Season 1 Episode 1

Night of the Sentinels (1)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 31, 1992 on FOX

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  • The X-Men battle the Sentinels and save a new mutant named Jubilee.

    A lot of changes to the comic but remains true to the characters and themes.

    It was a while since the X-Men had been on any cartoon let alone have their very own show.

    There were changes in the comic such as Jubilee's background and how she is brought in to the X-MEN but overall the pilot delivered in delivering the world of X-MEN.

    The pilot works on a lot of levels showing X-MEN's power of the bat. They also address the themes of Hate, and discrimination that humans have for mutants and vice versa something that's a big part of the comic books. Pilot also captures the personalities of the characters very well from Professor Xavier, to Beast, Wolverine and Cyclops to name a few. The show does deserve credit for that. It's no wonder it has become so popular.

    Even though this was a PG rated type of show geared for kids it was still very entertaining. It was a nice adaptation at the time from comic book of Marvel to TV.

    The story was easy to follow and ends on a decent cliffhanger. A lot of positives here. Overall a successful pilot episode.
  • A Great Opening Episode!!!

    This is one of the best opening episodes for any cartoon or television series. Not only does it provide us with an astonishing storyline that will continue to reach maximum excellence, but it invites us in to the world of the X-Men without pushing too much onto us at once. With already increasing character development and interesting sequences and probabilities, this episode completely prepares you for the second part, and further episodes. Most cartoons, and/or television series simply begin with a random episode and don't even try to explain where this fictitious world stands until much later into the series. With "Night of the Sentinels" we gather a glimpse that prepares us for what's in store, and has us waiting for more!
  • The beginning of everything.

    This episode was the beginning of not only one of the greatest cartoon series in history, but also of the Human/Mutant battle. We are introduced to the X-men, the good guys who seek out troubled young people who develop their mutant powers in order to help them understand and control their various powers. This episode was shows us many classic things from the comic apart from the main characters, including but not limited to the sentinels and the danger room. The episode focuses on Jubilation Lee, or Jubilee as she is known, and how the X-men rescue her from the clutch of the sentinels and the humans that created them. Like all great X-men episodes, this leaves us on a superb cliffhanger.
  • Smarter than your average animated show!

    Action. That's probably one of the first words that comes to mind when thinking of the X-Men. Thankfully, the writers of this episode remembered this. This episode could so easilly have been a talky snore-fest explaining all about why the mutants exist and how the X-Men were formed etc, but by taking the wise choice to just get on with the action and literally start the episode off with a bang, the writers ensured I was hooked from the outset.
    I think it's fair to say that a lot was packed into this episode, but never did the story seem rushed. The plot was paced perfectly, and still allowed for us to get an idea of what each character's role in the group is.
    With a subject matter so great, and literally decades of storylines and characters from which to pull from this show cannot fail and this is the perfect start to the series.
    The first scene with Jubilee overhearing her parents discuss her mutant status foreshadowed some serious events later in the series, and showed straight away that the show deals with some serious issues.
    From Jubilee's first meeting with Rogue and Storm, to Gambit's attempt at picking up the shop assistant, this episode was filled with exciting, funny and intriguing moments all the way up to the cliffhanger ending.
    If anyone is ever in need of proof that animated shows can deliver the goods just as well as live-action ones, then by all means watch X-Men!
  • The x men attack a mutant registration centre thats been feeding names to giant robots ,the sentinels

    A young mutant named jubilation lee
    is discovered to be different and her foster parents contact the mutant registration agency.
    The sentinels attack and attempt to kidnap her in a mall.
    But the x men are already there and destroy the giant robots.
    Jubilee is introduced to the xmen and is taught there philosophy on human mutant intergration.

    This episode is a classic It sums up the unfortunate and basic instict all humans have against those that are different.
    The x men have always been in an impossible situation
    with mutants thinking them tratiors and risking there lives to defend those who hate them

    Welcome to the world
  • In the beginning...

    Jubilee, a young mutant, is having a "normal" day at the mall untill a giant robot appears and chases her all over the city.
    She escapes however with help from the X-Men (Storm, Rogue, Cyclops and Gambit, to be more exact) who manage to destroy the robot.
    Later, Jubilee awakens and finds herself in a strange school, filled with mutants, or as she calls them "freaks" (even if she's one too).
    She meets the Professor, Charles Xavier, and all the other residents of the X-Mansion.
    The Professor informs the X-Men that the robot they destroyed was a "Sentinel" and was part of a mutant registration program, which appears to have ties with the government.
    The X-Men leave on a mission to infiltrate the Mutant Control Agency's Headquarters, not knowing they are walking right into a trap.
  • Hello dear X-men

    a very good start to the best animated show of all time. X-men.
    We meet a girl Jubelee, she is a mutant and some big machine is after her.

    It goes after her in a mall where we meet two gorgeous women, Storm who has the power to control…storm. and Rogue who is extremely sexy and very strong. Also Gambit who can make objects explode. They all three pretty much get beaten up by the machine but then Psyclops saves them with his lacer.

    Jubelee is taken to the X-men house, where she meets some other X-men and she comes into the training room, she shows affection for Gambit who tried to save her and hurts Wolverine.

    In the first episode we learn that the X-men are good mutants and want to protect the world from the bad, but all the people mistake the mutants for bad which soon starts a war, someone in the government wants to destroy them all.

    When the mutants go to try to stop that some military men are waiting to shoot.

    To Be Continued.

    a very exciting episode, great characters, especially Rogue who we learn that she drains the life out of the people she kisses. The episode was a very nice start to the best animated show of all time.
  • Just had to watch it again after seeing X-Men 3: The Last Stand.

    A girl named Jubilee, who just recently found out she's a mutant, is distressed and decides to take it out on an arcade machine at the mall. Though she was attacked by these giant robots called Sentinels. Other mutants aided her in her survival, who refer to themselves as the X-Men. When she woke up, she ran into a little trouble in the Danger Room, but was able to meet the crew. The professor was able to pinpoint the Sentinels tracks all the way to the Mutant Agency, so he sent some mutants to investigate. Meanwhile, Jubilee, concerned over the safety of her parents, decides to check on them. However, she was intercepted by a group of Sentinels. In the Mutant Agency, the group was successful in infiltrating the building. But when they thought it was going to be easy from then on out, a group of soldiers with guns pointed at the door are just waiting for them to fall in their trap.

    This episode was really nostalgic. X-Men wasn't really a favourite of mine; I just watched it whenever it was on TV. However, I couldn't resist rewatching this after seeing X-Men 3: The Last Stand. The characters really molded into my tastes rather quickly. American cartoons have this rather distinguishable pacing that's faster than anime, but never feels rushed. This helps accomplish a lot of things in a single episode such as this one. Early on in the episode, it's already an established fact that mutants are hated among the population. Delving into the minds of one, such as Jubilee, presented this concept pretty good. And I really liked how the story is already at works. Currently, someone is behind attack on Jubilee at the mall, and it no doubtly involves the Mutant Agecy building. And plus, I liked how the episode ended in an anticipating note, with all those men just waiting for the X-Men to pass through that door.
  • Great Start for a Great Classic...Highly Emotional...(And this is my first review)

    "First episodes are one of the most important parts of a tv show"...Or at least,i take it that way!And a great show must start with great episodes like this one...

    Episodes starts up with lovely Jubilee joining the X-Men team after a watchful fight of Storm,Rogue & Gambit against a Sentinel...Later in the episode,as we start to get to know the X-Men better,we got struck by the loss of Beast and Morph after a successfull infiltration to the "Mutant Database Headquarters"...which is not considered "so successfull" by Wolverine...

    Later in the episode we witness "Wolverine's pain for the losses" and this makes me and other Wolverine Fans adore him once more...The effect of the event on him shows us the real Wolverine "soft,emotional and heroic"...just opposite the "Man Of Steel" that some may consider him as from time to time...

    "Storm,Wolverine,Beast & Morph infiltrating the headquarters" , "X-Men fighting with more than one Sentinel" and "Cyclops & Wolverine arguement about leaving their friends behind" is other exciting parts of that episode...
  • Memories...

    Ah memories...I love them. I'm still very young, but old enough to be able to look back at the things I wish I had appreciated more and smile. One of these is X-Men, the beloved show that hooked me at age four, but for some reason I lost track of after season two.

    The pilot episode, Night of the Sentinels (1), started it all. And boy, did it start off with a kick. It was a bold move to focus the two-parter on Jubilee, considering how unknown she was, but it turns out her character develops very well throughout the series. The mall scene is one of the best in the series. We get our first look at the life of a mutant, and are slightly introduced to some of the members.

    At the mansion, we learn of who the X-Men are, who the members are and what the team is all about. Combining humour, drama, and good-old fashioned comic-book hero action, paired with an incredible score, superb animation and quality voice acting (Go Cal Dodd!) The conflict is discovered and the X-Men are on their way.

    Once your past the mall scene, there isn't too much action, but that's probably a good thing, in a way. This is a cartoon that relies not on mindless action, but rather character development. It also builds up to the next part, though it probably could have ended with a better cliffhanger than the room full of guards...oh well.

    We also meet my favourite character, other than good old Wolvie: Morph. His laugh is one of the most unique I've ever heard, and man he is hilarious. "My fellow Americans, I am an idiot." As soon as I saw this episode on a rerun or videotape (I forgot which) when I was old enough to actually get most of the dialogue, I busted my gut at Morph's jokes. I still find them funny ten years later.

    Overall, I'd say this is the perfect pilot. It tells us about the characters but still shrouds their pasts and personalities in enough mystery to keep us waiting for the episode that spills it all.

  • Night of the Sentinels (part 1 of 2)

    this was a great way to kick off the animated series dedicated to one of the most populars comic super teams in history. while the animation and character interaction doesnt hold up to well compared to the rest of the series, this episode lays the groundwork for the entire 1st season and pretty much the entire series which is kinda a first in my experience with shows on TV (animated and live-action). the characters are handled well and the story flows well enough to the point where you're not bogged down in verbose dialogue or turned off by mindless super-slugfest typical of super-hero cartoons of the day. the studio obviously took some liberties with the source material chronology (ie comic timeline) but it turned out to be a good thing most of the time. great start to this series
  • A terrific beginning to a long-lived animated series.

    Night of the Sentinels was my first experience to the X-Men universe, even before I read any of the comics. I was obviously aware of the phenomenon created by Marvel Comics and its characters, but I never expected to be hit as hard as I was when I first saw this pilot episode.

    I\'ll be reviewing this going through a lot of details related to the episode. Here goes nothing....

    Using Jubilee as the introductory character was a very interesting move. We began seeing the X-Men from an outside point of view. Using the sentinels as the principal motivator for the story can be considered a classic move. The sentinels were among the most interesting villains created in the comics(I eventually got around to reading some of them after watching the first season of the show).

    One of the first impressions this pilot creates can be seen if you compare it to the comics. Not even an animated show like the X-Men could possibly get away with shocking audiences. The show was broadcast on Saturday mornings and was aimed at children. Nevertheless, I was impressed with the depth of the storyline and some of the bold directions this plot ended up taking.

    Mark Edward Edens did a terrific job introducing viewers to the X-Men universe. We could sympathize with the pain Jubilee felt and the sudden panic caused by the arrival of the Sentinel. Meeting up with one X-Men at a time also compunded her confusion. Waking up at the mansion was even more confusing. Eventually, our main character sits alongside the audience and learns about the X-Men\'s purpose in the world. The plot begins to thicken as Professor X takes a bold step, directing the team to attack the Mutant Control Agency. This is the first time, the X-Men are forced to use their talents, risking public scrutiny. However, I do sympathize with their decision to purge the files. They do realize that radicals like Gyrich and Trask would end up using the program as the basis for hunting mutants down.

    I happened to watch the original version of this pilot. The animation was obviously far from perfect, with several goofs. The music and audio were also badly mixed. Fortunately, these aspects were all fixed in the final version of this episode. Kudos to the animators for the brilliant shots of the sentinels. Also, Rogue looked awesome as usual.

    On the other hand, I was already worried about using Jubilee as a central character during the series. She was never that appealing or useful, even in the comics. I would have preferred to see Kitty Pride in her place. I can\'t really complain though. If Pryde of the X-Men had served as the real pilot episode, back in 88, this show would have been a disaster. Now that was the wrong pilot episode to write.

    I loved seeing the public\'s reaction to the X-Men\'s attack on the Sentinel at the mall. We see our first glimpse of Senator Kelly, using this incident as a springboard for trashing mutants and appealing to his supporters. These are the threads that would gradually develop during the season. It was also a bold move to make a show aimed at kids so serialized and complex. It worked brilliantly!

    This show, while very much a pilot episode, is also merely a setup for the second part, where it really picks up.