Season 4 Episode 9

Beyond Good and Evil (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 11, 1995 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • In the previously section when Cable says his line about "For 5,000 years" it shows Apocalypse in a coffin, but that shot was never actually in part 1 (or any prior episode).

    • Villains featured: Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, Sabretooth, Mystique, Magneto, and the debut of Deathbird (who had cameo appearances in "Orphan's End" & "Sanctuary (2)").

    • X-tra heroes featured: Lilandra (who next appears in a cameo in part 4, then not again until "Graduation Day"), Gladiator, Shard, Archangel (now wearing a blue and white version of his old Angel costume), Cable, Tyler, and the debut of Psylocke (who had cameo appearances in "Repo Man" & "Mojovision").

    • Rogue, Beast, and Jubilee appear in this episode, but do not speak. And speaking of which, this episode has nonspeaking cameos by Bishop, Oracle, Gamesmaster, Karma (in her green karate outfit), and Mesmero.

    • Psylocke's brother, whom she claims "fights for the good of all mutants", is the non-mutant Marvel Comics superhero Captain Britain (seen in a cameo in "The Phoenix Saga (4): The Starjammers").

    • Shard claims Archangel is "destined to join the X-Men" (though, as Angel, he apparently was part of the team once, as shown in flashbacks from "Proteus (1)", "Sanctuary (1)", and the upcoming "Xavier Remembers").

    • Magneto's deceased wife, mentioned here, will play a major part in the episode "Family Ties".

    • When telling Mystique that Apocalypse was monitoring their mission, Magneto's left eye-section of his helmet changes shape erradically.

    • Psylocke's metal binds stop glowing when Magneto goes underwater, yet are glowing already before he picks her up again.

    • Magneto's mouth doesn't move when he says he sees he has to persuade Psylocke.

    • Wolverine wonders where his "favorite new psychic" is, yet the long-shot of the scene shows she's been right in front of him for a while.

    • Mystique, despite having her blaster drawn when facing Archangel, has to pull it out again when Wolverine shows up.

    • Though Sabretooth rips off part of Psylocke's costume, no piece is torn or missing on her entire body.

    • Wolverine calls Psylocke "black-haired", and Archangel calls her "raven haired", despite the fact she has PURPLE hair.

    • Rogue's hair is fully white when Xavier talks to the team in the War Room.

    • The visible force-field around Jean's tube, seen in the last episode, is now missing. It's likely just dormant, but just touching the glass seemed to shock her before, and here, she does it with no problem.

    • Deathbird's wings go from pinkish to red repeatedly, and her headpiece goes from pinkish to white.

    • The shadow shape of Apocalypse against the portal behind him when he drops Lilandra remains the same, despite the movement of his body.

  • Quotes

    • Gambit: (to Wolverine, bound in a ship's anchor) How nice ta see ya, Logan. All tied up and nowhere to go?
      Wolverine: Just get me outta here. Every mutant on Earth seems to be in on this thing!

    • Psylocke: (with Magneto on one side, Wolverine at the other) What IS this? A science fiction convention?

    • Wolverine: Ohh, man. (rolling the unconscious Sabretooth off his body) BRUSH sometime, will ya?

    • Sabretooth: Okay, I'm THROUGH playing around.
      Wolverine: Oooo. What're ya gonna do? Eat yer spinach?

    • Wolverine: (after cutting a treasure chest in half) Sure hope this stuff is insured.

    • Shard: Thought you'd a'learned to watch your back!
      Wolverine: Yeah. I keep underestimating the fairer sex.

    • Wolverine: (about Sabretooth) Looks like the kidnappers union will let anything in. (pops claws) I'm collecting dues!

    • Wolverine: (to Shard) If somethin' blows up, come runnin'! (leaps off tower)
      Shard: Not bad... for a hairy old man!

    • Archangel: (waking with a headache) That's the LAST time I save a falling ninja.

    • Psylocke: A discus from the first Olympic games? Should be worth a few pennies.
      Archangel: (takes her by surprise) A ninja sports fan? I keep my baseball cards in my bo... (she jump kicks him down) Okay. That was TWO mistakes... mine, and YOURS! (expands wings, lunges at her)

    • Gambit: Hey, if dey be psychic, dey already know, right?
      Storm: That is not funny, Gambit.

  • Notes

    • Minor differences in versions of this episode which air in other countries:
      - "Shi'ar Imperial Palace" onscreen listing is larger, and at the very bottom of the screen.
      - "Axis Of Time" is listed onscreen when the planetoid is shown following the first break, and a long pan downward showing the various stairwells behind and above Sinister is also present here.
      - Bishop's harmonica theme reprises briefly as he's shown.
      - "Castle Worthington, England" onscreen listing is larger, and at the very bottom of the screen.
      - Same goes for "London, England".
      - "Cable's Future 3999" lacks "A.D." beside it.

    • Original broadcast end-credits-scene: "Till Death Do Us Part (2)"; Cyclops & Jean Grey, forcibly given restrainment collars by the Nasty Boys, learn the name of their captor, Mr. Sinister.

    • David Hemblen does not provide the voice for Magneto in this episode (his replacement is uncredited).

    • Episode director/producer Larry Houston is not credited (he'd left the show by the time this aired, and either denied being credited for it, was denied for it by those in charge, or was just accidentally left off).

    • Online listings give this episode a subtitle of "Promise of Apocalypse" (though it's never listed onscreen).

    • Animation Company: Philippine Animation Studio Inc. (incorrectly credited to AKOM)

  • Allusions

    • Wolverine: What're you gonna do? Eat your spinach?
      Logan makes a reference to the cartoon sailor man (Popeye), and his deus ex machina of pulling out a can of spinach, and eating it when fed up in a fight.

    • Archangel: I have a fondness for the 17th century.
      The painting tossed about is of the Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra VII.

    • Psylocke: A discus from the first Olympic games?
      Archangel has in his collection a discus from the first regular modern-day Olympics, staged in 1896.

    • visual: THX-1138
      The license plate on the front of Archangel's car (which Psylocke steals) reads "THX-1138", a reference to the George Lucas movie of the same name.