Season 4 Episode 9

Beyond Good and Evil (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 11, 1995 on FOX

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  • It seems like every mutant that has ever lived is involved.

    The Shi-ar imperial palace is under assault from a rebellion group by Lilandra's sister. Gladiator was there to stop the queen from being abducted, but Apocalypse's interfered. He instead captured Lilandra's physic. She informed Xavier of this latest development, and he assumed that Apocalypse's targets are physics. He sent the X-Men to guard all the physics around the world. Sabertooth and Mystique weren't expecting Wolverine and Shard to come in. That's why Magneto, who also seems to have joined alongside Apocalypse's, helps them out.

    The story didn't really develop other than Apocalypse's side story of how he was able to successfully travel through time after a centuries worth of experimenting. Though it did a better job of building suspense better than the first episode in this arc did. It consisted mostly of two physics being captured, though what made it so much more interesting was how all of these mutants we've encountered before have joined forces. Particularly, Sinister and Magneto. Too bad Mastermold isn't one of them. It just makes you want to watch the rest of the episodes.
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