Season 1 Episode 12

Days of Future Past (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Mar 20, 1993 on FOX

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  • Back into the past

    The second part was magnificent. Much better than the first.

    The episode continues where the first part left us. Bishop trying to murder Gambit but he can’t. The other X-men have to go there to prevent a murder to happen and Gambit is staying with Bishop and Wolverine.

    Where the president is going to get killed other mutants are waiting. They are very strong and almost stronger than the X-men. When Gambit escapes the others follow him and they help the X-men with defeating the other mutants.

    Meanwhile Mystique is also in the building and she shapeshifts into Gambit, she is the one who killed the guy and made Gambit and the other X-men took the blame. Bishop tries to kill Gambit but Rogue stops him and sends him back into the future. The false Gambit changes into Mystique and Rogue’s faster parent. that’s why Rogue can’t kill her and saves her to escape.

    When Bishop comes back in the future he sees that nothing changed and Wolverine is dead. He has to go back again to save everything.

    The episode was brilliant. especially Rogue’s character was fascinating with her little crush on Gambit and her sadness of her foster mom being Mystique. This is once again a true X-men classic.
  • Even more Terminator like.

    Bishop accuses Gambit of being the assassin. He doesn't clearly remember who was assassinated, but he knows it's in Washington D.C. They all head out there to find out the truth, leaving Bishop, Gambit, and Wolverine to baby sit them, behind. Gambit wants to prove his innonece, and forces his way out of the mansion. With the senators speech, the building was attacked by mutants. The X-Men take care of it, but they didn't know it was diversion to divert their attention. The assassin was really Mystique, who framed Gambit and the X-Men! However, Gambit himself appeared, along with Bishop. Bishop was going to kill them both, but Rogue sent him back. Rogue was going to take care of Mystique, but she finds out she really was her mother! In the future, Bishop finds that the world was still the same. Something must have happened afterwards. Xavier was going to clear things up to the senator, but when he arrived in his room, he was gone. He then notices his watch stops, because it was magnetized.

    This episode was really pulling twists everywhere! They didn't stop until the episode ended. I thought Mystique being the real assassin was a twist itself, but then she turns out to be Rogue's mother too?! At first I thought she was just faking it to make Rogue spare her life, but it seemed like it was real in the end. Then, not only did Apacalypse play a major role in the assassination attempt, but Magneto is also taking the matter into his own hands! Though other than those sweet twists, I can't help but feel this episode was a little way too much like The Terminator. First off, the future remained the same, which was also the same in the movie. Secondly, while it was pretty tragic seeing Wolverine die, Wolverine's skeleton structure felt a little too much like the robots in The Terminator. Thirdly, actually, there isn't a thirdly, at least I think there isn't. Anyways, other than that, this episode did a really good job of maintaining suspense and adding on to the current story.
  • The Cajun must clear his name on the street

    Days of Future Past-Part II commences the real story. I loved the opening with Rogue speeding her beatiful convertible in the road. Her banter with Gambit also worked fairly well. Then we are led by their point of view to the final events of Part I. A terrific opening.

    Rogue gets in the way of Bishop's blast, then he still blasts Gambit. They're both still alive without any burn marks to speak of. I have to address this ridiculous need to not scare the children by not showing any scars. Ever since the beginning of the series, the X-Men get shot and look like they just took a shower. Even Princess Leia had a burn mark on her shoulder in Return of the Jedi after being shot by a Stormtrooper.

    When Bishop is quieted down by Wolverine and Cyclops, he begins calling Gambit an assasin. The conflict heightens the tension in the war room every second. This works far better than Kitty's 2 minutes of explanation to the X-Men concerning her purpose. Seeing Bishop and Gambit's temper flaring really makes this work. Bishop then tells the X-Men bit by bit, how Gambit's action will ignite a bleak future. It's a sad and sorrowful montage worthy of any time travel movie like T2.

    I love Gambit's outraged reaction to this accusation. Being called an assasin is a direct reference to his hatred of the assasin clan. A story thread that would be further developed in Season 2.

    After Xavier analyses the situation, it's clear that Gambit must remain locked in the mansion. This is where the X-Men make their mistake. Showing no trust at all on Gambit after everything they've been through just makes matters worse. I can buy Cyclops and Wolverine not trusting him, but seeing this reaction of Storm is truly sad, given she knows the Cajun better than anyone. The X-Men fly to Washington in order to prevent this assasination, while Xavier attends Kelly's hearing on mutant affairs.

    Wolverine and Bishop stay behind to watch after Gambit. I loved his mode of escape. Putting an explosive Ace Card on top of an arcade was brilliant.

    The X-Men arrive at Washington and await the inevitable. What was Jubilee dreaming anyway? What was Gambit doing that couldn't be true? We then see the brotherhood of evil mutants led by Mystique. They're the same as the comics, except for the absence of Destiny. Avalanche and Pyro strike the capitol building, leading the X-Men to rally there and defend the people.

    I loved some moments of this confrontation. Blob has an advantage over the X-Men. It takes the arrival of Wolverine to reverse the situation and trap him in the lake while Storm freezes it. I loved Rogue's method of evading Pyro's fire bird by going up to the outer atmosphere.

    When Avalanche strikes and hits Bishop, we get to see him using his powers and endangering innocent people without realizing it. Or maybe he did in order to distract the X-Men while he went into Capitol Hill. Nevertheless we see a brilliant moment as the X-Men struggle to hold the falling peak of the building and innocent people flee. This is a terrific use of the X-Men in defending humanity. Rogue commits a self-sacrifice in order to save the little girl when Jean can't handle it. It was a frightening moment, far more effective than the comic book version. Skir and Isenberg truly managed to create high levels of tension alongside powerful moments.

    When Rogue escapes from the debris, she sees Bishop going into the building. Meanwhile, Kelly goes with his secretary to a safe place where she changes into Gambit. This is where everything becomes clear. Then the real Gambit arrives to save Kelly in the nick of time. They begin fighting while Kelly frees the real secretary. Then Bishop arrives to put an order to this mess by blasting both Gambits. Rogue is forced to intervene in a hurry by breaking Bishop's arm band. I'm surprised she remembered that in such a short notice. Bishop is sent back to the future.

    The future remains unchanged, despite Bishop preventing the assasination. Mystique reveals herself to Rogue. When Rogue is ready for punching her eyes out, the unexpected happens as she turns into Rogue's foster mother. This event leads Rogue into taking Mystique to safety, despite the fact she just tried to kill Senator Kelly. Fortunately, this plot movement leads to the best Rogue scene in the season.

    Mystique explains this plot was concocted by Apocalypse. Despite Rogue's warning, Mystique pledged herself to Apocalypse. Rogue tries to understand why she tried to turn Rogue into a slave for her master. She explains it was the only way to get her back. While many mysteries surrounding Rogue's past remain unexplained, this goodbye scene is the highlight of the episode, knowing there's more to come out of this situation.

    Meanwhile, our good senator is kidnapped. While Cyclops and Jean are both clueless, Xavier figures out Magneto's behind using the clever watch gag. A terrfic cliffhanger to a terrific episode.
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