Season 1 Episode 6

Cold Vengeance (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 06, 1993 on FOX

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  • Wolverine on ice

    Once again a brilliant episode, this time a Wolverine-centric one.

    Wolverine was jealous and left to the cold ice, there he sees Sabertooh again who beats him and almost kills him until some men save him and fix him up again. Wolverine feels good in no time and wants to repay them, he gets them a lot of fish and becomes their new hero, their old hero is laughed at and feels bad.

    He goes into the snow and comes across Sabertooh who believes he is Wolverine’s friend, but he tells him that he wants Wolverine gone so they make a plan, he takes Wolverine away from the camp while Sabertooth destroys it and kidnaps all the people.
    Wolverine comes back and he fights Sabertooh, this time he throws him in some big hole and saves all the people. They call him a friend and move on.
    Wolverine was finally able to develop, he is a good guy with a cold heart and just needs some love.

    Meanwhile Gambit, Storm and Jubilee go on vacation to a place they believe is treasure island for mutants. But it turns out that they only catch mutants and at night they get attacked and caught.

    the episode was excellent, great way to develop Wolverine and give him more spotlight. The episode wasn’t the show’s best but it was still magnificent.
  • "I can never find peace!" - Wolverine.

    Wolverine, wanting to clear his head from the previous events, heads back to his home land inhabited by Inuit people. Though he was intercepted by Sabertooth, he sends him into the freezing water, thinking he might die from the cold. Though the Inuit people helped him recover, and in order to pay their good deeds, Wolverine helps them in doing their labours, like catching fish, and even participated in their activities. However, a jealous villager wants revenge on Wolverine, and colaborates with Sabertooth in order to achieve it. The man leads Wolverine out of the village, while Sabertooth demolishes it. Wolverine, guilty that he has brought them pain, rescues the villagers, and sends Sabertooth flying into the glaciers. He apologizes to the Inuits, but they forgive him and move onto the city. Meanwhile, Gambit, Storm, and Jubilee, investigate Genosha that is opened to Mutants. Though they were raided by Sentinels...

    A great episode that really places pity upon Wolverine. I truly never expected him to be so caring towards others, and this episode proves this. It was pretty sad how he felt guilty for bringing misfortunate upon his new friends, when the night before, they were celebrating for his huge catch of fish he caught, feeding them a feast they've never had in a long time. When he yelled out that he can never find peace after coming back to the village already destroyed, it was just sad. It seemed like the world is against him almost, but that's just thinking way too emo. The scene with Gambit and Cyclops really put tension between the X-Men. The previous events really did a good job of building up towards that fight, and it's interesting how Sentinels are there to capture the mutants.
  • Wolverine leaves the X-Men to find piece in ALaska (good choice) while Gambit, Storm, and Jubilee find out the hard way that Genosha isnt as nice as the brochure

    cold vengeance is another of those episodes that doesnt hold up over time due to the "cookie-cutter" type "A story". the "B story" totally saves this episode as it serves as a nice setup to the Genosha saga. but back to Wolverine's story: Logan at times seems out of sorts during this entire story, which leads me to believe that such inconsistenty (he's able to track Sabretooth but didnt know Killock was following him)was probably done purposely. now granted, years ago when i first watched this episode, i didnt pay much attention to the details most "reviewers" would but that's the problem with shows or episodes that dont stand the test of time. as far as the Genosha setup goes, having the professor suggest they go check it out was seemingly out of character as well and so was Scott's and Gambit's "discussion" prior to the professor's suggestion. it made it seem like everyone not named Cyclops was opposed to authority or something. i also wish the show would've had time to show the trio on Genosha (Gambit, Storm, and Jubilee) taking in all the resort had to offer before being outed like they were. solid not special
  • Revenge is a dish best served cold, but try not to freeze it either.

    Cold Vengeance is a definite mixed bag of an episode. I obviously never expected it to top Captive Hearts, but I at least hoped Wolverine's story would be well played. His quest for inner peace feels disjointed from the surrounding storyline. Even the B story was better than this. And that's a serious problem if you notice that the B story is merely a weak setup rathen than a full story.

    Ironically, this was also the episode written by Michael Edens, who ended up being one of the show's best writers. He also ended up writing more X-Men episodes than any of the other writers, including Mark Edward Edens as well as Steven Melching and David McDermott.

    Let's tackle the Wolverine plot. The opening immediately follow the events of Captive Hearts. There's a serious goof, however. Wolverine slashed a truly different picture of Scott and Jean in Captive Hearts. Could the animators at least maintain some sense of continuity?

    Wolverine travels up to the Alaskan wilderness in order to find inner peace and immediately finds Sabretooth, performing acts of sabotage as well as voicing endless quotes taken from Star Trek and every other lame revenge movie. They get into a fight and Wolverine almost gets him, before the weak ice brings him to a possible doom. It's ironic that Wolverine obviously fights better and faster then his nemesis, but Sabretooth always gets the upper hand out of sheer luck. The writers can be cruel to our hero. They could give Wolverine the upper hand for a while and actually having him slashing Sabretooth rather than just butting his head in him.

    Wolverine ends up being rescued by a group of Eskimos. That's where the story falls apart. While the camp elder protects Wolverine, our hero ends up being subjected to Killock's jealousy. What's the point of this character anyway? Is he supposed to represent Wolverine's attitude towards Cyclops or just a way to spice up the plot?

    On another hand, Wolverine had an interesting moment with the camp elder (can't remembe his name) as he confides about his search for inner peace, while forcing himself to not reveal his mutant identity, given his acceptance into this village.

    Killock ends up meeting with Sabretooth, who immdiately recruits him to distract Wolverine. Our naive eskimo follows his bidding and challenges Wolverine to an open sea fishing. Wolverine actually follows this idea even though he knows something is wrong. This gives Sabretooth enough time to bomb the village and kidnap every eskimo. How could Logan not have realized it? I know he can act before thinking, but he's not Jubilee either. This was just lame. The plot actually improves once he learns of Killock's betrayal. I actually thought he was going to use his claws on him, but he restrained himself. Once again, the voice actor and the animators did a brilliant job with this anguished performance of Wolverine. That's what saved the episode from being a disaster.

    Afterwards, Wolverine looks for Sabretooth. Another nitpick however: how didn't Wolverine know Killock was following him? He has a sense of smell you know. Nevertheless Sabretooth calls out to him and the fight ensues while the poor eskimos remain tied up in an ice bridge about to blow up. Wolverine once again does something stupid in the fight as he lets Sabretooth throw snow in his face after he had knocked his nemesis down.

    This leads Killock to save Logan from Sabretooth and this allows Wolverine to duck his nemesis's final attack making Sabretooth to plunge into a bottomless abyss. They save the eskimos and Wolverine finally finds some peace as he bids goodbye to his friends.

    The B story center around a fight between Gambit and Cyclops concerning whether Genosha is a real resort for mutants. Xavier intervenes and sends Gambit, along with Storm and Jubilee to this resort.

    As they arrive in the resort, I just have to wonder how did the clerk had identified Storm at all, given that recording could only have been done by the Sentinel at the pilot episode. That Sentinel was captured by the X-Men. I smell a plot hole here.

    By the way, there were no scenes of the three of them walking around the resort or the beach. I know the episode time is short, but I would still have liked to see some of it. Not that I wanted to see either of them in a bathing suit. We've already seen it on the previous episode in the beautiful form of Rogue. But some evidence that they were investigating the mutant acceptance matter would have been interesting.

    The episode ends in a siege on their bangalo. Storm actually warns Gambit not to endanger human lives when they're pointing heavy guns at them. Gambit initiates the action and they're promptly captured by a Sentinel, giving this episode a satisfactory ending.