Xiaolin Showdown

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  • Season 3 Episode 8: The Dream Stalker

  • When Raimundo puts the Sapphire Dragon away at the end of the episode, the Sapphire Dragon isn't covered in soot, like it should be. As such, shouldn't be running loose and terrorizing everyone? (Reply: the Sapphire Dragon wasn't defeated in this episode by being covered in soot. So maybe he just returned to normal blue color when Raimundo stopped him)

  • Of the six times the Longi Kite is used in the series, the use of the Shen Gong Wu in this episode marks the only time its name is called out upon activation.

  • When Raimundo was in his own mind at the beach, it didn't show his abs, but later when fighting Hannibal Roy Bean, it clearly shows them. (That's because that Raimundo was another image he thought of himself.)

  • Why do villians keep entering Raimundo's mind? (Reply: Because Raimundo is incredibly insecure and really hadn't found himself. Thus he was easy to sway and control.)

  • This is the third time someone has entered Raimundo's head. The first person was Wuya in Mala Mala Jong, then Jack in Dreamscape.

  • In one of Rai's "Mind Scenes", Rai had Jack's suit on and Rai's inner self had Good Jack's suit on.(Reply: Actually, if you look close enough, Inner Raimundo's outfit never changes.)

  • When Rai used his Wudai power, he changed into the black Wudai outline. How did he do this without the Wudai Orion Formation? (Reply: The whole thing is a dream manifested in reality, anything can happen.)

  • This is the second time the Shadow of Fear is used. The first time was in the episode Dreamscape.

  • This is the second time the Sapphire Dragon is used. The first time being in the episode The Night of the Sapphire Dragon.

  • During the Xiaolin Showdown Hannibal Bean morphed into what looked like the monster that Kimiko fought in The Return of Pandabubba's Xiaolin Showdown.

  • How can Raimundo's Innerself do Wudai Star Wind? He isn't a Wudai Warrior too, is he? (Reply: Seeming that he is Raimundo regardless of being in his mind, he should be able to do whatever the physical Raimundo can.)

  • Season 3 Episode 7: The Return of Master Monk...

  • When Raimundo asked Omi what shen gong wu he wanted to wagered only one of Omi's sheeks went red.

  • Master Fung told Dojo that he would be there when he came back.Then Dojo replies that was what his last master said when he went to get a soda and never returned.Why would the master say that he would be here when Dojo came back if the master was going to get a soda.

  • It's revealed that if you're touching an item that is touching a Shen-Gong-Wu being battled for in a showdown, you can participate. Omi Demonstrates this by using the Shimo Staff to reach a stalemate over a Shen-Gong-Wu, causing the showdown, Omi never physically touched the bag of Shen-Gong-Wu.

  • How could Hannibal Bean know that the Fancy Feet were activated? Only Wuya, Dojo, and Jack's Detecto-Bot can sense Shen-Gong-Wu. He could still be teamed up with Wuya as seen in Omi Town but then if he is still teamed up with Wuya, wouldn't she have told him Raimundo was not trustworthy?
    (Reply: Either Wuya didn't know or Hannibal Bean can sense Shen-Gong-Wu.)

  • This marks the second time that Dojo has been in his Viking Ship form. The first was in the episode Tangled Web(Reply: This is the third time, actually. He assumed that form in Screams of the siren).

  • This marks the third time we see Raimundo cries. The first and the second time were in the episode Saving Omi (2).

  • If Master Monk Guan has hundreds of copies of the Spear of Guan, why was it so important for him to get back the one Chase Young won from him? (Reply: That spear was probably his original, or maybe he had the copies made after that battle just in case.)

  • This is the second appearance of Master Monk Guan; the first being in Master Monk Guan. (the episode)

  • Season 3 Episode 6: Oil in the Family

  • Why didn't Wuya zap herself with the Rio Reverso to gain her power's back? (reply: That's because Wuya will turn herself back into a zygote just as the monks told Jack about turning him into a zygote. And even though Wuya is an immortal Heylin witch, she'll be turned into a zygote once they use the Rio Reverso on her.)

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