't get promoted because whilst leader in the Evil Guan universe, he did nothing to combat evil when Omi and Raimundo were saying they should. Raimundo probably got promoted because, even though he turned evil, he redeemed himself, after knowing it wasn't right. As well as him becoming more responsible as the series went and because he's starting to get better at planning things out before acting. But most importantly, it could be because, out of all the monks, he's the last one to admit defeat, even when things are at their grimiest. All of this would no doubt serve him well as leader.

    • In both this episode and Citadel of Doom, Wuya changes back into her spirit form before she gets locked into the puzzle box. But in The Journey of a Thousand Miles in the ancient scroll, she doesn't change until she's sucked in by Dashi.

    • At the end when the monks rush out to see whats going on, Raimundos bandages on his hand are gone, but when it switches back to them after showing the lineup of villans, Raimundo is seen taking the bandages off.

    • Unlike Chase Young and Master Monk Guan, Dashi didn't shout the names of his attacks as he did them.

    • When Chase Young said that Raimundo must "lead the others and find the frozen Omi", he hinted that Raimundo was to be the Leader.

    • The reason why Chase wanted Omi on his side in Season 2, even after the time space continuum, is because he felt that he already knew Omi, which, in the future, makes him a powerful ally.

    • This episode's Xiaolin Showdown features all the main villians of the series (besides Master Monk Guan), except perhaps the most main villian of the entire series, Jack Spicer.

    • Proving the ability to be leader during the Xiaolin Showdown, by telling the Monks who goes in, and when he tags in for Kimiko to protect her and fighting Master Monk Guan and Wuya, Hannibal Bean, and Chase. At the end how he acted like a Xiaolin Warrior, and how he has grown since the beginning, may have been the reasons why he was chosen as the leader.

    • This episode marks the first time that Omi has willingly admitted that someone is better than him. It also marks the first time Jack changes clothes after going into the ying-yang world. But it marks the second time there is a change of clothes from two evil people, after coming from the ying-yang world.

    • Unlike the first time Jack went into the Ying-Yang world this time his good clothes are different then the ones he wears when he is evil.

    • The good Jack wears a yellow garding outfit with a green bow and matching hat and has long red hair. The bad Jack wears a long black coat, his stange glasses and has short spiky red hair.

    • This episode marks the second time that Kimiko kisses Raimundo.

    • After Master Fung says his speech about evil the world on Raimundo's shoulder his eyes turn from green to blue.

    • Unlike Chase's jungle cat army, which is made up mostly of tigers, Evil Guan's appeared to consist mainly of panthers.

    • First aired in Canada on YTV on May 21st, 2006. It was supposed to air the day before, but was postponed due to a Superhero Week Special.

    • As there seemed to be no tension or reluctance to work together between Hannibal and Evil Guan, it's possible that, unlike Chase, Guan didn't trap Bean in the Ying-Yang World.

    • Ironically, Omi was the only monk to not be leader at some time. Kimiko believed she was in the Omi-less Future, Clay was in the Evil Guan Present and Rai was in the original Present.

    • When Omi changes Chase's path, he takes Master Monk Guan's path of life and He takes Chase's path of life.

    • Just like Chase Young, Master Monk Guan has a creature form. He becomes a giant scorpion.

    • It is revealed that no matter what is done to prevent it, Chase Young always ends up evil.

    • Raimundo's new Shoku warrior wardrobe features black robes with a dragon design down the left arm, a white undershirt, red pants, and a yellow sash.

    • All three warriors, Master Monk Guan, Chase Young,and Grand Master Dashi worked together to take down Wuya.

    • Marks the first time Raimundo gets a higher rank faster than the other monks.

    • Evil Master Monk Guan has a scarred eye in his human form.

    • It is revealed that the Moonstone Locust can not only devour the Heylin Seed, but can devour other plants as well.

    • Marks the 3rd use of the Ju-Ju Flytrap & the 2nd time of the Moonstone Locust in a Xiaolin Showdown.

    • The alternate version of present day Wuya still has her powers, which she uses to bring stone gargoyles to life with during the Xiaolin Showdown.

    • As of this episode, through some way, all the monks, except Omi have been made leader.

    • This marks the first time the Ju-Ju Flytrap was used by a male.

    • Raimundo has been upgraded to Shoku Warrior.

    • No new Shen-Gong-Wu were revealed in this episode.

    • When Omi turned Chase good and returned to the future, Clay was chosen as the leader.

    • United Kingdom airdate: March 15th, 2006.

    • The following villains appear at the end: Mala Mala Jong, Lè Mime, Junk-bot, Pandabubba, White Bodyguard, Black Bodyguard, Katnappé, Chameleon Bot, Gigi, Vlad, Cyclops, Tubbimura, Ying-Ying Bird, Jack, Chase Young, Wuya, and Hannibal Bean.

    • Featured Xiaolin Showdown: 4-way Tag Team. Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko and Clay vs. Chase Young, Hannibal Bean, Wuya and Master Monk Guan - First to rescue the damsel in distress (Dojo) wins. Heylin's Moby Morpher, Serpent's Tail, Moonstone Locust and Juju Flytrap against the Warriors' Cannon Blaster, Ants in the Pants, Lasso Boa Boa and Orb of Tornami for the Eye of Dashi.

    • This episode aired in the United Kingdom and in Brazil before it aired in the United States.