Season 1 Episode 5

Captive Hearts (1)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jan 30, 1993 on FOX

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  • Mutants all over

    One absolutely amazing episode, one of the show’s best.

    The episode features Jean, the lover of Cyclops who Wolverine feels very much for. They go on a date but follow mutant into the sewers. But there they meet a mutant tribe, that tribe cannot go outside and live with the humans. Each of them have their own unique and very neat power and their leader is named Calisto. She wants Cyclops for her own. But Jean stands in her way and Cyclops does not want her, they try to destroy Jean but she sends a help out call of Xavior.

    The coolest mutant there was an old woman who could make people see things. Storm, Gambit, Rogue and Wolverine go to save them,. When they fight Gambit gets a sickness from an old woman and Rogue takes him back home. Storm puts on a fight against Calisto and wins, but she declares them peace and does not kill Calisto.

    Rogue developed as a character in this episode, and Wolverine did too. He is very jealous of Cyclops because he is inlove with Jean but can’t have her.

    The episode was amazing, a lot of action and filled with cool mutants. The X-men episode which made me addicted to the show.
    Rogue was once again my favourite, she is very cute and funny fighting the big guys. At the end Wolverine seems to be gone and he has ripped apart a picture of Jean and Cyclops.

    To be continued…
  • Great episode.

    The X-Men are doing their usual training in the danger room. However, a collapsing wall course makes Storm remininsce of a horrible event that happened in her life before. Wolverine is still recovering from his injury by Sabertooth, and tries hitting on Jean, though she leaves for a date with Cyclops. While they were walking around, they find a mutant being chased by the commoners. He leads them to an underground subway. Jean and Cyclops are knocked out and taken to the Morlocks headquarters. They try to make Cyclops their companion, but it doesn't work. Jean gives the professor a hint of where their location might be. The X-Men come in and raid the place. Though the numbers of the Morlock mutants were too great. Storm then rose, and challenged their leader to a lightsaber duel. Storm won, and invited all the Morlocks to come to the mansion, but they refused to come to the surface until humans accept mutants. Jean and Cyclops went to Wolverine's room to thank him, but he disappeared.

    A pretty complicated episode. Wolverine's feelings run pretty deep. It's almost as if his personality is a highly advanced system of tunnels and unsolved puzzles that'll never be solved. His affection towards Jean not only made the external conflicts with her already loving Cyclops even more complexed, but it's interesting how his internal conflicts will also be affected. The scene with Storm remembering a dark part of her past needed to be justified better. If they developed it a little more in this episode, then it would have been great, but they just gave this little sample, and simply left it at that. It would have been better if we learned more of her past. The lightsaber battle was pretty entertaining, since I'm a huge Star Wars fan. Though I don't think they showed the powers of the leader of the Morlock Mutants, did they?
  • Scott and Jean finally get to out and end up in the sewers (literally!). Storm struggles with her claustrophobia and Logan tries to reach out to jean about his feeling for her.

    another premiere as the morlocks make their first appearance in the series. Scott and Jean's night on the town could have been handled a little more conservatively and more humorous than the one-liner Jean delivers. speaking of Jean, she didnt have to diss Logan like that. it's just one of those things dont though to progress the plot and keep some degree of tension between the characters in order to keep them three dimensional. since this episode in based on a story from the comics there's obviously gonna be comparisons and liberties taken by the show writers. but other than the obvious replacing Angel getting kidnapped with Scott and Jean and replacing the knives Storm and Callisto used in the comic with some kind of "lightsaber" staffs or something. oh, and Storm didnt have her mohawk for this episode either (as a matter of fact costume changes were pretty much nonexistant in the series).
  • And the Morlocks decide to bring up their mess, at least for this week.

    Captive Hearts is a truly powerful piece of character development, if nothing else. This one delves into Wolverine's feelings towards Jean and Cyclops. Writers Robert Skir and Marty Isenberg wrote a brilliant and sometimes thoughtful script with good attention to detail and lots of high emotions. This level of emotion would be a hallmark in their scripts all the way through.

    I loved this opening in the danger room. It's not often we get to see it in the series, and we still haven't seen it in the movies. I hope X3 changes that.

    Getting back to the action, we see Storm in full charge of the team as they struggle to overcome the various dangers in the simulation. She's clearly capable of leading them. Even more so than Cyclops. Her only liability lies in her claustrophobia and tendency to faint whenever she abuses her powers.

    I appreciated Xavier's allusion to Morph's demise. It's a reminder of the dangers the X-Men faced every day in their struggle. They may be mutants, but they're certainly not immortal.

    Wolverine still hasn't recovered from his injuries from Deadly Reunions. We get to see him reaching out to Jean and her subsequent rejection. Moments like this make me feel bad for Logan. He doesn't deserve to be treated like this. Then again, he could also do a lot better than Jean Grey. Any woman who chooses Cyclops has some serious issues to resolve.

    We then see Scott and Jean on a date as they stumble across one of the Morlocks robbing some fruit from a vendor. The following subway sequence introduces viewers to most of the Morlocks. Cyclops and Jean are totally able to take them on in order to protect the humans in the station. They ended up being captured thanks to that dreadful sleep spell.

    This episode also introduces the notion that Jean hasn't mastered her full powers. She faints right after sending a telepathic message to Xavier.

    I never really understood why Callisto wanted Cyclops in the first place. Apparently his power and leadership are the attraction factor behind her desire. It makes little sense that she wants him only for creating an heir. It would be a waste of Cyclops's usefulness. Scott said it best. She should have taken out an ad. Also, I must comment on the fact concerning her discovery of Cyclops in the first place. How did she get clips from Night of the Sentinels-Part II? It doesn't make sense. Morlocks live underground hidden from humans. They wouldn't risk blowing their cover by watching an all-out battle between Cyclops and the Sentinels, much less getting such good footage of the battle.

    The X-Men rally to save their comrades with Storm in charge of the team. This is her episode as much as it is about Scott, Jean and Logan. She's clearly capable of leading the team into battles in tight spots, despite her difficulties in coping with her claustrophobia.

    The X-Men eventually get to Jean and a deceased Cyclops, only to find that is a fake Cyclops thanks to Wolverine's sense of smell.

    We're finally treated to a riveting battle between the X-Men and the Morlocks. It's interesting to see how the Morlocks have a clear advantage over the X-Men for fighting inside their own territory.

    When Wolverine finds the real Cyclops and that mutant uses her mind control powers to influence him to kill Cyclops, I have to wonder whether he was really influenced by that woman or was Wolverine faking it in order to put an end to his rival for Jean's affections. This is a scene dependent on stage direction and the intent wasn't quite clear to me.

    We finally get to see Storm challenging Callisto for the ownership of Cyclops and all Morlocks as they fight each other in a vicious duel. Storm wins a little too fast though, given all of her struggle. I'll forgive it anyway. There's only so much you can put into so little episode time.

    The episode ends on a cliffhanger showing Logan's apparent departure for good. A good method to keep viewers keen on learning more about his fate.

    By the way, there was an apparent increase in air time beginning with this episode. Almost one minute over the previous episodes. This certainly helped the flow of the plot. Well done!
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