Season 4 Episode 14

Love in Vain

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 10, 1996 on FOX

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  • Disturbing.

    There are little roach-y BUGS living in a giant FISH. Wolverine escapes by squeezing out of some HOLE, and at the end, he pats its LIP. This episode is like a nightmare. But it's good.
  • Melodrama romance.

    The aliens from Men In Black decided to make a cameo appearance in X-Men, and decide to experiment on Wolverine first, who was coincidentally within the area of the alien's landing. Rogue on the other hand is having another depressing episode as she crawls in the corner of her room after seeing Jean and Cyclops fly off somewhere. However, things quickly change when she receives a phone call from her old boyfriend Cody.

    Wolverine on the other hand, finds himself strapped down to a stretcher within the belly of a whale. However, the aliens underestimated his strength and broke himself free. He contacts the other X-Men for help. Rogue and Cody go out themselves, but run into the roaches and the other X-Men. It seems that Cody turned himself into an alien in order for Rogue to do the same that'll negate her powers. Thanks to Wolverine's genes to turn Rogue back into normal, and help from the professor, the X-Men were able to escape, but Rogue had to say goodbye to Cody.

    Not really a good episode. Kind of boring to watch throughout times. The love story here between Cody and Rogue was poorly constructed and felt way too melo that it became pretty bromidic to watch. Though what I did like was the story in general about the brood as well as their gigantic whale pet. The professor manipulating its mind to save his X-Men doesn't seem original at all, but how it was all strung together made it decently executed.
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