Season 5 Episode 14

Graduation Day

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 20, 1997 on FOX

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  • goodnight

    I haven't seen the movie yet
  • God i wish that This show would go on, This is one of my top ten favorite Fox Kids Shows.

    God I wish that this show would go on, This is one of my top ten favorite Fox Kids Shows, Whenever I see this show, I get excited when that theme music plays, and I love it when They kick some A**.
  • MORE!

    This was a great SHOW

    Jean came back?? I have a lot of questions cause im a little bit confused but overall this was the best
  • Great episode. It was a good ending to an amazing series! You can see this episode here: http://watch-wolverine.com/index.php?ep=75&show=xmen

    This was a very action packed episode. A lot of stuff happened.

    I enjoyed seeing Magneto come to show his support for his old friend. The closing scene was very emotional as the Professor gave every X-Man some words of encouragement.

    Even though they have not achieved their goal of peace among mutants and humans, the X-Men stand guard ready to fight for what they believe in.

    You can see this episode at:

    This episode is definitely a must see for anyone who has not already seen it. It will really give you an idea of the complexity of all the characters in the series!
  • While speaking at a submit on mutant rights, Professor X is attacked and seriously wounded by Henry Peter Gyrich. Only the advanced technology of the Shi'ar Empire can save the Professor, but how will the X-men contact a distant Empire?

    This episode cannot divorce itself from the numerous problems that plagued the show during its final season;

    1. The decline in overall character artwork and animation.

    2. The watering down of the comic book storylines and themes in an effort to appeal to a younger demographic.

    The episode also suffers from the fact that they are trying wrap everything up in a single 25-minute episode, rather then a 2-part episode that would have probably done the show more justice, setting aside the problems involves with a man like Gyrich getting that close to Xavier.

    Hence, Morph has rejoined the X-men but little is made of it or his ongoing emotional problems. Magneto is planning to lead the Genosha mutants to freedom, but its implied that by choosing to save Professor X, he has some how lost the ability to free Genosha. Profesosor X is cured, but must remain with the queen of the Shi'ar Empire. Yet, he does not name a replacement and has decided to forgoe his dream of mutant rights, for his own personal happiness.

    This episode does attempt to honor the fans and the creative talent involved, but too many problems drag it down.
  • An extraordinarily influential episode with great emotional impact.

    This episode, is first of all, the best ending possible for this series. It is absolutely the single best finale to an animation series in history, and it may very well be one of the best finales ever, animation or not.

    Magneto is finally ready to start a war against humans, while Xavier has fallen sick and his students look like they will not be able to do anything about either situation. However, they decide to ask Magneto for help, to save Xavier's life.

    The friendship of Xavier and Magneto has always been my favorite thing about the X-Men. Old friends turned rivals due to the difference of their vision about the future.

    When he hears that Xavier is dying, his love and respect for Xavier stays above everything, and he accepts to go with the X-Men to save Xavier, postponing the biggest step towards his ultimate goal.

    The acts of sacrifice, the power of friendship, and Xavier's final speech before his students... This finale is increadibly emotional, if you didn't shed a tear while watching this episode or come close to do so, there might be something wrong with you.

    A great conclusion to a great series.
  • Charles Xavier is Dying and the X-men are trying to save him. Who will they turn to in their darkest hour?

    I love this episode. It's is the most fitting end to a great animated show. The way in which Xavier falls ill is a little suspect but the writting and voice acting for this episode are just right. The fact that the X-men turn to their greatest enemy and Charles' oldest friend is something that didn't sit well with me at first but it makes perfect sense. It also highlights the immense respect that the two characters have for eachother. The last scene is one that if you don't get choked up a little you might have to check and make sure you're alive. It's so emotional and well done that I cried a little when I first saw it. Xaviers farewells to each x-man is so filled with love and hope and everything that represented Charles Xavier that any other farewell would seem so small by comparison. It's beautifully done.
  • an excellent series whose final season was plagued with an unfortunate choice in modified animation.

    i'm a big fan of this series in general and i feel this was more or less a fitting conclusion to this series, but must admit i am quite disappointed with the animation for most of the fifth season. i'm not sure who decided to go in a different direction for the fifth season, but i feel it really detracted from the show and i, personally, had a hard to enjoying it nearly as much as the first four seasons because i found myself staring at the characters and how they were different. also, it seemed as though some of the voices weren't the same as before. as much as i would have enjoyed more of this particular series, it seemed with its new trend in animation that it was going downhill. overall, this series is still a classic in my view.
  • Final episode to a series that ended much too soon. This series only ended due to the financial difficulties of Marvel after they had filed Chapter 11.

    A great episode, with plenty of mutant cameos. However, I definitely would have liked to have seen more of the X-men have speaking roles in the final episode. Secondly, a great thing would have been for other former X-men such as Iceman to have guest-starred and maybe for the Juggernaut to show up and stir up trouble or give his final good-bye. Although this episode was a closing, it still left a question about how Magneto felt towards the X-men after. Great shows always seem to end early, and definitely the X-men were not an expception to that rule; the series really left me wanting more.
  • extraordinary episode! i never saw anything like it before. a real end for a great series

    this episode is trully the series finale. it just about ends every major storyline started through out the series, except for apocalypse\'s rebirth...
    the last scene brought a tear to my eye, a performance equaled only by the japanese animes.
    this episode is remarcable. the x-men have gratuated from xavier\'s institute and now are qualified heroes.
  • See Magento coming to Xaivers death bed was sad. And the way Xaiver said his good-byes to everyone makes you want to cry. This episode was a good way to end a really good show.

    Some of the best quotes from the show came from this episode. It was sad to Xaiver go and not take care of the X-Men. The only downsider to this episode, was no one appointed head of the X-Men. Seeing Morph returned to the X-Men made this one a good episode. This episdoe makes you feel as if you where in the room when Xaiver was dying. His final good-byes made you almost want to cry. He used the best of his words to give them strength.

    Magentos speachs where cool, might make you feel like you would want to join his fight for mutant liberation. Then when talking to the X-Men, made you feel like what is up with him, because he seemed so heartless. This episode wasn't the best, but it should make you feel as if you where in there.