Season 4 Episode 11

Beyond Good and Evil (4)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 25, 1995 on FOX
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Beyond Good and Evil (4)
Two of Apocalypse's former evil allies, the captive Wolverine, the loose cannon Cable, and the exiled Bishop, come together to free the kidnapped psychics and save reality from being rewritten.

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Catherine Disher

Catherine Disher

Jean Grey

Cedric Smith

Cedric Smith

Professor X/Charles Xavier

George Buza

George Buza

Beast/Dr. Henry "Hank" McCoy

Cal Dodd

Cal Dodd


Stephen Ouimette

Stephen Ouimette


Guest Star

Philip Akin

Philip Akin

Bishop/Lucas Bishop

Recurring Role

John Colicos

John Colicos

Apocalypse/En Sabah Nur

Recurring Role

Kay Tremblay

Kay Tremblay


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (22)

    • This episode features the final appearances of Cable, Bishop, Shard, Archangel, Psylocke, and the Nasty Boys (Ruckus, Gorgeous George, Slab, Hairbag, and Vertigo, none of whom speak). Apocalypse will return in season 5's "The Fifth Horseman", Mr Sinister is next in season 5's "Phalanx Covenant (1)", Magneto is next in "Family Ties" and Mystique returns in season 5's "Bloodlines".

    • Bender is revealed to be Immortus, the time-manipulating villain of the Marvel Comics superhero group, The Avengers.

    • Characters who appear in this episode, but don't speak: Cyclops, Storm, Gambit, Rogue, Jubilee, Mojo, Lilandra,Chancellor Araki II, and the abducted psychics: Gamesmaster, Karma, the Shadow King's human body, Revanche, Moondragon (from Avengers), Mesmero, Stryfe (Cable's evil clone), Phoenix II (Rachel Summers, daughter of Cyclops & Jean Grey from the "Days of Future Past" comics), Jason "Mastermind" Wyngarde, Typhoid Mary (from Daredevil), Emma Frost, Gremlin (from Hulk), a pink-skinned parody of one of DC Comics' Guardians of OA, and Oracle.

    • Just before New York City fades away, Storm can be seen sitting top of the bridge in the shot reused from "The Phoenix Saga (2): The Dark Shroud".

    • When Apocalypse was blasted through a wall and started falling, why didn't he just teleport back up instead of wait for his Horsemen to come and pick him up.

    • The smoke of the pyramid destruction changes from orange to green between shots.

    • The Lazarus Chamber lacks its central section area, with the platform and everything, when the X-Men awaken.

    • Graymalkin is parked within view of the pyramid, despite not having been left there in the previous episode (it was a considerable distance away then).

    • When walking through the doorway portal, the edge of the light effect is visible through Apocalypse & Magneto's body.

    • Beast's eyebrows, when talking about the pulse generator, are light-blue instead of black.

    • Vertigo's beam-casting comes from the right side of the screen, yet when Magneto fires back at her, she, Sinister, and the others, who had been on the opposite side of the hole in the wall ahead of him and Mystique, were all now in the far background, to their left!

    • The door to Graymalkin is red in all shots, yet when Cable exits it at the Axis of Time, it's yellow.

    • Psylocke has an entirely different voice than she did two episodes ago, far more high-pitched, nothing like the previous one at all.

    • The shot of Mojo in a time portal is oddly over-laid against a shot of a Roman Gladiator on a chariot, which is visible briefly (if ya pause it right).

    • When saying that Sinister hasn't seen nothing yet, Logan pops his claws, sound effect included... despite having his claws already popped seconds earlier.

    • When Apocalypse is walking between the rows of psychics, in the first shot, to our left of Jean is Gamesmaster, Karma, Shadow King's body, and Revanche. In the next shot, Shadow King is before her, Revanche is on the other row, and Mesmero is next to her instead.

    • During the "ceasing to exist wave" scene, the X-Mansion's east wing is, once again, smashed to bits, despite being intact earlier in the episode. It looks even MORE damaged by the time Graymalkin returns to it!

    • Apocalypse gestures to his left for the Horsemen, but they approach from his front instead.

    • Only Shard & Rogue are shown running from the Mansion to greet the Graymalkin arrivals, yet Archangel is there in the next shot, and Cyclops & Beast in the ones after.

    • At the episode's end, Xavier stands beside Magneto, despite his legs not working! It's possible that, since he had contact with so many powerful psychics just prior, it was a short-term side-effect of being near to so much mental energy, as season 2 revealed that without his telepathic powers, his legs manage to work.

    • With Apocalypse now having never existed, how is Cable so sure Tyler will be there when he returns to the future? The existence of his future depended on the struggle with Apocalypse... so maybe he's wishfully thinking.

    • Mystique is absent from the platform with Cable when Magneto & Wolverine arrive, and isn't present in any other shots (despite having nowhere else to go). Not to mention she isn't with them at the end of the episode (unless she was sent away with the rest of the psychics when they returned to the present, though you'd think she'd hang around like Magneto did).

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Wolverine: (grabbing Magneto and pulling him to safety) Ooh, look who I'm savin'. You'd think I was Xavier!
      Magneto: (later rescuing Logan from falling into the abyss) Look who I'm saving. You'd think I were an X-Man!

    • Wolverine: That's some fancy shootin', Cable. REALLY brought the house down.

    • Apocalypse: You have traveled over fifty centures to stop me. When will you learn it cannot be done?
      Cable: Guess I'm a slow learner.

    • Mr Sinister: (concerning Bishop) One man, small and alone, defending the universe. If only he knew. (Slab & Hairbag are thrown at him and the Nasty Boys)
      Wolverine: TWO small men, Sinister!

    • Bishop: (facing the Four Horsemen) Four against one, huh? I LIKE the odds.

    • Bishop: You mean... YOU'RE the janitor?
      Bender: Puh-lease! I perfer the term "custodial engineer". (broom appears in hand) You wouldn't BELIEVE the dust that can pile up in fourteen billion years. (peels up patch on road of light, sweeps dust under it) Not to mention the waxy build-up. I could tell you stories!

    • Bishop: How's a joker like YOU know this?
      Bender: Because I built this place... I think. It was so long ago, I forgot! Heheh, well, it all goes in one era and out the other!

    • Bishop: The road's drying up behind us!
      Bender: It's all unravealing! Apocalypse tugged at the string! Tug-tug-tug! Ohh-ho-ho, that guy!

    • Mr. Sinister: (referring to his ultrasonic-screaming lackey) Ruckus has a WAY with words... does he not?

    • Apocalypse: You dare to betray your master?!
      Magneto: I call NO one master, especially one who would destroy the innocent, along with the guilty!
      Apocalypse: Spare me your petty judgements. They spring from a brain too meager to comprehend MY reality. (grows in size) Now, taste the power... of Apocalypse!

    • Bender: (points at Bishop's chest) You got something on your shirt. (Bishop glances down, he pinches his nose) Made you look! Ahuhuhaha! M-ade you lo-ok! (Bishop hurls him aside)

    • Wolverine: (to Apocalypse) What're ya doin' with her, ya pile of dog puke?!

    • Bishop: Step away!
      Bender: Step away? Step right up! Step on a crack? Break your mama's back! Step on a dime, you'll be here for allll tiiiime! Hahaha!

  • NOTES (8)

    • The minor differences in versions of this episode broadcasted in countries other than the country of its origin, include:
      - Crazy music plays whenever Bender appears.
      - Bishop's theme song plays when he's shown solo.
      - Negative-flashes appear throughout the Axis of Time when reality is being erased.
      - The shot of the Savage Land dinosaurs is absent (the shot of the caveman is replayed instead).
      - The scene fade between Bishop liking the odds and Sinister watching the scene, is an expanding circle, instead of a red-lined right to left wipe.

    • Animation Company: AKOM Productions.

    • Original broadcast end-credit-scene: "Red Dawn"; Omega Red is revived, and facing the city ablaze, he plots revenge against those who locked him away.

    • Archangel's subconscious concern for Psylocke is in reference to the fact that, at the period when this episode was made and aired, the two characters were romantically involved in the comics.

    • David Hemblen does not provide the voice for Magneto in this episode (his replacement is uncredited).

    • Episode director/producer Larry Houston's final episode (in production order), though uncredited. He moved over to the second season of the 1994 Fantastic Four cartoon, and the same weekend this episode debuted, the X-Men (and Juggernaut) made a small cameo in the episode "Nightmare in Green".

    • The episode was originally intended to be the final episode produced, as it was the 65th episode ordered (though 66th scripted). But high enough ratings lead to an initial back-order of 5 more (and 6 more after that).

    • Online listings give this episode a subtitle of "End and Beginning" (though it's never listed onscreen).


    • Bender: Step on a crack, break your mama's back!
      That's an old proverb/superstition, which claims if you set foot on the space between sidewalk squares, your mother's spine shall snap.

    • Bender: It's not nice to fool with the Axis of Time.
      This is a reference to "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!", a line from a commercial in the 70s. According to TV Acres:

      In a series of successful commercials for Chiffon Margarine (1971-79), actress Dena Dietrich starred as Mother Nature who sampled the buttery taste of Chiffon margarine. When she realized that Chiffon Margarine was not butter and that she had been tricked, she let lightning fly and earthquakes rumble to express her anger. Her trademark catchphrase was "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature.".

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