Season 1 Episode 4

Deadly Reunions (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jan 23, 1993 on FOX

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  • Magneto strikes back

    Without a doubt the best episode so far, great character developments and a lot of neat action.

    The episode continues where the last one left us, Magneto still wants revenge and Xavior is trying to cure Sabertooh from his fears by going into his mind and trying to get rid of them.

    Meanwhile Magneto destroys a place and makes the X-men arrive, He almost chokes Psyclops and he throws a fall onto Storm which causes her pain and memory into when she was a girl. Rogue saves both and makes PSyclops breath again by having a mouth-to-mouth moment but that makes her steal his powers accidentally, she can’t control it but Xavior helps her to see and guide her back. The way he defeats Magneto is by showing him his past of when he was a little boy, Magneto couldn't take it and flees away.

    but Miss idiot child aka Jubilee was so idiotic to let Sibertooh go, luckily Wolverine was there and hey fight, but he almost get stabbed to death before Jubilee uses her power to beat Sibertooh.

    The episode was excellent, we learned a lot more from each character and their fears,. Rogue is without a doubt the most lovable character an Jubilee the most idiotic and irritating one. But the episode was brilliant, almost a classic.
  • Well written.

    The professor is trying to figure out what Sabertooth's problems are, but he's created a mental wall that not even he can penetrate. Though they'll have to put the issue of Sabertooth on hold, for Magneto has threatened workers within a nuclear plant. The X-Men try to stop him, but his magnetic powers are way too powerful. The professor comes, and drives him away by making him remember the horrible incident of him losing his parents. Back at the school, Jubilee is watchin a TV with a senator running for president, and promising to relocate all mutants. Jubilee, feeling pity for Sabertooth, loosens his chains, but was quickly caught. Wolverine came in, and the two fought. Sabertooth tells him that he was sent by Magneto to destroy the school and the professor. However, he failed to do that as the force arrived. Professor apologizes to Wolverine for not believing him.

    The whole psychological scene in the beginning was pretty intriguing. I really like how scenes like that play out. The pacing of the episode was good, accomplishing a lot of things. The title of the episode made it believe that the reunion would be only between two people, but it was between four people. The battle with Magneto was pretty much one sided because of the events in the previous episode. Instead of rushing off to Magneto, the X-Men should have came up with a way to defeat him. Right now, only the professor can even attempt to battle with him. Though the fight in the nuclear plant was pretty entertaining. Storm reminiscing her past, and Rogue absorbing a little of Cyclop's powers were little non plot related things that contributed to the episode.
  • A true classic in the series.

    Deadly Reunions gets everything right where Enter Magneto fell short. Without any further need for introduction, this episode launches directly into the action. Although we get to see an unnecessary flashback to the events in the missile base. We know what happened. Was writer Don Glutt short on material, in order to fill this gap?

    Despite this nitpick, once Magneto strikes the Metrochem, the episode really begins to work. Rather than using nuclear warheads that were bound to be stopped, he decides to hurt people directly and that has an immediate impact on the viewer. Magneto did all of this simply to get Xavier's attention so he could meet him. Rogue, Storm and Cyclops race to meet him. Like the previous episode, none of them are a match for the master of magnetism. They all get knocked out badly, especially Storm. This episode introduced her state of claustrophobia. Now this is a true masterpiece of animation and voice acting. Storm's desperation calls out to anyone watching this. We also get a flashback to her childhood trauma, which explains this perfectly to the viewer.

    We finally see the meeting of Xavier and Magneto. It's little more than a battle of wits, concerning their views on how they should deal with humans. Magneto has the upper hand in mobility, but he underestimated Xavier's mental powers. Bringing back Magneto's childhood memories was more than enough to send him running away for a while.

    On another front, we finally see the full effect of Rogue's powers. I only wish I were Cyclops at that moment. The kiss inevitably leads her to absorb his powers. One minor nitpick however: the editor apparently used the same shot of Rogue's eye blast blowing the building's all twice for no reason at all. I only wonder why.

    The Sabretooth story finally gets interesting in this episode. Xavier's probing of his mind was filled with interesting metaphors. The brick box was my favorite one. Xavier couldn't break the box immediately, but he could sense Sabretooth's rage.

    While seeing a new development as Senator Kelly decides to run for president in order to put an end to mutant affairs, we also see Jubilee's first of many blunders she would commit throughout the series. Viewers had to tolerate this way too much. Of course, this kid thinks Sabretooth really is changed despite his statement about wanting to grab Kelly's throat. Then she is shocked with his wrist as if it was injured or something. Then she releases it to treat it and pays the price for being a complete idiot. Fortunately Wolverine arrives to save her.

    The Magneto plot coincides with the Sabretooth plot as he reveals he works for the master of magnetism under others to take over the mansion. What was he thinking? Did this dimwit really think he could take on 7 powerful mutants, including his old nemesis?

    As Logan and Sabretooth fight, Xavier distracts our hero long enough to get seriously injured by our visitor. This leads Jubilee to take charge for once and make up for her incompetence as she blasts Sabretooth out of the mansion.

    As the episode winds down, Xavier finally reflects on his shortcomings as a visionary. He finally recognizes his ingenuity in believing that all mutants could be brothers. That's also in parallel with Magneto's idea of a brotherhood. The X-Men admit their first failure and the future looks bleak for our heroes. We get to watch terrific conclusion to the episode as Magneto vows to recruit others to follow his path in taking on humankind and wiping the X-Men out of their way.