Season 4 Episode 11

Beyond Good and Evil (4)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 25, 1995 on FOX

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  • For an action show, this is a pretty good comedy.

    Apocalypse has finally revealed his plan; to destroy time itself to attain complete and total victory. Magneto opposes the plan, and challenges the almighty mutant, but he has his horsemen and Sinister on his side. Magneto though was able to free Wolverine, and Cable decided to drop in as well. However, Apocalypse's plan was set into motion. That's when Bishop decides to interfere, freeing the physics on the exterior and setting back time in its original coordinates. With the physics free, with their combined power, they were able to bring everyone back to the present time line, as well as Apocalypse, who is without his Lazarus Chamber.

    Well, the concluding episode didn't make the story seem anymore deeper than it already is, which really isn't saying much, but this was still a pretty excellent episode. I've always wanted to see a clash between the major villains in this cartoon. A clash between titans is one of the most exciting match ups in any form of competition. Mastermold is missing though. The story was average, but how it was structured was pretty good, like how destroying time will give Apocalypse true victory rather than attaining victory a thousand times like he has his entire life. What's ironic is that his plan ended up backfiring as his Lazarus Chamber is destroyed. Gotta love irony.
  • Basically the best in the series was the Beyond Good and Evil. The plot was great, story and villians working together, and old friends who are revivals working together.

    I liked this because this meaning of this also fits real life Earth. There has always been a balance of good and evil. Take one out, a new and more powerful one will come.

    The story also had old revivals working together to help the good of man kind. The fights scenes where great, they had twist and turns that most people wouldn't think would happen. Over this episode set the tune for the rest of the season and next.
  • Best X-Men Episode!

    Probably the best episode ever in any animated series, this whole saga, especially this Episode 4 (The End and The Beggining), is so cleverly plotted, great action sequences. The main villain is Apocalypse (extremely powerful mutant). His plan is great, greatly written. There are bunch of characters in this saga, from Shiars to Earth people, you will find it great, there are so many people involved in this saga.
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