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XIII The Series

Showcase Premiered Apr 18, 2011 Between Seasons


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XIII The Series
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AIRED ON 11/19/2012

Season 2 : Episode 13

Show Summary

The well known XIII: The Conspiracy now has a continuation. After a plot to kill the president of the USA an agent with lost memories tries to recover his life and memories. Others use him to cover up some dirty business involving high ranking officials from the CIA and the White House.

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  • Good 60 min entertainment

    The conspiracy arc of HAARP, Tesla Letters is good, but seriously the writers should think about the character development of betty.. She's good, then bad, and now good again.. Wtf. Apart from that everything else is fine.. Waiting for Season 3.. I was slightly disappointed with the last few episodes of season 2
  • XIII Season 2

    Who are the writers and the Director? hope they don't get paid for the unbelievable rubbish they do. A shootout at the russian's guy villa and no ploice is comming? a bomb in the white house and how is this guy reach the oval office? and this doppelganger rubbish. and I only watched episode 7. will there be more unbelievable crab?
  • Wow... what a let down

    I do not think I will even try a XIII.3.

    This was terrible.
  • Betty the Psycho

    I really liked season 1 of this series which I discovered on Netflix. I thought the show was excellent. The second season is a mishmash of plots, subplots and dark humor and has fallen so far from season 1, I don't think it can recover. What a change from the tightly written plots and sequences of Season 1; with a story you could actually follow. Nothing makes sense. At this point I don't care what happens to any of the characters. What happened???moreless
  • I'm not liking Betty turning from an activist trying to save the world to a full blown murderous sociopath

    I like the darker undertones of this season and the HAARP story arc, But for Betty to turn instantly into a murderous sociopath makes no sense, unless that was her real persona all along buried under so she can deny it all she wants but in the end she is just like her father if not worse.