Season 5 Episode 12

Hidden Agendas

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 06, 1997 on FOX

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  • Rogue travels to the rural South to offer some career guidance to a young mutant who is being pressured into enlisting in the military and faces anti-mutant harssment and prejudice from some of the locals.

    This is one of the few episodes of this season that is, overall, great. It has applicability with many real life 'coming of age' problems, introduces a new military foe and brings back Mr. Hodges.

    The young mutant is from a poor family, whose parents don't want him work in the mines. Yet, college would probably be a longshot for him.

    He is tolerated within the community when he uses his powers to save lives, but is alienated from his peers and is wrongly accused of spreading a disease.

    He has to chose between a clandestine military organization and the mysterious X-men, both of which are largely unknown to him.

    In the end he decides to stick around for awhile longer, thus creating his own path or destiny to follow. Yet, the episode does suffer from the noticable decline in character artwork and animation, along with some obvious goofs. For example, Rogue is seen touching people without her gloves on, but does not seem to 'zap' their strength or mutant powers. While not necessairly a goof, the look of Hodges, a longtime nemesis, has dramatically changed with little explantation of how he managed to get new limbs.

    The X-Men's powers seem to have been reduced greatly and as good as the storyline is, its still watered down from what we have come to expect.