Season 5 Episode 4

No Mutant is an Island

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 21, 1996 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Just before Scott demonstrates his powers to the boy, you can see a bit of his eyes which shows from behind the side of his glasses. It does not glow, and you can even see a normally colored iris.

    • The project Killgrave is trying to take over is on the Platte River, suggesting it's in Nebraska or Colorado.

    • Where were all of the other orphans during the final fire? They were never showing leaving the building, yet had no reason to not be there after Scott & Sarah returned with the mutants.

    • This is the first (and only non-cameo) appearances of Rusty (pyrokinetic), Skids (frictionless force field), Boom Boom (bouncing energy bombs), and Taki (Japanese paraplegic who can create technological miracles out of his wheelchair).

    • Gambit and Storm appear in this episode, but do not speak. Jean Grey appears only in hologram and dream form (as well as in a recycled scene from "The Final Decision").

    • Wolverine is missing from his rock seat at Beast's reciting, then is suddenly there moments later.

    • Professor Xavier's hoverchair seems to be floating unusually high when passing behind Cyclops in the command center.

    • The sound of Young Scott plopping to the floor occurs well before he actually drops down.

    • Rusty's voice is audible throughout the entire chant, even before he's "overcome".

    • Sarah's hand slips off Scott's shoulder when she says it will be alright, despite Scott putting his hand onto his shoulder where her's is supposed to be when saying "no".

    • Scott walks in front of Sarah when the news report comes on, despite her standing up near the table, he somehow passes in between without there being room!

    • Rusty offers Scott a cookie, but he's holding what appears to be a cake!

    • Young Sarah's skirt changes from purple to pink between shots.

    • The cameraman is just Sarah's dead husband with gray hair and recolored clothes!

    • The close-up of Rusty's head after Killgrave says "obey me" has the seat he was sitting in earlier visible (due to this being a recycled shot).

    • In the helicopter, Kilgrave's makeup comes off and his purple face is revealed. When he is next shown, his makeup is back on.

  • Quotes

    • (Orphans are watching cartoons)
      Reporter on TV: We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a News 9 Special Report!
      Orphans: (getting up and leaving the room) Aw, no!!

    • Killgrave: You have a special purpose, Rusty. You are one of the chosen. Soon, you will not hide your powers. You won't deny who you are just to be accepted! You will be the politicans! The bankers! The community leaders! The American dream will become a reality for every Mutant, young and old! And when we're in charge... we'll make them pay for the way they've treated us!

    • Johnny: (shoots Cyclops with toy ray gun) DIE, MUTANT!
      Mother: Johnny. Stop that. That's real impolite.
      Johnny: But Mooom! I'm just playing 'Good Guys & Mutants'!
      Mother: Well, I'm sure that nice young man doesn't appreciate being called a mutant!
      (Cyclops grits his teeth)

    • Cyclops: Don't you get it? I'm sick of the responsibility! I'm sick of being den mother to a bunch of quibbling children! I can't do it anymore!

    • Rusty: (to Cyclops) What're you? Some kind of do-gooder social worker?

    • Cyclops: (to Jean's hologram image) I miss you. I never knew how much I would.

    • Beast: And when its turbulent journey endeth, the river flows into the sea. At peace now, for all eternity.

  • Notes

    • Original broadcast end-credits-scene: "Sanctuary (1)"; Magneto addresses the mutants of Genosha, only to have the Magistrates unleash the Sentinels on him.

    • Animation Company: Philippine Animation Studio Inc.

    • The four orphan mutants in this episode were, in the comics, the second group known as the X-Terminators. The last member, known as Rictor, appeared in season 1's "Slave Island". Also, in the comics, the kid called Taki was codenamed "Wiz Kid".

    • The villain of this episode is only ever referred to by his real name, Zebediah Killgrave, but not by the name he is better known by in comics - The Purple Man, one of Daredevil's earliest enemies (In his bedroom, there is a cut-out of yellow-costumed Daredevil on a dartboard, a nod to that). In the comics, Killgrave is not a mutant, but an ordinary man who was doused in strange chemicals.

    • This episode was made during the third season to air following The Phoenix Saga (5): Child Of Light, and prior to Savage Land, Strange Heart (1). Due to problems with the animation, however, it was animated again from scratch by a different company, which delayed it a full 2 years.

    • The revised version of this episode has a Fox Kids show number of XM-430, due to arriving after the final 6 (though they were given 5XX numbers, at one point they were considered XM-424 through XM-429).

  • Allusions

    • The title of the episode is a play on words concerning the term "No man is an island", which comes from poet John Donne, specifically his Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, Meditation XVII.