Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 26, 1996 on FOX

Episode Recap

Mutant haters around the country have engaged on several criminal activities in name of their hatred, including destroying stores that welcome mutants. Interrogated about possible involvement, Graydon Creed claimed not all mutant haters work for him. Later on, Creed met the High Council that has been ruling the Friends of Humanity ever since they rejected him as their leader when they learned Creed's father is a mutant. Upon further investigation, the Council found out Sabretooth (Creed's father) is not the only mutant in Creed's family. Creed's mother is another mutant as well as the mother of two other mutants and Creed must destroy them in order to prove his loyalty to the anti-mutant cause and resume being leader of the Friends of Humanity.

During Halloween night, some kids tried to trick-or-treat at the Xavier Institute, only to be scared by Wolverine wearing a Beast mask. While he and Jubilee were arguing about Halloween, they've got a visit from Nightcrawler, who asked for their help to rescue his mother. Nightcrawler, who never met his mother, learned she's being held captive at a dam and must go there alone to save her. Wolverine, Jubilee and Rogue went with him to help.

On their way to the dam, Jubilee asked Nightcrawler why he'd bother with the woman who abandoned him and he explained about his religious beliefs. Arriving there, they found out the dam was being guarded by Friends of Humanity. After knocking down a guard, the heroes split into pairs: one made by Wolverine and Jubilee and the other by Nightcrawler and Rogue. The second pair found Nightcrawler's mother, who happened to be Mystique. Mystique was furious at seeing Rogue there, since she had only agreed to be bait to lure Nightcrawler to the FOH's trap if they spared Rogue. Mystique explained that, before adopting Rogue, she gave birth to Graydon Creed and his half-brother Nightcrawler.

Taking advantage of the fact all his mutant relations (minus Sabretooth) were in the room, Creed filled it with gas to kill them all. However, Nightcrawler teleported himself to the place where Creed was controlling things and tried to reason with him. Meanwhile, Wolverine and Jubilee found the others and learned the truth. The battle resulted in the dam being destroyed and some Friends of humanity being arrested for it. Jubilee commented on the fact the FOH were not arrested for any anti-mutant crime. Mystique explained to Nightcrawler that his father was a wealthy German Count whom she married for his money (she said he was not beautiful but his money made up for it). The marriage went sour when she gave birth to a mutant (Nightcrawler) whose appearance even then wouldn't allow him to pass for a normal human. She resented him for it.

Furious with Creed for this loss, the Council tied him and parachuted him to the house of his father.