Season 1 Episode 9

Come the Apocalypse

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 27, 1993 on FOX

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  • The apocalypse is here


    Yet another fantastic episode and the follow up of ‘The Cure’.

    In this episode the Apocalypse continues with his machine doing what he was going to do with it. Angel is made his own slave into Archangel, his evil and much cooler self. Mystique has to bring other mutants and she brings in three who also fall in the pray of the Apocalypse and become the four horsemen.

    Together they hate both Humans and Mutants and want to destroy everyone.
    Rogue’s storyline follows and from here on it’s official that she is by far the most interesting and loveable character of the show. She has to stop Archangel and drains out his evilness curing him from being evil, but she sucks it and has to control it herself.

    This has to be the darkest episode so far, each of the mutants destroy a bit of the world. It’s unsure why Apocalypse wants to destroy everything, but he’s a kick-ass badguy. He can’t be defeated and the other X-men can’t even touch him, though it was nice seeing him fight them as a team.

    The fight between Rogue and Mystique is also a classic, two beautiful X-men fighting and both survive. They are two mutants that need a lot of scenes together.

    All in all, the episode was excellent, Archangel is one of the best mutants of the show, evil or good.
  • Apacalypse, enough said.

    Angel was attracted by Alder's cure, and was immediately turned into a slave. Mystique turned into Angel, and attracted even more mutants, who were later on turned into slaves of Apacalypse. He had a fighting group of four members, which he sent to terrorize the entire world. Professor Xavier feared the most is someone like Apacalypse; someone who hates both mutants and humans. The X-Men went out to battle Apacalypse's horsemen of terror, and defeated them. Rogue discovered of Apacalypse's hideout in England at Stonehedge through Mystique, and was met by the man himself. The horsemen also arrived, reporting of their defeat. The X-Men battled the horsemen, and Rogue was able to suck out the evil within ArcAngel in which he turned against his own comrades. Apacalypse took his station with him, and flew away, along with the horsemen. ArcAngel realized what bad he has done also, and flew away.

    Apacalypse showcasing how sweet he is. What I really like about this triangle of antagonist groups is that they represent a different cause. Magneto wants to destroy all humans, while the guys behind the Sentinels want to destroy all mutants. Apacalypse on the other hand, wants to destroy both mutants and humans. What kind of disappointed me about this episode is that 1, I wanted to see Cable fighting Apacalypse, and 2, Apacalypse should have converted a lot more mutants than just four into his side. Other than that, this was a solid introduction episode to a really sweet villain.
  • Angel falls to dark side.

    Come the Apocalypse is not the greatest of episodes but it serves as a conclusion to the events of the Cure and sets up future storylines. A well written episode by Michael Edens that accomplishes its goals.

    The episode opens on Muir Island as Rogue and the other X-Men are still having fun on a bar. Meanwhile, Angel begins the Cure procedure and gets to see Dr. Adler's real face as well as Apocalypse. He loses all of his individuality as he's transformed into Archangel, the Angel of Death.

    Mystique, disguised as Warren Worthington, III, invades the bar claiming he/she was cured. This leads all mutants in the bar to an uproar of joy, but the X-Men are unconvinced. This leads to a terrific argument between Cyclops and our supposed ex-mutant. This implies Angel's somehow had some prior history with the X-Men, despite no direct reference. It would fit the character, given his events in the opening of the Cure. The X-Men return to Westchester.

    Apocalypse brings three other mutants (including one of the Morlocks) and turns them into slaves as well. Pestilence (the Morlock), Famine, War and Death. The four horsemen are mounted and get underway to put an end to this world. Not nearly as impacting as I thought it should be.

    They begin bombing a peace conference in an European country. Xavier's shocked with the event and promptly sends the X-Men to put an end to this bloodshed. He then sends Rogue in another mission to uncover what turned Angel into Archangel. She returns to Muir Island and uncovers Dr. Adler's real identity. Then she foolishly turns her back to our villain and ends up being shot. Mystique blows the place up and escapes. Rogue barely gets out. Not her best day at all.

    The X-Men put up a serious fight against the flying horsemen. Gambit actually proves useful this time in saving Wolverine from being crushed. The horsemen aren't even that good fighters. Only Archangel saves them from a certain defeat. Either this a poorly plotted battle by the writers and animators or Apocalypse was seriously shortsighted in his plans. One other nitpick as well: Archangel never used explosive darts in the comics. I'm referring to that dam explosion scene. War might be able to do that. Not Archangel though. His darts were always designed to hurt, not blow up. This is not a nice way to tamper with the comics.

    Rogue tracks Apocalypse down to Stonehenge as the horsemen regroup there as well. This leads to one of the finest Rogue shots in the series. Apocalypse burns her jacket using a laser beam and she falls to the ground in a very handsome position. I'll never forget it.

    Then the X-Men arrive to put an end to this war and are actually performing quite well. One other problem however, Cyclops shot his beam directly at Jean, forcing her to duck at once. Was he possesed or something? If this is the kind of action any leader would take, I would promptly commit mutiny. As Archangel prepares to finish the X-Men off, Rogue grabs his head and absorbs his powers. She feels his pain as a slave for the first time. This leads him to a change of heart as the evil is robbed from his essence. He bombs the other horsemen, forcing them into retreating. Then Wolverine attempts to take out Apocalypse, but he barely escapes using his interstellar craft. I hate when that happens. This is an old plot device in order to be able to bring our villain back. Meanwhile, I just wish I knew what happened to Mystique.

    We then get to see a satisfying end between Rogue and Archangel as she explains what happened. He hopes she can deal with this evil essence better than he ever did. He flies away in a heartbreaking scene, knowing nothing will ever be the same again.
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