Season 5 Episode 3

A Deal with the Devil

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 14, 1996 on FOX

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  • Anything with Omega Red in it is bound to be good.

    In this episode they expand on the \'living weapon\' persona of Omega Red as he gains access to nuclear missles. Omega Red is one of the coolest characters in comics. Too bad he was not more powerful. Another example of the factors that made this series great, like the original Batman animated series: excellent voice acting, solid animation, and good writing. Cartoons today look like I drew them, and I suck at art. It seems like preschoolers wrote them. And the voice actors they use also suck.

    Favorite quotes:

    Omega Red: \"You wish my terms? You who would offer a living weapon something as pitiful as his humanity? I have programmed the missles, one directed at each of the world\'s fifteen largest cities. And what I want, colonel, is to watch them BURN.\"

    Omega Red: \"Say goodbye to the world you knew.\"
    Storm: \"You cannot launch! Millions shall perish!\"
    Omega Red: \"As they must, so that millions more shall fear me.\"

    You are not going to find this quality of writing in SquareBob, SpongePants or whatever his name is.
  • Omega Red askes Wolverine and Storm to help him on a mission to retrive a submarine.

    I think this was a cool episode . Personally i like any episode with Wolverine as the main character but hey that is just me. I think that when Rogue jump into the water to save Storm and Wolverine was cool. All and all it was a great episode and i like it.