Season 4 Episode 10

Beyond Good and Evil (3)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 18, 1995 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Again, In the previously section when Cable says his line about "For 5, 000 years" it shows Apocolypse in a coffin, but that shot was never actually in part 1 (or any episode prior).

    • Jean Grey, Gambit, Rogue, and Jubilee appear in this episode, but do not speak. Speaking of which, this episode features nonspeaking cameos by Oracle, Karma, Mesmero, Gamesmaster, Mastermind, and Moondragon.

    • X-Tra Heroes featured: Bishop, Bender, Cable, Tyler, the "Clan Chosen" (Kane, Boak, Dawnsilk, none of whom speak), Shard, and Archangel.

    • Villains featured: Apocalypse, Sabretooth (who appears next in "Phalanx Covenant (1)"), Mystique, and the debut of the Egyptian incarnations of the Four Horsemen (War, Death, Pestilence, and Famine, all nonspeaking).

    • The history of Storm's hard life in Cairo, Egypt will be explored more later in the season, in "Xavier Remembers".

    • The door to Graymalkin, despite being a sliding panel door, is an iris-effect style one when Cable closes it on the robots.

    • Bishop's mouth moves when Bender says "It WILL be..."

    • When turning on the lights, Cable's right arm is cybernetic and his left normal, meaning the shot is mirror flipped.

    • Despite the east-wing of the X-Mansion being shown as leveled entirely in the previous episode, it's been rebuilt by the following morning (as shown here), though the building still has cracks in it from the battle.

    • Professor Xavier is shown wearing his usual dress-suit in the war room when listening to Cable's tale, yet when Cyclops brings up the missing psychics, he's got on his green field-costume instead.

    • Similarly, in that same shot, Gamemaster's costume is colored dark green, instead of the gray it had been last episode.

    • Jean Grey, despite wearing her wedding gown in both episodes prior, is shown in her X-Men uniform while trapped in the prison tube.

    • When saying that it may be impossible to destroy Apocalypse, Beast's teeth change from flat blocks, to sharp fangs, with every other word.

    • When Graymalkin is shaking violently, Cable's circle-X symbol is gray instead of red.

    • While walking through the desert valley, Xavier's shirt is green instead of black.

    • When firing at the Horseman War, Cable's laser-beams are yellow from one angle of the scene, then red from another.

    • When entering the Lazarus Chamber, Cyclops' costume is light blue, instead of dark.

    • Cable's gun vanishes from his hand (and the floor) when he asks "what happened" at the episode's end.

    • The shot of Xavier in the glass tube at the end of the episode has a space background. He'd be inside the dungeon with the others, not floating in space, which doesn't happen until the next episode.

    • When noting that Apocalypse stole his time travel device, Cable's rifle disappears over his shoulder, then reappears, all in the same shot.

  • Quotes

    • Wolverine: (helping Cable up after he's run over by Pestilence) Hey pal, leave a few of them for us!

    • Beast: (inspecting injured hand after punching metal horse) It appears fighting metal with flesh is poor tactics! (Famine prepares to pounce him, is knocked over by a blast) THAT is more like it!

    • Bishop: (after nearly getting run over by Graymalkin) Hey! Watch it! Billions of miles of space and people STILL can't drive!

    • Wolverine: (inside the violently shaking Graymalkin) Whoa. Good thing they don't serve lunch on this flight!

    • Archangel: I want to go with you!
      Professor: There's no room on this mission for vengeance.
      Wolverine: I dunno... Revenge can sure help ya focus!

    • Bishop: That's Cable!
      Bender: It WILL be... it WOULD be. It can be, it could be, and maybe it should be. Hahaha! Can WE be?

  • Notes

    • Varations evident in versions of this episode that air outside of the US:
      - No onscreen listing for "The Axis of Time" when Bishop first appears.
      - Again, the music when Bender is around is chaotic and disjointed, instead of lacking music entirely. And also again, Bishop's harmonica theme is present, but absent in the US version.
      - No onscreen listing for "Cairo, Egypt. 3999 A.D.".
      - Cable's bionic eye-scan has a white target inside, instead of yellow.
      - The monitor in Graymalkin has a white background, instead of the flowing energy field.
      - Beast's computer model lacks a ripple effect to it when the "more powerful time travel" passes.
      - The theme song plays while the X-Men fight the Four Horsemen outside.
      - "To be continued..." is in a different font, and doesn't shift to black when the scene fades to white.

    • Animation Company: Philippine Animation Studio Inc. (incorrectly credited to AKOM).

    • Online listings give this episode a subtitle of "The Lazarus Chamber" (though it's never listed onscreen).

    • The name of the time machine Cable commandeers, Graymalkin, is the same as the street Xavier's Mansion is on (in the comics, this is intentional).

    • Original broadcast end-credits-scene: "Repo Man"; Wolverine is reunited with Vindicator in the Canadian wilderness, but refuses to return to Alpha Flight.

  • Allusions

    • N/A: The Lazarus Chamber
      The pyramid room used by Apocalypse every hundred years to regenerate, thus making him immortal, is called the Lazarus Chamber. It's in reference to the Bible character, who was brought back from the dead (though, ironically, the Chamber here predates the Bible's tale by 1200 years!)

    • Bender: All walk and no play makes Bishop a dull boy!
      This play on words is based on the old proverb, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".

    • Bender: Knowledge is power!
      Philosopher Sir Francis Bacon is credited with this saying.