Season 1 Episode 2

Night of the Sentinels (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 07, 1992 on FOX

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  • Big changes to the X-men.

    An emotional episode where a lesser known, yet very valuable mutant, Morph, is lost in battle. His sacrifice isn't without gain though as his death occurred while the team saved young Jubilee from the human group who are studying mutants. Wolverine and Cyclops are involved in a small altercation, Cyclops looking out for his team and focusing on getting them to safety unfortunately makes them have to leave their fallen friend Morph behind, along with Beast. Wolverine, being the type of person he is, took his anger out on Cyclops, and then took off on his own in classic Wolverine style, ending an epic two part episode and leaving us with an understanding of the Human/Mutant division.
  • X-men, the beginning

    A nice second part of the pilot and slightly better than the first.

    They continue where the first part left us, our heroes escaping but soon something goes terribly wrong, a lot of Sentinels arrive to stop the X-men and they can’t all escape, they leave Beast behind and Morph who dies.

    Everyone is upset about Morph’s death and Jubilee is still gone.

    The government and men who want to kill the X-men are extremely irritating, bad guys are supposed to be hated but not irritating. I hope that they die very soon.

    The episode was very well done, no character development or depth so it could have been better, but the action scenes were neat. I really like Wolverine, he’s always there for his friends. I also like his hate against Psyclops who made the right decision but somehow gets a bit on my nerves.

    Eventually they did destroy the files and they save Jubilee, sadly The Beast is still caught. Jubilee isn’t exactly very interesting but she’s a cute character and i’m glad she was lucky to have a good foster home.
    The episode was fun and a good step into the real show.
  • Poor Morph :'(

    The X-Men were able to break in all the way to the registration database, successfully destroying all the available files. But when they were heading back, Beast was left behind, and Morph was killed in action. Wolverine, infuriated over the fact that Cyclops was forced to leave them behind, decides to take time for himself and rethink. Cyclops goes out and gets him back, telling him they're going to strike at the Sentinel production factory itself. While the president disliked the mutants, she withdrew support of the Mutant Agency and Sentinel program. The guys behind the Sentinel program decide to take their project overseas. Cyclops visited Jubilee's home, and promised only good things of her future. He was visited by a Sentinel, who led the X-Men to the Sentinel factory itself. They rescued Jubilee, and the Sentinels are finally gone.

    Morph dying was a shocker. It was early in the cartoon series, and an X-Men already dies in action. What I loved the most about this scene is the fact that they didn't make anything too obvious, and suddenly announced his death. No emotional was built up prior to that scene, but it did make it even more dramatical for the fact it was so sudden. What was equally great was Wolverine's character. You'd expect Wolverine to be those guys that don't give a crap about anybody in their group, but he obviously cared as much or more about the loss of Morph and Beast. It really makes his character more interesting. Though what surprised me the most was how the Sentinel program ended so soonly. Obviously it'll be ressurected in the future, but I expected a longer first time lifespan than just two episodes.
  • Too many classifications to list. Superb, a worthy beginning to one of the best animated show ever.

    Wow...incredible. So much happened, and yet nothing went to waste. The battle at the beginning was pretty good, but then the X-men's return to the mansion, two members short, is fantastic...had I not have already seen it when I was four, I probably would have cried.

    What we get next is a whole lot of character development and plot development. We learn more about some of the X-men, most notably Wolverine and Cyclops. We see what their personality is like and how they act in battle. The stage is also set for many a story lines to come: Beast's mini-story, the Sentinel saga, and Jubilee. It's all talk for quite a while, but it's still quite intriguing, and by now the battle/tragedy will have already glued you to the episode.

    In the end, we still get a final action scene. The X-men take vengence upon the Sentinels, but still do not seem to work as a whole, which sets the stage for Captive Hearts. Overall, the episode will make you laugh, cry, and dry-eyed from staring at the screen during action scenes.

  • Night of the Sentinels (part 2 of 2)

    this follows up the first part very well (even if i did misplace Wolverine's quote about the tin woodsman in the wrong part - it's part 2 not 1). the direction the story took after the apparent "death" of Morph and the capture of Beast was down right spectacular. the responses the characters displayed were on point except for Wolverine going just a tad overboard with punching Scott/Cyclops. still he's the resident bad-@$$ so the writers were given a free pass on that. the fight with the sentinels seemed lame to yours truly when in comparison to the season finale but i guess it was enough for the occasion. i dont necessarily agree with some other viewers who felt that the show didnt know what to do with Beast so they "convienently" locked him up for the first season. actually this keeps in line with an old X-Factor storyline somewhat and keeps up the "us against the world" mentality the X-Men and most mutants have. and that helped set the tone for this show, a tone echoed from the comic itself
  • One hell of a payoff to a terrific storyline.

    Night of the Sentinels-Part II vastly improves over Part I. Here's where all the setup from Part I pays off in a big way. Mark Edens outdid himself in this one.

    The Morph character was originally created specifically for this episode, but ended up being used later both in the series and the comics. Many people loved him and many people also loathed him. No matter what the opinion of the character, his death ignited this story.

    The second part opened in the middle of the X-Men breaking into the agency, while government troops fought to dispose of them. Fighting without harming human beings was also a very strange concept not always well conceived in this show. If I were a human being and suddenly Rogue grabbed me and tossed me in a lake, I would be very frightened, despite her being extremely gorgeous. I always thought that no matter what the X-Men try to accomplish, it ends up backfiring in their face.

    When the sentinels arrive and put an end to Morph, the episode takes a whole new turn. This is where the voice actors prove their worth. No animated show has shown one tenth of the emotion this episode displayed. Just looking at Storm's sobbing in the Blackbird can wreck any viewer, even if they didn't know Morph that well. The music was phenomenal, during this part as well.

    Here's also where I have to applaud: Wolverine's fit of rage against Cyclops, to the point of punching him in the gut. That is completely understandable even if it is out of place. The voice actor behind him should have won an emmy for it. Logan ends up taking off as he will again and again during the series. He promises to avenge his friend's death and gets his wish at the end of this episode.

    Beast being arrested, on the other hand, smelled like a lame plot device. Not that it wouldn't be interesting to see Beast standing up to a trial. It's just that during the entire series, it looks as if the writers never really knew how to use Beast in the stories. Locking him up for a full season seems like an easy way out for them.

    I also appreciated Jubilee's foster parents. They really are good people who only wanted the best for her, but were at a loss on how to do so. If they had known about the sentinels, I doubt they would have registered her in the agency.

    On another front, we see a new plot development with the president's withdrawal of the funding for the agency. This initiates the whole Genosha plot, which ends up playing itself out later in the season.

    In the end, no matter what resentment Logan feels towards Cyclops, he ends up taking part in his plan to track the Sentinels down. In the end Logan knows what's best for everyone and that is saving Jubilee and putting an end to this menace.

    In the end, everything is resolved quite nicely, with Jubilee finally moving to the mansion. We also get a well deserved moment with Scott and Jean as he ponders whether his decision to leave Morph and Beast behind was really the right one. There's no way anyone could ever answer that.