Season 2 Episode 9

A Rogue's Tale

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jan 08, 1994 on FOX
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A Rogue's Tale
Haunted by visions of a strange woman, Rogue must come to grips with the dark secrets of her past prior to joining the X-Men.

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  • An exciting, tense, and highly informative episode.

    This installment focuses on Rogue's difficult past and her resulting haunting visions. With Professor Xavier out of the mansion, Rogue's thoughts cannot be restrained, allowing Miss Marvel to resurface violently, taunting Rogue with the fear of losing control. Meanwhile, Mystique, who was once Rogue's surrogate mother and has been informed of Professor X's absence by Mr. Sinister, takes advantage of the situation. She morphs into Miss Marvel, hoping to remind Rogue of her past and to thus convince her to return to her adopted mother. "A Rogue's Tale" provides excellent character development against a very tense, nerve-wracking background. In my opinion, Rogue is the best character in the series and deserves a well-constructed, high-quality episode like this one.moreless
  • Great character development; can't believe so much content can fit in one episode.

    Mystique was informed by Sinister that Xavier isn't with the X-Men, which gives her the opportunity to reclaim her daughter again. With the assistance of Avalanche, Pyro, and the blob, Mystique created a diversion that allowed Mystique to remember a dark part of her. Ever since the fight, Rogue has been acting really strange. She's been attacking her own comrades, and getting illusions of an unknown entity. When she visits the hospital, Mystique was there, who allowed Rogue to touch her in order to remember. In a mission with her mom, she captured the memories, powers, along with the life, of a person named Mrs. Marbles, who has the ability of superhuman strength and flight. With Jean's help, Rogue was able to seal Mrs. Marvel away in the depths of her memories.

    This was one of those episodes that felt like fourty minutes instead of the normal twenty--or thirty to most if they watched it on TV. Rogue's past was much deeper than I thought, and this episode was just deep in general. I've always wondered why Rogue had the abilities of flying, along with great strength. It was kind of sad that Mrs. Marbles mind was buried within the depths of Rogue's mind, and after the fight, she seemed to have been permanently trapped there when Rogue trapped her within the cage. Though it was really relieved my heart when Mrs. Marvel body started moving after Rogue touched her. Overall, one of the deeper character past episodes I've seen that offers a lot. I expected something shallow, like Rogue touched someone important to her, and got depressed. Though this took a new and deeper approach, which is an incredible feat of its own.moreless
  • One of my favorite episodes of two great characters.

    A Rogue's Tale is by far one of my favorite episodes that was done in the series.

    They did a fantastic job on recreating it by mixing a little of it off of Avengers Annual 10 and X-Men 269.

    Although they strayed from the original story of how Rogue and Ms. Marvel tangled, they came up with an interesting way to pull it off. I esp. liked how Carol was haunting/taunting Rogue.

    This is by far one of the best episodes that have been done.moreless

    overall i give this episode an A+ ABSOLUTLY BEST episode ive seen in a long time..wonderful.i loved this episode the way they showed how rogue got powers was intriging..I HAVE ALWAYS wondered how she got flight strength now i know it all..absolutly.wonderful.wonderful episode but i would liked them to have showed Nightcrawler in becuz he is her stepbrotehr or maybe not w/e good episode
  • The perfect story for the perfect character.

    A Rogue's Tale is without any doubt the best episode of the season, if not the entire series. This was a superbly written character tale by Skir and Isenberg, who once again display their uncanny talent for creating a lot of tension and exceptionally high emotions. The animation was dead-on and Lenore Zahn gave her best performance ever.

    The tale begins with a meeting between Mystique and Mr. Sinister who reveals that Xavier's no longer among the X-Men. This comes as a shock for the shapeshifter, who decides it's the perfect time to regain her daughter.

    We then see Pyro, Avalanche and Blob having a real party at a farmer's market. Pyro even uses his fire to create the X sign. A clear reference to the Batman movies. Rogue and Storm dive in to break up their fun, but they're no match for Blob. As Rogue falls into the ground she sees a mysterious woman, triggering a nervous breakdown on Rogue. An amazing end for Act 1.

    Act 2 begins inside Rogue's mind as she's haunted by something truly mysterious. Rogue has amazingly stong vocal chords in order to scream so loud. She sounded almost like one of the Nazgul from Lord of the Rings. Gambit and Cyclops wake her up in the infirmary. At this moment I should assume that either the whole battle at the market was just a dream or that they drove the brotherhood away while Rogue was uncouncious. I know it works as a perfect act break, but I wish there was a clear explanation.

    Apparently this whole crisis began after Xavier's departure. Without his aid, Rogue's past began to resurface. Jean shows a picture of the woman Rogue saw, who apparently likes to appear in a lot of disaster scenes. Rogue doesn't remember her or what Xavier was working on her. This leads to another crisis where Rogue's haunted by Miss Marvel. As she decides to take a breath, the haunting continues and she tries to call for Jean's help.

    She meets up with Cyclops and once again is visited by Miss Marvel. I can't possibly understand as to why Cyclops just stood there like a robot watching Rogue suffer in the ground, doing nothing to help. Eventually Rogue is possesed by Miss Marvel and Jean promptly probes her mind and detects the second presence. This leads Rogue to scream like a maniac and blow several holes in every floor of the mansion. Cyclops sends Storm after her.

    What also amazes me is that this episode couldn't have been done if Xavier were still around. This episode came straight out of the events from this season. This is an excellent way to fulfill its potential.

    Rogue sits at the statue of Liberty and Storm sits next to her and tries to comfort her. The emotion and the music were just perfect in this scene. Rogue's quiet sobbing of despair was truly heartbreaking as she realizes that Xavier may be gone for good and there may be no hope for her. Miss Marvel torments her again, leading Rogue at a fast speed to a hospital. Storm follows her as quickly as she can. The music theme from the end of Time Fugitives is used in this moment as Rogue follows Miss Marvel. A fitting use of a great music theme.

    Mystique changes into Rogue and draws Storm into an ambush. Mystique changes into Storm and calls in the team. This leads to the most hilarious act break in X-Men history. Cyclops, Wolverine and Gambit arrive and Storm simply says "revenge", before turning into Mystique, who vows to stop the X-Men from getting Rogue back. I laughed out loud at this moment. Alyson Sealy-Smith did the most funny evil impression of Storm I've ever seen. Cyclops, Wolverine and Gambit try to put up a fight against the brotherhood, but it's the real Storm who saves the day by blasting them into the nearest skyscrapper.

    Mystique meets up with Rogue in Miss Marvel's room. Rogue finally gets the chance to rediscover her past. She remembers Cody, whom she first kissed at 13 and stole his life-force. This led to a truly sad scene as Rogue's dad throws her out of the house. A homeless Rogue meets her foster mother at a train station and we finally see her past as Mystique helps Rogue develop her abilities. This leads to the plane hijacking scene, where Miss Marvel attempts to stop Rogue. Mystique orders Rogue to grab her and not let go at any cost. I always wondered whether Mystique was aware there would be consequences to this action or whether she cared or not. Rogue's action drains the life and power out of Miss Marvel as the plane crashes down.

    Rogue gains her powers and begins to be haunted by Miss Marvel, driving her away from home for a second time. Then Rogue meets Xavier for the first time and he decides to make her forget her past in order to remain sane. This also explains a lot of elements from previous episodes, including Rogue's previous lack of knowledge of her flight abilities as seen on The Cure.

    Rogue morphs uncontrollably, eventually into Miss Marvel. Mystique orders Rogue to fight it. Rogue/Marvel flies away with her. Jean enters Rogue's mind and helps her put a definite end to Miss Marvel. This is a truly emotional conflict where Rogue has no choice since Miss Marvel can't possibly come out of her coma. As she finally traps the spirit of Miss Marvel in a mind-prison, Rogue returns to normal.

    Rogue kicks Mystique out of her life for good. You can't help but fell sorry for the shapeshifter. In her own twisted way, she truly cared about Rogue, despite her apparent selfishness and willingness to use Rogue to achieve her goals whenever necessary.

    Rogue ends the episode visiting Miss Marvel at the hospital and leaving a flower for her. This was the best ending I've ever seen to an episode. We hear faint life signs from the monitor as the episode comes to a close. The music and emotion were simply perfect. This was a work of pure genius, with a full commitment by everyone involved in the show.moreless
Lenore Zann

Lenore Zann


Chris Potter

Chris Potter

Gambit/Remy LeBeau

Catherine Disher

Catherine Disher

Jean Grey

Cedric Smith

Cedric Smith

Professor X/Charles Xavier

Norm Spencer

Norm Spencer

Cyclops/Scott Summers

Alison Sealy-Smith

Alison Sealy-Smith

Storm/Ororo Monroe

Roscoe Handford

Roscoe Handford

Ms Marvel/Carol Danvers

Guest Star

Randall Carpenter

Randall Carpenter

Mystique/Raven Darkholme

Guest Star

Robert Cait

Robert Cait

The Blob

Guest Star

Graham Halley

Graham Halley

Pyro/St. John Allerdyce

Recurring Role

Rod Coneybeare

Rod Coneybeare

Avalanche/Dominick Petros

Recurring Role

Chris Britton (II)

Chris Britton (II)

Mr. Sinister/Nathaniel Essex

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Beast does not appear in this episode. Professor X appears in a flashback (but it was new content). Jubilee appears briefly in this episode, but doesn't speak.

    • Mystique next appears in season 4's "Beyond Good And Evil (2)".

    • When Blob sees the ice cream he says "Oh boy Tutti Fruity". yet the label reads "Vanilla Ice" either the artist made a goof or a certain rapper had his own brand of ice cream..

    • In a flashback, Rogue steals Pyro's powers and uses them to create an animal out of flame. In other episodes, Pyro does not have the ability to create fire on his own; only to manipulate it.

    • The door to Jean's room, like all the doors in that hall, has a knob like a conventional door. Yet it opens by sliding to the side, which it wouldn't be able to do with a doorknob on it.

    • Wolverine, who moments before was outside wearing just the bottom part of his costume, is back in the mansion, on an upper floor, wearing his full civilian outfit, when Rogue smashes through the floors.

    • Mystique is colored an indigo or even near-gray during the hospital room scene briefly.

    • Rogue asks Mystique why she would care about her past, despite how in "Come The Apocalypse" she revealed to her that she was once her foster mother. Either Xavier removed that memory along with all others related to her "mother" afterwards, or her current mental distressed condition made her forget about that.

    • When saying only she could ever help Rogue, Mystique's forehead skull turns dark blue.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Mystique: That is how I lost you to Xavier. I swore one day I'd get you back. (Hugging Rogue) Today is that day, my daughter.
      Rogue: You used me. (Shoving Mystique away) I was just a weapon for you against Ms. Marvel. (Rogue shape-shifts into Carol Danvers and then back to herself) What's happening to me?
      Mystique: You still have my shape-shifting power. It will fade soon but you can't control it.
      (Rogue changes again into Carol Danvers)
      Carol Danvers: (Yelling) I'm taking over this mind and this body. (Carol Danvers transforms into Ms. Marvel) Finally. Ms. Marvel is reborn.

    • Rogue: Where am I?
      Carol Danvers: In the lower depths of your mind. Where you put me! I wanted you to see what you had done.
      (Rogue floats on a rock, confused)
      Rogue: Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?
      (6 images of Carol Danvers appear pointing their fingers at Rogue)
      Carol Danvers: (Yelling) You took away my life.
      (Rogue falls through the rock and punches the debris then flies away from Carol Danvers)
      Rogue: Get away from me.

    • Cyclops: Storm, Rogue, what do you see?
      Rogue: (Referring to Blob, Pyro, and Avalanche) A fat boy and a pair of juvenile delinquents. Old buddies from Muir Island.

    • Blob: It's Miss Marvel!
      Ms. Marvel: That's MIZZ Marvel, to you, dunderhead.

    • Wolverine: Looks like your gut could use a trim! (slashes claws into blubber, does no damage)
      Blob: Heheh! Is that supposed to hurt?

    • Mr. Sinister: Like sheep without a shepard, they become lambs to the slaughter.

    • Blob: Eat some sidewalk!
      Wolverine: Needs salt.

    • Blob: (holding tubs of ice cream) No, you can't have any!
      (Throws tub of ice cream at Storm, who gets hit by it and falls)

  • NOTES (3)

    • Parts of this episode are based on The Uncanny X-Men #269 and Avengers Annual #10.

    • Rogue's flying and super strength powers are revealed to have come from the superheroine Ms. Marvel, who once starred in her own Marvel Comic series (where Mystique made her first appearance), and makes her animated debut here. In this episode, Ms. Marvel is shown as still being in a coma after contact with Rogue. In the comics, while Rogue DID retain flight, strength and invulnerability, Danvers did eventually wake up from her coma. Currently, she is a member of the Avengers.

    • Despite rumors to the contrary, the script title for this episode, "I Remember Mama", was changed even before its first airing, though some bootlegs and overseas airings featured it onscreen.